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Um die Ecke geküsst
Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: MIRA Taschenbuch
ISBN: 3955766810
Pages: 512
Year: 2017-09-11
View: 848
Read: 510
Melissa ist auf den Hund gekommen - den Hund ihrer Nachbarin, die ins Krankenhaus musste. Das hat sie nun von ihrer Hilfsbereitschaft! Wie soll sie sich als berufstätige Frau in New York um die Deutsche Dogge kümmern? Hilfe muss her. Sie kontaktiert Max, den einzigen Verwandten der alten Dame. Doch der will sich im Urlaub mit seiner Supermodel-Freundin nicht stören lassen und schickt stattdessen seinen Kumpel John, der ihm noch einen Gefallen schuldet. John gibt sich als Max aus und hilft Melissa. Problem gelöst! Oder doch nicht? Denn John verliebt sich in Melissa und Melissa liebt Ehrlichkeit ... "Voller Witz und Humor liest man dieses Buch am besten in einem Rutsch." Publishers Weekly "Ich liebe es so sehr, dass ich es gleich in zwei Sprachen gekauft habe." Amazon-Rezensentin "Leicht und erfrischend." "Ein witziger Schlagabtausch per E-Mail voller Wortwitz und Ironie!" Publishers Weekly
Every Boy's Got One
Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0061741787
Pages: 352
Year: 2009-03-17
View: 394
Read: 1051
Cartoonist Jane Harris is delighted by the prospect of her first-ever trip to Europe. But it's hate at first sight for Jane and Cal Langdon, and neither is too happy at the prospect of sharing a villa with one another for a week—not even in the beautiful and picturesque Marches countryside. But when Holly and Mark's wedding plans hit a major snag that only Jane and Cal can repair, the two find themselves having to put aside their mutual dislike for one another in order to get their best friends on the road to wedded bliss—and end up on a road themselves ... one neither of them ever expected.
Size 14 Is Not Fat Either
Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061752193
Pages: 368
Year: 2009-03-17
View: 307
Read: 1040
Former pop star Heather Wells has settled nicely into her new life as assistant dorm director at New York College—a career that does not require her to drape her size 12 body in embarrassingly skimpy outfits. She can even cope (sort of) with her rocker ex-boyfriend's upcoming nuptials, which the press has dubbed The Celebrity Wedding of the Decade. But she's definitely having a hard time dealing with the situation in the dormitory kitchen—where a cheerleader has lost her head on the first day of the semester. (Actually, her head is accounted for—it's her torso that's AWOL.) Surrounded by hysterical students—with her ex-con father on her doorstep and her ex-love bombarding her with unwanted phone calls—Heather welcomes the opportunity to play detective . . . again. If it gets her mind off her personal problems—and teams her up again with the gorgeous P.I. who owns the brownstone where she lives—it's all good. But the murder trail is leading the average-sized amateur investigator into a shadowy world. And if she doesn't watch her step, Heather will soon be singing her swan song!
Queen of Babble Gets Hitched
Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 006085202X
Pages: 288
Year: 2008-06-24
View: 1266
Read: 1108
Big mouth. Big heart. Big wedding. Big problems. It's the wedding of the century! Things are looking up at last for Lizzie Nichols. She has a career she loves in the field of her choice (wedding gown restoration), and the love of her life, Jean-Luc, has finally proposed. Life's become a dizzying whirl of wedding gown fittings—not necessarily her own—as Lizzie prepares for her dream wedding at her fiancé's château in the south of France. But the dream soon becomes a nightmare as the best man—whom Lizzie might once have accidentally slept with . . . no, really, just slept—announces his total lack of support for the couple, a sentiment the maid of honor happens to second; Lizzie's Midwestern family can't understand why she doesn't want to have her wedding in the family backyard; her future, oh-so-proper French in-laws seem to be slowly trying to lure the groom away from medical school and back into investment banking; and Lizzie finds herself wondering if her Prince Charming really is as charming as she once believed. Is Lizzie really ready to embrace her new role as wife and mistress of Château Mirac? Or is she destined to fall into another man's arms . . . and into the trap of becoming a Bad Girl instead?
The Boy Next Door
Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061828866
Pages: 384
Year: 2009-03-17
View: 261
Read: 807
To: You (you) From: Human Resources ([email protected]) Subject: This Book Dear Reader, This is an automated message from the Human Resources Division of the New York Journal, New York City’s leading photo-newspaper. Please be aware that according to our records you have not yet read this book. What exactly are you waiting for? This book has it all: Humor Romance Cooking tips Great Danes Heroine in peril Dolphin-shaped driftwood sculptures If you wish to read about any of the above, please do not hesitate to head to the checkout counter, where you will be paired with a sales associate who will work to help you buy this book. We here at the New York Journal are a team. We win as a team, and lose as one as well. Don’t you want to be on the winning team? Sincerely, Human Resources Division New York Journal Please note that failure to read this book may result in suspension or dismissal from this store. *********This e-mail is confidential and should not be used by anyone who is not the original intended recipient. If you have received this e-mail in error please inform the sender and delete it from your mailbox or any other storage mechanism.*********
She Went All the Way
Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061751766
Pages: 368
Year: 2009-03-17
View: 161
Read: 1063
There are a few places screenwriter Lou Calabrese would rather be than crammed into a helicopter with Jack Townsend, star of her claim to fame, Copkiller, and whose ex just ran off with Lou's ex. Talk about uncomfortable. But when, halfway out to the isolated arctic location where Copkiller IV is currently shooting, their pilot turns murderous and their helicopter crashes, Lou realizes her day has just gotten a lot worse. Now, while family and friends back home fret over her disappearance, Lou is on the run in the arctic wilderness with America's sweetheart Jack Townsend and only the contents of her purse, his pockets, and their mutual knowledge of survival movie trivia to keep them alive. Can these two children of Hollywood put aside their differences and make it back home without killing each other? Or much, much worse, actually start to like one another?
Ninth Key
Author: Jenny Carroll
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743426754
Year: 2001-02-01
View: 710
Read: 979
"There's no such thing as ghosts."At least, that's what the scientific community believes. High school sophomore Susannah Simon wishes she could agree. She's only lived in sunny California for two weeks, and already her life's a whirlwind of pool parties, excellent hair days, and new friends. Oh, yeah ... and her stepbrothers. But otherwise, things are going fab.Until the ghost of a dead woman shows up at her bedside, screaming and begging Suze to find "Red" and tell him that he isn't responsible for her death. Tracking down a murderer isn't exactly easy, especially when the clues that Suze pieces together lead straight to the father of Tad Beaumont, the cutest and richest boy in school ... and the first boy who's ever asked Suze out.Oops.
The Perfect Kiss
Author: Susan Hatler
Publisher: Hatco Publishing
ISBN: 0996298223
Pages: 170
Year: 2015-12-27
View: 1165
Read: 710
Olivia Lane wants to become the premiere event planner for Blue Moon Bay’s rich and famous. But first she has to impress Greta von Strand—millionaire and bestselling author of Men: Who Needs Them?—by pulling off a two-week luxury getaway for women. The retreat’s all about getting women to embrace their independence by nurturing themselves and each other, and Olivia, who’s never been lucky-in-love herself, is looking forward to it. The retreat and Olivia’s goals hit a roadblock, however, when sweet-talking firefighter, Brody Mitchell, and his smoking hot friends take up residence at the mansion next door. Now, she must successfully keep Greta and the other women away from their male neighbors, fight her attraction to Brody, and pull off the retreat of a lifetime in one fell swoop. It’s a battle of the sexes she’s determined to win, otherwise she could lose everything—including her heart.
The Princess Diaries, Volume II: Princess in the Spotlight
Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061971960
Pages: 256
Year: 2009-10-06
View: 358
Read: 701
No one ever said being a princess was easy. Just when Mia thought she had the whole princess thing under control, things get out of hand, fast. First there's an unexpected announcement from her mother. Then Grandmère arranges a national primetime interview for the brand-new crown princess of Genovia. On top of that, intriguing, exasperating letters from a secret admirer begin to arrive. Before she even has the chance to wonder who those letters are from, Mia is swept up in a whirlwind of royal intrigue the likes of which hasn't been seen since volume I of The Princess Diaries.
Kingdom of Twilight
Author: Steven Uhly
Publisher: MacLehose Press
ISBN: 1635060672
Pages: 592
Year: 2018-08-07
View: 1082
Read: 1156
A "powerful and original" (The Times) historical saga that follows the quest for identity, redemption and home in the wake of World War II. One night in autumn 1944, a gunshot echoes through the alleyways of a small town in occupied Poland. An SS officer is shot dead by a young Polish Jew, Margarita Ejzenstain. In retaliation, his commander orders the execution of thirty-seven Poles--one for every year of the dead man's life. First hidden by a sympathetic German couple, Margarita must then flee the brutal advance of the Soviet army with her newborn baby. So begins a thrilling panorama of intermingled destinies and events that reverberate from that single act of defiance. Kingdom of Twilight follows the lives of Jewish refugees and a German family resettled from Bukovina, as well as a former SS officer, chronicling the geographical and psychological dislocation generated by war. A quest for identity and truth takes them from refugee camps to Lübeck, Berlin, Tel Aviv, and New York, as they try to make sense of a changed world, and of their place in it. Hypnotically lyrical and intensely moving, Steven Uhly's epic novel is a finely nuanced yet shattering exploration of universal themes: love, hatred, doubt, survival, guilt, humanity, and redemption.
When You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It's Time to Go Home
Author: Erma Bombeck
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061099813
Pages: 288
Year: 1992-12-05
View: 363
Read: 665
America's favorite housewife takes a witty look at family vacations, describing her escapades in Istanbul, the Galapagos Islands, and other locales
Queen of Babble in the Big City
Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061750611
Pages: 320
Year: 2009-10-13
View: 640
Read: 895
Lizzie Nichols is back, pounding the New York City pavement and looking for a job, a place to live, and her proper place in the universe (not necessarily in that order). "Summer Fling" Luke's use of the "L" (Living Together) word has her happily abandoning plans to share a one-room walk-up with best friend Shari in exchange for cohabitation with the love of her life in his mom's ritzy Fifth Avenue pied-à-terre. Lizzie's landed a non-paying gig in her chosen field—vintage wedding gown rehab—and a paying one as a receptionist at Shari's boyfriend's father's posh law firm. So life is good . . . for the moment. But almost immediately her notoriously big mouth is getting her into trouble. At work she's becoming too chummy with society bride-to-be Jill Higgins, inflaming the ire of Jill's troublesome future mother-in-law. At home she's made the grievous error of bringing up the "M" (Marriage) word to commitment-shy Luke. Once again joblessness and homelessness are looming large for hapless blabbermouth Liz—unless she can figure out some way to babble her way to a happily ever after.
The MacGregors: Alan & Grant
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Silhouette
ISBN: 037328134X
Pages: 496
Year: 2011-01-25
View: 169
Read: 413
#1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nora Roberts enchants again with two more beloved classics about the passionate and headstrong MacGregor family. All the Possibilities Creative, compelling, unconventional—Shelby Campbell was unlike any woman Senator Alan MacGregor had ever known. The cynical politician found himself falling in love with the spirited beauty, though she kept him at arm's length. But Alan was determined and nothing was going to keep him from getting what he wanted—not even the centuries-old feud between the MacGregors and Campbells…. One Man's Art Grant Campbell was a loner—rude and impossible! Yet as soon as he opened the lighthouse door to Genevieve Grandeau on that stormy night, she was lost. Underneath his gruff, handsome exterior, he was intelligent, sensitive…and slightly scarred. To Gennie, loving meant sharing, trusting. But Grant was hiding in the shadow of the past, afraid to move beyond it. She'd have to convince him that their love was a beacon for the future—but how?
Kissed by a Rogue
Author: Tanya Anne Crosby
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 154328583X
Pages: 324
Year: 2017-02-22
View: 1006
Read: 418
Swept from the aristocracy of England to The Colonies on the eve of war, Jessamine Stone vows to wed no man but her onetime fianc�, Christian Haukinge. She sets out to win back Christian's affections, unaware that her brother has already offered him a bribe to crush her heart. Driven by something dark, Christian agrees to a devil's bargain, but soon finds Jessie's innocent passion, trust, and faith undermine his resolve for vengeance. Now only the woman he has betrayed can heal his deepest scars. But these are dangerous times and love alone cannot mend all wounds.
Boy Meets Girl
Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061809322
Pages: 400
Year: 2009-03-17
View: 998
Read: 646
Meet Kate Mackenzie. She: works for the T.O.D. (short for TyrannicalOffice Despot, also known as Amy Jenkins,Director of the Human Resources Divisionat the New York Journal) is sleeping on the couch because herboyfriend of ten years refuses to commit can't find an affordable studio apartmentanywhere in New York City thinks things can't get any worse. They can. Because: the T.O.D. is making her fire the most popularemployee in the paper's senior staff dining room that employee is now suing Kate for wrongfultermination, and now Kate has to give a deposition in front ofMitch Hertzog, the scion of one of Manhattan's wealthiest law families,who embraces everything Kate most despises ... but also happens to have a nice smile and a killer bod. The last thing anybody -- least of all Kate Mackenzie -- expects to findin a legal arbitration is love. But that's the kind of thing that canhappen when ... Boy Meets Girl.

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