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Anything You Want
Author: Derek Sivers
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1591848261
Pages: 96
Year: 2015
View: 1312
Read: 510
Best known for creating CD Baby, the most popular music site for independent artists, founder Derek Sivers chronicles his "accidental" success and failures into this concise and inspiring book on how to create a multimillion-dollar company by following your passion. Sivers details his journey and the lessons learned along the way of creating and building a business close to his heart. In 1997, Sivers was a musician who taught himself to code a Buy Now button onto his band's website. Shortly thereafter he began selling his friends' CDs on his website. As CD Baby grew, Sivers faced numerous obstacles on his way to success. Within six years he had been publicly criticized by Steve Jobs and had to pay his father $3.3 million to buy back 90 percent of his company, but he had also built a company of more than 50 employees and had profited $10 million. Anything You Want is must reading for every person who is an entrepreneur, wants to be one, wants to understand one, or cares even a little about what it means to be human.
The Global EBook Market: Current Conditions & Future Projections
Author: Ruediger Wischenbart
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 1449319998
Pages: 104
Year: 2013-02-11
View: 703
Read: 441
The Global eBook Report documents and analyses how ebook markets emerge in the US, UK, continental Europe, Brazil, China, India, Russia, and the Arab world. It combines the best available data and references to specialized local actors, with thematic chapters, focusing on critical policy debates and on key driving forces, notably ebook bestsellers and pricing strategies across European markets, self-publishing, government regulation, piracy, and the expanding impact of global players. The Global eBook Report is available for download from October 1st , 2013, at A project of Rüdiger Wischenbart Content and Consulting.
Speed, Data, and Ecosystems
Author: Jan Bosch
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1351982729
Pages: 343
Year: 2017-01-06
View: 866
Read: 926
As software R&D investment increases, the benefits from short feedback cycles using technologies such as continuous deployment, experimentation-based development, and multidisciplinary teams require a fundamentally different strategy and process. This book will cover the three overall challenges that companies are grappling with: speed, data and ecosystems. Speed deals with shortening the cycle time in R&D. Data deals with increasing the use of and benefit from the massive amounts of data that companies collect. Ecosystems address the transition of companies from being internally focused to being ecosystem oriented by analyzing what the company is uniquely good at and where it adds value.
Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Author: Michael Schaper, Thierry Volery
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0470810823
Pages: 496
Year: 2007-04-09
View: 1041
Read: 1261
The second edition of this popular text has been thoroughly updated to reflect contemporary developments in small business and entrepreneurship and its applications to Australasian organisations. Entrepreneurship and small business management are two very close and often overlapping disciplines. If entrepreneurship specifically refers to the dynamic process of creating a new business venture, small business management generally addresses various issues in organising and operating a small business. In practice however, a large part of the textbooks contents from both disciplines tend to cover similar issues such as small business start-up (starting from scratch, buying an existing business or operating a franchise), developing a business plan, selecting a legal form of organisation, marketing research and organising and financing the new venture. Features New! Four end-of-book cases profiling Australasian entrepreneurs. Each case represents a different region covering Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore. The companies profiled are within industries of interest to students including branded fitness programs, automatic video production and specialist healthcare. Each case is accompanied by comprehensive teaching notes. New! Accompanying local video cases and activities for instructors. The videos are closely tied to each end-of-book case, providing visual support to assist students’ understanding. Comprehensive text website including Instructor’s Resource Guide and Power Point slides The geographic markets for the book are both Australasia (Australia and New Zealand) and South East Asia (Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore). As an increasing amount of goods, capital and people move between these two regions, this text will provide the reader with a better regional understanding of this environment. The ‘What would you do?’ feature presents a scenario in which an entrepreneur/small business manager needs to respond to a problem or situation. The ‘Entrepreneur profile’ in every chapter profiles Australian, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific entrepreneurs and small business leaders. The end-of-chapter case study profiles an entrepreneurial approach and/or small business management issue in the Pacific Rim.
Fairy, Fairy Do You See Me?
Author: Donna Maree Hotz
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 151444416X
Pages: 28
Year: 2015-12-30
View: 725
Read: 1062
Where is she?’ I cannot find my friend who visits me in my garden. ‘Have you seen my friend?’ Come and join me on an adventure in my garden and help me find my little Fairy friend.
Major Donor Fundraising
Author: Margaret M. Holman, Lucy Sargent
ISBN: 1903991684
Pages: 196
Year: 2006
View: 1224
Read: 526
Providing a step-by-step approach to raising large and repeat gifts, this book shows charities how to diversify their fundraising portfolio, get a high-return, cost-effective income stream, and attain sustainability through relationship-building and planned gifts and legacies.
The Demon: Hell's Hitman
Author: Garth Ennis
Publisher: DC
ISBN: 1401266258
Pages: 296
Year: 2015-12-29
View: 1241
Read: 1172
Garth Ennis and artist John McCreaÕs legendary run, featuring the origin and first adventures of their acclaimed super-powered assassin, Etrigan! For nearly two thousand years, Jason Blood has served as a living host for the demon Etrigan. In return for his longevity, he must bear the burden of unleashing Etrigan against any Earthly incursions from his fellow Hell-spawn and their mortal collaboratorsÑas well as watching the innocent and guilty alike suffer his all-consuming wrath. On the mean streets of Gotham City, however, the innocent are in short supply. Corruption oozes from every corner, and the rotten fruit that it bears is too great a temptation for the denizens of the underworld to resistÑno matter what the laws of God or man command. Such defiance cannot go unpunished. Luckily, one fiery fiend stands ready to strike back and restore the balance of terrorÑfreshly commissioned by the lords of the damned as HELLÕS HITMAN. Collects THE DEMON #40 and #42-49 together with THE DEMON ANNUAL #2.
Mrs. Hill's New Cook Book
Author: Annabella P. Hill
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 1605201626
Pages: 432
Year: 2008-11-01
View: 663
Read: 1277
This classic of postCivil War Southern cooking, designed to aid well-to-do women forced into their kitchens for the first time with the end of slavery, is a charming example of education in the domestic arts in the late 19th century. In her stern but helpful manner, ANNABELLA P. HILL (18101878) guides her fellow homemakersand those today seeking a soupon of old-style Southern elegancein lessons on how to: [ pickle shrimps [ prepare mutton to imitate venison [ bake a pig [ make liver pudding [ make barbecue sauce [ make succotash [ tenderize tough meat [ make Irish potato yeast [ preserve figs [ make molasses candy [ and much more. With further instruction on other housekeeping chores, such as soapmaking and the preparation of medicines, this is an enlightening peek into the mundane chores of a bygone age.
Maggie Goes on a Diet
Author: Paul Kramer
ISBN: 0981974554
Pages: 44
Year: 2011-12-16
View: 217
Read: 777
This book is about a 14 year old girl who goes on a diet and is transformed from being extremely overweight and insecure to a normal sized girl who becomes the school soccer star. Through time, exercise and hard work, Maggie becomes more and more confident and develops a positive self image.
Critical Listening Skills for Audio Professionals
Author: Frederick Alton Everest
Publisher: Artistpro.Com Llc
Pages: 203
Year: 2007
View: 224
Read: 260
Teaches the important skills a music engineer and producer need: the ability to discern audio frequencies, distortions, and other sounds. Written for those involved in professional audio recording - recording engineers, producers, musicians, video post production engineers - this book addresses this subject.
So führt Ihre Bewerbung garantiert zum Vorstellungsgespräch
Author: Jörns Bühner
Publisher: epubli
ISBN: 3844237437
Year: 2012-10-30
View: 224
Read: 577
Eine wirklich perfekte Bewerbung, also eine Bewerbung mit Erfolg zu schreiben ist nicht leicht. Im Internet gibt es zahlreiche unnütze Informationen. Man wird regelrecht zugeschüttet mit Fehlinformationen, Vordrucken und Mustervorlagen. Die Verwirrung unter den Ratsuchenden ist groß und die Verunsicherung wächst. Also, wie geht das nun mit dem “Bewerbung schreiben”? Der Berliner Bewerbungscoach Jörns Bühner hat einen beeindruckenden Ratgeber zum Thema "perfekte Bewerbungen" geschrieben. "Wer mit Vorlagen und/oder Mustern seine Bewerbungen schreibt, hat bereits verloren". sagt Bühner. Warum jeder seine ganz persönliche, individuelle Bewerbung schreiben und gestalten soll und wie diese auch jeder sehr gut schaffen kann, verrät er in seinem Bestseller Bewerbungsratgeber. Damit schafft es jeder, seine perfekte Bewerbung zu schreiben. Die Resonanzen im Netz auf sein Bewerbungsratgeber sind phantastisch. Der Buchkritiker Ralf Wenniger schreibt z.B.: Ein ganz besonders in den Blickpunkt geratenes und durch hohe Verkaufszahlen/Downloads geradezu zum Bestseller aufgestiegenes E-Book, ist der Ratgeber „So führt Ihre Bewerbung garantiert zum Vorstellungsgespräch“ von Jörns Bühner. Hier hat Bewerbungscoach und Inhaber einer Personaldienstleistungsfirma seine langjährigen, persönlichen Erfahrungen mit unzähligen Bewerbungen zu einem sehr ungewöhnlichen Ratgeber verfasst. Der Aufbau ist sinnvoll, übersichtlich und sehr gut strukturiert. In einem lockeren, sehr sympathischen Schreibstil werden Tipps und Vorgehensweisen von ihm einleuchtend, gut verständlich und begründet erklärt. Jörns Bühner nimmt seine Leserinnen und Leser mit auf eine Reise zum eigenen ich und zurück, um dann die gewonnenen Eindrücke sehr platziert und sinnvoll in die Bewerbung einzubinden. An jeder Stelle des Buches merkt man sehr deutlich, hier schreibt einer der große Erfahrung besitzt, der aus der langjährigen Praxis spricht. Der beste und sinnvollste Ratgeber zum Thema "Bewerbung schreiben".
Skull Dance
Author: Gerd Balke, Michael Larocca
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 153339380X
Pages: 412
Year: 2016-05-27
View: 879
Read: 336
"A terrorist with a little technical know-how and twenty pounds of smuggled plutonium could make a bomb powerful enough to destroy a city. That's what we should be worried about." US Pentagon official, New York Times, May 13, 1996 "In a surprisingly philosophical novel with a great deal of substance, SKULL DANCE tells of the time after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Berlin becomes an open city with numerous former Russian military members attempting to sell weapons. "Chris Ramsdorf, a former East German soldier, comes to England and because of his knowledge of weapons of the Eastern Bloc, is hired by M15, British Intelligence. However, he loses his position and goes out on his own dealing weapons and is hired by a group of Russians to dismantle a warhead and extract plutonium. Fearing the weapon might be used against England, Chris tells MI5 about the deal and is told to go along with the Russians. "He believes a plan is in motion to thwart the deal but something goes wrong and he ends up in a jail in India. Inside the jail, we observe his ideas of life. He's able to cope for a time but when the situation becomes intolerable, he must attempt to gain his freedom. "There is outstanding character development as we see Chris evolve from a selfish, uncaring person to someone with compassion and empathy for others." Michael A. Draper, Vine Voice, June 10, 2011 "Gerd Balke asked me to edit five of his novels in 2000. We were living in Hong Kong. We were still working on SKULL DANCE when he died of a sudden heart attack. I stepped into the 'author' role and did my best to preserve Gerd's vision and his voice. "SKULL DANCE was first published by Novel Books Inc. in 2001, then later by Booktrope. As I give it one more edit and publish it again, I'm amazed by how timely it remains, and how prescient." Michael LaRocca "Being born in the aftermath of WWII Germany was perhaps the true catalyst responsible for turning Gerd Balke into a devoted pacifist. A conscientious objector and one-time student activist, he participated in anti-war demonstrations during the seventies in Europe and clearly prefers Rock & Roll over any military hardware. "He has traveled extensively in Asia, learned to speak several languages, including Chinese and Thai, and always had his heart and soul glued to the pulse of life. He loves the ideology, mysticism and powerful spirituality of the East, which, when fused with Western consciousness, makes up the kind of philosophy he's interested in. He is devoted to travel and meeting people and would go to Mars if he could get a visa. His spiritual encounters include a stay in a Buddhist Monastery in the Himalayan Mountains and a brush with death on the island of Bali. "In 1979 he moved to Hong Kong, married a Chinese woman, pursued a professional career in Engineering and studied Kung Fu and Quantum Mechanics for kicks. He loves to discuss life and the secrets of the Universe with people who are equally taken by the subject, and most enthusiastically shares a bottle of Glenmorangie with anyone who dares the challenge. "He has a license to handle explosives but stubbornly refuses to offer his skills for revolutionary purposes. Instead, he chose the written word to transmit his thoughts. Gerd Balke writes about culture, philosophy and ways of the world. He is an active member of the Hong Kong Writer's Circle." Gerd Balke (writing about himself in third person)
Big Fat Little Lit
Author: Art Spiegelman, Francoise Mouly
Publisher: Turtleback Books
ISBN: 1417752742
Pages: 139
Year: 2006-09-01
View: 720
Read: 262
A collection of short stories presented in comic book format. Includes some games and activities.
Financial stability in Iceland
Author: Frederic S. Mishkin, Tryggvi Þór Herbertsson
ISBN: 9979963573
Pages: 66
Year: 2006
View: 1158
Read: 510

Never Easy, Never Pretty
Author: Dean Bartoli Smith
Publisher: Temple University Press
ISBN: 1439911061
Pages: 224
Year: 2013-08-23
View: 520
Read: 280
When the Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, it was a joyous moment for fans and team alike. For Dean Bartoli Smith, a lifelong Baltimore football fan and writer for The Baltimore Brew and Press Box, it was especially sweet. In Never Easy, Never Pretty, he recalls the ups and downs and ultimate thrills of a special season while also showing how a football team impacts its fans and its city. Smith recounts the season from start to glorious finish while interweaving Baltimore’s professional football history, telling his own story of growing up with the Colts, then gradually transferring adult loyalties to the new team in town, the Ravens. Family, friends, and other fans share their recollections, too, letting us see how a football team becomes part of a community. Smith’s game-by-game recounting of an improbable season brings back all the excitement and uncertainty as the team starts strong, wobbles, then finds its inspiration and character in the playoffs. For each game Never Easy, Never Pretty features a diverse array of quotes, interviews, and commentary from players, broadcasters, and executives, including Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis, Art Donovan, Kevin Byrne, Steve Bisciotti, and Ozzie Newsome. Never Easy, Never Pretty highlights the Ravens’ electrifying season and celebrates a team, a city, and its emotional landscape during an unlikely run to a Super Bowl victory. The result is an insightful and poignant book about much more than a championship season. Never Easy, Never Pretty includes: • The 4th & 29 play by Ray Rice against the Chargers • The game-saving first down • The 70-yard bomb from Joe Flacco to Jacoby Jones known as the “Mile High Miracle” •Interviews with Rob Burnett, Keith Mills, Lenny Moore, Sean Landeta, Terrell Suggs, Tom Matte, and many others •Photographs by long-time Ravens photographer Phil Hoffmann

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