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Rosie Revere, Engineer
Author: Andrea Beaty
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 1613125305
Pages: 32
Year: 2013-09-03
View: 1040
Read: 793
Rosie may seem quiet during the day, but at night she’s a brilliant inventor of gizmos and gadgets who dreams of becoming a great engineer. When her great-great-aunt Rose (Rosie the Riveter) comes for a visit and mentions her one unfinished goal—to fly—Rosie sets to work building a contraption to make her aunt’s dream come true. But when her contraption doesn’t fly but rather hovers for a moment and then crashes, Rosie deems the invention a failure. On the contrary, Aunt Rose insists that Rosie’s contraption was a raging success: you can only truly fail, she explains, if you quit. From the powerhouse author-illustrator team of Iggy Peck, Architect comes Rosie Revere, Engineer, another charming, witty picture book about believing in yourself and pursuing your passion. Praise for Rosie Revere, Engineer"Comically detailed mixed-media illustrations that keep the mood light and emphasize Rosie’s creativity at every turn."—Publishers Weekly "The detritus of Rosie’s collections is fascinating, from broken dolls and stuffed animals to nails, tools, pencils, old lamps and possibly an erector set. And cheddar-cheese spray." —Kirkus Reviews "This celebration of creativity and perseverance is told through rhyming text, which gives momentum and steady pacing to a story, consistent with the celebration of its heroine, Rosie. She’s an imaginative thinker who hides her light under a bushel (well, really, the bed) after being laughed at for one of her inventions." —Booklist Award 2013 Parents' Choice Award - GOLD 2014 Amelia Bloomer Project List ReadBoston's Best Read Aloud Book

ISBN: 0763689793
View: 216
Read: 167

Cider with Rosie
Author: Laurie Lee
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497641349
Pages: 215
Year: 2014-06-10
View: 870
Read: 944
This international-bestselling memoir of childhood in post–World War I rural England is one of the most endearing portraits of youth in all literature. Three years old and wrapped in a Union Jack to protect him from the sun, Laurie Lee arrived in the village of Slad in the final summer of the First World War. The cottage his mother had rented for three and sixpence a week had neither running water nor electricity, but it was surrounded by a lovely half-acre garden and, most importantly, it was big enough for the seven children in her care. It was here, in a verdant valley tucked into the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, that Laurie Lee learned to look at life with a painter’s eye and a poet’s heart—qualities of vision that, decades later, would make him one of England’s most cherished authors. In this vivid recollection of a magical time and place, water falls from the scullery pump “sparkling like liquid sky.” Autumn is more than a season—it is a land eternally aflame, like Moses’s burning bush. Every midnight, on a forlorn stretch of heath, a phantom carriage reenacts its final, wild ride. And, best of all, the first secret sip of cider, “juice of those valleys and of that time,” leads to a boy’s first kiss, “so dry and shy, it was like two leaves colliding in air.” An instant classic when it was first published in 1959, Cider with Rosie is one of the most endearing and evocative portraits of youth in all of literature. The first installment in an autobiographical trilogy that includes As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning and A Moment of War, it is also a heartfelt and lyrical ode to England, and to a way of life that may belong to the past, but will never be forgotten.
Ballerina Rosie
Author: Sarah Ferguson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1442430672
Pages: 32
Year: 2012-08-28
View: 573
Read: 336
From New York Times bestselling author Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, this eBook with audio stars a lovable and spunky character who will inspire prima ballerinas everywhere! More than anything, Rosie loves to dance and wants to be a prima ballerina. But when she enrolls in ballet school, she can’t seem to master the plié or balance her arabesque. Never mind the grand jeté! Is there any hope for Rosie’s big dreams? With charming text from Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, and delightful illustrations from Caldecott Honoree Diane Goode, this eBook with audio tells an encouraging story of an aspiring dancer that will have readers asking for an encore.
Herman and Rosie
Author: Gus Gordon
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
ISBN: 1466845155
Pages: 32
Year: 2013-10-15
View: 1025
Read: 1019
Once upon a time in a very busy city, on a very busy street, in two very small apartments, lived... Herman and Rosie. Herman liked playing the oboe, the smell of hot dogs in the winter, and watching films about the ocean. Rosie liked pancakes, listening to old jazz records, and watching films about the ocean. They both loved the groovy rhythm of the city, but sometimes the bustling crowds and constant motion left them lonely, until one night ... A Neal Porter Book
Rosie, A Detroit Herstory
Author: Bailey Sisoy Isgro
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
ISBN: 081434545X
Pages: 40
Year: 2018-08-20
View: 462
Read: 795
For young readers, an illustrated true story about the women workers of World War II.
Author: Anne Lamott
ISBN: 1742582516
Pages: 275
Year: 2011
View: 916
Read: 340
A year ago Rosie's dad died; but this young girl, wild of hair, smart of mouth and with an open heart, is busy embracing the world. Unfortunately her mother Elizabeth is finding the business of living much more difficult. Rosie is part of Ann Lamott's best-selling trilogy about a mother and daughter and how Elizabeth and Rosie, two forceful and complex people, rebuild their family of two.
A Surprise for Rosie
Author: Julia Rawlinson
ISBN: 158925046X
Pages: 32
Year: 2005
View: 1188
Read: 719
Rosie Rabbit goes out exploring to discover the surprise that Daddy Rabbit says he has for her.
Author: Stephanie Calmenson, Justin Sutcliffe
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0395927226
Pages: 48
Year: 1998-09-21
View: 918
Read: 217
Tells the story of Rosie, a working dog, who has the job of cheering up the people she visits in homes, hospitals, schools, and nursing homes
Ring Around the Rosie . . . !
Author: Gyeorgos C. Hatonn
ISBN: 1569350604
Pages: 224
Year: 1995-12-01
View: 631
Read: 528

Author: James Parish
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1981873619
Pages: 332
Year: 2018-04-30
View: 730
Read: 646
Part of the Encore Film Book Classics series, this is a reprint of the original text to Rosie: Rosie O'Donnell's Biography by James Robert Parish. Rosie presents in detail the captivating story of how a young woman from Commack, Long Island became a first-class jokester. Following Rosie's path on the highly competitive comedy club and television circuit, this dimensional biography also looks at O'Donnell's Hollywood films (e.g., League of Their Own, Sleepless in Seattle, The Flintstones). From the death of her mother when Rosie was age ten to her troubled relationship with her Irish-born father, here is the story of well-earned professional triumphs and the price of fame. This book provides a behind-the-scenes account of the talented and driven comic who won the hearts of so many just by making them laugh. It also focuses on how this outspoken celebrity became a dynamic national figure as the hostess of her highly-rated TV talk show. This is an illuminating and informed account of iconic funster Rosie O'Donnell who observed once of her journey to show business fame, "I never had something to fall back on because I was never going to allow myself to fall back.... You have to know in your heart of heart, 100% sure, that you're going to succeed in order to do it."
Author: Alan Titchmarsh
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471115011
Pages: 320
Year: 2012-08-30
View: 1250
Read: 592
'The voice on the other end of the phone was severe. "It's your grandmother ... She's been arrested." ' Nick Robertson has become used to his grandmother Rosie's dotty behaviour. At 86, a widow now, she is determined that before life passes her by, she will live a little. Or, preferably, a lot. It wouldn't be so bad if Nick had nothing else to do, but with a job to find, two warring parents to cope with and a love life in terminal decline, he would prefer his grandmother to get on with things quietly. But, Rosie insists, there is no time like the present. Life is to be enjoyed to the full and to hell with the consequences. She'll help Nick find the soulmate he clearly lacks and he can help her make the most of her few remaining years. There is no such thing as the generation gap ... Rosie is another deliciously entertaining novel from the immensely popular author of The Haunting, Folly and Bring Me Home.
Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie
Author: Sophia Grace Brownlee, Rosie McClelland
Publisher: Orchard Books
ISBN: 0545502144
Pages: 40
Year: 2013-02-01
View: 179
Read: 509
Cousins Sophia Grace and Rosie plan a princess tea party, with invitations and costumes.
Rosie and Buttercup
Author: Chieri Uegaki
Publisher: Kids Can Press Ltd
ISBN: 1553379977
Pages: 30
Year: 2008
View: 620
Read: 839
Rosie, reminiscing about what life was like before her little sister Buttercup came along, decides to give Buttercup away to a neighbor, until the unexpected happens!
Author: Rosie O'Donnell
Year: 2002
View: 614
Read: 1035

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