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Year: 1959
View: 355
Read: 441

La ricerca scientifica
Year: 1949
View: 155
Read: 1142

Year: 1959
View: 329
Read: 1016

Year: 1920
View: 1084
Read: 356

Battery Reference Book
Author: Thomas P J Crompton
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0080499953
Pages: 800
Year: 2000-03-20
View: 252
Read: 439
Crompton's Battery Reference Book has become the standard reference source for a wide range of professionals and students involved in designing, manufacturing, and specifying products and systems that use batteries. This book is unique in providing extensive data on specific battery types, manufacturers and suppliers, as well as covering the theory - an aspect of the book which makes an updated edition important for every professional's library. The coverage of different types of battery is fully comprehensive, ranging from minute button cells to large installations weighing several hundred tonnes. Must-have information and data on all classes of battery in an accessible form Essential reference for design engineers in automotive and aerospace applications, telecommunications equipment, household appliances, etc. Informs you of developments over the past five years
Collected Works of Count Rumford: Light and armament
Author: Benjamin Rumford (Graf von)
Year: 1970
View: 680
Read: 156

The Problems of Physics
Author: Anthony J. Leggett
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0199211248
Pages: 192
Year: 2006
View: 1296
Read: 753
Is the universe infinite, or does it have an edge beyond which there is, quite literally, nothing? Do we live in the only possible universe? Why does it have one time and three space dimensions - or does it? What is it made of? What does it mean when we hear that a new particle has been discovered? Will quantum mechanics eventually break down and give way to a totally new description of the world, one whose features we cannot even begin to imagine? This book aims to give the non-specialist reader a general overview of what physicists think they do and do not know in some representative frontier areas of contemporary physics. After sketching out the historical background, A. J. Leggett goes on to discuss the current situation and some of the open problems of cosmology, high-energy physics, and condensed-matter physics. Unlike most other accounts, this book focuses not so much on recent achievements as on the fundamental problems at the heart of the subject, and emphasizes the provisional nature of our present understanding of things.
Author: Giuliano Pancaldi
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691188610
Year: 2018-06-05
View: 881
Read: 973
Giuliano Pancaldi sets us within the cosmopolitan cultures of Enlightenment Europe to tell the story of Alessandro Volta--the brilliant man whose name is forever attached to electromotive force. Providing fascinating details, many previously unknown, Pancaldi depicts Volta as an inventor who used his international network of acquaintances to further his quest to harness the power of electricity. This is the story of a man who sought recognition as a natural philosopher and ended up with an invention that would make an everyday marvel of electric lighting. Examining the social and scientific contexts in which Volta operated--as well as Europe's reception of his most famous invention--Volta also offers a sustained inquiry into long-term features of science and technology as they developed in the early age of electricity. Pancaldi considers the voltaic cell, or battery, as a case study of Enlightenment notions and their consequences, consequences that would include the emergence of the "scientist" at the expense of the "natural philosopher." Throughout, Pancaldi highlights the complex intellectual, technological, and social ferment that ultimately led to our industrial societies. In so doing, he suggests that today's supporters and critics of Enlightenment values underestimate the diversity and contingency inherent in science and technology--and may be at odds needlessly. Both an absorbing biography and a study of scientific and technological creativity, this book offers new insights into the legacies of the Enlightenment while telling the remarkable story of the now-ubiquitous battery.
Electricity and Magnetism
Author: Francis W. Sears
Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company
ISBN: 0201069008
Pages: 460
Year: 1958
View: 700
Read: 879

Counterexamples in Analysis
Author: Bernard R. Gelbaum, John M. H. Olmsted
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486134911
Pages: 224
Year: 2012-07-12
View: 234
Read: 1293
These counterexamples deal mostly with the part of analysis known as "real variables." Covers the real number system, functions and limits, differentiation, Riemann integration, sequences, infinite series, functions of 2 variables, plane sets, more. 1962 edition.
Electroweak Interactions
Author: Luciano Maiani
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1498722261
Pages: 198
Year: 2015-12-14
View: 1305
Read: 342
Get First-Hand Insight from a Contributor to the Standard Model of Particle Physics Written by an award-winning former director-general of CERN and one of the world’s leading experts on particle physics, Electroweak Interactions explores the concepts that led to unification of the weak and electromagnetic interactions. It provides the fundamental elements of the theory of compact Lie groups and their representations, enabling a basic understanding of the role of flavor symmetry in particle physics. Understand Conceptual Elements of the Theory of Elementary Particles The book begins with the identification of the weak hadronic current with the isotopic spin current, Yang–Mills theory, and the first electroweak theory of Glashow. It discusses spontaneous breaking of a global symmetry and a local symmetry, covering the Goldstone theorem, Brout–Englert–Higgs mechanism, and the theory of Weinberg and Salam. The author then describes the theory of quarks, quark mixing, the Cabibbo angle, the Glashow–Iliopoulos–Maiani (GIM) mechanism, the theory of Kobayashi and Maskawa, six quark flavors, and CP violation. Delve into Experimental Tests and Unresolved Problems The author goes on to explore some phenomenological topics, such as neutral current interactions of neutrinos and CP violation in the neutral K-meson system. He also highlights how flavor-changing neutral current processes have emerged as probes to reveal the presence of new phenomena at energies not yet accessible with particle accelerators. The book concludes with an explanation of the expected properties of the Higgs boson and the methods adopted for its search. The predictions are also compared with relevant experimental results. View the author’s first book in this collection: Relativistic Quantum Mechanics: An Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Fields.
Physiological Optics
Author: Y. LeGrand, S.G. ElHage
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3540390537
Pages: 340
Year: 2013-04-17
View: 224
Read: 1058
This book is a translation by Professor Sami El Hage of Volume I of Le Grand's three-volume treatise on physiological optics. It is the last of the three volumes to be translated into English. Le Grand's second volume was translated into English by Hunt, Walsh and Hunt and published in 1957 under the title Light, Colour and Vision. His third volume was translated into English by Millodot and Heath in 1966 and published under the title Form and Space Vision. Although Le Grand's three volumes have been compared to the three volumes of Helmholtz, it is important to note that Le Grand has distributed differently the topics in his three volumes. This book is a mixture of the tradition established by Helmholtz and followed by Tscherning and Sheard with the tradition originated by Danders and followed by Landolt and Laurance and others. Helmholtz's first volume was concerned with the image forming structure of the eye, almost without reference to practical problems of examining patients and fitting them with glasses. It dealt with the problems of a single eye.
The Periodic Table
Author: Primo Levi
Publisher: Everyman's Library
ISBN: 0679444637
Pages: 241
Year: 1996
View: 905
Read: 175
One of Italy's leading men of letters, a chemist by profession, writes about incidents in his life in which one or another of the elements figured in such a way as to become a personal preoccupation
Electrochemical Energy Storage
Author: Jean-Marie Tarascon, Patrice Simon
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118998146
Pages: 94
Year: 2015-02-23
View: 994
Read: 263
The electrochemical storage of energy has become essential in assisting the development of electrical transport and use of renewable energies. French researchers have played a key role in this domain but Asia is currently the market leader. Not wanting to see history repeat itself, France created the research network on electrochemical energy storage (RS2E) in 2011. This book discusses the launch of RS2E, its stakeholders, objectives, and integrated structure that assures a continuum between basic research, technological research and industries. Here, the authors will cover the technological advances as well as the challenges that must still be resolved in the field of electrochemical storage, taking into account sustainable development and the limited time available to us.

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