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The Alexandria Affair
Author: Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley
Publisher: Jennifer Ashley
ISBN: 1941229263
Pages: 320
Year: 2016-05-17
View: 1130
Read: 1012
Captain Gabriel Lacey accompanies famous dandy Lucius Grenville to Egypt, a land that Lacey has long anticipated visiting. Lacey travels there for more than a simple holiday, however—James Denis has tasked him with finding an "object" from ancient Alexandria and procuring it, whatever the cost. The task does not turn out to be so simple. Locating what Denis wants proves difficult, sending Lacey and Grenville exploring tombs along the Nile. Lacey must deal with treasure hunters, a shadow following him and his friends, murder, and missing his new family as he explores the exotic country he has so longed to see. Book 11 in the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries series.
Murder in St. Giles
Author: Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley
Publisher: Jennifer Ashley
ISBN: 1946455237
Pages: 304
Year: 2018-03-20
View: 1275
Read: 792

A Mystery at Carlton House
Author: Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley
Publisher: Jennifer Ashley
ISBN: 1941229409
Pages: 300
Year: 2017-03-21
View: 258
Read: 198

The Thames River Murders
Author: Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley
Publisher: Jennifer Ashley
ISBN: 1941229816
Pages: 310
Year: 2015-10-27
View: 322
Read: 678
Captain Lacey is asked by Peter Thompson of the Thames River Police to help him investigate a cold case–the murder of a woman found near the docks Thompson patrols. The investigation was sidelined, considered unsolvable, but Thompson has long wished to find her killer. Captain Lacey joins him in the hunt, entering a part of society that is closed to outsiders. Meanwhile, he must deal with his daughter’s come-out and more developments in his new domestic life, including a blackmailer who’s out to ruin Lacey any way he can. Book 10 of the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries
A Body in Berkeley Square
Author: Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley
Publisher: Jennifer Ashley
ISBN: 0989867757
Pages: 275
Year: 2011-07-19
View: 1172
Read: 858
Book 5 in the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries In April 1817, a Bow Street Runner summons Captain Gabriel Lacey to a Berkeley Square ballroom where a young dandy has been found stabbed to death during a society ball. The prime suspect: Lacey’s former commander, Colonel Brandon. Instead of denying the charges, Colonel Brandon allows himself to be arrested, and claims, to Lacey’s shock, that the lady he’d stayed protectively near at the ball is his mistress. Lacey realizes that he is the only person not convinced of Brandon’s guilt—all present, including Brandon’s wife, believe Brandon committed the murder. Colonel Brandon’s reticence to tell the truth proves to be Lacey’s greatest obstacle in his race against time to prove Brandon’s innocence. Lacey’s hunt for evidence uncovers dark secrets that go back to the Peninsular Wars and involve the origins of Lacey’s and Brandon’s own private war.
A Disappearance in Drury Lane
Author: Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley
Publisher: Jennifer Ashley
ISBN: 0986023892
Pages: 280
Year: 2013-09-16
View: 665
Read: 225
Book 8 in the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries 1818: As Captain Gabriel Lacey prepares for his upcoming wedding, his former neighbor, Marianne Simmons, asks for his help to find an actress friend who’s gone missing. Lacey agrees to help look for the actress, little realizing that the search will pit him against men who think nothing of abduction, assault, or sending incendiary devices to the innocent. At the same time, Lacey’s personal life is changing, and his time for investigation is frequently and frustratingly interrupted. He is also commanded by a new Bow Street Runner to assist in bringing down James Denis, a criminal with whom Lacey now has complicated ties. Lacey must help or else risk hanging alongside Denis. The search for the actress takes Lacey from elegant assembly rooms to the backstage of the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, where he finds darkness in all corners. Lacey’s life and honor are constantly challenged as he tries to settle into his new life, until he realizes he can follow no code but his own. Book 8 in the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries.
A Covent Garden Mystery
Author: Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley
Publisher: Jennifer Ashley
ISBN: 0989867765
Pages: 275
Year: 2010-09-20
View: 150
Read: 380
Book 6 in the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries June 1817: Captain Lacey stops to assist a young woman in the market at Covent Garden, and realizes to his astonishment that she is his daughter. Lacey then discovers that his estranged wife and her paramour, a French officer, have journeyed to London at the invitation of James Denis to dissolve her marriage to Captain Lacey. Meanwhile, a Bow Street Runner and a man from the Thames River Police have asked Lacey to help them look into the disappearances of “game girls” from Covent Garden. The magistrates aren’t interested in their fate, but perhaps Lacey can learn a thing or two. Lacey agrees and recruits old friends to help. But when the goings-on in Covent Garden put his daughter in danger, Lacey’s crusade turns personal. He will do anything, and call in any favor from anyone, in order to protect his own Gabriella.
The Hanover Square Affair
Author: Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley
Publisher: Jennifer Ashley
ISBN: 0989867706
Pages: 317
Year: 2011-02-20
View: 204
Read: 1260
Cavalry captain Gabriel Lacey returns to Regency London from the Napoleonic wars, burned out, fighting melancholia, his career ended. His interest is piqued when he learns of a missing girl, possibly kidnapped by a prominent member of Parliament. Lacey's search for the girl leads to the discovery of murder, corruption, and dealings with a leader of the underworld. At the same time, he struggles with his own transition from a soldier's life to the civilian world, redefining his role with his former commanding officer, and making new friends--from the top of society to the street girls of Covent Garden. Book 1 of the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries.
Murder in Grosvenor Square
Author: Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley
Publisher: Jennifer Ashley
ISBN: 1941229700
Pages: 280
Year: 2014-10-20
View: 915
Read: 291
Book 9 in the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries Captain Gabriel Lacey begins Spring 1818 preparing for a duel. But while he focuses on the affair of honor, darkness, greed, and death stalk the streets of London and bring tragedy to a family Lacey has grown close to. With the aid of Lucius Grenville, London’s most famous dandy, and Brewster, a ruffian employed by an underworld criminal, Lacey explores the world of molly houses and the double lives some men of society lead. His investigation takes him from the elegant mansions of Grosvenor Square to the squalid lanes of Seven Dials, to taverns that practice a highly illegal trade, spelling ruin and possible hanging for those caught within. Lacey once again comes into the realm of James Denis, a crime lord, when what appears to be a simple crime of hatred becomes far more complex.
A Death in Norfolk
Author: Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley
Publisher: Jennifer Ashley
ISBN: 1941229514
Pages: 275
Year: 2011-10-17
View: 549
Read: 1189
Book 7 of the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries September 1817: Captain Gabriel Lacey travels with Lady Breckenridge to his boyhood home in northern Norfolk only to discover mysterious happenings in and around the Lacey estate. A young woman, cousin of an old friend, has gone missing, strange objects appear in Lacey's ruined house, and the dark windmills on the marshes keep pulling Lacey to them. The underworld criminal, James Denis, uses Lacey's visit to Norfolk as an opportunity to have Lacey deliver a message to a local squire. A simple task--but one that lands Lacey squarely in international theft and murder. Lacey learns more about Denis's past, and finds himself joining forces with Denis to flush out a brutal killer and save the one person about whom Denis admits to caring.
The Rape of the Nile
Author: Brian Fagan
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 0786747285
Pages: 320
Year: 2009-04-20
View: 171
Read: 1165
The scandalous rape of Ancient Egypt is a historical vignette of greed, vanity, and dedicated archaeological research. It is a tale vividly told by renowned archaeology author, Brian Fagan, with characters that include the ancient historian Herodotus; Theban tomb robbers; obelisk-stealing Romans; Coptic Christians determined to erase the heretical past; mummy traders; leisured antiquarians; major European museums; Giovanni Belzoni, a circus strongman who removed more antiquities than Napoleon's armies; shrewd consuls and ruthless pashas; and archaeologists such Sir Flinders Petrie who changed the course of Egyptology.This is the first thoroughly revised edition of The Rape of the Nile - Fagan's classic account of the cavalcade of archaeologists, thieves, and sightseers who have flocked to the Nile Valley since ancient times. Featured in this edition are new accounts of stunning recent discoveries, including the Royal Tombs of Tanis, the Valley of Golden Mummies at Bahariya, the Tomb of the Sons of Ramses, and the sunken city of Alexandria (whose lighthouse was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World). Fagan concludes with a clear-eyed assessment of the impact of modern mass tourism on archaeological sites and artifacts.
The Necklace Affair
Author: Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1466406933
Pages: 157
Year: 2011-10-22
View: 1185
Read: 328
An anthology of shorter works from the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries series. The Necklace Affair: Captain Gabriel Lacey agrees to track down the necklace of a society matron and prove the innocence of her maid, who has been arrested for its theft. The investigation reveals scandal and past secrets, and Lacey finds himself competing with the underworld criminal, James Denis, for the necklace's retrieval. The Gentleman's Walking Stick: Captain Lacey untangles a web of deceit involving an old army friend, his only clue being a missing walking stick. The Disappearance of Miss Sarah Oswald: Captain Lacey is asked to locate a gentleman's daughter, although he senses that the family will be just as happy for her to remain missing.
The Sudbury School Murders
Author: Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley
Publisher: Jennifer Ashley
ISBN: 0989867730
Year: 2011-06-06
View: 776
Read: 398
Book 4 in the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries Captain Lacey takes a post as a secretary at the Sudbury School in Berkshire, a school for sons of the wealthiest merchants and bankers in England. He discovers as soon as he arrives that he's been hired for more than his letter-writing skills—a series of disturbing pranks have kept the school in an uproar. The headmaster expects Lacey to discover the identity of the prankster—immediately. Problems intensify when a groom of the school's stables turns up dead in a lock of the nearby canal. A Romany is arrested for the murder, and Lacey is the only person who believes him innocent. As Lacey works to discover what happened, he gets drawn into the secrets of Marianne Simmons, the actress who'd lived upstairs from Lacey in London. Marianne swears Lacey to silence, which puts a new strain on his friendship with Grenville. Meanwhile the intrigue surrounding the murder becomes as murky as the waters of the canal itself and puts Lacey and Grenville into grave danger.
Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries Volume 4
Author: Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley
Publisher: Jennifer Ashley
ISBN: 1946455407
Pages: 1000
View: 777
Read: 202
Enter the dark world of Regency London with three books in the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries series. The Thames River Murders Captain Lacey is called upon to solve the cold case of a young woman drowned in the Thames years ago, but to do so he must enter a closed world unfamiliar to him. The Alexandria Affair Captain Lacey travels with Grenville to Egypt with Brewster to guard him, and there finds intrigue, murder, and treasure. A Mystery at Carlton House The Prince Regent asks Grenville to have Captain Lacey look into thefts from lavish Carlton House, but James Denis threatens Lacey to have nothing to do with it. Join Captain Lacey, Grenville, Lady Breckenridge, Denis, Brewster, and more these three tales of Regency England.
A Regimental Murder
Author: Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley
Publisher: Jennifer Ashley
ISBN: 0989867714
Pages: 275
Year: 2011-03-20
View: 680
Read: 945
Book 2 of the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries. Returning home through a London night in July 1816, Captain Gabriel Lacey is surprised to see a well-dressed, elegant woman stride to the middle of an unfinished bridge. Following her in curiosity, Lacey is on hand to rescue her from an attack by a footpad. As grateful as she is for the help, the lady refuses to give her name and direction, and so Lacey takes her to his own rooms in a street off Covent Garden to rest. He discovers that she is one Lydia Westin, wife of Colonel Roehampton Westin, who has recently been accused of murdering an English officer in Portugal during the Peninsular War. Before he could come to trial, however, Colonel Westin was found dead at the foot of the staircase in his own house. Lydia Westin, to Lacey’s surprise, declares he was murdered and that she knows the culprits’ identities. Intrigued, Lacey begins to investigate, and soon finds himself mired in scandals past and present, with a journalist dogging his footsteps, eager to print Lacey’s latest adventure.

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