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Murder Caribbean-Style
Author: Diane Rapp
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1466228024
Pages: 264
Year: 2012-09-22
View: 864
Read: 343
What people are saying: "Sometimes a reader needs to curl up with a deliciously good book and disappear from their own world for awhile. Murder Caribbean-Style spirited me away into a world that oozed with the charms of such exotic locations as Barbados, St. Thomas, Sint Maarten and Puerto Rico. Diane Rapp offers a gift to her readers: She whets an adventurer's appetite with zesty, vivid descriptions of fascinating out-of-the-way places at each port, sites that are unknown to many tourists. We are treated to descriptions of not only the duties of personnel on a cruise ship but, more so, their very human nuances." Review by Doreen Cox. Book Description: When Kayla Sanders accepts a free Caribbean cruise aboard the Aurora, she gets sucked into a modern-day mutiny culminating in the murder of her ex-lover, Patrick MacIntyre. When Kayla was denied a well-deserved promotion, she resigned. Kayla's shipboard friends applauded her bravery, but she knew the truth. Reeling from the painful humiliation inflicted by an unfaithful lover, Kayla welcomed an excuse to run home and hide. Living like a hermit in Colorado she worked days as a typist and wrote a Caribbean guidebook at night. Four years later, Kayla arrives on board her old ship and savors the VIP treatment afforded a published author-until Patrick falls dead at her feet. Plunging into a frenzied investigation to discover the killer before police arrest her friends, Kayla bumps into Steven Young every time she uncovers a clue. They soon join forces to unravel the mystery and spark a fledgling romance. Like a tightrope walker balancing between passion and peril, Kayla risks her life to unearth the truth behind Patrick's death and free herself from his memory. Should she trust Steven and risk another broken heart-or worse?
Maddie's Recipe of Mysteries
Author: Emily Page
ISBN: 0692564934
Pages: 196
Year: 2015-10-29
View: 823
Read: 724
The sweet smell of success... a bitter dose of death! For baker Madeline McDougal, life is sweet, literally. As a bakery owner, Madeline spends her days baking a large variety of tasty treats. A skill passed down to her by her late Mother. Madeline's pastries are a hit with not just locals, but people from all across the country. But as of late... business has been waning. Yet everything changes when Madeline notices that the backdoor of her shop has been tampered with, and is led to an even more gruesome discovery. When the local police chief begins his investigation, Madeline becomes the prime suspect. Is she really a suspect? Or just a pawn in a dangerous game?
The Inconvenient Corpse
Author: Jackie King
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1542900018
Pages: 234
Year: 2017-03-09
View: 838
Read: 1286
If Grace Cassidy had known she was going to find a naked corpse in her hotel bed, lose every penny she had in the world, and encounter zany characters straight from the Mad Hatter's tea party, she might have kept her usual poise when she spotted husband Charlie's mistress at their business convention in San Francisco. She wouldn't have left in a temper to drive up the northern California coast. She certainly wouldn't have stopped at an obscure bed and breakfast called Wimberly Place-or become the prime suspect in a murder investigation.
Dead Wrong
Author: Leighann Dobbs
Publisher: Leighann Dobbs
Pages: 250
Year: 2013-05-02
View: 934
Read: 1000
**** WINNER Best Mystery Romance - 2014 Indie Romance Convention Awards **** There’s more than one secret in the old Blackmoore house. Some have been buried for a long time and some are sitting closer to the surface. Morgan and Fiona Blackmoore enjoy their simple life in the sleepy ocean-side town of Noquitt Maine where they offer herbal remedies and crystal healing for locals and tourists alike. ...Until Morgan is accused of killing the town shrew, Prudence Littlefield. Suddenly the girls find themselves scrambling to find the real killer while they battle a crooked Sheriff, planted evidence, and a long list of suspects that all had a reason to want Prudence dead. Handsome Jake Cooper is new to the Noquitt Maine police force, which is exactly why Fiona Blackmoore doesn't trust him. But with time running out and the evidence against her sister piling up, Fiona has to make a choice - will she trust Jake with her sisters case ... and her own heart? Add in an old mansion on the cliffs of Maine, an attic full of mysterious treasures, and a cat that has the uncanny ability to show up at exactly the right time and Fiona has her hands full proving the Sheriff's accusations about her sister being a murderer are Dead Wrong. This is book 1 in the Blackmoore Sisters Cozy Mystery Series.
The Crêpes of Wrath
Author: Sarah Fox
Publisher: Alibi
ISBN: 042528509X
Pages: 260
Year: 2016-08-16
View: 1002
Read: 748
USA TODAY BESTSELLER • In the debut of a delightful cozy mystery series, Sarah Fox introduces a charming new heroine who finds herself in a sticky situation: stacking pancakes, pouring coffee, and investigating murder. Bonus content: includes original recipes inspired by the Flip Side Pancake House menu! When Marley McKinney’s aging cousin, Jimmy, is hospitalized with pneumonia, she agrees to help run his pancake house while he recovers. With its rustic interior and syrupy scent, the Flip Side Pancake House is just as she pictured it—and the surly chef is a wizard with crêpes. Marley expects to spend a leisurely week or two in Wildwood Cove, the quaint, coastal community where she used to spend her summers, but then Cousin Jimmy is found murdered, sprawled on the rocks beneath a nearby cliff. After she stumbles across evidence of stolen goods in Jimmy’s workshop, Marley is determined to find out what’s really going on in the not-so-quiet town of Wildwood Cove. With help from her childhood crush and her adopted cat, Flapjack, Marley sinks her teeth into the investigation. But if she’s not careful, she’s going to get burned by a killer who’s only interested in serving up trouble. Praise for The Crêpes of Wrath “A very cute start to a new cozy mystery series . . . The red herrings are savory enough to be served as one of the dinner options in beautiful Wildwood Cove.”—Reading Reality “I enjoyed every moment of this mystery from start to finish, and immediately found myself engrossed in Wildwood Cove living. It’s one of those cozy locales that’s a character itself.”—Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries & Meows “I loved the characters, the seaside setting, and the suspense. Throw in some delicious-sounding recipes and a little romance, and this was an all-around wonderful cozy mystery.”—The Book’s the Thing “Cute, action-packed, and engaging.”—Reading is My Superpower “The writing was superb and the plot line was really well developed.”—Melina’s Book Blog “The Crêpes of Wrath is an intriguing whodunit tale that has enough quirky characters, witty banter and humor, drama, secrets, a growing list of suspects, and surprising twists and turns, that it will easily keep you guessing the identity of the murderer.”—Jersey Girl Book Reviews “A wonderful introduction to a brand new cozy mystery series.”—Book Babble “The Crêpes of Wrath is a delightful, intelligent book that proves to be a great start in a new series.”—Cozy Up With Kathy “This is a new cozy series and I think it is going to be a winner.”—Storeybook Reviews
A Special Delivery to Die For
Author: Emily Page
ISBN: 0692587233
Pages: 144
Year: 2015-12-02
View: 879
Read: 752
In an effort to expand her business, bakery owner Madeline McDougal debuts a new Home Delivery service. One of her first stops is the home of local business owner and travel agent Ana Stevens. Upon her arrival however Madeline to her surprise finds the front door of Ana's house open... and later to her shock and horror, she discovers Ana's dead body lying on the floor inside! Determined to find Ana's killer, Madeline and her friends begin to sift through a quartet of suspects. Will the killer catch on and make them their next target?
One Fete in the Grave
Author: Vickie Fee
Publisher: Kensington
ISBN: 1496700678
Pages: 352
Year: 2017-05-30
View: 341
Read: 429
Party planner Liv McKay has outdone herself this time. She’s put together an unforgettable Fourth of July celebration for the town of Dixie, Tennessee—including breathtaking fireworks and an exciting Miss Dixie Beauty Pageant. Maybe a little too exciting. As the party is winding down, Liv’s sense of triumph fizzles when the body of town councilman Bubba Rowland is discovered on the festival grounds. And now the prime suspect in his murder is Liv’s mother’s fiancé, Earl, who had a flare-up recently with Bubba. To clear Earl’s name, Liv and her best friend Di burst into action to smoke out the real killer before another life is extinguished . . . “A small Southern town with charm as well as bodies provides a terrific backdrop for two appealing sleuths. Down home and delightful.” —Carolyn Hart
Yews with Caution
Author: Kate Collins
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698185102
Pages: 336
Year: 2017-05-30
View: 249
Read: 1157
Flower shop owner Abby Knight is out to help a friend in need but soon finds herself in the weeds… The Spring of Abby’s Discontent It’s April in New Chapel, and Abby and her husband, Marco, are off to buy shrubs for their new house. But the owner of the local landscaping company is nowhere to be found. Abby’s best friend, Nikki, meanwhile, believes she unwittingly helped a group of her hospital coworkers conspire to kill the man. After the police get involved, Nikki becomes a suspect. Abby digs deeper for clues to save her friend only to discover bushels of folks bearing a deep-rooted hatred for the two-faced business owner. Marco attempts to help Abby with the case but soon falls critically ill. Now Abby must find the real culprit on her own before everything goes to pot…
Death at Victoria Dock
Author: Kerry Greenwood
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press Inc
ISBN: 1464207593
Pages: 263
Year: 2017-01-03
View: 675
Read: 1125
Driving home late one night, Phryne Fisher is surprised when someone shoots out her windscreen. She alights to finds a pretty young man with an anarchist tattoo dying on the tarmac just outside the dock gates. He bleeds to death in her arms...and all over her silk shirt. Enraged by the loss of the clothing, the damage to her car, and this senseless waste of human life, Phryne promises to find out who is responsible. But she doesn't yet know how deeply into the mire she'll have to go: bank robbery, tattoo parlours, pubs, spiritualist halls, and Anarchists. Then when someone kidnaps her cherished companion, Dot, Phryne will stop at nothing to retrieve her.
Little Black Book of Murder
Author: Nancy Martin
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101614056
Pages: 416
Year: 2013-08-06
View: 279
Read: 259
Society columnist Nora Blackbird is thrust into the world of celebrity tabloid gossip when a billionaire buys the farm…. Nora’s assigned to write a profile on billionaire fashion designer Swain Starr, who recently retired to build a high-tech organic farm with his new wife, Zephyr, a former supermodel. But before Nora can get the story, the mogul is murdered. And now her boss wants her to snap up an exclusive on who killed Starr before the cops do. But solving this murder won’t be easy with a family as colorful as Nora’s. Mick, her sort-of husband, is associating with unsavory characters from his past. Her sister Libby is transforming into a stage mom for her diabolical twins. And Emma, the youngest Blackbird, is mysteriously kicked out of the house by Mick. Nora’s home life may be hogging the spotlight, but there’s also a matter of Starr’s missing pig, which just might be the key to solving this mystery and the way Nora can bring home the bacon….
The Bilbao Looking Glass
Author: Charlotte MacLeod
Publisher: Overamstel Uitgevers
ISBN: 9049982905
Year: 2012-11-27
View: 251
Read: 365
Sarah finds a strange mirror that, though unbroken, proves to be very bad luck According to Max Bittersohn, he and Sarah Kelling have witnessed enough murder and unhappiness, so it’s high time they got married. And though Sarah hasn’t yet agreed to such drastic measures, she invites Max to summer with her at Ireson’s Landing. But they haven’t been in the house ten minutes when they stumble upon summer’s first mystery—a mint-condition, antique Spanish mirror that is tremendously rare and valuable. Sarah has never seen it before and she doesn’t know how it ended up in the summerhouse, but the sleuthing couple will soon find this looking glass to be more troublesome than anything Lewis Carroll ever invented. As the zany Kelling clan descends on Ireson’s Landing, Sarah and her beau try to uncover the mystery of the Bilbao looking glass—a quest that is disrupted when a vicious next-door neighbor is found hacked to death with a woodshed ax. By summer’s end, Sarah and Max will learn that some murders can be solved simply by looking in the mirror.
Them Bones
Author: Carolyn Haines
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 030749179X
Pages: 336
Year: 2009-01-21
View: 781
Read: 651
Meet Sarah Booth Delaney, an unconventional Southern belle whose knack for uncovering the truth is about to make her the hottest detective in Zinnia, Mississippi . . . if it doesn't make her the deadest. No self-respecting lady would allow herself to end up in Sarah Booth’s situation. Unwed, unemployed, and over thirty, she’s flat broke and about to lose the family plantation. Not to mention being haunted by the ghost of her great-great-grandmother’s nanny, who never misses an opportunity to remind her of her sorry state—or to suggest a plan of action, like ransoming her friend’s prize pooch to raise some cash. But soon Sarah Booth’s walk on the criminal side leads her deeper into unladylike territory, and she’s hired to solve a murder. Did gorgeous, landed Hamilton Garrett V really kill his mother twenty years ago? And if so, what is Sarah Booth doing falling for this possible murderer? When she asks one too many questions and a new corpse turns up, she is suddenly a suspect herself . . . and Sarah Booth finds that digging up the bones of the past could leave her rolling over in her grave.
Deadly Devotion (Port Aster Secrets Book #1)
Author: Sandra Orchard
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441241833
Pages: 384
Year: 2013-06-01
View: 1289
Read: 579
Research scientist Kate Adams and her colleague Daisy are on the brink of a breakthrough for treating depression with herbal medicine when Daisy suddenly dies. Kate knows that if it hadn't been for Daisy's mentorship, she wouldn't have the job she loves or the faith she clings to. So when police rule Daisy's death a suicide, Kate is determined to unearth the truth. Former FBI agent Tom Parker finds it hard to adjust to life back in his hometown of Port Aster. Though an old buddy gives him a job as a detective on the local police force, not everyone approves. Tom's just trying to keep a low profile, so when Kate Adams demands he reopen the investigation of her friend's death, he knows his job is at stake. In fact, despite his attraction to her, Tom thinks Kate looks a bit suspicious herself. As evidence mounts, a web of intrigue is woven around the sleepy town of Port Aster. Can Kate uncover the truth? Or will Tom stand in her way?
Thieves of Ostia
Author: Caroline Lawrence
Publisher: Paw Prints
ISBN: 144203503X
Pages: 152
Year: 2009-07-10
View: 287
Read: 695
Set in 79 A.D., Flavia Gemina, a young girl from a wealthy family, finds herself involved in a strange mystery with a slave and an orphan after the neighborhood dogs start dying and a home in her community is robbed. Reprint.
Sylvia's Secret
Author: Scott Evans
Publisher: Port Yonder Books
ISBN: 1935600311
Pages: 290
Year: 2013-04-01
View: 1310
Read: 169
Sylvia's Secret is a fast-paced psychological murder mystery set mostly in London and Devon during mid-December. Based on several years of research, this fictional work weaves historical information into a dark and intriguing plot that explores Sylvia Plath's struggle with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, as well as the actual circumstances of her death. The research has unearthed a little-known fact about Plath that, when revealed, may provide answers not just for those interested in the tragic author of The Bell Jar, but also for anyone who suffers with depression and mental illness. Rated PG14 for some strong language, light sensuality, and adult themes. "Scott Evans knows all about the collisions between the literary, commercial, and academic worlds and he blends them seamlessly in this intriguing tale of trust, betrayal, and redemption." - John Lescroart, New York Times bestselling author known for his series of legal and crime thrillers featuring the characters Dismas Hardy, Abe Glitsky and Wyatt Hunt. "Nothing is ever as it seems and mental aberrations are sometimes mirrors across time. This is a fine continuation of the Joe Conrad saga, and it will confuse and delight." - David Lloyd Sutton, reviewer for the Sacramento and SF Book Reviews

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