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Man & Nature
Author: Elisee Reclus
Publisher: Jura Books
ISBN: 090843703X
Pages: 34
Year: 1995
View: 1181
Read: 1209
Two essays, first published in 1866, get their first English translation - 'The Impact Of Human Activity On Physical Geography' and 'Concerning The Awareness Of Nature In Modern Society.'
Devil's Dance
Author: Gis_le Pineau
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0803287844
Pages: 276
Year: 2006
View: 759
Read: 376
The story of one woman's tragic life, including the death of her sister, her frantic sexual conquests in an attempt to quell her loneliness, and how she finally finds love, and the answers she has been seeking.
Between Two Worlds
Author: Simone Schwarz Bart
Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books
Pages: 212
Year: 1992
View: 532
Read: 800

Author: Amadou Hampaté Bâ, Daniel Whitman
Publisher: Three Continents
Pages: 159
Year: 1988
View: 762
Read: 402

The Children of Lir
Author: Sheila MacGill-Callahan
Publisher: Ragged Bears USA
ISBN: 1857143922
Year: 2008-10-01
View: 559
Read: 887
A haunting Irish legend, believed by some to be the basis for King Lear. A king's jealous wife puts a spell on his children, changing them into swan s, until such time as the Man from the North and the Woman from the South--two mountain peaks--are joined together. Watercolor illustrations.
The Secrets of Kaidara
Author: Hyacinthe Vulliez, Gwen Marsh, Etienne Souppart
Publisher: Creative Company
ISBN: 0886828236
Pages: 36
Year: 1997
View: 194
Read: 184
Three men set out on a difficult journey to find the secrets of the mystical country of Kaidara. Explanatory sidebars reveal the animist beliefs of the Peuls, or Fula, of West Africa.
Linux Starter Kit
Author: Emmett Dulaney
Publisher: Sams Publishing
ISBN: 0672328879
Pages: 124
Year: 2006
View: 1141
Read: 263
A starter kit for Linux covers all the fundamental features of the product, including installation, system administration, and troubleshooting, and is accompanied by the the latest software version of Linux.
Whisky, Wit & Wisdom
Author: Gavin D. Smith
Publisher: Neil Wilson Publishing
ISBN: 1906000328
Pages: 200
Year: 2012-11-14
View: 1294
Read: 1164
This book deals with the lighter and quirkier sides of whisky-making, whisky consumption, whisky over-consumption, whisky in literature, whisky and the law, and even whisky and death. A selection of leading whisky industry personalities have contributed their favourite humorous stories concerning 'the cratur', and the text is augmented by a series of historic Punch cartoons and modern cartoons in a wide variety of styles. Some sample entries concerning foreign countries and whisky include: Many nations have tried to copy Scotch and Irish whisk(e)y, and none more determinedly than the Japanese. One English-born former Tokyo resident recalled being asked in the 1920s by a local whisky distiller to come up with a label which would lull drinkers into believing that they were getting genuine Scotch. He suggested 'Guaranteed bottled in Buckingham Palace under the personal supervision of His Majesty the King.' The labels were duly printed and the whisky went on sale. And: Stories are told of early Japanese whiskies with names such as 'King Anne', but a personal favourite concerns a whisky produced in Ecuador. One can only conjecture about the origins of the name, and speculate that perhaps a disgruntled expatriate Scotsman was asked to help choose something suitable. The whisky is marketed as 'Auld Piss.'
Gestalt Graphology
Author: Felix Klein
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595443079
Pages: 336
Year: 2007-12
View: 669
Read: 872
Founder of the National Society for Graphology, Felix Klein began his study of graphology in his birthplace, Vienna, Austria, at the age of thirteen. He was a practicing graphologist all of his life and lectured and gave seminars throughout the United States and in Canada, England, Germany, Israel and Mexico. Mr. Klein came to the United States in 1940 after spending six months each in the concentration camps at Dachau and Buchenwald. While in those camps he formulated his theory of directional pressure as a result of studying changes in the handwriting of his fellow inmates. Mr. Klein did extensive work in personnel selection for major companies and banks, vocational guidance, and individual analyses, as well as forensic document examination for such entities as the U.N., AT&T, and a major political figure in Ghana, Africa. It was probably as a teacher that Felix was most known and loved. He held classes and offered correspondence courses in all levels of graphology: elementary, intermediate, advanced, Master Research, and Psychology for Graphologists. Wherever Felix spoke, his warm, caring personality and his naturalness and keen sense of humor generated enthusiastic responses from young and old alike.
Always Open
Author: Richard Giles
Publisher: Cowley Publications
ISBN: 1461660483
Pages: 150
Year: 2005-02-25
View: 296
Read: 368
Seventy million assorted individuals comprise a church family that is renowned for its rich diversity. Christians of all shades of belief together make up the Anglican Communion, a fellowship of churches that extends around the world and includes the Episcopal Church in the United States. At its best, the spirit of openness that marks this fellowship is a sign of openness to the Holy Spirit. Few Anglicans would presume to have “arrived” spiritually, and the door is always open to all who are seeking God. Whether you are a cradle Episcopalian or are exploring the denomination, Always Open is an excellent introduction to Anglican beliefs and practices. Down–to–earth and good humored, Always Open explains the essentials of the Anglican approach to authority, the Bible, social and moral questions, dialogue with people of other faiths, and much, much more.
Author: Marie (de France)
Publisher: Medieval Academy Reprints for
ISBN: 080207636X
Pages: 282
Year: 1994
View: 510
Read: 1160
Comprising the 103 tales that form the earliest extant vernacular collection of fables from western Europe, this edition captures the fresh and lively tone of Marie de France's text. This is a reprint of the first edition published in 1987.
The Fools of Chelm and Their History
Author: Isaac Bashevis Singer
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
ISBN: 0374424292
Pages: 64
Year: 1988-12-01
View: 746
Read: 706

Author: Jean Ray
Publisher: Atlas Press (GB)
ISBN: 0947757988
Pages: 171
Year: 1998
View: 951
Read: 957
ne of the most famous gothic/uncanny novels of 20th century French writing, Ray's work has been compared to the best of Lovecraft and Meyrink and has never been out of print since its first publication in 1943. The author was a man surrounded by as much mystery as the bizarre old mansion of Malpertuis where the insane and horrific events of this novel ineluctably unfold. Fellow writer, Thomas Owen, said of him: 'Jean Ray was a Gothic personality. He had about him a touch of the damned priest or the cathedral gargoyle.
Helping Couples Get Past the Affair
Author: Donald H. Baucom, Douglas K. Snyder, Kristina Coop Gordon
Publisher: Guilford Press
ISBN: 1609182391
Pages: 351
Year: 2011-02-18
View: 464
Read: 1319
From leading marital therapists and researchers, this unique book presents a three-stage therapy approach for clinicians working with couples struggling in the aftermath of infidelity. The book provides empirically grounded strategies for helping clients overcome the initial shock, understand what happened and why, think clearly about their best interests before they act, and move on emotionally, whether or not they ultimately reconcile. The volume is loaded with vivid clinical examples and carefully designed exercises for use both during sessions and at home. The book will be invaluable to clinicians who treat couples, including couple and family therapists and counselors, clinical psychologists, social workers, pastoral counselors, and psychiatrists. It may also serve as a supplemental text in graduate-level courses.
Magical Realism and the Fantastic
Author: Amaryll Beatrice Chanady
Publisher: Dissertations-G
Pages: 183
Year: 1985
View: 1034
Read: 230

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