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The Illumination
Author: Kevin Brockmeier
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307379582
Pages: 272
Year: 2011-02-01
View: 1286
Read: 929
What if our pain was the most beautiful thing about us? From best-selling and award-winning author Kevin Brockmeier: a new novel of stunning artistry and imagination about the wounds we bear and the light that radiates from us all. At 8:17 on a Friday night, the Illumination commences. Every wound begins to shine, every bruise to glow and shimmer. And in the aftermath of a fatal car accident, a private journal of love notes, written by a husband to his wife, passes into the keeping of a hospital patient and from there through the hands of five other suffering people, touching each of them uniquely. I love the soft blue veins on your wrist. I love your lopsided smile. I love watching TV and shelling sunflower seeds with you. The six recipients—a data analyst, a photojournalist, a schoolchild, a missionary, a writer, and a street vendor—inhabit an acutely observed, beautifully familiar yet particularly strange universe, as only Kevin Brockmeier could imagine it: a world in which human pain is expressed as illumination, so that one’s wounds glitter, fluoresce, and blaze with light. As we follow the journey of the book from stranger to stranger, we come to understand how intricately and brilliantly they are connected, in all their human injury and experience. From the Hardcover edition.
The Illumination
Author: Kevin Brockmeier
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1446468585
Pages: 272
Year: 2011-09-30
View: 1147
Read: 644
Something strange is going on. All over the world, pain is manifesting itself as light. Cuts and bruises blaze and flash. Arthritic joints glow. Injured troops emit radiant white shards into the desert night. On the news, they're calling it 'The Illumination'. As this breathtaking phenomenon takes holds, a private journal of love notes passes into the keeping of Carol Ann Page, a lonely hospital patient, and from there through the hands of five other people. Each of them will find their lives changed forever over a story which spans decades and continents, a story that shines a spectacular light on the wounds we all bear...
The Illumination
Author: Jill Gregory, Karen Tintori
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0312375972
Pages: 309
Year: 2009-01-20
View: 863
Read: 365
Having received a mysterious necklace with an evil eye pendant from her sister, museum curator Natalie is shocked by her sister's subsequent murder and pursues a suspicion that the necklace is somehow involved, in a case that draws her into an international battle between powerful religious factions. 30,000 first printing.
Illumination Night
Author: Alice Hoffman
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1453225773
Pages: 261
Year: 2014-09-23
View: 1205
Read: 453
A moving novel of fear, desire, loss, and discovery on Martha’s Vineyard, from the New York Times–bestselling author of The Rules of Magic and Seventh Heaven. Elizabeth Renny has only made two decisions of consequence in her seventy-plus years. While the first, marrying her husband, had adequate results, the second—deciding she could fly from her bedroom window—is less successful. But her flight sets in motion a series of events that will forever change the lives of six residents of Martha’s Vineyard: a young boy who refuses to grow, a wife stifled by her irrational anxiety, a husband tempted by the unknown, a girl flirting with disaster, a gentle giant tortured by his size, and an old woman with nothing to lose. Praised as “an intelligent novel” by the New York Times and “achingly vivid” by Newsday, Illumination Night is a sparkling and heartbreaking narrative that explores marriage, friendship, youth, yearning, disillusionment, and desire, a book as bright and memorable as the festival of lanterns for which it is named.
Author: Terry Mcgarry
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1429977744
Pages: 512
Year: 2010-04-01
View: 1035
Read: 281
The fantasy field has been waiting for this for years: Terry McGarrys first novel. Currently the Vice President of the Science Fiction Writers of America, a longtime copyeditor for all the major publishers, and the author of a number of well-received short stories, McGarry is extremely well known throughout the genre. And now, with talent, insight, and skill rarely seen today, McGarry has crafted a fantasy adventure of the first rank; a wonderful, gripping adventure sure to be the sensation of the season. Liath was proud to have passed her challenge and become a true mage, ready to journey the land and find a Triad to bond with as an Illuminator. But that very night, her light fails her: she can no longer see the magical illumination guiders, and thus, despite the mages badge upon her breast, can no longer call herself Illuminator. Liath travels to the city and petitions the Ennead, the senior mages of the land, for help and a cure. Before they will help her, they set a task for her to fulfill: she must find and capture the rogue Dark Mage, and bring him to the Ennead for justice; only then will her light be freed. So goes Liath on the most important journey of her life, for the future of the world rests on her success or failurebut which one? At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Little Pieces of Light
Author: Joyce Rupp, OSM
Publisher: Paulist Press
ISBN: 158768604X
Year: 2016-11-01
View: 1250
Read: 1105

Why are You Worrying?
Author: Joseph W. Ciarrocchi
Publisher: Paulist Press
ISBN: 0809135612
Pages: 79
Year: 1995-01
View: 343
Read: 754
Integrates spirituality and psychology to help readers understand and cope with different kinds of worry.
Everything Is Illuminated
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0547523785
Pages: 288
Year: 2013-09-03
View: 1138
Read: 1169
“Imagine a novel as verbally cunning as A Clockwork Orange, as harrowing as The Painted Bird, as exuberant and twee as Candide, and you have Everything Is Illuminated . . . Read it, and you'll feel altered, chastened — seared in the fire of something new.” — Washington Post With only a yellowing photograph in hand, a young man — also named Jonathan Safran Foer — sets out to find the woman who might or might not have saved his grandfather from the Nazis. Accompanied by an old man haunted by memories of the war, an amorous dog named Sammy Davis, Junior, Junior, and the unforgettable Alex, a young Ukrainian translator who speaks in a sublimely butchered English, Jonathan is led on a quixotic journey over a devastated landscape and into an unexpected past. As their adventure unfolds, Jonathan imagines the history of his grandfather’s village, conjuring a magical fable of startling symmetries that unite generations across time. As his search moves back in time, the fantastical history moves forward, until reality collides with fiction in a heart-stopping scene of extraordinary power. “A rambunctious tour de force of inventive and intelligent storytelling . . . Foer can place his reader’s hand on the heart of human experience, the transcendent beauty of human connections. Read, you can feel the life beating.” — Philadelphia Inquirer
The Book of Illumination
Author: Mary Ann Winkowski, Maureen Foley
Publisher: Broadway Books
ISBN: 030745245X
Pages: 320
Year: 2009-10-06
View: 278
Read: 897
The criminal underworld meets the spiritual otherworld in this thrilling debut collaboration between the inspiration for television's The Ghost Whisperer and an award-winning writer/director. Anza O'Malley is in most ways a typical single mom. She lives a happy, busy life with her five-year-old son in Cambridge, Massachusetts, juggling the joys and challenges of life as a doting parent and a freelance bookbinder. But there is more to Anza than meets the "ungifted" eye: she can see and speak with ghosts. Although she's been solving cold cases for the police for years, Anza has been hoping to focus her energies on her son and her bookbinding career. But when an exquisite and priceless illuminated manuscript is stolen from the Boston Athenaeum, and when its desecration spurs the appearance of some very unhappy spirits, Anza can neither look nor walk away. With an unlikely trio of ghosts by her side–a charming butler and two medieval monks–Anza leads us on an urgent journey through Boston's winding, cobbled streets to uncover a trail of deceit, danger, and ghoulish intrigue. From the Trade Paperback edition.
The Brief History of the Dead
Author: Kevin Brockmeier
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 1400095956
Pages: 252
Year: 2007
View: 903
Read: 1076
In an afterlife world inhabited by the recently departed who remain in the memories of the living, Marion and Phillip Byrd fall in love again, while on Earth, their daughter, Laura, is stranded alone in an Antarctic research station.
Calligraphy & illumination
Author: Patricia Lovett
Publisher: Harry N Abrams Inc
Pages: 320
Year: 2000-11-01
View: 537
Read: 292
Looks at the history of calligraphy and illumination of books and manuscripts along with instructions for a variety of projects.
The Illumination
Author: Kevin Brockmeier
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307387771
Pages: 257
Year: 2012
View: 645
Read: 476
A journal of private love notes written by a husband to his wife in the wake of a fatal car accident passes through the hands of a hospital patient and five other suffering people whose respective experiences connect them to each other in poignant and complex ways. By the author of The Brief History of the Dead. Reprint.
The Illumination Process
Author: Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 1401953557
Pages: 216
Year: 2017-07-25
View: 303
Read: 932
The Illumination Process guides the reader on a healing journey, forged by the timeless wisdom of indigenous cultures and the latest theories of neurobiology. Through various stages in this journey of initiation, we grow to understand the causes of our suffering and how to free ourselves from the pain and drama of our unhealed emotions. Life itself invites us to be initiated through many means —the possibility of love, the loss of a parent or friend, the birth of a child, or a serious health crisis. True initiation is empowered by facing personal challenges and experiencing the spiritual rebirth —or illumination —that follows. Unifying this book is the sacred process of transforming toxic emotions into sources of power and grace. The Illumination Process shows us how to bid a joyful good-bye to the people and places we have met, discovering a sacred space where the spirit inhabits, uniting the body and soul. When we learn to let go from difficult situations and problems, to accept our lives as they are, we can begin to identify with a self that is eternal. Recounting his own experiences, tracing the mythologies of an array of cultures, and expanding his inquiry into the field of neurobiology, best-selling author Alberto Villoldo shows readers how they can benefit from these sacred practices.
William Blake
Author: William Blake, David Bindman
ISBN: 0500600252
Pages: 480
Year: 2009
View: 1077
Read: 756
In his illuminated books,William Blake combined his handwritten text with his exuberant imagery on pages the like of which had not been seen since the great decorated books of the Middle Ages. To read such books as Jerusalem, America and Songs of Innocence and of Experience in cold letterpress bears no comparison to seeing and reading them as Blake conceived them, infused with his sublime and exhilarating colours. At times tiny figures and forms dance among the lines of the text, flames appear to burn up the page, and dense passages of Biblical-sounding text are brought to a jarring halt by startling images of death, destruction and liberation. This edition, produced together with The William Blake Trust, contains all the pages of Blakes twenty or so illuminated books reproduced in true size, an appendix with all Blakes text set in type and an introduction by the noted Blake scholar, David Bindman. They can at last become part of the lives of all lovers of art and poetry.
Enduring Light
Author: Carla Kelly
Publisher: Cedar Fort
ISBN: 1462101801
Pages: 382
View: 1056
Read: 577
A newlywed couple struggles with the hardships of maintaining a ranch in Wyoming in the early 1900s.

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