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Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics
Author: Alessandro Bettini
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107050405
Pages: 474
Year: 2014-02-13
View: 497
Read: 1198
Provides fully updated coverage of undergraduate particle physics, including the Higgs boson discovery, with an emphasis on physics over mathematics.
Shopping Centre. English for Shop Assistants. Con CD Audio
Author: Paola Gherardelli, Jane Random
ISBN: 8820335824
Pages: 122
Year: 2005
View: 827
Read: 411

New Mechanical Topics
Author: Gabriella Bernardini, Maria Antonietta Vidori, Guiseppe de Benedittis
Publisher: Hoepli
ISBN: 8820339927
Pages: 326
Year: 2008
View: 316
Read: 784

Author: Stephan Füssel
Publisher: Taschen
ISBN: 3836520362
Pages: 752
Year: 2016-07-01
View: 1075
Read: 457
Alphabet legend: The complete reproduction of a typographical masterwork Official printer for the Duke of Parma, Giambattista Bodoni (1740-1813) declared that well-designed type derived its beauty from four principles: uniformity of design, sharpness and neatness, good taste, and charm. In his Manuale tipografico, published posthumously in 1818, he distilled these principles into a comprehensive catalog of type and set the standard for printing the alphabet thereafter. TASCHEN's meticulous reprint of Bodoni's masterwork celebrates what was an unprecedented degree of technical refinement and visual elegance, as well as exploring the origins of the much-loved Bodoni typeface, still much deployed in both print and digital media. Like the original, the book features 142 sets of roman and italic typefaces, a wide selection of borders, ornaments, symbols, and flowers, as well as Greek, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Phoenician, Armenian, Coptic, and Tibetan alphabets. About the series: Bibliotheca Universalis -- Compact cultural companions celebrating the eclectic TASCHEN universe at an unbeatable, democratic price! Since we started our work as cultural archaeologists in 1980, the name TASCHEN has become synonymous with accessible, open-minded publishing. Bibliotheca Universalis brings together nearly 100 of our all-time favorite titles in a neat new format so you can curate your own affordable library of art, anthropology, and aphrodisia. Bookworm's delight -- never bore, always excite!
E-Learning, E-Education, and Online Training
Author: Giovanni Vincenti, Alberto Bucciero, Markus Helfert, Matthias Glowatz
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319496255
Pages: 223
Year: 2016-11-12
View: 1267
Read: 946
This book constitutes the proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on E-Learning, E-Education, and Online Training, eLEOT 2016, held in Dublin, Ireland, August 31 – September 2, 2016. The 25 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 35 submissions. They focus on topics as augmented reality learning, blended learning, learning analytics, mobile learning, virtual learning environments.
The State of the Prisons in England and Wales
Author: John Howard
Pages: 489
Year: 1777
View: 888
Read: 194
Es un informe sobre el estado de distintas prisiones europeas visitadas por el autor.
La definizione identitaria di un territorio rurale. Benessere e antichi mestieri nell'Alta Irpinia
Author: AA. VV.
Publisher: FrancoAngeli
ISBN: 8891738182
Pages: 237
Year: 2016-05-26T00:00:00+02:00
View: 384
Read: 1322
Children and the Internet
Author: Sonia Livingstone
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0745657575
Pages: 320
Year: 2013-05-06
View: 277
Read: 1210
Is the internet really transforming children and young people’s lives? Is the so-called ‘digital generation’ genuinely benefiting from exciting new opportunities? And, worryingly, facing new risks? This major new book by a leading researcher addresses these pressing questions. It deliberately avoids a techno-celebratory approach and, instead, interprets children’s everyday practices of internet use in relation to the complex and changing historical and cultural conditions of childhood in late modernity. Uniquely, Children and the Internet reveals the complex dynamic between online opportunities and online risks, exploring this in relation to much debated issues such as: Digital in/exclusion Learning and literacy Peer networking and privacy Civic participation Risk and harm Drawing on current theories of identity, development, education and participation, this book includes a refreshingly critical account of the challenging realities undermining the great expectations held out for the internet - from governments, teachers, parents and children themselves. It concludes with a forward-looking framework for policy and regulation designed to advance children’s rights to expression, connection and play online as well as offline.
Meaningful Learning with Technology (Custom Edition)
Author: Howland
ISBN: 1486021581
Pages: 198
Year: 2014-02-07
View: 942
Read: 1068
This custom edition is published for Murdoch University.
Augmented Urban Spaces
Author: Dr Alessandro Aurigi, Dr Fiorella De Cindio
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409487857
Pages: 390
Year: 2012-11-28
View: 451
Read: 656
There have been numerous possible scenarios depicted on the impact of the internet on urban spaces. Considering ubiquitous/pervasive computing, mobile, wireless connectivity and the acceptance of the Internet as a non-extraordinary part of our everyday lives mean that physical urban space is augmented, and digital in itself. This poses new problems as well as opportunities to those who have to deal with it. This book explores the intersection and articulation of physical and digital environments and the ways they can extend and reshape a spirit of place. It considers this from three main perspectives: the implications for the public sphere and urban public or semi-public spaces; the implications for community regeneration and empowerment; and the dilemmas and challenges which the augmentation of space implies for urbanists. Grounded with international real -life case studies, this is an up-to-date, interdisciplinary and holistic overview of the relationships between cities, communities and high technologies.
The Singularity is Near
Author: Ray Kurzweil
Publisher: Gerald Duckworth & Co
ISBN: 0715640151
Pages: 683
Year: 2010-02-11
View: 1243
Read: 915
Inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil examines the next step in the evolutionary process of the union of human and machine. He foresees the dawning of a new civilization where we will be able to transcend our biological skills with the vastly greater capacity, speed and knowledge-sharing abilities of our creations. In practical terms, human aging and illness will be reversed; pollution will be stopped and world hunger and poverty will be solved. There will be no clear distinction between human and machine, real reality and virtual reality. The Singularity is Near offers a view of the coming age that is both a dramatic culmination of centuries of technological ingenuity and a genuinely inspiring vision of our ultimate destiny.
Micro and Nanostructured Epoxy / Rubber Blends
Author: Raju Thomas, Christophe Sinturel
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527333347
Pages: 464
Year: 2014-11-03
View: 864
Read: 252
From the liquid stage, via phase separation right up to the final network, this book covers every aspect of epoxy toughening. It provides a comprehensive review of the latest research and development in the field, explaining in detail thermal, optical, mechanical and electrical characterization methods. Chapters on ageing, failure analysis and life cycle analysis round off this invaluable text.
To Open Minds
Author: Howard E. Gardner
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 0465086292
Pages: 336
Year: 1991-04-10
View: 594
Read: 769
In this unique attempt to address the dilemma in contemporary education, the noted cognitive scientist weaves the lessons garnered from three vantage points: his own traditional education as an American child, his years of research on creativity at Harvard, and what he saw in modern Chinese classrooms—into a program that draws on the best of both modes, traditional and progressive.
Surpassing ourselves
Author: Carl Bereiter, Marlene Scardamalia
Publisher: Open Court Pub Co
Pages: 279
Year: 1993
View: 1002
Read: 843

Digital Jacquard Design
Author: Julie Holyoke
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0857853457
Pages: 248
Year: 2013-12-05
View: 490
Read: 1030
A beautiful resource for visual design, Digital Jacquard Design is an indispensable introduction and guide to the creative and technical processes required to produce Jacquard cloth today.

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