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Werebear's Nanny
Author: T. S. Ryder
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1719247781
Pages: 252
Year: 2018-05-18
View: 1069
Read: 916
A gal looking for a new start PLUS a Beary single dad with a rock-hard body PLUS a beast out for blood... After a disastrous marriage, Cynthia has accepted that she'll never have her prince charming. Her chance at a fresh start arrives when she gets a job as a nanny on a mysterious island. But when she sees her new boss, with his sculpted abs, tanned skin and that deep V that disappears into his low-slung jeans, she knows that she's in for trouble... Tyrell is most definitely not looking for a mate. He's more than happy working at his ranch and taking care of his daughter. Relationships only bring trouble. But he's in for the fight of his life when Cynthia unexpectedly shows up on his doorstep. Her smile knocks the wind out of him. She's the forbidden fruit he longs to taste. There is one small problem. Cynthia has never heard of shifters. She doesn't know that she's landed on an island full of bears. That not everybody wants humans here... And that she's in danger... This is a full length novel of 55,000 words. It is a standalone romance in the "Bear Shifter Island" series. Other parts in the series are: "Mated to Four Werebears" (more parts are coming) 18+ readers only.
Werebear's Baby Girl
Author: T S Ryder
ISBN: 1721163174
Pages: 258
Year: 2018-06-14
View: 928
Read: 426
An insanely gorgeous bad Bear PLUS a hunted gal on the run PLUS a baby girl in danger... All Mindy wants is to be alone and think her life over on a deserted beach. But when she meets a stranger who looks like Poseidon, all gleaming skin and dripping muscles, she suddenly doesn't mind the company so much. What she didn't expect was to get pregnant with his baby, though... Bad boy Rex is one of the hottest, most muscular men on Bear Shifter Island. His life's a mess, but he's determined to turn it around. No more women for him. Until beautiful Mindy shows up on his doorstep with a little baby girl. Yes, he wants to be a better man. But no, he's not daddy material. Can he prevent his bear from taking his mate, though? Can he stop himself from loving his little girl? And when an enemy turns up who is prepared to do the unthinkable and take his mate and baby, can Rex stop himself from unleashing his bear for them? This is a full length novel of 50,000 words. It is a standalone romance in the "Bear Shifter Island" series. Other parts in the series are: "Mated to Four Werebears" "Werebear's Nanny" (more parts are coming) 18+ readers only.
Damien's Nanny
Author: Meg Ripley
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1726075230
Pages: 156
Year: 2018-08-31
View: 477
Read: 221
Beverly Hills, 1984 Dragon shifter Damien Van Buren has it all: a fantastic job as a record label executive, an adorable young daughter and a gorgeous home in Beverly Hills-along with Linda, a cheating ex-wife who would like nothing more than to take him to the cleaners. Now that he's divorced, Russ needs to find a full-time nanny to help him care for little Stephanie. But when he takes a chance on hiring an au pair from overseas, he's not prepared for the fire she'll spark in his lonely heart. Brianna Murphy dreams of moving away from Ireland to realize her fantasy of becoming a singer. Knowing she'll never be discovered if she stays in her quaint hometown, she decides to apply for an au pair position just outside the bustling music scene of LA. When she manages to land the job, she never expects to fall in love with the sweet little dragon she's in charge of-and she definitely doesn't expect to fall for her new boss. Will Russ and Brianna be able to keep their relationship strictly professional, or does fate have something else in store for these two dragons? Damien's Nanny is a 30,000 word standalone novella with steamy shifter scenes written for readers age 18+.
Claimed by the Vampire King
Author: Susan G. Charles
Publisher: Susan G. Charles
ISBN: 1505617332
Pages: 58
Year: 2014-01-08
View: 1303
Read: 397
Looking for a new kind of vampire paranormal romance with a strong feminine hero? A coming of age paranormal romance thriller? And a historical romance too? Then definitely read on. Catherine and the Count are married now and she quickly realizes that her new home needs a ladies touch. August lavishes her with gifts, ensuring that her every need and desire are taken care of. Though danger looms in the distance... As danger grows closer Catherine discovers she is pregnant with their first child, a miraculous son who will be born as the storm descends on them. He grows at four times the rate of any other child, and soon, he is an adult, fighting alongside his father against the evil that threatens to destroy their town. Can August keep the town safe? Can he protect Catherine from the growing malevolence that surrounds them? What will become of the brave Century Bride and her new family? Read on to find out more! This coming of age, historical vampire romance, contains some violence and sexual situations. Recommended for ages eighteen and up.
Wolf Born
Author: Ann Gimpel
Publisher: Ann Gimpel Books, LLC
Pages: 180
Year: 2016-04-26
View: 1280
Read: 1292
Shifters keep their friends close and their enemies closer in a shadowy world where the line between hunter and hunted thins, blurs, and finally shatters Author's Note: Wolf Born is book two in the Underground Heat Trilogy. All three novels are full length shifter romances with happy-ever-after endings! You can buy the books individually, or in the boxed set titled Underground Heat. Max leads a double life in a futuristic California that’s almost out of resources. Despite grave risks, he ran for state governor to protect his people. He’s also leader of the shifter underground. Threatened with genocide, many shifters have gone into hiding. Some blame Max and the underground for their plight, rather than the governmental edict that’s meant death for so many. Audrey works for Max. Unlike most humans with low levels of shifter blood who bless their lucky stars they avoided the purge, she wants to be a shifter. If she could find a way to finesse it, she’d quit her job in a heartbeat and go to work helping the shifter underground. The only sticking point is Max. She’s been half in love with him forever. Against a dog-eat-dog political backdrop where no one knows who their allies are, Max and Audrey spar with one another. Max fears she’s part of the group trying to kill him. Audrey has no idea about Max’s double identity and worries she won’t be able to walk away from their fiery attraction to help the underground. After a second attempt on his life, Max faces critical choices. Will he follow his head or his heart?
Werebears of the Everglades
Author: Meg Ripley
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1722783192
Pages: 572
Year: 2018-07-21
View: 421
Read: 1103
Now Available As A Complete Collection Deep In The Subtropical Wilderness Of The Everglades, Four Rugged Bears Find Their Mates Read All Four Stories Of Meg Ripley's Werebears Of The Everglades Series In One Red-Hot Collection The four featured 30,000 word stories of this thrilling anthology include: Alpha's Second Chance Fated Attraction Nanny For The Soldier Bear Relentless Mates This paranormal romance collection features steamy shifter scenes and is intended for readers 18+.
Dragon VIP: Syenite
Author: Starla Night
ISBN: 1943110182
Year: 2017-08-16
View: 383
Read: 1102

The BillionWere
Author: Ellie Valentina
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1514705125
Pages: 358
Year: 2015-07-07
View: 645
Read: 274
"The Billionaire has more then one secret....." When Malinda Rose accepted a job as a live in nanny at a plush mansion in Manhattan it sounded easy. Room, board and a nice paycheck, however she had no idea what she was letting herself in for.. The owner of the mansion is reclusive billionaire Garrett Millieur. A man who surprises her with his youthful good looks and attractively authoritative nature. Amongst other things, he makes an odd request, that his son Brandon must NEVER leave the mansion. EVER. It is clear to Malinda that the stunning Garrett has many secrets and as she gets closer to him, it seems she is going to find out everything she ever wanted to know about his dark and furry side. And she might just like what she finds... This is a stunning paranormal billionaire romance filled with mystery, secrets, adventure alongside lots of hot mating. An absolute must read for anyone who enjoys shifter romances with a billionaire twist!
The Truth About Cads and Dukes
Author: Elisa Braden
Publisher: Elisa Braden
Year: 2015-05-29
View: 1118
Read: 1102
When a wager goes wrong … Painfully shy Jane Huxley is the furthest thing from a diamond of the first water. Bookish, bespectacled, and, well, plain, she never expected to befriend a dissolute charmer like Colin Lacey, much less agree to help him retrieve a lost family heirloom. Fortunately, he is nothing like his cold, rigid older brother. Unfortunately, he is not above deception if it means winning a wager. And that puts Jane in a most precarious position. A formidable duke will marry a plain Jane … For Harrison Lacey, the Duke of Blackmore, protecting his family honor is not a choice, it is a necessity. So, when his cad of a brother humiliates the unwitting Lady Jane, Harrison must make it right, even if it means marrying the chit himself. And a marriage of convenience will become so much more … Her reputation hanging by a thread, Jane agrees to wed the arrogant Duke of Blackmore, although she’s convinced it will result in frostbite. Only after lingering glances lead to devastating kisses does she begin to suspect the truth: Perhaps—just perhaps—her duke is not as cold as he appears.
Author: Angela Knight, Lora Leigh, Alyssa Day, Virginia Kantra
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0425220354
Pages: 329
Year: 2008
View: 399
Read: 1225
Collects four paranormal romances that star shape-shifting men.
The Shifter
Author: Jean Johnson
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 110156914X
Pages: 320
Year: 2012-05-01
View: 527
Read: 763
Before the Sons of Destiny came to be, shapechangers ruled the heart of a shattered empire and navigated the uncertain shifts of fate… Years have passed since there was any sighting of Family Mongrel on the Shifting Plains. Yet traces remain, and they lead south into the Correda Mountains. As a favor to his brother and sister-in-law, Kenyen Sin Siin has taken it upon himself to track down these hints from the past and make sure the curs have not survived. The trail grows colder, more tangled, until he’s trapped in a valley where not everyone is as they seem. He will either adapt and survive or be uncovered and perish before his mission is complete. Wary of strangers and distrustful of the unfamiliar, Solyn Ys Rei and her best friend have formed a secret resistance. One of a rare few with the ability to stand up to and evade enemies, she must still tread with great caution, particularly when even her best friend starts acting oddly. Allies could be enemies lurking in disguise, and a stranger’s face could hide a new foe as easily as a new friend.
Alpha's Second Chance
Author: Meg Ripley
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1987678923
Pages: 164
Year: 2018-04-10
View: 1239
Read: 454
Owen thought he had his life all figured out. He was the Head Ranger of the beautiful Everglades National Park, Alpha of a loyal bear clan and alone. Since saying goodbye to Addie years ago, he's never found love again--and he doesn't want to. Determined to focus on his career and clan, his plan was working fine. Until she wanders into his park and back into his life. Addie has just graduated college and is heading off to the park to celebrate by camping with friends. When she runs into her first love, all feelings of heartbreak resurface. She does her best to move on and enjoy her girls' vacation, but struggles when she realizes she's not over Owen after all. Addie hopes to rekindle things with Owen, and deep down, Owen wants the same, but his secret has forced him to shut her out from his heart. How could things ever change between them if the truth stays hidden? With new forces coming against them both, will they be able to rely on each other and give their love a second chance, or are things really over for good? Alpha's Second Chance is a 30,000 word novella with steamy shifter scenes intended for readers age 18+.
Scaling Her Dragon
Author: Milly Taiden
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1517158052
Pages: 180
Year: 2015-09-02
View: 1271
Read: 1262
Plus-size Rebecca is on a jaunt to another world. She had hopes of finding herself a nice, sweet shifter like her sister, but somehow she ended up attracted to the big, fiery dragon. A dragon who isn't looking for love. If only he didn't have eyes that made her want to take her panties off and a body that sent her hormones into a frenzy, life would be a lot easier. Vikter Dragos is dying. His dragon couldn't find a mate and he's at the end of his time. He's fighting the attraction for a sassy, curvy human, but it's near impossible to stay away from her. If only she'd been his mate, everything would be smoother. He's losing control of his dragon and his emotions. With Becca around, he didn't know what to expect. Becca's in constant confusion over Vikter's hot and cold attitude. One moment he's kissing her like the world's going to end, and the next he's warning her away from getting attached. Figuring out how to scale this dragon might take more patience than she's got. When competition arises and Vikter sees another wants Becca, he'll face his feelings or risk losing her forever.
Desire in Lingerie
Author: Penelope Sky
Publisher: Penelope Sky
Pages: 350
Year: 2018-07-03
View: 365
Read: 1085

Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Publisher: Dixie Wardens, Inc.
Pages: 302
Year: 2016-02-03
View: 1267
Read: 617
Her I wanted to have a pity party of one when I went for that beer. I never imagined I would meet a dark and dangerous man. That man took me on the wildest ride of my life. Literally and Figuratively. He quickly became my entire world. Him I didn't know I was looking for her. I saw her warming that bar stool and knew she would be mine. A man like me doesn't deserve the likes of her. But damned if I didn't take it. Her When we met for the first time we didn't know that we already had a connection. A cruel game was being played, and we didn't know the rules. Sam would save us, but at what cost? Sam was one of my main reasons for living. If he wasn't in this world anymore, would I still want to be a part of it?