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The Little Book of Skin Care
Author: Charlotte Cho
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062416391
Pages: 224
Year: 2015-11-10
View: 966
Read: 673
The secrets behind the world's most beautiful skin! In Korea, healthy, glowing skin is the ideal form of beauty. It's considered achievable by all, men and women, young and old—and it begins with adopting a skin-first mentality. Now, this Korean beauty philosophy has taken the world by storm! As the founder of Soko Glam, a leading Korean beauty and lifestyle website, esthetician and beauty expert Charlotte Cho guides you through the world-renowned Korean ten-step skin-care routine—and far beyond—to help you achieve the clearest and most radiant skin of your life With Charlotte's step-by-step tutorials, skin-care tips, and advice on what to look for in products at all price levels, you'll learn how to pamper and care for your skin at home with Korean-approved techniques and pull off the "no makeup" makeup look we've seen and admired on women in the streets of Seoul. And you'll get access to beauty secrets from Charlotte's favorite beauty gurus from around the world, including supermodels, YouTube sensations, top makeup artists, magazine editors, actresses, and leading Korean skincare researchers. With the knowledge of an expert and voice of a trusted friend, Charlotte's personal tour through Korean beauty culture will help you find joy in the everyday beauty routines that will transform your skin.
Korean Beauty Secrets
Author: Kerry Thompson, Coco Park
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1510701192
Pages: 256
Year: 2015-11-03
View: 696
Read: 1243
Beauty tips and tricks from the salons of South Korea
Korean for Beginners
Author: Henry J. Amen IV, Kyubyong Park
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462901034
Pages: 176
Year: 2010-08-10
View: 193
Read: 437
Have you ever considered learning Korean, but been put off by the unusual look of the characters? Don't let yourself be scared away! Korean has been called "the most logical language there is," and with this friendly and thorough introduction you will soon see why. The best way to learn Korean—this book uses a lighthearted, humorous approach. Korean for Beginners starts by showing you just how reasoned and logical the Korean alphabet, hangeul, actually is, and helps you master it faster than you learned the English alphabet. Realistic situations you might encounter in Korea in Korean-speaking environments are described, and new words are explained in terms of how you'll find them useful to communicate. Numerous illustrations enliven the text, downloadable audio lets you listen and repeat phrases in the book. Soon you'll be able to say with pride, "I know Korean!" Features of Korean for Beginners are: Learn to read Korean writing with ease. Practical phrases help you converse with confidence. A lighthearted "guide" walks you through, bringing the language to life. Downloadable audio with native Korean speakers help you to speak Korean like a pro. As the more than 1 million Americans who speak Korean can attest, the Korean language is here to stay, and generations of young (and older) adults are determined to learn it. This book is for people who want a grasp of how to speak, write and understand Korean—and who want to enjoy things while they're at it!
Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual
Author: Bobbi Brown
Publisher: Grand Central Life & Style
ISBN: 0446543209
Pages: 232
Year: 2008-12-01
View: 665
Read: 1150
This is the book that Bobbi Brown's fans have been waiting for: her 25-plus years of makeup styling experience distilled into one complete, gorgeous book. Bobbi looks at everything from skincare basics to every aspect of facial makeup--from how to find the right color and type of foundation for any skin tone to how to apply every detail of eye makeup (Brows, Eye Liner, Eye Shadow, and Eye Lashes) no matter your eye color and shape. Of course there are never-before-seen tips on blush, bronzer, lip liners, lipstick, etc. And Bobbi looks beyond the face with informative chapters on "Hands and Feet" and "Body Skin Care." Each chapter has thorough step-by-step basic directions for makeup application and easy-to-follow photographs and line drawings, along with Bobbi's expert, yet assuring, advice. Plus, there's a groundbreaking section of the book that will be of special interest to women who've wanted to know how makeup stylists do what they do: the top beauty secrets only these artists know, essential equipment to keep on hand, how to break into the business, and how to work with photographers and celebrities. Breathtaking photos of the finished faces-from everyday looks to exotic runway style-along with advice on putting it all together for every woman, make this a book like no other. BOBBI BROWN'S MAKEUP MANUAL will be the only book any woman will need to look absolutely fabulous.
One Line a Day (Celestial)
ISBN: 1452164606
Pages: 372
Year: 2017-08-29
View: 279
Read: 904

Goop Clean Beauty
Author: The Editors of GOOP
Publisher: Grand Central Life & Style
ISBN: 1455541567
Pages: 288
Year: 2016-12-27
View: 996
Read: 443
The ultimate beauty guide from the experts at GOOP--the trusted resource for healthy, mindful living, curated by Gwyneth Paltrow Millions of women around the world turn to the clean-living team at GOOP for beauty advice. From nontoxic product recommendations, red carpet- (and everyday-) ready hair and makeup tutorials, to guidance on aging, acne, and antioxidants, GOOP has become the go-to resource for head-to-toe beauty. Finally, the editors of GOOP have shared their top tips and recommendations, favorite detox recipes, workout plans, and hair and makeup looks in one must-have guide. Featuring more than 100 gorgeous photos and extensive Q&As from GOOP's family of expert contributors, GOOP CLEAN BEAUTY will shed a definitive light on the importance of diet, sleep, exercise, and clean beauty products, while offering tactical advice for healthy, glowing skin and hair that starts from the inside out. The first book from the top name in clean-living, GOOP CLEAN BEAUTY is the one resource women need to feel, and look, their best every day.
Author: Jessica Flint, Anna Kavaliunas
ISBN: 0989888266
Pages: 180
Year: 2017-03-21
View: 1002
Read: 617
Matcha: A Lifestyle Guide offers everything one needs to enjoy the green goodness at a matcha bar or in the home kitchen.
The Japanese Skincare Revolution
Author: Chizu Saeki, Kay Yokota, Hirokazu Takayama
Publisher: Kodansha USA Incorporated
ISBN: 1568364067
Pages: 126
Year: 2012
View: 394
Read: 401
Reveals natural, low-cost skincare techniques commonly employed by Japanese women, featuring muscle and lymph massages, cleansing and washing instructions, and the three-minute lotion mask.
The Ultimate Guide to the Face Yoga Method
Author: Fumiko Takatsu
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1491015896
Pages: 172
Year: 2013-09-05
View: 931
Read: 1319
The Face Yoga Method is practiced all over the world and has helped thousands of women and men to exercise their way to a younger more vibrant face without any fillers or injections. Fumiko Takatsu is a world renowned Face Yoga teacher and creator of the Face Yoga Method. She will show you how to reshape your jawline, define your cheeks, align your smile, turn up the corners of your mouth, smooth out forehead lines and eliminate under eye circles in just eight minutes a day.
The University of Chicago Spanish Dictionary
Pages: 586
Year: 2003
View: 429
Read: 757
A Spanish-English, English-Spanish dictionary that contains thousands of terms including slang and provides guides to pronunciation, grammar, suffixes, and regular, irregular, and orthographic changing verbs. Covers International Spanish and American English.
Leading Ladies of Makeup Effects
Author: Patricia L. Terry, Gary Christensen
ISBN: 0999343203
Year: 2017-10-15
View: 323
Read: 1068
The first book ever to compile the biographies of 26 prominent Women in makeup effects for film and television. These "portraits" honor Oscar winners, Emmy winners, and introduces Emerging Artists, the possible award-winners of tomorrow.
Making Faces
Author: Kevyn Aucoin
Publisher: Turtleback Books
ISBN: 1417818271
Pages: 159
Year: 1999-09-01
View: 625
Read: 1131
America's preeminent makeup artist shares his secrets, explaining not only the basics of makeup application and technique but also how to use the fundamentals to create a wide range of different looks. 200 color photos & sketches.
Health Behavior
Author: Godfrey Martin Hochbaum
Pages: 68
Year: 1970
View: 762
Read: 1207

Radical Artifice
Author: Marjorie Perloff
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226657345
Pages: 248
Year: 1994-06-25
View: 378
Read: 579
Explores the intricate relationships of postmodern poetics to the culture of network television, advertising layout, and the computer. Perloff argues that poetry today, like the visual arts and theater, is always "contaminated" by the language of mass media. Among the many poets Perloff discusses are John Ashbery, George Oppen, Susan Howe, Clark Coolidge, Lyn Hejinian, Leslie Scalapino, Charles Bernstein, Johanna Drucker, Steve McCaffery, and preeminently, John Cage--Publisher.
Sleep Tight, Little Wolf - Jal Ja, Kkoma Neugdaeya. Bilingual Children's Book (English - Korean)
Author: Ulrich Renz, Barbara Brinkmann
ISBN: 3739915390
Pages: 28
Year: 2015-10-14
View: 367
Read: 1300
Tim can't fall asleep. His little wolf is missing! Perhaps he forgot him outside? Tim heads out all alone into the night-- and unexpectedly encounters some friends.

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