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The Noru 2
Author: Lola St.Vil
Publisher: Lola St.Vil
Year: 2014-09-23
View: 664
Read: 888
An impossible mission. A dangerous love triangle. And an evil determined to destroy them all...
The Noru 4
Author: Lola St.Vil
Publisher: Lola St.Vil
Pages: 382
Year: 2015-05-09
View: 698
Read: 638
A dark secret. A cruel new evil and a mission they may not survive... The Noru series in order: Book 1: Blue Rose Book 2: Last Akon Book 3: Fall Of The Chosen Book 4: When Angels Break Book 5: Ways of the Wicked Book 6: Rise of the Alago
Fall Of The Chosen (The Noru Series, Book 3)
Author: Lola StVil
ISBN: 1507028253
Year: 2015
View: 1087
Read: 670
"All we ever did was try to help the Angel world and humanity, like we were raised to do. But some of you Para's plot to destroy us for no reason other than how powerful we will become. As of now, our days of playing nice with the Para's are over..."The Noru Series in order:Book 1: Blue RoseBook 2: Last AkonBook 3: Fall Of The Chosen
The Noru 2
Author: Lola StVil
ISBN: 1501461826
Year: 2014
View: 1248
Read: 386
An impossible rescue mission.A dangerous love triangle.And, an evil, determined to destroy them all...
Rage of Angels
Author: Lola Stvil
ISBN: 1540835421
Pages: 302
Year: 2016-12-07
View: 742
Read: 579
"Everyone on the battlefield stops to focus on us. Both sides are too taken by the match to do anything else. Malakaro looks at me from across the circle with malice and fury. I return his gaze, matching his ire. He begins to move around the circle slowly. He addresses me in his usual calm voice. "Are you sure you're ready for this, little sis?" he asks. "Bring it..." One thing is clear: one of us will die today...
The Noru 6
Author: Lola St.Vil
Publisher: Lola St.Vil
Pages: 324
Year: 2016-04-19
View: 538
Read: 876
Death was warned. Fate was ignored. Time has run out. A new evil is here; Angel blood will shed. And a dark secret will shatter the team forever...
The Noru 5
Author: Lola St.Vil
Publisher: Lola St.Vil
Pages: 334
Year: 2015-09-26
View: 387
Read: 1269
The Raven has hidden among them all their lives, waiting to attack; now she is at full strength. Her darkness and brutality is unmatched. And before the battle is over, Noru blood will spill...
The Noru: Blue Rose
Author: Lola Stvil
ISBN: 150756659X
Pages: 292
Year: 2015-01-16
View: 403
Read: 266
"After speaking to the other angels on the team, I hang up my cell and sigh. No ones heard from Aaden in months. This bothers me not only as the leader but as his girl-which I'm Not. Great. Now on top of being grounded, I'm sitting here acting girly and needy. ARGH!!!!" Screw this! I start to head downstairs to plead my case with my parents when something out the window catches my eye. I lean in closer to get a good look. What I see astounds me: Soundlessly and without hesitation, The humans line up and jump off the roof one at a time..."PLEASE NOTE: This book contains a scene in Chapter 12 that is for mature audiences only. Readers can skip this chapter without missing any info vital to the plot.
The Toren
Author: Lola Stvil
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 198513392X
Pages: 242
Year: 2018-02-12
View: 1274
Read: 1330
The Toren team is still reeling from their last assignment when they learned that they will need to set out on yet another dangerous mission. This time the team is forced to enter the place that even death fears. And in the midst of their perilous adventure, the team discovers a shocking secret about one of its members. In addition, things between Summit and Lucas take an unexpected, heartbreaking turn. Summit has longed for a family her whole life, but now that she has it, it may once again get taken away. In the end, the team may lose their tight bond and worst-their lives...
Vampire Affliction
Author: Eva Pohler
Publisher: Green Press/Eva Pohler
ISBN: 1311277404
Pages: 250
Year: 2015-05-11
View: 913
Read: 222
Gertie has become friends, and has possibly fallen in love, with both a demigod and a vampire, who happen to be at war. Although she sympathizes with the vampire uprising and has even become a vampire herself, she distrusts the leaders, especially when they plan to kill humans to cull out the demigods before ambushing them. As the three unlikely friends discover that neither side is perfectly good or evil or right or wrong, they work together to try to bring about the best outcome; but, when their parents and the gods undermine their efforts and hang them out to dry, the three teens realize they’re on their own and no one will save them.
Girls Like Me
Author: Lola StVil
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544868145
Pages: 320
Year: 2016-10-04
View: 1295
Read: 775
Fifteen-year-old Shay Summers is trying to cope with the death of her father, being overweight, and threats from a girl bully in school. When she falls in love with Blake, a mysterious boy online, insecure Shay doesn't want to tell him who she is. But with the help of her two best friends, as well as an assist by Kermit and Miss Piggy, ultimately Shay and Blake’s love prevails. Girls Like Me is a fun and fresh poetic take on teen angst, social media and online anonymity, and high school romance.
Midnight Eclipse
Author: Melody Anne
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1517403545
Pages: 280
Year: 2015-12-02
View: 783
Read: 541
Pushed to the edge of darkness, Phoenix will find out who her true friends are in this exciting, frightening world she has now found herself so much more a part of than she ever would have chosen to be. With the death of Vyco and everyone's beloved Chastity, as well as the total annihilation of the West Coast of the United States, Phoenix has to come to terms with a brand new world. Does she choose to fight for the people, or should she save herself and those she loves most? And why would Josiah choose her to be the new savior of the world? Johnathan has now aligned himself to the dark side, and Phoenix finds herself devastated as he sinks into the darkness with Jessica by his side. She's never been without her brother, and now that he seems to be the new leader of the darkest forces, does she have no other choice other than to fight against the one she loves the most? With Jayden, Sadie and Brian by her side - the only constants in her life, she will fight this evil that has overtaken her planet and she will either die trying or she will manage to save the world. Little does Phoenix know, though, that there's more forces against her than in her corner. Find out what decisions Phoenix chooses to make in this exciting conclusion to the "Rise of the Dark Angel" Series by New York Times best selling author Melody Anne, and co-written by break-out author Phoenix Lynn.
The Tangam Language
Author: Mark W. Post
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004344888
Pages: 322
Year: 2017-05-25
View: 342
Read: 506
Tangam is a critically endangered Trans-Himalayan language spoken by 150 hilltribespeople in the Far Eastern Himalaya. This work presents a cultural, historical and grammatical introduction to the Tangam language, a trilingual lexicon in Tangam, English and Minyong, and analysed texts.
Guardians: The Lyris
Author: Lola St.Vil
Publisher: Lola St.Vil
Year: 2014-12-29
View: 1160
Read: 655
The end of the world is not coming; it's here. An impossible decision... A massive war... A Guardian silenced forever... (Please note chapters 29 & 30 are for mature audiences )
The Noru 1
Author: Lola St.Vil
Publisher: Lola St.Vil
Year: 2014-07-06
View: 956
Read: 220
How much of her soul is this Angel wiling to give, to save the Demon she loves? Pryor is a fourteen-year old Angel with fiery red hair, quick temper and a “take charge” attitude; she leads a team of powerful Angels called “Noru”. But when teammate and hottie, Aaden, breaks her heart; she runs away to New York City. There, Pryor hopes to create a drama free life. However, her hopes are dashed when on a quiet summer night, hundreds of humans, inexplicably climb up to the rooftops and leap to their death. Pryor discovers that a new evil has surfaced and is using mind control to put an end to humanity. Things get even worse when Pryor finds out the new evil is in fact a secret brother whose existence her parents kept from her. How can she be expected to kill the new evil when he’s her own flesh and blood? And after having been lied to all her life, how can she ever hope to trust her parents again? She gathers her team—including Aaden—and tries to formulate a battle plan. Yet being around him makes everything far more complicated. Pryor questions if she has what it takes to tackle both evil and her love life. She also wonders why Aaden has gone from a kind Angel to a ruthless killer she barely recognizes. Can she defeat the most evil force the world has ever seen and save the Angel she loves? Or will she have to choose between her mission and her heart? The Noru series in order: Book 1: Blue Rose Book 2: Last Akon Book 3: Fall Of The Chosen Book 4: When Angels Break Book 5: Ways of The Wicked Book 6: Rise Of The Alago Book 7: Rage Of Angels Other works by Lola StVil Book 1: The Girl Book 2: The Fallout Book 3: The Turn Book 4: The Triplex Book 5: The Quo Book 5 (Part 2) : The Lyris Book 6 : The Shoma Book 6 (Part 2): The Nycren Also: Guardians: Short Stories From Book 1 Guardians: Short Stories From Book 5