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Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean
Author: Edward Kritzler
Publisher: Aurum Press
ISBN: 1781313768
Pages: 336
Year: 2014-04-04
View: 155
Read: 927
At the end of the fifteenth century, the Spanish Inquisition forced many Jews to flee the country. The most adventurous among them took to the high seas as freewheeling outlaws. In ships bearing names such as Prophet Samuel, Queen Esther, and Shield of Abraham, they attacked and plundered the Spanish fleet while forming alliances with other European powers to ensure the safety of Jews living in hiding. Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean is the entertaining saga of a hidden chapter in Jewish history, and of the cruelty, terror and greed that flourished during the Age of Discovery. Among the many daring figures to feature in the book are: ‘the Great Jewish Pirate’ Sinan, Barbarossa’s second-in-command; Rabbi Samuel Palache and his brother, Joseph, who went from commanding pirate ships to founding the first openly Jewish community in the New World; and Abraham Cohen Henriques, and arms dealer who used his cunning and economic muscle to find safe havens for other Jews. Filled with high-seas adventures including encounters with Captain Morgan and other legendary pirates – and detailed portraits of cities stacked high with plunder, such as Port Royal, Jamaica, Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean captures a gritty and glorious era of history from an unusual and eye opening perspective.
Black Feminist Thought
Author: Patricia Hill Collins
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135960135
Pages: 283
Year: 2002-06-01
View: 523
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In spite of the double burden of racial and gender discrimination, African-American women have developed a rich intellectual tradition that is not widely known. In Black Feminist Thought, Patricia Hill Collins explores the words and ideas of Black feminist intellectuals as well as those African-American women outside academe. She provides an interpretive framework for the work of such prominent Black feminist thinkers as Angela Davis, bell hooks, Alice Walker, and Audre Lorde. The result is a superbly crafted book that provides the first synthetic overview of Black feminist thought.
A Path Less Traveled
Author: Cathy Bryant
Publisher: Wordvessel Press
ISBN: 0984431128
Pages: 314
Year: 2010-10
View: 1110
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Trish James is tired of being rescued. When a spooked horse claims her husband's life, she's determined to blaze a path for herself and her traumatized son without outside help. But will that mean leaving the place etched on her heart? Andy Tyler has had to struggle for everything, and starting a new law practice in Miller's Creek, Texas is no different. Though prepared for business challenges, he's not prepared for falling in love--especially with yet another woman who will probably abandon him for her career. Will Andy and Trish be able to see past their limited human understanding to take a path less traveled?
Dictionary of Contemporary Mythology
Author: William Harwood
Publisher: World Audience Inc
ISBN: 1544601409
Pages: 600
Year: 2017-03-10
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Hold it! Sit! Stay! That’s better. No, I am not suggesting that you go to the New York Times and tell them, “I have a book, written by the devil. Only he’s not really the devil. He’s an extra-terrestrial. And he’s not evil. He’s God’s good brother. It’s God who is evil.” Do you think I came to you to have you put in a funny farm? You’re to publish my manuscript under your own name, as science fiction. Isn’t science fiction the only format under which any sane moral philosophy could be published for the past fifty years? You agree? I am so glad. I have to go now. The Overlords are waiting to take me home.
Texas Roads
Author: Cathy Bryant
Publisher: Wordvessel Press
ISBN: 0984431101
Pages: 287
Year: 2010-03
View: 601
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Dani Davis wants a place to call home. With quaint country charm, quirky residents, and business potential, Miller's Creek seems like the perfect place to start over. . .except for the cowboy who gives her a ride into town. Then malicious rumors and a devastating discovery propel her down a road she never expected to travel. Cowboy mayor Steve Miller is determined to rescue his dying hometown. When vandals threaten the downtown renovation, he can't help but suspect Dani whose strange behavior has become fodder for local gossips. Can Steve and Dani call a truce for a higher cause, and in the process help Dani discover the true meaning of home?
The Dissertation
Author: Iain Borden
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136358390
Pages: 344
Year: 2006-08-14
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The Dissertation is one of the most demanding yet potentially most stimulating components of an architectural course. Properly done, it can be a valuable contribution not only to the students own learning development but also to the field of architecture as a whole. This book provides a complete guide to what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and the major pitfalls involved. This is a comprehensive guide to all that an architecture student might need to know about undertaking the dissertation, including new material on CD-ROM and online sources, web based research techniques, digital images, alternative imaging strategies, key architecture links, referencing and new dissertation extracts. It clearly navigates the student through the whole process of writing, preparing and submitting a dissertation, as well as suggesting what to do after the dissertation has been completed. Subjects covered include how to write a proposal, which research methodologies and techniques to adopt, which libraries and archives to utilize (including special architectural resources on the net), as well as how to structure, reference and illustrate the final submission. The authors also take architecture students into new terrain, suggesting alternative methods of undertaking dissertations, whether as video, prose writing, multimedia or other forms of expression. Furthermore, this guide includes new examples of exemplary dissertations of all kinds, as completed by students in Europe and North America so that the reader can clearly see the kinds of work which they themselves might choose to pursue. Also in the Seriously Useful Guides Series: * The Crit * The The Portfolio * Practical Experience
The Way of Grace
Author: Cathy Bryant
Publisher: Wordvessel Press
ISBN: 0984431144
Pages: 320
Year: 2012-09-01
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In pursuit of justice, in need of grace . . . A justice-seeking perfectionist pursues her dream of a perfect life in her hometown of Miller's Creek, Texas. Sidetracked by her desire to be a prosecuting attorney, Grace Soldano launches into uncharted waters, making herself over to please her boss and mentor. Then a disheveled free spirit turns her perfectly ordered world upside down, challenging the concept of personal goodness. A fall from perfection leaves her teetering between vengeance and grace, caught in a deadly crossfire that leaves her dreams in a heap of ashes. Can she learn to joyfully accept the life God has given her--far from perfect--but one completely immersed in His grace?
Whores of the Court
Author: Margaret A. Hagen
Publisher: Harpercollins
ISBN: 0060391979
Pages: 338
Year: 1997-01-01
View: 1186
Read: 702
Argues that expert psychological testimony in the courtroom is a total fraud and is a discipline that represents a retreat into fantasy and hearsay
Pilgrimage of Promise
Author: Cathy Bryant
Publisher: Wordvessel Press
ISBN: 0984431160
Pages: 306
Year: 2013-03-01
View: 706
Read: 1233
Broken promises, enduring love... A dusty stack of unopened love letters forces Bo and Mona Beth Miller to revisit a part of their past they'd rather leave buried-especially in the face of death. Only as they retrace history will they learn the truth about the shattered promise that threatens to come between them. But can their relationship endure the deception and sabotage they unearth, or will the experience compel them to trust more fully in the promises that never fail?
A Difficult Young Man: Text Classics
Author: Martin Boyd
Publisher: Text Publishing
ISBN: 1921921757
Pages: 240
Year: 2012-04-26
View: 415
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Winner, Australian Literature Society Gold Medal in 1956. Introduction by Sonya Hartnett. 'Nearly everyone between the ages of eighteen and thirty turns against his family and wants to escape from it. When he is sixty he wants to creep back to the nursery fireside, but it is no longer there.' Handsome, proud, reprehensible, misunderstood. Dominic Langton is the dark heart of A Difficult Young Man. His brother Guy can scarcely understand where he fits into the pattern of things or what he might do next. Martin Boyd's much loved novel is an elegant, witty and compelling family tale about the contradictions of growing up. Martin Boyd was born in Switzerland in 1893 into a family that was to achieve fame in the Australian arts. His first novel, Love Gods, was published in 1925. Three years later The Montforts appeared, under the pseudonym Martin Mills. International success came with Lucinda Brayford, followed by the Langton Quartet: The Cardboard Crown, A Difficult Young Man, Outbreak of Love, When Blackbirds Sing. In 1957 he went to Rome, where he lived and continued to write until his death in 1972. Sonya Hartnett is the author of many books for children and adults, including Of a Boy and The Midnight Zoo. Her most recent novel is The Children of the King. She lives in Melbourne. 'Few writers, it could be argued, have ever cannibalised life for their art as ruthlessly and consistently as did Martin Boyd; and few are born into situations which lend themselves so readily to art...By the time he wrote A Difficult Young Man, focusing the cool spotlight of his attention on his brother Merric as well as more sharply on himself, Boyd had form as a writer whose true gift lay not in the power of his imagination, but in the brilliance of his ancestral inheritance.' Sonya Hartnett 'Urbane, witty and eminently civilised...a subtle and beautifully observed social comedy.' Times Literary Supplement
Moral Combat
Author: Sikivu Hutchinson
ISBN: 1427648018
Pages: 200
Year: 2011-01-01
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Writings on Art and Literature
Author: Sigmund Freud
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804729735
Pages: 290
Year: 1997
View: 473
Read: 511
Despite Freud's enormous influence on twentieth-century interpretations of the humanities, there has never before been in English a complete collection of his writings on art and literature. These fourteen essays cover the entire range of his work on these subjects, in chronological order beginning with his first published analysis of a work of literature, the 1907 "Delusion and Dreams in Jensen's Gradiva" and concluding with the 1940 posthumous publication of "Medusa's Head." Many of the essays included in this collection have been crucial in contemporary literary and art criticism and theory. Among the subjects Freud engages are Shakespeare's Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, King Lear, and Macbeth, Goethe's Dichtung und Wahrheit, Michelangelo's Moses, E. T. A. Hoffman's "The Sand Man," Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, fairy tales, the effect of and the meaning of beauty, mythology, and the games of aestheticization. All texts are drawn from The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud, edited by James Strachey. The volume includes the notes prepared for that edition by the editor. In addition to the writings on Jensen's Gradiva and Medusa, the essays are: "Psychopathic Characters on the Stage," "The Antithetical Meaning of Primal Words," "The Occurrence in Dreams of Material from Fairy Tales," "The Theme of the Three Caskets," "The Moses of Michelangelo," "Some Character Types Met with in Psycho-analytic Work," "On Transience," "A Mythological Parallel to a Visual Obsession," "A Childhood Recollection from Dichtung und Wahrheit," "The Uncanny," "Dostoevsky and Parricide," and "The Goethe Prize."
Secret Rituals of the Men In Black
Author: A.H. Greenfield
Publisher: Рипол Классик
ISBN: 5881785428
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Liberty's Dawn
Author: Emma Griffin
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300194811
Pages: 314
Year: 2013-03-15
View: 795
Read: 821
DIVThis remarkable book looks at hundreds of autobiographies penned between 1760 and 1900 to offer an intimate firsthand account of how the Industrial Revolution was experienced by the working class. The Industrial Revolution brought not simply misery and poverty. On the contrary, Griffin shows how it raised incomes, improved literacy, and offered exciting opportunities for political action. For many, this was a period of new, and much valued, sexual and cultural freedom./divDIV /divDIVThis rich personal account focuses on the social impact of the Industrial Revolution, rather than its economic and political histories. In the tradition of best-selling books by Liza Picard, Judith Flanders, and Jerry White, Griffin gets under the skin of the period and creates a cast of colorful characters, including factory workers, miners, shoemakers, carpenters, servants, and farm laborers./div
The Rite of Sodomy
Author: Randy Engel
ISBN: 0977860175
Year: 2011
View: 756
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