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The Strong Shall Live
Author: Louis L'Amour
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553898604
Pages: 176
Year: 2004-03-30
View: 330
Read: 1141
They came west to stay, risking their blood to dig the gold, ride the range, conquer the greedy, and carve out a legacy of freedom. Men honed by desert fires and edged by combat with fist and gun. Women tested to the limit of endurance by an unrelenting land. Now, in a long-awaited collection of his stories, Louis L'Amour tells of the real heroes of the frontier, the survivors for whom hanging tough was as natural as drawing breath. From the Paperback edition.
The Strong Shall Live
Author: Louis L'Amour
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553898604
Pages: 176
Year: 2004-03-30
View: 772
Read: 1001
They came west to stay, risking their blood to dig the gold, ride the range, conquer the greedy, and carve out a legacy of freedom. Men honed by desert fires and edged by combat with fist and gun. Women tested to the limit of endurance by an unrelenting land. Now, in a long-awaited collection of his stories, Louis L'Amour tells of the real heroes of the frontier, the survivors for whom hanging tough was as natural as drawing breath. From the Paperback edition.
I Shall Live
Author: Henry Orenstein
Publisher: Beaufort Book Company
ISBN: 0825305004
Pages: 300
Year: 1997-10-01
View: 804
Read: 630
One of many remarkable stories in the author's life during World War II. With his strong determination to live, he survived the S.S. hunt for Jews, five concentration camps, and the Sachsenhausen death march.
Author: Louis L'Amour
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553900234
Pages: 240
Year: 2004-10-26
View: 1059
Read: 1197
“Over the years I have been proud to write about the men and women of the American frontier. But I have written many stories with entirely different settings which I have long wanted to share with my readers. “I have collected some of these in Yondering. They are glimpses of what my own life was like during the early years. Those were the rough years; often I was hungry, out of work and facing situations such as I have since written about. “Although these stories take place in a variety of locales, they are stories of people living under conditions similar to the way they might have lived on the frontier. I hope you’ll enjoy Yondering.” —Louis L’Amour From the Paperback edition.
The Strong Shall Live
Author: Lance Jones
ISBN: 0992317703
Pages: 216
Year: 2013-08
View: 226
Read: 697
It's the 1940's and a young girl picks her way through the remnants of a bombed out Berlin. Life is hard living in the rubble, but amid the bombs, the fighting and the eventual taking of the city by Soviet troops, the young girl and her family manage to eek out an existence by living on the edge and fending mostly for themselves. This is the story of the life of that young girl as told by Gigi herself. From the horror of Berlin during the latter stages of World War Two and the eventual Soviet occupation of her city, to her eventual escape through "The Iron Curtain," Gigi tells a sometimes difficult tale of abuse, slavery and imprisonment, lasting over several decades and finally ending in a little island off the coast of Australia. Curiously and unexpectedly, her story is also one of true love that never really dies. And, through it all, we learn that "The Strong Shall Live."
West from Singapore
Author: Louis L'Amour
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553900196
Pages: 176
Year: 2005-04-26
View: 717
Read: 918
He's a two-fisted American adventurer and veteran of a hundred waterfront brawls. He's "Ponga Jim" Mayo, and he minds his own business and leaves international intrigue to others. But, as master of his own tramp freighter, trouble seeks him out as he navigates the treacherous East Indian seas from Borneo to Singapore. Never one to back away from danger, Jim straps on his colt automatic and takes the helm of the Semiramis, ready to battle pirates and spies, dope peddlers and gunrunners and whoever else dares to challenge his command...and God help the man who crosses Jim Mayo. From the Paperback edition.
Buckskin Run
Author: Louis L'Amour
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553898957
Pages: 198
Year: 2003-12-02
View: 207
Read: 930
For the westerner trouble came with the territory. Long grass valleys, merciless deserts, sheer rock cliffs, icy streams, hidden trails, dusty towns. These were the proving grounds of daily life. At any time violence could explode and on the frontier there was no avoiding its sudden terrible impact. In this collection of his stories Louis L’Amour guides us to some of these untamed places where men and women faced the challenge of survival. And for the first time, L’Amour also presents a selection of riveting scenes from western history that are every bit as exciting as his stories. From the Paperback edition.
Who Shall Live?
Author: Victor R Fuchs
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
ISBN: 9813105135
Pages: 296
Year: 1998-04-21
View: 515
Read: 887
In this classic book, Professor Victor Fuchs draws on his deep understanding of the strengths and limitations of economics and his intimate knowledge of health care institutions to help readers understand the problems every nation faces in trying to allocate health resources efficiently and equitably. Six complementary papers dealing with national health insurance, poverty and health, and other policy issues, including his 1996 presidential address to the American Economic Association, accompany the original 1974 text. Health professionals, policy makers, social scientists, students and concerned citizens will all benefit from this highly readable, authoritative, and nuanced discussion of the difficult choices that lie ahead.
Only the Strong Shall Survive
Author: Leon Houser
ISBN: 1434379159
Pages: 56
Year: 2009-12
View: 403
Read: 981
Many are the afflictions of the righteous; but the Lord delivereth him out of them all (Psalm 34:19). This book reveals the challenges Leon Houser faced and how God caused him to triumph. Danger was common place when he strayed from God. God delivered him and spared his life repeatedly. He finally surrendered his life to God. As you read Leon's story, you will witness the deliverance power of Almighty God who performed miracle after miracle because of a praying mother and because He loves that that belong to Him. God's strength and power is evident in every aspect of Leon's life. His survival was based on his spiritual foundation and teaching. His testimony in these pages will inspire and encourage other to put their trust in God.
Long Ride Home
Author: Louis L'Amour
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553899414
Pages: 192
Year: 2005-03-08
View: 423
Read: 1148
RIDE ALONG INTO DANGER Traveling under an alias, the last thing gunman Clip Haynes wanted was attention. But Basin City needed a town-taming marshal, and a cold-blooded murderer was hiding behind Haynes’s real name. Now Haynes was coming out of hiding to protect his honor, save a town, and catch a killer—even if it cost him his life. Lou Morgan was as tough as they came. But it wasn’t just the money or the challenge that motivated him to take on a suicide job involving a buried Spanish treasure and two greedy killers. It was love for a beautiful señorita who had left him for dead years ago. It’s not easy being the new schoolma’am in town . . . especially when you’re a man. But Van Brady isn’t quite the tenderfoot he seems, and before he’s through he’ll teach a few hard cases a lesson they’ll never forget. From the rough-and-tumble streets of San Francisco to the dry desert plains of Texas, from a roughshod gambler willing to wager his own life on a single bet to a killer with a heart, here are stirring tales of the Old West as only Louis L’Amour can write them, tales of men and women risking their lives, fighting their wars, and standing tall on the American frontier.
As Long as We Both Shall Live
Author: Lurlene McDaniel
Publisher: Laurel Leaf
ISBN: 030751353X
Pages: 416
Year: 2009-02-04
View: 1098
Read: 659
A change is coming, April Lancaster’s fortune cookie reads. Be prepared. But how could she be prepared for the news that she has an inoperable brain tumor? April’s life will never be the same. Then she meets handsome Mark Gianni. Mark has cystic fibrosis, but he also has a passion for life . . . and for April. When he asks April to marry him, she’s happier than she’s ever been. April thought she and Mark would be together forever. But since Mark’s death, April has never felt more alone. Then Brandon Benedict comes into her life. Brandon is lonely and angry—he and April have a lot in common. But April cannot tell Brandon about her illness. When April’s medical problems suddenly return, she must decide what to tell Brandon. Can the love she’s felt before help her now? From the Paperback edition.
Space, Inc
Author: Julie E. Czerneda
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101554754
Pages: 320
Year: 2003-07-01
View: 495
Read: 241
HELP WANTED: Position open for goal-oriented professional. Must be willing to work in zero gravity. MAY THE WORK-FORCE BE WITH YOU. In this all-new, original anthology, today's top sf talents tackle tomorrow's jobs-in space and beyond. Each story in this intriguing collection begins with a Want Ad-and ends up revealing a space-age working world of headhunters, applicants, bosses, and employees. So punch the timeclock-and get to work... It's not just a job. It's the future.
The Riders of High Rock
Author: Louis L'Amour
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 055389966X
Pages: 256
Year: 2004-08-31
View: 308
Read: 299
Hopalong rode into cattle country just east of the California line looking for his old friend Red Connors. He found Red holed up in a mountain cave with a bullet in his side and a story to tell. The ranchers around Tascotal had been losing their stock, and when Red caught the rustlers in the act, they hunted him down, shot him, and left him for dead. Jack Bolt, a savage, ruthless killer, has brought in a tough band of hardcases to run his operation. And now he's sent them out to take care of the one man who stands in his way: Hopalong Cassidy. But Bolt's about to learn the hard way that if you shoot down a man like Cassidy, you better make sure he never gets up again. From the Paperback edition.
The Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard
Author: Elmore Leonard
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0060724250
Pages: 544
Year: 2004-11-02
View: 753
Read: 898
No one is more evocative of the dusty, gutsy hey-day of the American West than Elmore Leonard. And no story about a young writer struggling to launch his career ever matched its subject matter better than the tale behind Leonard's Western oeuvre. In 1950, fresh out of college -- having written two "pointless" stories, as he describes them -- Leonard decided he needed to pick a market, a big one, which would give him a better chance to be published while he learned to write. In choosing between crime and Westerns, the latter had an irresistible pull -- Leonard loved movies set in the West. As he researched deeper into settings, Arizona in the 1880s captured his imagination: the Spanish influence, the standoffs and shootouts between Apache Indians and the U.S. cavalry ... His first dozen stories sold for 2 cents a word, for $100 each. The rest is history. This first-ever complete collection of Leonard's thirty Western tales will thrill lovers of the genre, his die-hard fans, and everyone in between -- and makes a terrific study of the launch of a phenomenal career. From his very first story ever published -- "The Trail of the Apache" -- through five decades of classic Western tales, The Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard demonstrates again and again the superb talent for language and gripping narrative that has made Leonard one of the most acclaimed and influential writers of our time.
The Sense of an Ending
Author: Julian Barnes
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307957330
Pages: 176
Year: 2011-10-05
View: 469
Read: 374
Winner of the 2011 Man Booker Prize By an acclaimed writer at the height of his powers, The Sense of an Ending extends a streak of extraordinary books that began with the best-selling Arthur & George and continued with Nothing to Be Frightened Of and, most recently, Pulse. This intense new novel follows a middle-aged man as he contends with a past he has never much thought about—until his closest childhood friends return with a vengeance, one of them from the grave, another maddeningly present. Tony Webster thought he’d left all this behind as he built a life for himself, and by now his marriage and family and career have fallen into an amicable divorce and retirement. But he is then presented with a mysterious legacy that obliges him to reconsider a variety of things he thought he’d understood all along, and to revise his estimation of his own nature and place in the world. A novel so compelling that it begs to be read in a single sitting, with stunning psychological and emotional depth and sophistication, The Sense of an Ending is a brilliant new chapter in Julian Barnes’s oeuvre.

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