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Author: Nick Hornby
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101147296
Pages: 320
Year: 2007-10-16
View: 195
Read: 1246
The #1 New York Times bestseller from the beloved, award-winning author of Funny Girl, High Fidelity, and About A Boy. For 16-year-old Sam, life is about to get extremely complicated. He and his girlfriend—make that ex-girlfriend— Alicia have gotten themselves into a bit of trouble. Sam is suddenly forced to grow up and struggle with the familiar fears and inclinations that haunt us all. Nick Hornby’s poignant and witty novel shows a rare and impressive understanding of human relationships and what it really means to be a man. From the Trade Paperback edition.
A Long Way Down
Author: Nick Hornby
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1594633568
Pages: 333
Year: 2014-05-06
View: 675
Read: 644
Meeting on New Year's Eve on the roof of Topper's House, a London destination infamous as a last stop for suicidal people, a talk show host, a musician, a teenage girl, and a mother share stories about their circumstances and decisions.
Good at Art and Other Stories
Author: Farrukh Dhondy
Publisher: Ernst Klett Sprachen
ISBN: 312573844X
Pages: 117
Year: 2011
View: 465
Read: 502

How to be Good
Author: Nick Hornby
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141925280
Pages: 256
Year: 2005-05-05
View: 1079
Read: 472
How to be Good is Nick Hornby's hilarious bestselling novel on life, love and charity 'I am in a car park in Leeds when I tell my husband I don't want to be married to him any more. . . ' London GP Katie Carr always thought she was a good person. With her husband David making a living as 'The Angriest Man in Holloway', she figured she could put up with anything. Until, that is, David meets DJ Goodnews and becomes a good person too. A far-too-good person who starts committing crimes of charity like taking in the homeless and giving their kids' toys away. Suddenly Katie's feeling very bad about herself, and thinking that if charity begins at home, then maybe its time to move. . . This laugh-out-loud novel, from the bestselling author of About a Boy and High Fidelity, will have you gripped from start to finish and will appeal to fans of David Nicholls and Jonathan Coe, as well as readers in need of a moral compass everywhere. 'Pins you in your armchair ad won't let go . . . How to be Good? How to be bloody marvellous, more like' Mail on Sunday 'It does exactly what it says on the cover. Hornby's prose is artful and effortless, his spiky wit as razored as a number-two cut' Independent 'The writing is so funny, and the set-pieces so brilliant...Hornby's best book since Fever Pitch' Lynn Truss, The Times
Author: James Moloney
Publisher: Univ. of Queensland Press
ISBN: 0702230847
Pages: 221
Year: 1999-03-01
View: 533
Read: 198
Angela and Gracey were going to be "best friends forever" and make it into the same university as carefree first year students. But for Gracey, her Aboriginal heritage takes on a new significance. While Angela falls in love for the first time, Gracey is drawn into black politics and their friendship drifts apart. Then Angela discovers that she too has a heritage - one her family would sooner deny. The conflict of the past possesses the power to draw the friends together but it could as easily blow them apart forever. This novel concludes the trilogy, which began with award-winning Dougy and Gracey. James Moloney yet again shows why his novels are so much in demand as powerful narratives of contemporary Australian society.
Author: Nick Hornby
ISBN: 312579823X
Pages: 93
Year: 2010
View: 267
Read: 762

Death of a Superhero
Author: Anthony McCarten
Publisher: Ernst Klett Sprachen
ISBN: 3125781949
Pages: 239
Year: 2010
View: 1313
Read: 1153
Donald Delpe ist ein Teenager mit Problemen. In seiner Obsession für Sex, Musik, Videospiele und Drogen bildet er keine Ausnahme unter seinen Freunden, aber er allein leidet unter einer lebensbedrohlichen Form von Leukämie. Dies macht den Umgang mit ihm für Eltern und Lehrer gleichermassen schwierig. Denn er entkommt als Superheld in eine selbst gezeichnete Comicwelt voller Bösewichte und sexbesessener Vamps und weigert sich gleichzeitig, den Kampf im wirklichen Leben aufzunehmen. Als der bekannte Psychoanalytiker Dr. King sich seiner annimmt, schöpft die Familie neue Hoffnung. Doch Donald merkt schnell, dass Dr. King selbst Hilfe benötigt. Der Text wechselt zwischen den sprachlichen Ebenen Roman, Comic und Drehbuch. Die Sprache ist immer lakonisch und bewegt die Leser mit den grossen Themen Liebe und Tod.
Collins English for Life: Reading B2
Author: Naomi Styles
Publisher: Collins
ISBN: 0007542313
Pages: 128
Year: 2014-05-08
View: 900
Read: 941
Reading in English at advanced levels involves more than just words and grammar - it requires an interpretation of tone, context, aims and more. But sometimes the English you can learn from your coursebook just isn't enough for real life. Using real life examples and language English for Life: Reading (B2+) will help you to appreciate the finer details of a reading piece and so to get much more out of reading in English.> Study the language people really use when they are writing - and why> Compare and contrast writing styles in lots of different environments> Useful 'language notes' to increase your understanding of tone, slang and social contextIncludes practice of reading in the following contexts:,*Correspondence,*Products and services,*Out and about,*Facts,*Reading for pleasureAbout the series:What is it? Collins' innovative English for Life series adds the extra bit of authenticity to your studies that traditional coursebooks often lack. The series includes helpful up-to-date and relevant topics needed to get by in English and uses authentic material from the Collins Corpus, the world's largest database of the English language.How can the series be used? The series can be used for independent study (self-study) and extra assignments, it's a great supplement to existing coursebooks, and the books can also be used as stand-alone coursebooks for short courses. All books have accompanying teacher resources available online.What levels are available? There are three levels available:A2 (Pre-intermediate)B1+ (Intermediate)B2+ (Upper intermediate)
Oliver Twist. Buch Mit Audio-CD
Author: Charles Dickens
Publisher: Ernst Klett Sprachen
ISBN: 3125148227
Pages: 79
Year: 2010-07
View: 330
Read: 471

The Truman Show
Author: Andrew Niccol
Publisher: Newmarket Press
ISBN: 1557043671
Pages: 160
Year: 1998-06-01
View: 1077
Read: 217
Jim Carrey is Truman Burbank, the most famous face on television, only he doesn't know it. He is the unwitting star of a nonstop, 24-hour-a-day documentary soap opera called The Truman Show, with every moment of his life broadcast to a worldwide audience. Everyone around him is an actor. He is a prisoner in a made-for-TV paradise. This is the story of his escape. Rarely has a first-time collaboration between a writer and director produced such a stunning result. In this book, both Niccol and Weir's lively talents and creative force come to light, as each contributes some highly original material to amplify the brilliant 107-page shooting script, reproduced here in facsimile. Niccol has given us another version of The Truman Show, in photos and captions—in effect, our very own photo album. For his contribution, Peter Weir chose to let us in on the intricately detailed, often hilarious "backstory," which he wrote as part of his preparation, and eventually shared with the cast and crew during production. Also included are complete cast and crew credits.
Funny Girl
Author: Nick Hornby
Publisher: Riverhead Books (Hardcover)
ISBN: 1101983353
Pages: 452
Year: 2016
View: 435
Read: 358
"Set in 1960's London, ... a lively account of the adventures of the intrepid young Sophie Straw as she navigates her transformation from provincial ingenue to television starlet amid a constellation of delightful characters"--Provided by publisher.
The Hunger Games Set
Author: Suzanne Collins
Publisher: Hunger Games
ISBN: 1338323644
Year: 2018-10-30
View: 452
Read: 387

DEADLY HARVEST(EBSe 김경선의 영어원서읽기 8)
ISBN: 8992836864
Pages: 251
Year: 2009-10-19
View: 748
Read: 438

The War Between the Classes
Author: Gloria Miklowitz
Publisher: Laurel Leaf
ISBN: 0307548988
Pages: 176
Year: 2009-01-21
View: 1237
Read: 210
What are Amy and Adam going to do about their love life? Neither Amy's traditionalist Japanese parents nor Adam's snobby, upper-class mother will accept their relationship. To make things worse, Amy and Adam are involved in the "color game" at school, an experiment that's designed to make students aware of class and racial prejudices. Now the experiment threatens to alienate Amy from her friends and tear her apart from Adam. She knows it's time to rebel against the color game. But will the rest of the class follow her lead? From the Paperback edition.
Kindred Intentions
Author: Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
Publisher: Rita Carla F. Monticelli
Pages: 236
Year: 2016-07-26
View: 238
Read: 935
24 hours. 2 people. 1 target. It was 10 a.m. when undercover agent Amelia Jennings arrived at the law firm Goldberg & Associates for a job interview. Her mission was to investigate a series of murders involving some well-known lawyers in the City. Her target, an elusive hired killer who had been of interest to the police for months. But her plan is doomed to fall apart before it even starts. In less than twenty-four hours Amelia will be the prey in a man hunt and her destiny will become entwined with Mike Connor’s. Their intentions, apparently similar, may prove to be opposite, but the affinity binding them goes beyond what they think they know about each other. One day to survive. One day to let go of the past.

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