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Author: Rowan Hooper
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 150116872X
Pages: 352
Year: 2018-09-04
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From evolutionary biologist Rowan Hooper, an awe-inspiring look into the extremes of human ability—and what they tell us about our own potential. In 1997, an endurance runner named Yiannis Kouros ran 188 miles in twenty-four hours. Akira Haraguchi, a sixty year-old man in Tokyo, can recite pi to the 100,000th decimal point. John Nunn was accepted to Oxford University at age 15, the youngest undergraduate in 500 years. After a horrific attack by her estranged husband, Carmen Tarleton was left with burns to over eighty percent of her body. One of her surgeons said her injuries “were beyond anything we have ever seen.” After a three-month coma, multiple skin grafts, and successful face transplant, Tarleton is now a motivational speaker. What does it feel like to be exceptional? And what does it take to get there? Why can some people achieve greatness when others can’t, no matter how hard they try? Just how much potential does our species have? Evolutionary biologist Rowan Hooper has the answers. In Superhuman he takes us on a breathtaking tour of the peaks of human achievement that shows us what it feels like to be extraordinary—and what it takes to get there. Drawing on interviews with these “superhumans” and those who have studied them, Hooper assesses the science and genetics of peak potential. His case studies are as inspirational as they are varied, highlighting feats of endurance, strength, intelligence, and memory. Superhuman is a fascinating, eye-opening, and inspiring celebration for anyone who ever felt that they might be able to do something extraordinary in life, for those who simply want to succeed, and for anyone interested in the sublime possibilities of humankind.
The Awakening #1
Author: Michael Carroll
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1440635803
Pages: 288
Year: 2008-05-01
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Fans of the hit TV show Heroes will love Quantum Prophecy! Ten years ago, all the superhumans vanished. No one knows what happened to them--until now. Thirteen-year-olds Danny and Colin are shocked to discover that they are in fact the beginning of a renewed superhuman race. As they rise to take the place of the lost generation, the unimaginable truth behind the explosive final battle that occurred ten years ago between the superheroes and the supervillains is exposed. And when the past resurfaces, Danny and his fellow superheroes must face the new challenges that threaten their survival. On the run from everyone, and not knowing who is friend or foe, the one ability the new heroes are going to need most is the power to distinguish good from evil. From the Trade Paperback edition.
G is for Genes
Author: Kathryn Asbury, Robert Plomin
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118482808
Pages: 216
Year: 2013-09-04
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G is for Genes shows how a dialogue between geneticists and educationalists can have beneficial results for the education of all children—and can also benefit schools, teachers, and society at large. Draws on behavioral genetic research from around the world, including the UK-based Twins’ Early Development Study (TEDS), one of the largest twin studies in the world Offers a unique viewpoint by bringing together genetics and education, disciplines with a historically difficult relationship Shows that genetic influence is not the same as genetic determinism and that the environment matters at least as much as genes Designed to spark a public debate about what naturally-occurring individual differences mean for education and equality
Super Human
Author: Michael Carroll
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101187697
Pages: 336
Year: 2010-05-13
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Four thousand years ago the world’s first super human walked the earth. Possessing the strength of one hundred men, skin impervious to attack, and the ability to read minds, this immortal being used his power to conquer and enslave nations. Now plans are in motion that will transport this super human to the present, where he’ll usher in a new age of tyranny unlike anything the world has ever seen. Determined to stand against them, using powers they’ve only just begun to master, is a ragtag group of young heroes. For them this first test may be their greatest . . . and last. Watch a Video
Author: Lord Robert Winston, Lori Oliwenstein
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448141001
Pages: 256
Year: 2013-05-31
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Accompanying the major new BBC documentary series, Superhuman explores the human bodys astonishing ability to heal, renew and regenerate itself. In recording the before, during and after of radical operations on real people it introduces us to the pioneering efforts of medical teams and alerts us to the ethical issues that new medical advances raise. Over six chapters Superhuman addresses significant developments within six key medical areas: cancer, infection, transplantation, trauma, repair and reproduction. Acknowledging the debt modern physicians owe to yesterday Superhuman begins by investigating the human bodys innate abilities to heal itself. And, as we gladly launch ourselves into an age of biotechnology, it questions whether we might now use all the information available to us to comprehend finally how our bodies work? If we can achieve that, perhaps becoming superhuman is truly within our reach. Chapter one introduces us to the trauma surgeons who have discovered that the shock that follows trauma can prove beneficial in saving the body and the brain. Chapter two chronicles the astonishing technology now being used in medical transplants and the contentious issues these processes excite. Should technology continue to develop apace how are doctors and patients to choose between using an artificial limb created specifically for a patient, a human limb grown from the patients own genetic information, or the alternative solutions offered by the animal kingdom? And is intervention of true benefit to the patient if it requires a lifetime of immuno-suppressing drugs? The recent successes of the Human Genome Project have dissolved the boundaries of regeneration with made-to-order organs no longer beyond our limits. Chapter three presents the scientists responsible for engineering human tissue from materials found in the body and outlines how they might help us might claim our lost powers of regeneration. Chapter four relates how we are faring in the battle against the old enemy cancer and tells how experts in this field are trying to regain control of the cancer cells that turn against us. Chapter five explains how we strive to combat the threats we all face living in a modern world teeming with globetrotters who share one feature we're all potential contagion-carriers. Superhuman goes on to inform of the dangers of pushing too far to eradicate infectious disease from our lives completely. Chapter six spotlights an area of considerable debate that will possibly alter the course of human evolution fertility and genetic manipulation. Superhuman discusses both the advantages and the dangers of new technologies in this area, arguing that they have many positive applications and that often the hazards are overstated, solely through fear. In an attempt never to lose sight of our humanity while inviting the superhuman in us all to work, Superhuman encourages a holistic approach to medicine and an open forum for the discussion of the future of medical science.
The Superhuman Mind
Author: Berit Brogaard, PhD, Kristian Marlow, MA
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 069819036X
Pages: 304
Year: 2015-08-25
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Did you know your brain has superpowers? Berit Brogaard, PhD, and Kristian Marlow, MA, study people with astonishing talents—memory champions, human echolocators, musical virtuosos, math geniuses, and synesthetes who taste colors and hear faces. But as amazing as these abilities are, they are not mysterious. Our brains constantly process a huge amount of information below our awareness, and what these gifted individuals have in common is that through practice, injury, an innate brain disorder, or even more unusual circumstances, they have managed to gain a degree of conscious access to this potent processing power. The Superhuman Mind takes us inside the lives and brains of geniuses, savants, virtuosos, and a wide variety of ordinary people who have acquired truly extraordinary talents, one way or another. Delving into the neurological underpinnings of these abilities, the authors even reveal how we can acquire some of them ourselves—from perfect pitch and lightning fast math skills to supercharged creativity. The Superhuman Mind is a book full of the fascinating science readers look for from the likes of Oliver Sacks, combined with the exhilarating promise of Moonwalking with Einstein.
Superhuman Training
Author: Chris Zanetti
Publisher: Booksmango
ISBN: 6162222802
Pages: 258
Year: 2014-03-09
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A Guide to Unleashing Your Supernatural Powers Have you ever dreamed of having supernatural powers? Incredible psychic abilities that would raise you from an average human, to the level of demi-god. This book is designed specifically for that purpose; to help you transform your current skills from those of human, to those of superhuman • Learn the state of mind required for telekinesis • Understand, feel, & become sensitive to energy • Techniques for psi wheel & push/pull training • Electrokinesis, auras, DNA upgrades, & spiritual wisdom • Knowledge of source field, the matrix, & the Force Written by a respected psion with years of training and experience, this unique book will help you on your path to unlocking your inner mystical powers. This material is an essential key in understanding and accessing the extraordinary power that lies dormant within you, just waiting to be discovered. Exploring telekinetic abilities and other psychic skills, Superhuman Training also covers more esoteric topics including spirit power, meditation, mantras, the subconscious mind, and other ancient occult secrets. This book goes much deeper than just the superficial aspects of training, and is a solid foundation and initiation into psychokinesis, the mysterious art of mind over matter.A new age is coming. An age of super-evolution. The question is . . . Do you wish to become one of the evolved? If so, this powerful book will serve you well.
Only Superhuman
Author: Christopher L. Bennett
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1429960825
Pages: 352
Year: 2012-10-16
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2107 AD: A generation ago, Earth and the cislunar colonies banned genetic and cybernetic modifications. But out in the Asteroid Belt, anything goes. Dozens of flourishing space habitats are spawning exotic new societies and strange new varieties of humans. It's a volatile situation that threatens the peace and stability of the entire solar system. Emerald Blair is a Troubleshooter. Inspired by the classic superhero comics of the twentieth century, she's joined with other mods to try to police the unruly Asteroid Belt. But her loyalties are tested when she finds herself torn between rival factions of superhumans with very different agendas. Emerald wants to put her special abilities to good use, but what do you do when you can't tell the heroes from the villains? Only Superhuman is a rollicking hard-sf adventure set in a complex and fascinating future. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Superhuman by Habit
Author: Tynan
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1503295591
Pages: 122
Year: 2014-09-09
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Our willpower is limited, yet we rely on it every day to get our tasks done. Even if we build willpower slowly over time, it's never enough to reach all of our goals. The solution lies in habit creation, the method by which we transform hard tasks into easy ones, making them automatic and independent of our will power. Each of us has millions of habits, in how we do our work, interact with others, perceive the world, and think about ourselves. Left unexamined, these habits are just as likely to hinder our progress as they are to push it along. Without a deliberate system for building habits, we become our own worst enemy. Superhuman by Habit examines habit building in depth. It covers the principles and philosophies of habit building, as well as the practical nuts and bolts implementing those habits. The second half of the book is dedicated to specific habits in every major area of life, covering the pros and cons of each, the path to implementing them, and specific notes about each one.
Superhuman Nature
Author: Brandon Overall
Publisher: Brandon Overall
ISBN: 1301184004
Pages: 256
Year: 2013-09-27
View: 232
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Superhuman Nature is Brandon Overall's first novel. It was written and published during his first deployment to Afghanistan as a 2nd Lieutenant in late 2013. Neil Hitchens was a senior ROTC Cadet in college. He was just weeks away from graduating and becoming an Officer in the United States Army, until a strange dream set off a chain of events that would twist his life into something he could have never prepared for. In the days following his dream, several strange happenings occurred that he began to suspect were the result of his own actions. Before long, he discovered that he had the ability to control the world around him with his mind. What started out as an unpredictable ability quickly evolved into an extraordinary power that had the capacity to change the world. It didn't take long for the government to find out what Neil could do. They knew having such limitless potential on the side of the US Military could give them limitless political influence, and they would stop at nothing to get Neil to do their bidding. They would find out what happens when you back a dangerous animal into a corner. Neil spent his whole life believing he would amount to greatness, but he never expected how greatness could corrupt even the most innocent of minds.
Superhuman 1
Author: Thierry Kouam
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1532047959
Pages: 282
Year: 2018-05-22
View: 1143
Read: 1169
On the planet of Manitoba, the Queen Mother can cure people, perform miracles, and prevent curses. At her side is Hector, a messenger with the power to protect and save the planet from danger. The inhabitants of Manitoba adore, respect, and believe everything Lord Hector says, just as they do the Queen Mother. But one day when he unexpectedly announces a blessing meeting to proclaim an important change, everything transforms. Superhuman is a thirteen-year-old magician who receives messages through the palm of his hand. Through the messages, he has learned that Manitoba and its inhabitants are in grave danger, and that there is a wizard boy who wants to find Luna, a witch girl who holds the energy that fuels Superhumans magic. Even worse, the wizard boy wants to destroy Manitoba, with help from Hector. After Superhuman discovers his magic is linked to Luna, he sets out to find her. When he finally locates Luna and rescues her from a horrible fate, she helps him battle Hector and the wizard boy. But will it be enough to stop them from carrying out their diabolical plan or will Manitoba be destroyed forever? In this exciting tale, a young magician embarks on a courageous quest to save his planet from a wizard boy determined to destroy it.
Robo vs superhuman
Author: shiv patel
Publisher: shiv patel
ISBN: 0359093353
Year: 2018-09-25
View: 758
Read: 191
Robo vs superhuman is fantasy but a potential condition of the rational of science. How would a man first become robot slaves? And how it will be done in the way of its display. This story begins with big bang and end with humanity and humans are finished with the destruction. Due to big bang, the origins of the universe and the origin of the planets are shown. Then god showed how humans and animals were created and the best from of god is how humans are shown. Why did human develop so much? Why not animals? She has been explained when human is away from spirituality then how he lost his particular power is mentioned. Since he started developing the technology, he made a lot of reduction in this percentage of power. How the robotics technology will affect human life and how the whole world will be destroyed in this story is shown in this story. And humans will have only one option to survive the distraction is “spirituality”. Which will lead to the creation of humanity again in the new creation. Robo vs superhuman shows that human beings do not understand spiritual science at the all on time and do not fall into life, their fall is fixed. Spiritual science will be the last option to sustain life on earth. This is a small story showing how important the power of spiritual science is in future events. Because it is only in the science of spiritual science which can manifest the god who is within everyone.
Superhuman YOU
Author: Iron Tamer Dave Whitley
ISBN: 132993881X
Pages: 132
Year: 2016-03-15
View: 1103
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Superhuman YOU: Break The Chains of Limitations and Unleash Your Own Superpower! Digital version Why do we have such a fascination with super heroes? It is because we see the best qualities of ourselves in them. They are exaggerated version of what we all aspire to be. I grew up wanting to be a super hero, or more specifically, wanting to have superhuman strength. It may sound like a bold claim, but I achieved that desire. As a professional strongman, I bend steel bars with my hands. I am convinced that every single one of us on planet Earth has the ability to become super human. We each have at least one unique super power, a life's purpose. I have found that the principles of achieving this are the same, regardless of the goal. This book will show you how to discover and develop YOUR Super Power and how to use that power live a success-filled and happy life.
Superhuman: Book One
Author: Shamir Sherman, Khali Raymond
Publisher: YTER/x Surreal Dreamz Inc.
ISBN: 1329861825
Pages: 231
Year: 2016-04-08
View: 730
Read: 1197
In Superhuman: Book One, a young hero is introduced to the plate. Eighteen year old Johnny Element, who lives in Elementtropolis; the largest state in the Element Region. His dad, Joey Element, accompanies him throughout his journey. What looked to be a normal day in training turned into something unexpected and catastrophic. A Time Wound, which is a small cut in the Alternate Portal-- the portal that divides the past, present, and future; sucked them in. It took them 984 years into the future, to the year 3000. A lot has changed, with the majority of the human race extinct due to excessive destruction. In order to get back to the present, they must unravel the mystery as to what happened in that time period so it doesn't repeat again. Will the father-and-son duo manage to fix the distant future? Get ready to dive into an adventure you have never indulged in before.
Tales of Superhuman Powers
Author: Csenge Virág Zalka
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786477040
Pages: 240
Year: 2013-09-06
View: 1112
Read: 480
"Focuses on less well-known stories...includes information on similar heroes"--ProtoView. Csenge Virag Zalka, a Hungarian storyteller, has collected 55 folktales from around the world about supernatural abilities like superhuman strength, invulnerability, flying, heightened senses, speed, invisibility, healing, agility, precognition, telepathy, fire manipulation, teleportation, water powers, and shifting. These tales represent powers that people have dreamed of, conjured up and strived for through the ages. Many of the powers are present in popular culture, making the superheroes who wield them the direct descendants of characters such as the princess who could see through walls or the invulnerable Isfandiyar. Zalka excluded stories about magic or about gods with divine powers, and focused on less well-known stories. She included information on similar heroes, the ability in the story, sources of the powers, the origin of the story, teachings in it, the recommended age group, sources, variants, and comments.