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Author: Sage Marlowe
Publisher: XinXii
ISBN: 3962469524
Pages: 267
Year: 2018-11-03
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Putting a leash on a dominant sub is a task that may require two Doms to accomplish. When relocation agent Eric Swann is assigned to ease young Connor Prescott into moving back to London, he expects the boy to be more enthusiastic—and less irritating. Used to roaming freely among his mother’s D-list celebrity friends, Connor is anything but happy when his father decides to put him on a leash—a leash with a far too attractive handler on the other end. Secretly craving a man who knows how to yank his chain and show him exactly where the limits are, Connor does what he’s best at. He manipulates Eric into giving him what he wants, making the man reveal a side of him that Eric himself isn’t ready to accept. Trained by one of the quirkiest Dom/sub-teams in the country, Dom Tyler Kane knows exactly how to handle a toppy sub. He keeps Connor on his toes, er, knees, in the bedroom, but when his capricious lover sets his heart on pushing yet another limit, Tyler finds himself not only with a dominant sub but also with a Dom who has yet to accept his true identity. Reader Advisory: Due to sexually explicit content this book is intended for adult readers only. Contains scenes in which the main characters are sexually involved with secondary characters and vivid descriptions of unusual sexual practices. While this book can be read as a standalone novel, it is best enjoyed as part of the series in the following reading order: Sub-Mission, Re-Submission, Sub-Dominant, Sub-Culture. Word count: 60,500
Composing for the Jazz Orchestra
Author: William Russo
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226732096
Pages: 90
Year: 1961
View: 187
Read: 841
A practical guide to jazz composition, illustrating technical and instrumental variations on themes
The Hegemonic and the Subdominant
Author: Osvaldo Dragún
Pages: 666
Year: 1992
View: 759
Read: 811

A Simple Method of Modern Harmony
Author: Carl William Grimm
Pages: 170
Year: 1900
View: 1087
Read: 1167

Course in Harmony
Author: George Henry Howard
Pages: 264
Year: 1886
View: 686
Read: 1264

Materials of Western Music
Author: William G. Andrews, Molly Sclater
Publisher: Alfred Music
ISBN: 1457496712
Pages: 352
View: 282
Read: 295
This series was created to afford serious students of Western music the opportunity of relating the component parts of the music they have played, that is, melody, harmony, rhythm, phrasing and structure. The harmonic vocabulary has been introduced in a logical order using melodic lines and examples from a wide variety of composers, periods, styles and media. Companion volumes encourage creative discussion of the music examples, more time for sight reading and more time for keyboard harmony.
Knowledge-based Programming for Music Research
Author: John W. Schaffer, Deron McGee
Publisher: A-R Editions, Inc.
ISBN: 0895793784
Pages: 396
Year: 1997-01-01
View: 1076
Read: 1150

The Nature of Harmony and Metre
Author: Moritz Hauptmann
Pages: 352
Year: 1888
View: 1039
Read: 455

Harmony for Computer Musicians
Author: Michael Hewitt
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1435456734
Pages: 298
Year: 2010
View: 1001
Read: 704
Home music producers now have access to a wide variety of software synthesizers, samplers, and FX devices on their computers -- devices that had previously been available only in expensive hardware forms. Although computer musicians often show a high degr
Music for Children
Author: Carl Orff, Margaret Murray, Gunild Keetman
Publisher: Schott & Company Limited
ISBN: 379579515X
Pages: 114
Year: 1976-06-01
View: 494
Read: 531
(Schott). Carl Orff devoted much of his life to music for children. His pioneering work continues under the guidance of teachers and educators in many countries. The five basic German volumes of "Music for Children" by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman were published between 1950 and 1954. The considerable growth of Orff-Schulwerk in the United States led to the publication of the American Edition (1977) to satisfy the requirements of a different educational system and national heritage. Music for Children is a stimulating source of material for music teaching. Contents of this third volume: The instrumentation and range of keys are increased. The settings include the chords on the fourth and fifth notes of the major scale. The Dominant Triad: If all the world were paper * Bass parts for timpani * For recorder and timpani * The riddling knight * Ten short pieces for dancing * Carillon de Vendome * The old woman and her pig * A good-night * Morning * Other Keys: Deux chansons de jeu: Sur le pont d'Avignon * En revenant de Versailles * No John, No * Beauty's spell * Riddles * The Sudominant Triad: Street song * Pieces for xylophone * The man in the moon * Malbrough * Dance-song * Festive procession * Lord Thomas of Winesbury * Dashing away with the smoothing-iron * Sevenths and Ninths: This old man * Fior di viola * La Violette * Rundadinella * Sacred yodelling song * Mater et filia * Polka from the Ennstal * Two polkas * English dances: Rufy Tufty * Rakes of mallow * Hunt the squirrel * Up tails all * The phoenis * Time-change dances * Two dances for singing and playing: Dance-song * Hector Protector
Scales, Chords, Arpeggios & Cadences - Complete Book
Author: Willard A. Palmer, Morton Manus, Amanda Vick Lethco
Publisher: Alfred Music
ISBN: 1457442051
Pages: 88
Year: 2005-05-03
View: 392
Read: 659
Scale, chord, arpeggio and cadence studies in all major and minor keys. Includes an in-depth explanation that leads to complete understanding of the fundamentals of major and minor scales, chords, arpeggios and cadences plus a clear explanation of scale degrees and a guide to fingering the scales and arpeggios. In addition, several "enrichment options" are provided with exercises such as harmonizing scales, accelerating scales expanding scales and much more! Scales, Chords, Arpeggios & Cadences - Complete Book is part of a three-book series. These excellent all-inclusive books teach scales, chords, arpeggios, and cadences at three different levels. The Scales, Chords, Arpeggios & Cadences - FIRST Book accommodates the learning pace of younger students such as those in Alfred's Basic Piano Course, Level 2. Scales, Chords, Arpeggios & Cadences - BASIC Book is slightly more in-depth, presenting scales, chords, arpeggios, and cadence studies in all the major and minor keys. Scales, Chords, Arpeggios & Cadences - COMPLETE book features everything in the BASIC book, plus extra features like a detailed explanation that leads to complete understanding of the fundamentals of major and minor scales, chords, arpeggios, and cadences; a clear explanation of scale degrees; and a guide to fingering the scales and arpeggios.

Alfred's Basic Piano Library - Theory Book 5
Author: Willard A. Palmer, Morton Manus, Amanda Vick Lethco
Publisher: Alfred Music
ISBN: 1457418665
Pages: 32
Year: 2005-05-03
View: 291
Read: 725
Designed to coordinate page-by-page with the Lesson Books. Contains enjoyable games and quizzes that reinforce the principles presented in the Lesson Books. Students can increase their musical understanding while they are away from the keyboard.
The Encyclopaedia Britannica
Author: Hugh Chisholm
Year: 1911
View: 1317
Read: 677

English Mechanic and World of Science
Year: 1892
View: 524
Read: 855