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The Spy
Author: Paulo Coelho
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 1524732079
Pages: 208
Year: 2016-11-22
View: 639
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In his new novel, Paulo Coelho, bestselling author of The Alchemist and Adultery, brings to life one of history's most enigmatic women: Mata Hari. HER ONLY CRIME WAS TO BE AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN When Mata Hari arrived in Paris she was penniless. Within months she was the most celebrated woman in the city. As a dancer, she shocked and delighted audiences; as a courtesan, she bewitched the era’s richest and most powerful men. But as paranoia consumed a country at war, Mata Hari’s lifestyle brought her under suspicion. In 1917, she was arrested in her hotel room on the Champs Elysees, and accused of espionage. Told in Mata Hari’s voice through her final letter, The Spy is the unforgettable story of a woman who dared to defy convention and who paid the ultimate price.
The Spy Book
Author: Dk Publishing, Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
ISBN: 1405368209
Pages: 192
Year: 2011-10-03
View: 317
Read: 736
Welcome to the world of espionage. Inside the cool novelty covers, we turn our magnifying glass on spies, snoops, and spooks throughout history in The Spy Book. Eavesdrop on the incredible tales of daring, explore top-secret gadgets, and find out why espionage still hits the headlines. Code breakers and safe crackers, spy rings and honey traps, dead drops and lipstick pistols all lurk inside. Confidentially ... kids will love it.


Author: David Wise
Publisher: Random House Incorporated
ISBN: 0375758941
Pages: 313
Year: 2003
View: 1105
Read: 880
Examines the case of FBI agent Robert Hanssen, revealing details about the counterspy's motives and character, his betrayal of his country and family, and how he was brought to justice with the help of a top-secret KGB file smuggled out of Russia.
The Spy
Author: Celeste Bradley
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0312381603
Pages: 384
Year: 2009-12-29
View: 893
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James Cunnington, a member of a secret agency dedicated to serving the Crown, embarks on a mission to find the daughter of a missing code breaker suspected of turning traitor for Napoleon, not realizing the young woman, Phillipa Atwater, is residing under his own roof, having disguised herself as a gentleman tutor in order to conduct a search for her father who has been kidnapped by French spies.
Harriet the Spy (Collins Modern Classics)
Author: Louise Fitzhugh
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007393121
Pages: 288
Year: 2016-05-05
View: 1207
Read: 1121
First published by HarperCollinsUS in 1964, this classic children’s novel has sold over 4 million copies and was awarded the New York Times Outstanding Book Award.
Harriet the Spy: 50th Anniversary Edition
Author: Louise Fitzhugh
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0385376650
Pages: 368
Year: 2014-02-25
View: 898
Read: 702
This special 50th Anniversary Edition of the classic and ground-breaking coming-of-age novel, Harriet the Spy, includes tributes by Judy Blume, Meg Cabot, Lois Lowry, Rebecca Stead, and many more, as well as a map of Harriet's New York City neighborhood and spy route and original author/editor correspondence. Using her keen observation skills, 11-year-old Harriet M. Welsch writes down in her notebook what she considers the truth about everyone in and around her New York City neighborhood. When she loses track of her notebook, it ends up in the wrong hands, and before she can stop them, her friends read the sometimes awful things she's observed and written about each of them. How can Harriet find a way to keep her integrity and also put her life and her friendships back together? “I don’t know of a better novel about the costs and rewards of being a truth teller, nor of any book that made more readers of my generation want to become fiction writers. I love the story of Harriet so much I feel as if I lived it.” —Jonathan Franzen, author of Freedom and The Corrections From the Hardcover edition.
The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace
Author: A.S. Dulat, Aditya Sinha, Asad Durrani
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 9352779266
Pages: 344
Year: 2018-05-21
View: 629
Read: 1104
Pointing to the horizon where the sea and sky are joined, he says, 'It is only an illusion because they can't really meet, but isn't it beautiful, this union which isn't really there.' - SAADAT HASAN MANTO Sometime in 2016, a series of dialogues took place which set out to find a meeting ground, even if only an illusion, between A.S. Dulat and Asad Durrani. One was a former chief of RAW, India's external intelligence agency, the other of ISI, its Pakistani counterpart. As they could not meet in their home countries, the conversations, guided by journalist Aditya Sinha, took place in cities like Istanbul, Bangkok and Kathmandu. On the table were subjects that have long haunted South Asia, flashpoints that take lives regularly. It was in all ways a deep dive into the politics of the subcontinent, as seen through the eyes of two spymasters. Among the subjects: Kashmir, and a missed opportunity for peace; Hafiz Saeed and 26/11; Kulbhushan Jadhav; surgical strikes; the deal for Osama bin Laden; how the US and Russia feature in the India-Pakistan relationship; and how terror undermines the two countries' attempts at talks.
Author: Ian Falconer
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0857073443
Pages: 40
Year: 2011-03-03
View: 532
Read: 712
The heart-warming tale of a sweet little pig with a whole heap of energy.
Libby, the Spy
Author: Janet Blaylock
Publisher: Janet Blaylock
ISBN: 055704703X
Pages: 40
Year: 2009-03-25
View: 248
Read: 647
This book is Libby, The Spy. Libby comes alive and talks to her friends, the other books, in the school library. She helps the librarian watch the children who come in to check out books. The main message of the book is to show children how to take care of their books.
The Spy Who Came In from the Cold
Author: John le Carre
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743442539
Pages: 224
Year: 2001-11-27
View: 660
Read: 1258
Secret agent Leamas is on a mission in East Berlin, but he has doubts about the organization he serves.
Beauty and the Spy
Author: Julie Anne Long
Publisher: Forever
ISBN: 0446540323
Pages: 400
Year: 2008-06-02
View: 1329
Read: 697
SHOCKING! London's belle of the ball, Susannah Makepeace, is the last person who should suddenly be stuck in the sleepy village of Barnstable. In town, she would never have seen a man swimming naked in a pond. And she certainly would have resisted the urge to draw every single bit of him in astonishing detail! SIZZLING! Very few people know that Viscount Kit Whitelaw is the best spy in His Majesty's secret service. But his high-flying life has finally banished him from London. Not to worry—if Susannah's erotic sketches are any indication of her nature, she'll be a delicious stand-in for the thrill of espionage. SCANDALOUS! When odd accidents follow in Susannah's wake, Kit's spy senses start tingling. For what better mystery is there for England's greatest spy than the secrets of the delectable puzzle that is Susannah?
The Spy Story
Author: John G. Cawelti, Bruce A. Rosenberg
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226098680
Pages: 259
Year: 1987-05-01
View: 1132
Read: 726
Traces the history of the spy story, explains why it has becomeso popular, and examines the works of Buchan, Ambler, Greene, Fleming, and Le Carre
The Spy
Author: James Fenimore Cooper
Year: 1823
View: 653
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An Officer and a Spy
Author: Robert Harris
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0385349599
Pages: 464
Year: 2014-01-28
View: 373
Read: 718
NATIONAL BESTSELLER A whistle-blower. A witch hunt. A cover-up. Secret tribunals, out-of-control intelligence agencies, and government corruption. Welcome to 1890s Paris. Alfred Dreyfus has been convicted of treason, sentenced to life imprisonment on a far-off island, and publicly stripped of his rank. Among the witnesses to his humiliation is Georges Picquart, an ambitious military officer who believes in Dreyfus's guilt as staunchly as any member of the public. But when he is promoted to head of the French counter-espionage agency, Picquart finds evidence that a spy still remains at large in the military—indicating that Dreyfus is innocent. As evidence of the most malignant deceit mounts and spirals inexorably toward the uppermost levels of government, Picquart is compelled to question not only the case against Dreyfus but also his most deeply held beliefs about his country, and about himself. Winner of the Walter Scott Prize for historical fiction Winner of the American Library in Paris Book Award
The Spy
Author: James Fenimore Cooper, James H. Pickering
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0808400274
Pages: 432
Year: 1971-01-01
View: 767
Read: 329
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