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Way of the Warrior, The (Young Samurai, Book 1)
Author: Chris Bradford
Publisher: Disney Electronic Content
ISBN: 1423140885
Pages: 233
Year: 2010-03-28
View: 523
Read: 673
Shipwrecked on the shore of Japan, twelve-year-old Jack Fletcher is wounded and alone. His father and the entire crew have been slaughtered by ninja pirates. Jack's last remaining possession is his father's rudder, an invaluable book of maps and notes about the world's uncharted oceans. Masamoto-sama, one of Japan's greatest samurai, rescues Jack, adopts him, and sends him to samurai school, where Jack will be trained in the Way of the Warrior. Will it be enough to help Jack defeat Dragon Eye, the ruthless ninja who is intent on stealing the rudder at any cost?
Way of the Sword, The (Young Samurai, Book 2)
Author: Chris Bradford
Publisher: Disney Electronic Content
ISBN: 1423140877
Pages: 267
Year: 2010-03-28
View: 1290
Read: 391
After being shipwrecked in Japan, adopted, and taught the Way of the Warrior at samurai school, Jack is ready to embark on the next chapter of his training: the Way of the Sword. His lessons involve fighting blindfolded, using a b-o staff, and finding messages in origami—all while withstanding the constant pressure of being a foreigner. The stakes are raised even higher when the school holds a contest. The winners will learn the great samurai Masamoto-sama's secret martial arts technique.
Young Samurai: The Way of the Dragon
Author: Chris Bradford
Publisher: Disney Electronic Content
ISBN: 1423147480
Pages: 512
Year: 2011-02-02
View: 369
Read: 1219
Adventure meets fantastic historical fiction in this tale of a samurai school set in Japan
The Ring of Fire (Young Samurai, Book 6)
Author: Chris Bradford
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141961635
Pages: 352
Year: 2011-08-04
View: 459
Read: 188
JACK FLETCHER FACES HIS TOUGHEST CHALLENGE YET. After a snowstorm forces him to take shelter, Jack comes across a village in need of protection from raiding mountain bandits. Torn between moving on or helping, Jack is persuaded to stay and fight the villagers' cause. But Jack is the first and only samurai to do so. Now he must enlist other warriors to the villagers' aid before the bandits return to steal their harvest. No easy task when the reward is so little and he is a foreigner. If only he had his friends to call on... Using the Ring of Fire, can Jack overpower the bandits and win?
The Ring of Sky (Young Samurai, Book 8)
Author: Chris Bradford
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141971029
Pages: 308
Year: 2012-08-02
View: 1190
Read: 589
Packed with historical action-adventure, the eighth and final book in Chris Bradford's blockbuster Young Samurai series reaches a thrilling conclusion. JACK FLETCHER IS RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE The port of Nagasaki is within reach, but the Shogun's samurai are closing in fast for the kill. So too is Jack's old school rival, Kazuki. Every road is blocked and every mountain pass guarded as Jack makes his final dash for safety. But with all of Japan hunting him, he's going need a miracle to survive. And even if he reaches the end of the road, will there be a ship bound for home? Or will he be burned at the stake first? Only the Ring of Sky knows his fate... www.youngsamurai.com 'A fantastic adventure that floors the reader on page one and keeps them there until the end' - Eoin Colfer
The Ring of Water (Young Samurai, Book 5)
Author: Chris Bradford
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141961627
Pages: 320
Year: 2011-03-03
View: 884
Read: 168
Jack Fletcher has been left for dead. Bruised and battered, Jack Fletcher wakes up in a roadside inn wrapped only in a dirty kimono. He has lost everything, including his memory of what happened. Determined to discover the truth, Jack goes on a quest to retrieve his belongings - his precious swords, his friend Akiko's black pearl and most important of all, his father's prize possession. Relying on his samurai and ninja training, Jack realises The Ring of Water is the key to his survival. But with only a washed up Ronin - a masterless samurai - for help, what will Jack manage to find? What will he lose? And what will he have to sacrifice?
The Ring of Wind (Young Samurai, Book 7)
Author: Chris Bradford
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141970995
Pages: 304
Year: 2012-03-01
View: 436
Read: 461
JACK FLETCHER IS BATTLING THE HIGH SEAS Ambushed by the Shogun's samurai, Jack and his friends have only one hope of escape - the Seto Sea. But with ferocious storms, man-eating sharks and ninja pirates at every turn, their chosen route is fraught with danger. A treacherous crew only adds to their problems as they flee south from a ruthless samurai sea lord. Unless Jack can harness the Ring of Wind, he and his friends are destined for a watery grave . . . Book 7 in the blockbuster Young Samurai series by Chris Bradford. Visit www.youngsamurai.com for competitions and FREE teacher resources. 'A fantastic adventure that floors the reader on page one and keeps them there until the end' - Eoin Colfer
Young Samurai
Author: Chris Bradford
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141332530
Pages: 336
Year: 2010-08-05
View: 669
Read: 1172
On the run with no sensei to guide him, Jack Fletcher journeys along the treacherous road to the port of Nagasaki, where he hopes to find a ship home to England.
Young Samurai: The Way of the Sword
Author: Chris Bradford
Publisher: Hyperion
ISBN: 1423129377
Pages: 448
Year: 2011-01-04
View: 836
Read: 1139
After a vicious ninja attack left him orphaned and stranded in Japan, Jack Fletcher managed to complete his first year of samurai school. Still, his troubles are far from over. The prejudice of his Japanese classmates has gained him dangerous enemies within his school, and Dragon Eye – the ninja who killed his father – is still after him. Jack’s only hope of defeating them lies in surviving the Circle of Three: an ancient ritual that tests a samurai’s courage, skill, and spirit to the limit. For most, gaining entry into the Circle means honor and glory, but for Jack it’s a matter of life or death. The winner will be trained in the Two Heavens—the formidable sword technique of the great samurai, Masamoto. Learning this secret is the only hope Jack has of protecting his father’s rutter -- the invaluable navigation guide of the world’s uncharted oceans -- from Dragon Eye. Forced into a deadly battle, Jack’s going to have to master the Way of the Sword. And his time is running out.
Young Samurai
Author: Chris Bradford
Publisher: Thorndike Press
ISBN: 1410443299
Pages: 413
Year: 2011
View: 874
Read: 394
Orphaned by a ninja pirate attack off the coast of Japan in 1611, twelve-year-old English lad Jack Fletcher is determined to prove himself, despite the bullying of fellow students, when the legendary sword master who rescued him begins training him as a samurai warrior.
The Way of the Warrior
Author: Andrew Matthews
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101157380
Pages: 192
Year: 2008-11-13
View: 1185
Read: 864
Jimmu is haunted by his father’s suicide. Vowing vengeance on the man responsible, Jimmu masters the skill of the samurai and secures a position among the lord’s guards. But the closer Jimmu comes to fulfilling his dark destiny, the more tangled he becomes in the truth of his father’s death.
Author: Chris Bradford
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1524736996
Pages: 224
Year: 2017
View: 1291
Read: 357
"Adapted from Hostage, originally published in the United Kingdom by Puffin Books in 2014."
Author: Chris Bradford
Publisher: Stoke Books
ISBN: 1781120595
Pages: 64
Year: 2012-04-01
View: 289
Read: 210
Taka's desperate to prove that he has what it takes to become a ninja. He has failed the Grandmasters test twice already. But when the clan's scrolls are stolen by an enemy samurai, he has a chance to prove himself.
A Box of Unfortunate Events
Author: Lemony Snicket
ISBN: 1405202130
Year: 2002-07
View: 385
Read: 324
The first four books in Lemony Snicket's bestselling 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' are collected together in this attractive rigid slipcase.
The Way of Fire
Author: Chris Bradford, Dan Freedman
ISBN: 0956287778
Pages: 160
Year: 2010
View: 325
Read: 1233

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