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ISBN: 8504019853
Pages: 216
Year: 2015-12-29
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Personagem da história do futebol internacional, Rogério Ceni marcou a trajetória do São Paulo Futebol Clube e da maior torcida tricolor do país. Ao longo desses 25 anos dedicados ao clube do Morumbi, o torcedor teve a honra de ver grandes feitos: o primeiro gol em Araras, as conquistas da Copa Conmebol e da Libertadores da América, o Mundial de Clubes, o Tri Brasileiro, a defesa da cobrança do Gerrad, o gol 100, o jogo 1.000. Além do espírito de liderança, que contagiava o time e a arquibancada, e da característica entrada em campo ao som da banda de rock AC/DC. Toda a trajetória do goleiro artilheiro é contada agora por meio de fotos, em uma edição para ser passada de pai para filho. "Rogério Ceni M1TO" é um livro do tamanho da paixão do torcedor tricolor por esse ídolo, é um documento para nunca haver dúvida sobre o que foi vivido, para recordar o que foi sentido e para recontar a história. Uma história, de amor incondicional ao escudo, como o de um torcedor na arquibancada, capaz de virar um jogo, liquidar com um rival, mudar um placar adverso ou simplesmente fazer a torcida delirar.
ISBN: 850401987X
Pages: 216
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Este projeto foi pensado para colecionadores. Serão produzidos no mesmo número de gols que o RC fizer. É composto de uma caixa revestida em tecido, livro de capa dura na cor preta, medalha banhada a ouro e uma luva autografada pelo Rogério.
ISBN: 8578883314
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Functional Biopolymers
Author: Vijay Kumar Thakur, Manju Kumari Thakur
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319664174
Pages: 371
Year: 2017-10-25
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This book presents the synthesis, processing and application of selected functional biopolymers as new advanced materials. It reviews theoretical advances as well as experimental results, opening new avenues for researchers in the field of polymers and sustainable materials. The book covers various aspects, including the structural analysis of functional biopolymers based materials; functional biopolymer blends; films, fibers, foams, composites and different advanced applications. A special emphasis is on cellulose-based functional polymers, but other types of functional biopolymers (e.g. from chitosan, starch, or plant oils) are also described.
I Love Hamsters
Author: Harold T. Rober
Publisher: Bumba Books Pets Are the Best
ISBN: 1512415251
Pages: 24
Year: 2016-08
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"Carefully leveled text and fresh, vibrant photos engage young readers in learning about hamsters as pets. Age-appropriate critical thinking questions and a photo glossary help build nonfiction learning skills."
Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day
Author: Jeff Hertzberg, M.D., Zoë François
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1250018307
Pages: 304
Year: 2014-10-21
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The bestselling authors of the groundbreaking Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day bring you a new cookbook with 90 delicious, entirely gluten-free bread recipes made from easy-to-find ingredients. With more than half a million copies of their books in print, Jeff Hertzberg, MD and Zoë François have proven that people want to bake their own bread, so long as they can do it quickly and easily. But what about people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity? They want to eat well too, but gluten is everywhere: in cakes, pastas, desserts, gravy—even in beer and Scotch whiskey. But the thing they miss most? Bread. Based on overwhelming requests from their readers, Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë François have returned to their test kitchens to create an entirely gluten-free bread cookbook—most of the recipes that readers loved in Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day appear here in a gluten-free version. In just five minutes a day of active preparation time, you can create delectable, gluten-free Sandwich loaves. European Peasant Bread, 100% Whole Grain Loaves, French Baguettes, Crock Pot Bread, Caraway "Rye" Bread, Challah, and even fabulous dessert breads like Brioche, Doughnuts, and Sticky Pecan Caramel Rolls. Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day extends their revolutionary stored-dough method to yeasted and unleavened breads made without wheat, barley, or rye. With 90 recipes—plus 100 black-and-white instructional photos and 40 gorgeous color images—the authors adopt the rich palette of world breads to their unique method. With this revolutionary approach, you CAN have mouthwatering gluten-free artisan bread in just five minutes a day!
Arena 13
Author: Joseph Delaney
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448195349
Pages: 304
Year: 2015-06-04
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The first book in the exhilarating new fantasy sequence from Joseph Delaney, the multi-million-selling author of The Spook's Apprentice. Welcome to Arena 13. Here warriors fight. Death is never far away . . . Leif has one ambition: to become the best fighter in the notorious Arena 13. Here, punters place wagers on which fighter will draw first blood. And in grudge matches, they bet on which fighter will die. But the country is terrorized by the creature Hob, an evil being who delights in torturing its people, displaying his devasting power by challenging an Arena 13 combatant in a fight to the death whenever he chooses. And this is exactly what Leif wants . . . For he knows Hob's crimes well. and at the heart of his ambition burns the desire for vengeance. Leif is going to take on the monster who destroyed his family. Even if it kills him.
Batman Beyond
Author: Dan Jurgens
ISBN: 1401270395
Year: 2017-02-28
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Past and present overlap as Batman and Barbara Gordon attempt to unravel the secret of Rewire. It's no longer the same man behind the suit, so who is it? When the mystery of Rewire's identity is revealed, it's an explosive revelation that can only lead to a climactic showdown between Rewire and Batman. However, the two enemies are silently being manipulated by a bigger force. It's a threat that could destroy their home, and the foes must become allies as they fight a much greater villain: Spellbinder! Collects Batman Beyond #13-18.
Crystal Clear
Author: Maurice L. Sievers
Publisher: Sonoran Publishing
ISBN: 1886606013
Pages: 292
Year: 1991
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This book revisits the era of the simple crystal radio set, when a "cat's whisker", piece of galena and a coil of wire were all that was needed to tune in a radio signal. It contains hundreds of photos and magazine ads identifying thousands of crystal radios and detectors made in the U.S. from 1920 to 1950. Company histories are given for the Wireless Specialty Apparatus Company and RCA.
Television is the New Television
Author: Michael Wolff
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 159184813X
Pages: 212
Year: 2015
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A fresh perspective on the ongoing war for media profits, and why the ultimate winners will surprise people Every day brings new headlines about the decline of traditional media powerhouses like Time Inc. and the triumph of digital native media like Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post, and Politico. Old media giants like the New York Times are betting everything on their digital offerings to replace the shrinking revenue from traditional advertising. But the ugly truth, argues Michael Wolff, is that digital media isn't working for any content creator, old or new. Sure, Google and Facebook make a fortune selling online advertising?but they're aggregators, not creators. Both old and new media are barely making any money from online text. And as major advertisers conclude that banner ads next to text basically don't work, they flock back to the one format that still gets big results: television. The value of an eyeball's attention to digital media has plummeted, while the value of a television eyeball continues to increase. Of course television isn't what it used to be?it's now ?an almost unquantifiable flood of video across ever-present multiple screens, witty, informative, specialized, erudite, culturally prescient and perceptive (along with low and empty), that more and more annotates, curates, and informs most aspects, and hours, of our lives.” Wolff shows how the leaders in digital media, from the mighty platforms to brand name magazine and news sites, are now trying to become video producers and to effectively put themselves into the television business as distributors and programmers. Native advertising and sponsored content are the new forms of soap opera. Television, by any other name, is the game everybody is trying to win?from Netflix to YouTube to the Wall Street Journal. The result is both a new golden age of television?a competition for discerning niche audiences willing to pay big fees?and a commodity age, because the more video you make and own, without much regard for quality, the more advertising dollars you accrue. Wolff predicts what will happen during the next few years of this gold rush and war for survival.
Before They Pass Away
Author: Jimmy Nelson
Publisher: TeNeues
ISBN: 3832733183
Pages: 304
Year: 2015
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This is a small format edition of the global bestseller that showcases tribal cultures around the world. With globalization, these societies are to be prized for their distinctive lifestyles, art and traditions. They live in close harmony with nature, now a rarity in our modern era. Jimmy Nelson not only presents us with stunning images of customs and artifacts, but also offers insightful portraits of people who are the guardians of a culture that they--and we--hope will be passed on to future generations in all its glory. Nelson's large-plate field camera captures every intricate detail and fine nuance for posterity. What's more, this splendid pageantry is set against a vivid backdrop of some of the world's most pristine landscapes. English/German/French edition.
The Real Cobalt
Author: Anson Albert Gard
Pages: 128
Year: 1908
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Libertadores Paixao Que Nos Une
Author: Nicholas Vital
ISBN: 856763802X
Pages: 303
Year: 2016-11-03
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A historia completa do mais tradicional torneio de futebol interclubes das américas a copa bridgestone libertadores.
Super Cluck
Author: Jane O'Connor, Robert O'Connor
Publisher: Harper Trophy
ISBN: 0064441628
Pages: 64
Year: 1992-03-01
View: 153
Read: 300
When he adopts an egg left behind on Earth by Chickens from the planet Nestron, Chuck proves that he is no dumb cluck when he defends the egg against a marauding rat. Reprint.
Soccer Around the World
Author: Dale E. Howard
Publisher: Children's Press
ISBN: 0516080466
Pages: 46
Year: 1994
View: 635
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Briefly traces the history of socccer and describes soccer in England, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Cameroon, Korea, and the United States