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S'initier à la PNL
Author: Marion Sarazin (psychothérapeute).), Robert Dilts
ISBN: 2710126575
Pages: 186
Year: 2014-10-16
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La PNL est une technologie de la communication introduite en France depuis de nombreuses années où elle a trouvé une place reconnue dans les pratiques de formation, de management et de développement personnel. Son approche repose sur deux axes principaux : Apprendre à observer et à reproduire la compétence de ceux qui réussissent bien dans leur domaine, quel qu'il soit. S'appuyer sur des sciences modernes comme la linguistique ou la neurologie pour créer des modèles d'action fiables. Le lecteur trouvera tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur la PNL de 3e génération qui a pris son essor avec Robert Dilts au début du millénaire. Grâce à cet ouvrage de référence, vous pourrez vous familiariser avec la méthode de programmation neurolinguistique et avec ses applications pratiques en vue d'acquérir des outils de communication pertinents.
The Encyclopedia of Systemic NLP and NLP New Coding
Author: Robert B. Dilts, Judith A. Delozier
ISBN: 0970154003
Pages: 1626
Year: 2000-07-01
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Alpha Leadership
Author: Anne Deering, Robert Dilts, Julian Russell
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0470844833
Pages: 244
Year: 2002-05-22
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This is a book for 21st Century leaders. The authors are offering approaches to reduce stress and to promote satisfaction at a time when this seems impossible for most people struggling to make sense of the workplace and its demands: 76% of managers want to spend more time with their families 50% say they feel too mentally and physically exhausted to do anything but work or sleep 30% say their lives are out of control one in five say they are too stressed to enjoy their lives at all Many of the leadership skills (such as emotional intelligence, weak signal management, mental agility) that are key to success in today's corporate world are not taught in business schools, are rarely discussed by business academics, nor are they recognised within corporations as they recruit, promote and train their staff. Business conversation is all about the war for talent - and yet the solutions presented are all "outside-in" (i.e. what the corporation needs to do to ensure people stay, to "make" their values align, to retain them) rather than "inside-out" (i.e. alignment of individual's sense of purpose with how they spend their time, the fit of their skills to the demands of their job, and so on). Alpha Leadership seeks to redress these imbalances. The book is constructed around a new and simple model of leadership. The authors call this, 'Alpha leadership', which consists of three main axes: Anticipate, Align and Act. They have derived this model from their extensive experience of leadership development in the US and Europe, during a period of rapid adaptation to the digital economy. The authors argument is that traditional approaches to leadership, leadership as it is taught in the business schools and the criteria assigned to it by corporate promotion and appraisal systems, focus exclusively on 'action', and take little or no account of the crucial importance of anticipation and alignment. This is of increased concern since the skills most likely to generate success for leaders in today's networked, knowledge-based and unpredictable business environment are precisely those most often ignored. This emphasis on action without its preliminaries of anticipation and alignment is also a paradox, since without effective anticipation and alignment, action is likely to be inefficient, ineffective, and unsustainable. The book is aimed at an "inside-out" view of leadership: starting with the individual and his/her sense of purpose and values, rather than the more typical approach to leadership writing which adopts an "outside-in" view, holding up models and examples of other leaders to emulate with little or no clue of how to go about doing so, or indeed whether or not this would be an appropriate model in the reader's specific context. Alpha Leadership is designed as a pragmatic "how to" book, derived from the authors experience of one-to-one executive coaching - with tools, approaches and frameworks to support leaders in progressing in their careers, while also maintaining a sense of balance and purpose in their lives. Each chapter starts with a "parable" or story - a very readable analogy from completely different fields of study that is used to shed light on the issues and problems facing leaders in the business environment. The authors then move to a section on "sense making" (avoiding blue sky theorising in favour of practical, down-to-earth interpretation and real life business examples). Finally the authors include relevant tools/frameworks to help the readers apply what they have read in their every day business lives.
The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy
Author: Laurent Gounelle
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 1401938183
Pages: 155
Year: 2012-06-28
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At the end of a holiday in Bali, Julian, an unhappy schoolteacher decides to meet a renowned local healer, Samtyang. Through daily sessions at the wise man's house, he begins to identify the source of his unhappiness as a series of simple questions and answers point to his own limiting beliefs and fears. Day after day, their dialogue is punctuated by live examples and challenges Julian is asked to experience on the island's mainland and its surroundings. From international best-selling author Laurent Gounelle, The Man Who Wanted to be Happy explores the world of new possibilities that are open to us when we discover how to break free of what prevents us from being truly happy.
When Performance Meets Alignment
Author: Jan Ardui, Peter Wrycza
Publisher: Authors Online Limited
ISBN: 0755201981
Pages: 248
Year: 2005
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'Energy flows where attention goes. Let us pray that more and more energy and attention goes towards promoting grace in the world. Jan and Peter's book offers us a guidepost on the way.' JUDITH DELOZIER What determines the art of living? In reflecting on how to approach the notion of 'art', Gregory Bateson suggested waiting 'until we get to the core of the problem of pattern meets pattern'. When Performance Meets Alignment helps us ripen and reach into the core of what happens in the meeting of pattern with pattern, as we change, learn, and grow. Life skills, such as attentiveness, reflection, discernment, and commitment, sustain the necessary energy and purity to be both present and engaged in the world with all our potential and humanity. They provide pointers to a life well lived, whether we are among those who help others fulfill their potential or are more concerned with realizing our own.
Livres hebdo
Year: 2010-02
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Hypnotic Realities
Author: Milton H. Erickson, Ernest Lawrence Rossi, Sheila I. Rossi
Year: 1976
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The Childhood Environment and Adult Disease
Author: CIBA Foundation Symposium
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470514051
Pages: 252
Year: 2008-04-30
View: 1258
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Modern technology has made possible epidemiological studies that relate aspects of neonatal health to disease in adult life. This symposium is the first to draw together information from this new research area. Explores links between early growth and the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and coronary heart disease in adult life; poor growth of babies and inadequate growth and nutrition of mothers; and levels of blood cholesterol and clotting factors. Other chapters consider the connections between early nutrition and adult immunocompetence and risk of allergic diseases; critical periods in the development of both the brain and visual system; and possible origins of schizophrenia. Examines the consequences of adverse early experiences for adult psychosocial functioning.
Heart of the Mind
Author: Connirae Andreas, Steve Andreas
ISBN: 0911226311
Pages: 263
Year: 1989-01
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There is a new powerful and gentle approach to overcoming life's problems. Experience the accounts of people whose lives have been changed and whose dreams became realities by tapping their own inner power to change with neurolinguistic programming. NLP offers techniques for a wide range of problems including unwanted habits, guilt, grief, weight loss, abuse criticism, shame, stage fright and phobias. NLP also offers ways to enhance self-esteem, improve relationships, become more independent, create positive motivation, eliminate allergic responses, and promote self-healing.--From publisher description.
Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology, Second Edition
Author: Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, Jeffrey M. Lohr
Publisher: Guilford Publications
ISBN: 146251751X
Pages: 548
Year: 2014-10-12
View: 787
Read: 229
This valued resource helps practitioners and students evaluate the merits of popular yet controversial practices in clinical psychology and allied fields, and base treatment decisions on the best available research. Leading authorities review widely used therapies for a range of child, adolescent, and adult disorders, differentiating between those that can stand up to the rigors of science and those that cannot. Questionable assessment and diagnostic techniques and self-help models are also examined. The volume provides essential skills for thinking critically as a practitioner, evaluating the validity of scientific claims, and steering clear of treatments that are ineffective or even harmful. New to This Edition *Reflects the significant growth of evidence-based practices in the last decade. *Updated throughout with the latest treatment research. *Chapter on attachment therapy. *Chapter on controversial interventions for child and adolescent antisocial behavior. *Addresses changes in DSM-5.
Changing with families
Author: Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Virginia Satir
Publisher: Science & Behavior Books
Pages: 194
Year: 1976
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Teach Yourself Nlp
Author: Steve Bavister, Amanda Vickers
Publisher: Hodder Education
ISBN: 0340812575
Pages: 229
Year: 2004
View: 843
Read: 851
Are you new to Neuro Linguistic Programming? Do you want a better understanding of what makes you and others tick? Are you seeking clearer goals, more effective communication and better relationships? This book offers straightforward access to understanding LP - the study of subjective experience - and helps you to put the ideas and techniques into practice in your personal and professional life. Exercises, activities, case studies, anecdotes and quizzes are used to bring each area to life. Business-related applications should be evident throughout, and the book is relevant for anyone seeking a solid grounding in NLP, covering NLP practioner level training and beyond.
Metaphors in Mind
Author: James Lawley, Penny Tompkins
Publisher: Crown House Pub Limited
ISBN: 0953875105
Pages: 317
Year: 2000
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Describing how to give individuals an opportunity to discover how their symbolic perceptions are organized, what needs to happen for these to change, and how they can develop as a result, this text includes three client transcripts.
Petit Manuel D'Autocoaching
Author: Jean Doridot
Year: 2006
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Résolument orienté vers l'action, ce livre est un manuel d'auto-coaching permettant au lecteur de lever les freins immédiats à sa réussite. En trois phases progressives, il aborde les enjeux fondamentaux du changement personnel et permet au lecteur de devenir l'acteur de sa propre transformation. La force de conviction de l'ouvrage repose sur son pragmatisme et la capacité des auteurs (un coach et un thérapeute) de vulgariser les axiomes classiques du changement sous une forme parlante et directement opérationnelle. Des exercices et des cas complètent la démonstration.
Year: 1999
View: 753
Read: 295