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With the Colonel's Help
Author: Leenie Brown
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1979043191
Pages: 202
Year: 2017-10-24
View: 1009
Read: 954
For Darcy and Elizabeth, overcoming the odds have never been more challenging For Fitzwilliam Darcy, choosing between his heart and what he thinks is his duty is no easy task. However, when a gentleman has a cousin such as Darcy does, sorting out what is best becomes far easier. If only that cousin had not tried to improve Miss Elizabeth's opinion of Darcy! Since their first meeting, Elizabeth Bennet has not held Mr. Darcy in high esteem. Indeed, she has loudly proclaimed her dislike for the gentleman. However, after hearing the tale Colonel Fitzwilliam has to tell, that dislike threatens to grow into unyielding disdain. When a gentleman of honour creates a problem, he must see the trouble resolved. It is, therefore, under the watchful eye of Colonel Fitzwilliam that Darcy and Elizabeth begin down a path of greater understanding until fate and relations, intervene creating a situation bordering on impossible. With the Colonel's Help is just one of Leenie Brown's numerous Pride and Prejudice inspired stories. If you like well-written, sweet romance where family ties are strong, understanding runs deep, and love rises above any obstacle, then you will love this story about capturing and restoring a love that was almost lost. So, put the kettle on, grab your copy of With the Colonel's Help, and slip into a world of sweet romantic indulgence today.
Pemberley Ranch
Author: Jack Caldwell
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402261004
Pages: 384
Year: 2010-12-01
View: 484
Read: 452
When the smoke has cleared from the battlefields and the civil war has finally ended, fervent Union supporter Beth Bennet reluctantly moves with her family from their home in Meryton, Ohio, to the windswept plains of Rosings, Texas. Handsome, haughty Will Darcy, a Confederate officer back from the war, owns half the land around Rosings, and his even haughtier cousin, Cate Burroughs, owns the other half. In a town as small as Rosings, Beth and Will inevitably cross paths. But as Will becomes enchanted with the fiery Yankee, Beth won't allow herself to warm to the man who represents the one thing she hates most: the army that killed her only brother. But when carpetbagger George Whitehead arrives in Rosings, all that Beth thought to be true is turned on its head, and the only man who can save her home is the one she swore she'd never trust... "It's Pride and Prejudice meets Gone with the Wind-with that kind of romance and excitement." -Sharon Lathan, bestselling author of In the Arms of Mr. Darcy
A Less Agreeable Man
Author: Maria Grace
ISBN: 0998093742
Year: 2017-08-31
View: 460
Read: 1202
Dull, plain and practical, Mary Bennet was the girl men always overlooked. Nobody thought she'd garner a second glance, much less a husband. But she did, and now she's grateful to be engaged to Mr. Michaels, the steady, even tempered steward of Rosings Park. By all appearances, they are made for each other, serious, hard-working, and boring. Michaels finds managing Rosings Park relatively straight forward, but he desperately needs a helpmeet like Mary, able to manage his employers: the once proud Lady Catherine de Bourgh who is descending into madness and her currently proud nephew and heir, Colonel Fitzwilliam, whose extravagant lifestyle has left him ill-equipped for economy and privation. Colonel Fitzwilliam had faced cannon fire and sabers, taken a musket ball to the shoulder and another to the thigh, stood against Napoleon and lived to tell of it, but barking out orders and the point of his sword aren't helping him save Rosings Park from financial ruin. Something must change quickly if he wants to salvage any of his inheritance. He needs help, but Michaels is tedious and Michaels' fiancee, the opinionated Mary Bennet, is stubborn and not to be borne. Apparently, quiet was not the same thing as meek, and reserved did not mean mild. The audacity of the woman, lecturing him on how he should manage his barmy aunt. The fact that she is usually right doesn't help. Miss Bennet gets under his skin, growing worse by the day until he finds it very difficult to remember that she's engaged to another man. Can order be restored to Rosings Park or will Lady Catherine's madness ruin them all? A Jane Austen inspired sweet regency romance.
Mr. Darcy's Refuge: A Pride & Prejudice Variation
Author: Abigail Reynolds
ISBN: 0615669751
Pages: 238
Year: 2012
View: 440
Read: 158
The river isn't the only thing overflowing in Hunsford when a natural disaster forces Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy to work together.
The Three Colonels
Author: Jack Caldwell
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402259743
Pages: 384
Year: 2012-03-01
View: 808
Read: 785
PRAISE FOR PEMBERLEY RANCH "A heart pounding romance...Pemberley Ranch is both fresh and a great history primer."-Publishers Weekly THE WORLD OF PRIDE & PREJUDICE AND SENSE & SENSIBILITY MERGE IN THIS ONE OF A KIND CONTINUATION OF BOTH BELOVED JANE AUSTEN TALES. Love reigns supreme for Colonels Buford, Fitzwilliam, and Brandon as our brave fighting men are enjoying their courtships and early married lives with three beloved Austen heroines. The couples lead tranquil loves-until Napoleon escapes from exile. As the colonels set out to meet their destinies on the fields of Waterloo, Anne, Caroline, and Marianne defend their hearts against the fear of losing their loved ones forever. From the serenity of Regency England to the scandal and intrigue of the Congress of Vienna, three gentleman live, love, fight, and defend their country from Napoleon's voracious ambition. PRAISE FOR PEMBERLEY RANCH "A surefire page turner...Jack Caldwell's heart-pounding standoffs and heart racing romantic moments are bested only by his real gift in clever nuances and subtle references."-Austenprose "A spectacular integration of romance, war, history, adventure, and conflict...I was enthralled."-Austenesque Reviews /body /html
Pride and Proposals
Author: Victoria Kincaid
ISBN: 099166812X
Year: 2015-05-12
View: 1246
Read: 1193
A Pride and Prejudice variation What if Mr. Darcy's proposal was too late? Darcy has been bewitched by Elizabeth Bennet since he met her in Hertfordshire. He can no longer fight this overwhelming attraction and must admit he is hopelessly in love. During Elizabeth's visit to Kent she has been forced to endure the company of the difficult and disapproving Mr. Darcy, but she has enjoyed making the acquaintance of his affable cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam. Finally resolved, Darcy arrives at Hunsford Parsonage prepared to propose-only to discover that Elizabeth has just accepted a proposal from the Colonel, Darcy's dearest friend in the world. As he watches the couple prepare for a lifetime together, Darcy vows never to speak of what is in his heart. Elizabeth has reason to dislike Darcy, but finds that he haunts her thoughts and stirs her emotions in strange ways. Can Darcy and Elizabeth find their happily ever after?
Darcy and Fitzwilliam
Author: Karen Wasylowski
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402245963
Pages: 496
Year: 2011-02-01
View: 745
Read: 442
A gentleman in love cannot survive without his best friend... Fitzwilliam Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam couldn't be more different, and that goes for the way each one woos and pursues the woman of his dreams. Darcy is quiet and reserved, careful and dutiful, and his qualms and hesitations are going to torpedo his courtship of Elizabeth. His affable and vivacious cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam is a military hero whose devil-may-care personality hides the torments within, until he finds himself in a passionate, whirlwind affair with a beautiful widow who won't hear of his honorable intentions. Cousins, best friends, and sparring partners, Darcy and Fitzwilliam have always been there for each other. So it's no surprise when the only one who can help Darcy fix his botched marriage proposals is Fitzwilliam, and the only one who can pull Fitzwilliam out of an increasingly dangerous entanglement is Darcy...
Meryton Matchmakers: Mary Captures Colonel Fitzwilliam
Author: Kristi Rose
Publisher: Vintage Housewife Books
ISBN: 194451306X
Pages: 228
Year: 2016-09-17
View: 487
Read: 295
Meryton Matchmakers: We have the key to your lonely heart. Five things Elizabeth Bennet believes William Darcy has single-handedly come close to destroying: Her matchmaker business- Meryton Matchmakers Her sister Jane’s hope at finding love and happiness with Chaz BingleyHer belief that everyone has a heart. So far this doesn’t appear to be the case with stiff, no humor DarcyHer belief that everyone has a perfect love match. She’d have to search the world a thousand times over and still would not find one for DarcyHer faith in mankind. Why would a man (Darcy) propose to a woman(her) while saying he thinks its a bad idea? And what about how he treated Geo Wickham? Who will Elizabeth's match next? Following a head injury, Colonel Henry Fitzwilliam is being forced from the military. Angry, Henry finds laughter and comfort with Mary Bennet. Hiding behind a know-it-all persona, Mary's surprised Henry sees through it, no one ever has. Though, no matter how finely sculpted and sweet talking Henry is, she's not about to let him play her. Elizabeth knows Mary and Henry are a perfect match. With some gentle guiding, she finagles opportunities to force them together, it’s up to them to accept or push away what’s before them. Meryton Matchmakers is a continuing series. Each book offers a happily ever after, but Darcy and Elizabeth's story wraps up in the final installment. Heads up, cliff hanger in this book (but you still get your HEA).
Colonel Fitzwilliam's Challenge
Author: Jennifer Joy, Jennifer Ramirez
ISBN: 0996231064
Pages: 294
Year: 2015-11-27
View: 852
Read: 1055
A sweet romance inspired by Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam is a hopeful romantic who cannot afford to marry for love. When he is offered a new assignment with the promise of a promotion, he eagerly accepts- only to find himself immersed in a world of intrigue and lies. Adelaide Mauvier is a successful dressmaker on the verge of attaining everything she thought she wanted. When she is thrown into Colonel Fitzwilliam's company, she begins to think there might be more to life than her ambitions. As the colonel gets closer to the truth, he finds out that people are not always what you believe them to be. Will he fall in love while catching a traitor? Or worse... will he fall in love with a spy?"
The Unthinkable Triangle
Author: Joana Starnes
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 151433755X
Pages: 274
Year: 2015-09-24
View: 523
Read: 207
All is fair in love and war - or is it? What if Mr. Darcy's rival for Elizabeth Bennet's hand and heart is not some inconsequential stranger, but his dearest, closest friend? How is he to reconcile the claims of loyalty and kinship with the urge to pursue his heart's desire? "Eyes tightly shut against the horrifying future, Darcy dug his fingers in his hair. Lost to him forever. Not merely lost, but promised to his cousin - firmly in his life, but never his! How in God's name was he to bear it and not become unhinged? How was he to have her at his table as Richard's affianced, and not betray himself? How was he to see her, time and again, and give no sign that he wanted her more than he had ever wanted any woman? How was he to keep up the pretence, day after excruciating day? There was no escape from the hell of his own making, and it burned like molten lead to know he could have spoken months before Fitzwilliam had even met her. He could have spoken last November, and by now they might have already been wed. She would have been his, not Richard's. And if his cousin should have had the horrible misfortune of falling in love with his wife, then it would have been Fitzwilliam's hell, not his. It would have been for him to be torn asunder between loyalty and a need so deep that it burned its way into his very soul."
When Mary Met the Colonel
Author: Victoria Kincaid
Publisher: Victoria Kincaid
ISBN: 0991668162
Pages: 100
Year: 2016-02-08
View: 606
Read: 351
Without the beauty and wit of the older Bennet sisters or the liveliness of the younger, Mary is the Bennet sister most often overlooked. She has resigned herself to a life of loneliness, alleviated only by music and the occasional book of military history. Colonel Fitzwilliam finds himself envying his friends who are marrying wonderful women while he only attracts empty-headed flirts. He longs for a caring, well-informed woman who will see the man beneath the uniform. A chance meeting in Longbourn's garden during Darcy and Elizabeth's wedding breakfast kindles an attraction between Mary and the Colonel. However, the Colonel cannot act on these feelings since he must wed an heiress. He returns to war, although Mary finds she cannot easily forget him. Is happily ever after possible after Mary meets the Colonel?
Colonel Darcy
Author: Timothy Underwood
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 153726558X
Pages: 364
Year: 2016-08-25
View: 1167
Read: 360
Childhood friends torn apart by war... Fourteen year old Elizabeth Bennet thought Fitzwilliam Darcy, her friend Georgiana's brother, was the most wonderful, handsomest man in the entire world. When he went to India to fight Britain's enemies, she made him promise to write her along with Georgie regularly. There wasn't anything improper, since Georgiana and she had sworn to be sisters. When Elizabeth and Georgiana learned that Fitzwilliam was captured, they kept writing letters to him, so that when he was released, he would know that he had not been forgotten by those who loved him. During the years of his imprisonment, Darcy never forgot his promise to write to little Lizzy Bennet, though he was sure she had long since forgotten about him. Before setting sail to England with the survivors of his regiment, he received the stack of letters written by Lizzy and Georgiana. Lizzy's letters were chatty, friendly and confiding. He read and reread her words during the long voyage to England, and during those months he fell in love with the kind, wonderful woman she had grown into. But in England, Elizabeth's family had decided to force her to marry a wealthy man who terrified her...
Mr. Darcy's Obsession
Author: Abigail Reynolds
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402254695
Pages: 368
Year: 2010-10-01
View: 444
Read: 512
The more he tries to stay away from her, the more his obsession grows... "[Reynolds] has creatively blended a classic love story with a saucy romance novel." -Austenprose "Developed so well that it made the age-old storyline new and fresh...Her writing gripped my attention and did not let go."-The Romance Studio "The style and wit of Ms. Austen are compellingly replicated...spellbinding. Kudos to Ms. Reynolds!" -A Reader's Respite What if...Elizabeth Bennet was more unsuitable for Mr. Darcy than ever... Mr. Darcy is determined to find a more suitable bride. But then he learns that Elizabeth is living in London in reduced circumstances, after her father's death robs her of her family home... What if...Mr. Darcy can't Help himself from see king her out... He just wants to make sure she's alright. But once he's seen her, he feels compelled to talk to her, and from there he's unable to fight the overwhelming desire to be near her, or the ever-growing mutual attraction that is between them... What if...Mr. Darcy's intentions were shockingly dishonorable...
The Abominable Mr. Darcy
Author: Joy King
ISBN: 0997537620
Pages: 286
Year: 2016-05-23
View: 582
Read: 445
Mr. Darcy was an enigma... until he spoke. Then, he was the enemy. Miss Elizabeth Bennet's eyes are instantly drawn towards a handsome, mysterious guest who arrives at the Meryton Assembly with the Bingley party. The gentleman destroys her illusions by delivering an insult that turns him from Mr. Divinely Attractive to the Abominable Mr. Darcy. While Elizabeth sets in motion her strategy for retaliation, Darcy plans to win the campaign being waged in the genteel drawing rooms of Hertfordshire. As more players from Jane Austen's beloved cast of characters enter the fray, complications arise--some with irreversible consequences. Can a truce be called before their hearts become casualties as well? How many times can two people go from enemies to friends and back again before it's too late? A Regency romance from best-selling author, J. Dawn King, inspired by Pride and Prejudice.
Rumours & Recklessness
Author: Nicole Clarkston
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1516801482
Pages: 384
Year: 2015-11-02
View: 1203
Read: 848
Fitzwilliam Darcy is desperate. Finally confronted with a woman who ignites all his hopes, he agonizes over the cruel trick of fate which placed her in a situation beneath his notice. The morning after the Netherfield ball, he resolves to put as much distance between himself and her as possible. That very morning, however, Elizabeth's future is jeopardized by her father's untimely accident. With Mr Bennet unconscious and surrounded by concerned neighbors, Mr Collins presses his suit. Elizabeth's mother frantically demands her acceptance to secure the familiy's welfare. With so many witnesses to his proposal and everyone expecting her to make a practical choice, Elizabeth's reputation hangs in the balance. Without her father to defend her refusal of Mr Collins, there is no one to speak up for her... except the last man in the world she would ever marry.

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