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A Lifetime of Dissent
Author: Raymond J. Gonzales
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1425731325
Pages: 319
Year: 2006
View: 714
Read: 824
A collection of articles previously published in other sources, spanning forty years of the author's career.
The Human Body
Author: Barbara A. Somervill, Carol Ryback
Publisher: Gareth Stevens
ISBN: 0836884418
Pages: 48
Year: 2007-07-07
View: 232
Read: 179
Examines the structure of the human body and how its systems work together, with information about how to keep ones body fit and healthy.
Decision Making Using Lotus 1-2-3
Author: Donald Amoroso
Publisher: McGraw-Hill College
ISBN: 0070015740
Pages: 287
Year: 1993-01-01
View: 1038
Read: 1143

An Artist's Honor
Author: Octave Feuillet
Publisher: W. Bryce
Pages: 209
Year: 1890
View: 428
Read: 348

Author: Simon Stafford, Lark Books
Publisher: Lark Books (NC)
ISBN: 1600593259
Pages: 415
Year: 2008
View: 895
Read: 1240
Guide to the Nikon D300 digital camera, explaining features and controls, image quality and formats, shooting modes, menu nevigation and custom settings, choosing the best focus mode, flesh photography, setting exposure and white balance right and much more.
The Presidential Campaign Film
Author: Joanne Morreale
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
ISBN: 027595580X
Pages: 206
Year: 1996
View: 491
Read: 1127
Traces the development of the documentary films produced for presidential candidates from Calvin Coolidge in 1923 to George Bush and Bill Clinton in 1992. The work analyses the production of candidates' images as the films evolve from classical to modern forms.
Muslims, Mongols and Crusaders
Author: Hawting
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415450969
Pages: 282
Year: 2007-07-01
View: 501
Read: 1333
The period from about 1100 to 1350 in the Middle East was marked by continued interaction between the local Muslim rulers and two groups of non-Muslim invaders: the Frankish crusaders from Western Europe and the Mongols from northeastern Asia. In deflecting the threat those invaders presented, a major role was played by the Mamluk state which arose in Egypt and Syria in 1250. The Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies has, from 1917 onwards, published several articles pertaining to the history of this period by leading historians of the region, and this volume reprints some of the most important and interesting of them for the convenience of students and scholars.
Author: Matt Fraction, Rick Remender, Howard Chaykin
Publisher: Marvel Enterprises
ISBN: 0785130225
Pages: 144
Year: 2008-12-31
View: 1125
Read: 927
All the players are assembled...the stage is set...the lights are lowered...and a conspiracy 18 issues in the making begins. This is it: the ultimate revenge saga as designed and engineered by Punisher's arch-rival, Jigsaw! He's killed off the loose ends from Frank Castle's life before the Punisher; he's replacing him on the streets with a leaner, meaner psychotic; and now Jiggy's taking out everyone and everything that Castle holds dear and framing him for it. And this is just the bloody beginning. Collects Punisher War Journal #18-23.
Brush decoration
Author: Marc Bellaire
Publisher: Ceramics Monthly
Pages: 64
Year: 1964-01-01
View: 539
Read: 336

The Key to Experiencing Christ--the Human Spirit
Author: Witness Lee
Publisher: Living Stream Ministry
ISBN: 0736301828
Pages: 14
Year: 1993-01-01
View: 1321
Read: 267

Introduction to Market Research Using the SAS System
Publisher: Sas Inst
ISBN: 1555446221
Pages: 180
Year: 1994
View: 730
Read: 1056
Loaded with examples, this book is for anyone interested in learning how to use SAS software for market research. It focuses on ways to help you analyze your market, enabling you to perform random sampling, create survey forms and manage survey data, analyze qualitative frequency data, write tabular reports and produce plots, charts, and maps, perform basic statistical analysis including regression, and access database tables and files.
Luke: The Cowboy Heir
Author: Patricia Thayer
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426826559
Pages: 192
Year: 2009-01-01
View: 825
Read: 586
Luke never saw himself as a cowboy. But he is a Randell, and the land is in his blood. Now it's calling him back. Blond beauty Tess Meyers is waiting for Luke. Ready to fight for the ranch she and her little daughter call home. She thought she was prepared, but that was before she caught the piercing gaze of the tycoon cowboy…. The businessman in Luke would evict them without a care. But the cowboy in him has different ideas. They come with his land—and he's here to lay claim to what's his.
Healthy Fats for Life
Author: Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe, Karlene Karst
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0470834897
Pages: 247
Year: 2004-02-11
View: 1031
Read: 175
You CAN eat fat and be healthy! For years we have been told that "fat" is bad for us. But the low-fat and no-fat-diets designed to improve our health have instead created an overweight society with skyrocketing rates of heart disease and diabetes. Recent scientific research has shown that certain types of essential fatty acids (EFAs) — healthy fats — improve immune and hormone functions, and play a vital role in treating all forms of degenerative disease, including cancer. Healthy Fats for Life will help you to understand the difference between "good" fats and "bad" fats, while providing a simple plan for obtaining essential fats to reach optimum health. Learn how to: reduce your weight lower your cholesterol control your diabetes prevent heart disease reduce the risk of cancer improve brain function develop stronger bones increase your longevity eliminate arthritis symptoms protect the prostate improve fertility give birth to a healthier baby You'll discover the important role of essential fatty acids for health and learn how to easily incorporate them into your diet to reduce the risks of disease.
Inner Journeys
Author: Gloria Chadwick
ISBN: 1883717264
Pages: 236
Year: 2008-07
View: 1233
Read: 523
Meditation, in the form of guided visualization, can take you on many wonderful inner journeys that lead you into the multidimensional worlds within you. The meditations inside this book invite you to travel on wings of illumination into your heart, mind, and soul as they inspire and empower you on your path of self-discovery and spiritual awareness. Once upon a time, somewhere inside your soul, you knew everything there was to know. Meditating can help you bring forth your inner knowings to reopen all the spiritual knowledge you have within you. These meditations share with you the harmony of your body, mind, and spirit, showing how they're intricately connected. They're offered to illuminate and guide your way as you travel an inner journey on a magical, mystical path to remembering your spiritual knowledge and reawakening your spiritual self. http: //

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