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The Beauty of Covenant
Author: Mary Walmsley
ISBN: 0692676538
Pages: 124
Year: 2016-04-30
View: 368
Read: 735
The Beauty of Covenant is an epic poem telling the story of a marriage covenant from beginning to end.Courtship, Betrothal, Wedding, Marriage, RewardThe story is told in the form of a dialogue between man, woman, a chorus of people and God.
Covenant with the Vampire
Author: Jeanne Kalogridis
Publisher: Dell
ISBN: 0307804615
Pages: 384
Year: 2011-08-17
View: 811
Read: 1174
A sensual, terrifying, incredibly accomplished first novel, this fascinating prequel to the classic and most popular horror novel of all time, Dracula, focuses on Dracula's great-nephew, who inherits the job of managing his great-uncle's estate...and his appetite. Written in diary form as Dracula is, this compulsively readable book has revelations that will shock and delight readers of the original. More erotic than Anne Rice, Kalogridis is a major new voice in vampire fiction. The first chilling tale in an exciting new trilogy is a rich and terrifying historical novel set fifty years before the opening of Bram Stoker's Dracula. At the castle of Prince Vlad Tsepesh, also known as Dracula, Vald's great-nephew Arkady is honored to care for his beloved though strange great-uncle...until he beings to realize what is expected of him in his new role. It seems that either he provides his great-uncle with unsuspecting victims to satisfy his needs, or Vlad will kill those Arkady loves. He is trapped into becoming party to murder and sadistic torture. And it is in his blood. When Arkady learns that his newborn son is being groomed one day to follow in his footsteps, he knows that he must fight Dracula, even if it means death.
Stephen R. Donaldson's Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
Author: William A. Senior
Publisher: Kent State University Press
ISBN: 0873385284
Pages: 275
Year: 1995
View: 1302
Read: 953
Stephen R. Donaldson's Chronicles of Thomas Covenant' examines Donaldson's first three novels in an attempt to define their place in the fantasy canon. The book begins with an extensive introduction to the fantasy genre in which W.A. Senior eloquently defends fantasy against charges of being mere escapism, or simply juvenile, and not warranting serious critical consideration.
Covenant and Communion
Author: Scott W. Hahn
Publisher: Brazos Press
ISBN: 1441205233
Pages: 208
Year: 2009-10-01
View: 547
Read: 557
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's election as Pope Benedict XVI brought a world-class biblical theologian to the papacy. There is an intensely biblical quality to his pastoral teaching and he has demonstrated a keen concern for the authentic interpretation of sacred Scripture. Here a foremost interpreter of Catholic thought and life offers a probing look at Benedict's biblical theology and provides a clear and concise introduction to his life and work. Bestselling author and theologian Scott Hahn argues that the heart of Benedict's theology is salvation history and the Bible and shows how Benedict accepts historical criticism but recognizes its limits. The author also explains how Benedict reads the overall narrative of Scripture and how he puts it to work in theology, liturgy, and Christian discipleship.
The Book of the Covenant
Author: B. N. Howard
ISBN: 1908317736
Pages: 176
Year: 2013-05-01
View: 809
Read: 393
The Bibles unfolding story of relationship with God.
The Covenant, One Nation Under God
Author: Timothy Ballard
ISBN: 1937735206
Pages: 449
Year: 2012
View: 736
Read: 1210
Probes deeply into America's rich history and its sacred place in biblical prophecy.
Covenant and Creation
Author: William J Dumbrell
Publisher: Authentic Media Inc
ISBN: 178078306X
Pages: 352
Year: 2013-04-30
View: 645
Read: 824
God's grace demonstrated in the biblical narrative through the lens of covenant. This study analyses the different divine covenants of the Old Testament and argues that they are closely related. The successive covenants, from Noah to David, are seen to express the divine purpose for humanity from the creation onwards. William Dumbrell interacts extensively with attempts to explain the significance of concepts such as the gift of the land, victory, rest and the divine presence. This extraordinary book also throws light upon the Christian use of the Old Testament categories. This second, revised edition brings the subject right up to date.

The Vision of the Soul
Author: James Matthew Wilson
Publisher: CUA Press
ISBN: 0813229286
Pages: 368
Year: 2017
View: 814
Read: 672
Ours is an age full of desires but impoverished in its understanding of where those desires lead—an age that claims mastery over the world but also claims to find the world as a whole absurd or unintelligible. In The Vision of the Soul, James Matthew Wilson seeks to conserve the great insights of the western tradition by giving us a new account of them responsive to modern discontents. The western— or Christian Platonist—tradition, he argues, tells us that man is an intellectual animal, born to pursue the good, to know the true, and to contemplate all things in beauty. Wilson begins by reconceiving the intellectual conservatism born of Edmund Burke’s jeremiad against the French Revolution as an effort to preserve the West’s vision of man and the cosmos as ordered by and to beauty. After defining the achievement of that vision and its tradition, Wilson offers an extended study of the nature of beauty and the role of the fine arts in shaping a culture but above all in opening the human intellect to the perception of the form of reality. Through close studies of Theodor W. Adorno and Jacques Maritain, he recovers the classical vision of beauty as a revelation of truth and being. Finally, he revisits the ancient distinction between reason and story-telling, between mythos and logos, in order to rejoin the two. Story-telling is foundational to the forms of the fine arts, but it is no less foundational to human reason. Human life in turn constitutes a specific kind of form—a story form. The ancient conception of human life as a pilgrimage to beauty itself is one that we can fully embrace only if we see the essential correlation between reason and story and the essential convertibility of truth, goodness and beauty in beauty. By turns a study in fundamental ontology, aesthetics, and political philosophy, Wilson’s book invites its readers to a renewal of the West’s intellectual tradition.
Covenant Marriage
Author: Fred Lowery
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group
ISBN: 1439122792
Pages: 274
Year: 2010-05-11
View: 929
Read: 467
A new movement is spreading across America, bringing hope to existing marriages and new guidelines for marriages yet to be; and Dr. Fred Lowery, in this courageous and insightful book, shares with you the principles of the Covenant Marriage Movement. Every marriage faces storms and struggles that can lead to failure. Unexpected changes, personality conflicts, money problems, and misguided expectations can send even the best of marriages into a tailspin. But this insightful, new book provides real answers through chapters such as "The Difference between a Contract and a Covenant," "Learning How to Manage Conflict," and "What to Do When Marriage Is Not What You Expected." Covenant marriages will stand the test of time, change, and personal problems and will shine with brilliance in a world that is besieged by divorce. This book will not only impact your life, but will impact marriages for generations to come. The principles, power, and pattern for a covenant marriages will help you and your spouse stay together in your marriage for life.
The Power of the Blood Covenant
Author: Malcolm Smith
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 1577948165
Pages: 295
Year: 2006-08-01
View: 550
Read: 268
Starting with the first chapter titled Something's Missing, your readers will be launched into an explosive, yet motivating, revelation of a deeper truth: that all of Christianity centers around the power of the New Covenant. The result will be a generation of readers who delve deeper into the origins of Christianity only to discover a power able to transform their lives today!
The Now Covenant
Author: Ted J Hanson
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0990825191
Year: 2015-12-01
View: 853
Read: 932
In this book, I present insights into New Covenant understanding. The New Covenant is a place of relationship. It is not merely a place in history. Jesus made a way to get God's presence into the heart of the earth to change the world. The power that changes the world is our faith and faith comes by God speaking to the human heart. It is the fruit of a personal relationship with God that works through love. We cannot get to our hearts through our heads, but whatever floods our hearts will fill the thoughts of our heads. In the New Covenant light shines OUT OF darkness to reveal the transforming power of Christ's light within us. It is a covenant that writes God's character, nature, way, power, and authority upon our hearts and minds. Our lives were meant to be physical expressions of the will of human souls made alive by the human spirit, which is made alive by the Spirit of God from within. In the New Covenant we receive right passions, right desire, and right fire. True decision doesn't come from instruction; it comes from love and passion. The New Covenant is a NOW Covenant. When something is not NOW it is not new. When we experience Christ's life within our hearts we know that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. The highest form of communication is the voice of he Holy Spirit speaking in the human heart. We are the family of God. My Prayer is that you will experience the NOW covenant of God in an increasing measure as you read the pages of this book and become transformed by the life of Christ within. The New Covenant is the true testimony of the One who gives life, breath, and all things to all people. It is not about the principles of a Christian faith. It is about becoming intimate with the Principality Christ. May God's grace prove that He lives in your house and may His peace reveal that you live in His. Subduing and dominion are attributes of New Covenant life. They are a testimony of God's grace and truth empowering us tot celebrate the life of God in our lives every day.
Kingdom through Covenant
Author: Peter J. Gentry, Stephen J. Wellum
Publisher: Crossway
ISBN: 1433524449
Pages: 848
Year: 2012-06-30
View: 436
Read: 826
Many theological discussions come to an impasse when parties align behind either covenant theology or dispensationalism. But Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum now propose a significant biblical theology of the covenants that avoids the extremes of both classical systems and holds the potential to break the theological impasse. Kingdom through Covenant is not a system-driven work, but a careful exposition of the covenants as key to the narrative plot structure of the whole Bible. Kingdom through Covenant emphasizes the importance of the covenant concept throughout Scripture, showing that crucial theological differences can be resolved by understanding how the biblical covenants unfold and relate to one another. Rather than looking at covenant as the center of biblical theology, the authors show how the covenants form the backbone of Scripture and the key to understanding its overarching story. They ultimately show that the covenant concept forms a solid platform for systematic theology. By incorporating the latest available research from the ancient Near East and examining implications of their work for Christology, ecclesiology, eschatology, and hermeneutics—Gentry and Wellum present a thoughtful and viable alternative to both covenant theology and dispensationalism.
Matriarchs of the Covenant
Author: Avdiel Ben Levi
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1514399776
Pages: 94
Year: 2015-06-17
View: 710
Read: 573
Matriarchs of the Covenant sheds light from the perspective of the Torah (Bible), where women are viewed as the builders of the home (Proverbs:14:1), spiritually speaking. Women were not builders in the sense of masonry and carpentry, but in the sense of spiritual and intellectual stimulation and growth, thus the book of Proverbs says: Forsake not the TEACHINGS of thy mother Proverbs:1:8. The Biblical matriarchs played an immense role in the spiritual empowerment of the people of the book (Israelites), therefore, the understanding the contribution of a Matriarch is vital to the growth of a nation.
The Covenantal Life
Author: Sarah Ivill
ISBN: 1601785925
Pages: 128
Year: 2018
View: 913
Read: 829
Today, many of us have lost our appreciation for the beauty of both covenant theology and covenant community, and this has had dire consequences, such as misunderstandings of theology as well as individualism and isolationism in the church. Author Sarah Ivill believes that a key solution to this problem is a robust understanding of covenant theology, which will deepen our knowledge of Scripture and enable us to truly serve our sisters by pointing them to Christ. In The Covenantal Life, the author clearly and concisely sets forth the beauty of covenant theology and covenant community and encourages us to learn sound doctrine so that we can think biblically about the circumstances in our lives-and then help our sisters in Christ to do so as well.

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