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The Wedding Dress
Pages: 403
Year: 1998
View: 1138
Read: 1253

Author: José de Alencar
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 0292792298
Pages: 219
Year: 2010-06-04
View: 1180
Read: 1281
"It is a truth universally acknowledged . . ." that a single woman in possession of a good character but no fortune must be in want of a wealthy husband—that is, if she is the heroine of a nineteenth-century novel. Senhora, by contrast, turns the tables on this familiar plot. Its strong-willed, independent heroine Aurélia uses newly inherited wealth to "buy back" and exact revenge on the fiancé who had left her for a woman with a more enticing dowry. This exciting Brazilian novel, originally published in 1875 and here translated into English for the first time, raises many questions about traditional gender relationships, the commercial nature of marriage, and the institution of the dowry. While conventional marital roles triumph in the end, the novel still offers realistic insights into the social and economic structure of Rio de Janeiro in the mid-1800s. With its unexpected plot, it also opens important new perspectives on the nineteenth-century Romantic novel.
The Reprieve
Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0679740783
Pages: 445
Year: 1947
View: 928
Read: 177
The French existentialist recreates the shock and confusion of Europe in September of 1938 in a novel which centers on man's search for freedom
Troubled Sleep
Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Publisher: Vintage
Pages: 421
Year: 1992
View: 661
Read: 475
Sartre portrays the emotional and intellectual impact of the fall of France on one group of citizens
Author: Francois Truffaut
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501143220
Pages: 368
Year: 2015-12-04
View: 1143
Read: 1310
Iconic, groundbreaking interviews of Alfred Hitchcock by film critic François Truffaut—providing insight into the cinematic method, the history of film, and one of the greatest directors of all time. In Hitchcock, film critic François Truffaut presents fifty hours of interviews with Alfred Hitchcock about the whole of his vast directorial career, from his silent movies in Great Britain to his color films in Hollywood. The result is a portrait of one of the greatest directors the world has ever known, an all-round specialist who masterminded everything, from the screenplay and the photography to the editing and the soundtrack. Hitchcock discusses the inspiration behind his films and the art of creating fear and suspense, as well as giving strikingly honest assessments of his achievements and failures, his doubts and hopes. This peek into the brain of one of cinema’s greats is a must-read for all film aficionados.
The End
Author: Fernanda Torres
Publisher: Restless Books
ISBN: 1632061228
Year: 2017-07-11
View: 717
Read: 373
The End centers on five friends in Rio de Janeiro who, nearing the end of their lives, are left with memories—of parties, marriages, divorces, fixations, inhibitions, bad decisions—and the physical indignities of aging. Alvaro lives alone and spends his time going from doctor to doctor and bemoaning the evils of his ex-wife. Silvio is a junkie who can’t give up the excesses of sex and drugs even in his old age. Ribeiro is an athletic beach bum enjoying a prolonged sex life thanks to Viagra. Neto is the square member of the group, a faithful husband until his last days. And Ciro is the Don Juan envied by all—but the first to die, struck down by cancer. For all of them, successful careers, personal revelations, and Zen serenity are out of the question, blocked by a seemingly insurmountable wall of frustrations. Orbiting around them are a priest questioning his vocation and a cast of complicated women, neglected and embattled by these self-involved men. Edgy and wise, this tragicomic debut delves into taboo subjects—death, infidelity, impotence, the difficulties of marriage—with unsentimental honesty, and brings Rio and these characters to life in full color.
Breakthrough Plus
Author: Carmella Lieske, MacMillan Publishers Australia Staff, Miles Craven
Publisher: Breakthrough Plus
ISBN: 0230443605
Pages: 144
Year: 2014-03-05
View: 1283
Read: 1198
A communication-focussed course in American English. This flexible course builds confidence through an emphasis on speaking and listening skills, and enhances learning through the innovative and interactive digibook. The Teacher's Resource Book Pack contains teacher's notes, a test generator CD-ROM and a webcode for the Digibook.
50 Physics Ideas You Really Need to Know
Author: Joanne Baker
Publisher: Quercus
ISBN: 1623651905
Pages: 208
Year: 2013-10-01
View: 174
Read: 488
In this, the second volume in an important new series presenting core concepts across a range of critical areas of human knowledge, author Joanne Baker unravels the complexities of 20th-century scientific theory for a general readership. From Hubble's law to the Pauli exclusion principle, and from Schrodinger's cat to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, she explains ideas at the cutting-edge of scientific enquiry, making them comprehensible and accessible to the layperson.
The Balcony
Author: Jean Genet
Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
ISBN: 080219429X
Pages: 96
Year: 1994-01-21
View: 783
Read: 178
A wildly fantastical and ever relevant dramatic masterpiece that reinvented modern theater in the twentieth century. In the midst of a war-ravished city, a brothel caters to the elaborate role-playing fantasies of men from all walks of life. A of the gas company employee pretends to be a bishop, another customer dons a judge’s robe, and still another acts a victorious general, while a bank clerk defiles the Virgin Mary. These perverse costumed masquerades parody and stylize the nature of the anarchic political struggle that rages outside, eventually convincing even the revolutionaries that the illusions are preferable to reality. In a stunning series of macabre scenes, Genet presents his caustic view of man and society. Deeply influential and widely acclaimed, Genet’s play maintains a profound and critical reflection of contemporary society.
Theater Game File
Author: Viola Spolin
Publisher: TriQuarterly Books
ISBN: 0810140071
Pages: 78
Year: 1989-01-01
View: 1170
Read: 716
Games and exercises in activity card format designed to teach theater techniques to young students.
The Impact of Race
Author: Woodie King
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 1557835799
Pages: 272
Year: 2003
View: 207
Read: 402
Looks at the evolution of the American black theater movement and includes coverage of the National Black Theatre Festival and the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta.
Hamlet and the Baker's Son
Author: Augusto Boal
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135127751
Pages: 384
Year: 2013-01-11
View: 420
Read: 796
Hamlet and the Baker's Son is the autobiography of Augusto Boal, inventor of the internationally renowned Forum Theatre system, and 'Theatre of the Oppressed' and author of Games for Actors and Non-Actors and Legislative Theatre. Continuing to travel the world giving workshops and inspiration to teachers, prisoners, actors and care-workers, Augusto Boal is a visionary as well as a product of his times - the Brazil of military dictatorship and artistic and social repression and was once imprisoned for his subversive activities. From his early days in Brazil's political theatre movement to his recent experiments with theatre as a democratic political process, Boal's story is a moving and memorable one. He has devised a unique way of using the stage to empower the disempowered, and taken his methods everywhere from the favelas of Rio to the rehearsal studios of the Royal Shakespeare Company.
City of God
Author: Paulo Lins
Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
ISBN: 155584684X
Pages: 448
Year: 2007-12-01
View: 792
Read: 619
The searing novel on which the internationally acclaimed hit film was based. “A Scarface-like urban epic . . . punctuated with lyricism and longing” (Publishers Weekly). City of God is a gritty, gorgeous tour de force from one of Brazil’s most notorious slums. Cidade de Deus: a place where the streets are awash with narcotics, where violence can erupt at any moment over drugs, money, and love—but also a place where the samba beat rocks till dawn, where the women are the most beautiful on earth, and where one young man wants to escape his background and become a photographer. When City of God erupted on screens worldwide, it became one of the most critically and commercially successful foreign films of recent years. But few were aware of the story behind the film. Written by Paulo Lins, who grew up in the favela (shantytown) Cidade de Deus in Rio de Janeiro and who spent years researching its gang history, City of God began life as a coruscating, harrowing novelistic account of twenty years in the illicit pursuits of the youth gangs born from the favela. “With plot devices sometimes as minimal as the dawning of a new day, City of God seems more like a mosaic than a novel, but it’s a mosaic with unforgettably vibrant colors.” —Booklist
The Cambridge Introduction to Theatre Studies
Author: Christopher B. Balme
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316264963
Year: 2008-09-18
View: 960
Read: 1106
Providing thorough coverage of the methods and tools required in studying historical and contemporary theatre, this Introduction examines the complexities of a rapidly changing and dynamic discipline. Following a cross-cultural perspective, the book surveys the ways theatre and performance are studied by looking initially at key elements such as performers, spectators and space. The central focus is on methodology, which is divided into sections covering theatre theory, historiography and textual and performance analysis. The book covers all the main theatrical genres - drama, opera and dance - providing students with a comparative, integrated perspective. Designed to guide students through the academic dimension of the discipline, the volume emphasizes questions of methodology, research techniques and approaches, and will therefore be relevant for a wide variety of theatre studies courses. Informative textboxes provide background on key topics, and suggestions for further reading are included at the end of each chapter.
Author: Abdias do Nascimento
Pages: 55
Year: 1978
View: 1222
Read: 690

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