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"Restoration of Matter of Human Being by Concentrating on Number Sequence" -
Author: Grigori Grabovoi
ISBN: 3735720943
Pages: 270
Year: 2014-04
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(ENGLISH VERSION) All the methods of restoration of human matter with the help of concentration on number sequences given in this book can be used with preventive and sanitary purposes, for rejuvenation, and in case of necessity, to restore the matter, regardless of the initial data, on the basis of which the matter is restored. When using the described methods in paragraphs 1-9 in the introduction you can consider the following: -With the aim of prophylaxis it is expedient to make rehabilitation with the simultaneous spreading the effect of concentration on number sequences for the future. -For rejuvenation it is expedient to concentrate in succession at first on the number sequence, located in the content (of the book), taking into account the task of eternal development, and then concentrate on the matter which you are locally rejuvenating. -Restoring the matter of the body, you can perform concentration on number sequences in succession with the help of the various methods given in this book. You can use the number sequences corresponding to the matter being restored, as well as the number sequences of the area, which includes the matter you are restoring. -If it is necessary to restore the matter after biological death, then you should at first concentrate on the numbers consecutively from left to right, then in reverse order - from right to left. The spiritual impulse creating human matter makes it possible to expand the methods of restoration. Restoring the human matter one must strive to develop the spiritual level to the state in which the matter is created and functions by the spiritual activity, along with the biological principles and principles of events. Such spiritual state in the process of implementation of the methods of the eternal development must ensure full restoration of human matter, regardless of the initial data and any circumstances.
Die Essenz der Dinge
Author: Mathias Schwartz-Clauss, Dirk Baecker, Vitra Design Museum
Publisher: Vitra Design Stiftung
ISBN: 3931936503
Pages: 131
Year: 2010
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The Essence of Things seeks to investigate the motifs and motivations of reduction in design. Beginning with a look at the broad horizons of the theme, this richly illustrated catalogue
Author: Jo Marchant
Publisher: Crown
ISBN: 0385348169
Pages: 320
Year: 2016-01-19
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A New York Times Bestseller Finalist for the Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize Longlisted for the Wellcome Book Prize A rigorous, skeptical, deeply reported look at the new science behind the mind's surprising ability to heal the body Have you ever felt a surge of adrenaline after narrowly avoiding an accident? Salivated at the sight (or thought) of a sour lemon? Felt turned on just from hearing your partner's voice? If so, then you've experienced how dramatically the workings of your mind can affect your body. Yet while we accept that stress or anxiety can damage our health, the idea of "healing thoughts" was long ago hijacked by New Age gurus and spiritual healers. Recently, however, serious scientists from a range of fields have been uncovering evidence that our thoughts, emotions and beliefs can ease pain, heal wounds, fend off infection and heart disease and even slow the progression of AIDS and some cancers. In Cure, award-winning science writer Jo Marchant travels the world to meet the physicians, patients and researchers on the cutting edge of this new world of medicine. We learn how meditation protects against depression and dementia, how social connections increase life expectancy and how patients who feel cared for recover from surgery faster. We meet Iraq war veterans who are using a virtual arctic world to treat their burns and children whose ADHD is kept under control with half the normal dose of medication. We watch as a transplant patient uses the smell of lavender to calm his hostile immune system and an Olympic runner shaves vital seconds off his time through mind-power alone. Drawing on the very latest research, Marchant explores the vast potential of the mind's ability to heal, lays out its limitations and explains how we can make use of the findings in our own lives. With clarity and compassion, Cure points the way towards a system of medicine that treats us not simply as bodies but as human beings.
The Talking T. Rex
Author: Ron Roy
Publisher: Paw Prints
ISBN: 144206160X
Pages: 84
Year: 2009-06-29
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Meet Tyrone the Tyrannosaurus, Green Lawn's newest-and biggest!-visitor. The kids' old friend Jud Wheat is in town, and he's raising funds for a dinosaur museum by taking the T. rex on tour. But after the show in Green Lawn, all Jud's money disappears! Can Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose track down the cash and rescue Jud from this prehistoric pickle?A Stepping Stone book'ยข
The Psychic Healing Book
Author: Amy Wallace, Bill Henkin
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1556435274
Pages: 208
Year: 2004-09-01
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"At once profound, spiritual, and witty, Master of the Three Ways is a remarkable work about human nature, the essence of life, and how to live simply and with awareness. In three hundred and fifty-seven verses, the author, Hung Ying-ming a seventeenth-century Chinese sage explores good and evil, honesty and deception, wisdom and foolishness, and heaven and hell. He draws from the wisdom of the Three Creeds Taoism, Confucianism, and Zen Buddhism to impress upon us that by combining simple elegance with the ordinary, we can make our lives artistic and poetic. This sense, along with a particular understanding of Zen that makes art from the simple in everyday life, has permeated Chinese and Japanese culture to this day. The work is divided into two books. The first generally deals with the art of living in society and the second is concerned with man's solitude and contemplations of nature. These themes repeatedly spill over into each other, creating multiple levels of meaning."
The King of Ireland's Son
Author: Padraic Colum
Pages: 316
Year: 1921
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The transformation of the inner man
Author: John Loren Sandford, Paula Sandford
Publisher: Bridge-Logos
ISBN: 0882705393
Pages: 412
Year: 1982
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Conceptual Exploration
Author: Bernhard Ganter, Sergei Obiedkov
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3662492911
Pages: 315
Year: 2016-05-26
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This is the first textbook on attribute exploration, its theory, its algorithms forapplications, and some of its many possible generalizations. Attribute explorationis useful for acquiring structured knowledge through an interactive process, byasking queries to an expert. Generalizations that handle incomplete, faulty, orimprecise data are discussed, but the focus lies on knowledge extraction from areliable information source.The method is based on Formal Concept Analysis, a mathematical theory ofconcepts and concept hierarchies, and uses its expressive diagrams. The presentationis self-contained. It provides an introduction to Formal Concept Analysiswith emphasis on its ability to derive algebraic structures from qualitative data,which can be represented in meaningful and precise graphics.
Luna Yoga
Author: Adelheid Ohlig
Publisher: Ash Tree Pub
ISBN: 096146206X
Pages: 192
Year: 1994
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