Pyrotechnicon Being A True Account Of Cyrano De Bergeracs Further Adventures Among The States And Empires Of The Stars Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Author: Adam Browne
Publisher: Keith Stevenson
ISBN: 0987158724
Pages: 264
Year: 2012
View: 1081
Read: 1036
Cyrano de Bergerac: lover, poet, inventor, swordsman - man of ferocious blade and pretty talent. Now it can be told: his final, most daring adventure - a fight to the death against the dread Master of Secrets, with the life of his beloved Roxane in the balance.
The Every Boy
Author: Dana Adam Shapiro
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0547346743
Pages: 224
Year: 2007-02-28
View: 769
Read: 1126
In this addictive and highly original debut novel a fifteen-year-old boy dies mysteriously, leaving behind a secret ledger filled with his darkly comic confessions. Whether fantasizing about being a minority, breaking into his neighbors’ homes, or gunning down an exotic bird, Henry Every’s wayward quest for betterment sometimes bordered on the criminal. Alone now in their suburban house, his father pores over the ledger in a final attempt to connect with the boy he never really knew -- and, more urgently, to figure out how he died. As Harlan Every learns the truth about his son’s many misadventures and transgressions, he also discovers the part he unwittingly played in Henry’s tragic death and the real reason his wife walked out years ago. The story grows into two parallel love stories -- one past, one present -- with drastically different outcomes. Witty and wise, The Every Boy is a page-turning mystery, a love story, an exploration of what it means to be a family, and a one-of-a kind celebration of human individuality.
Tame Animals of Saturn
Author: Adam Browne
ISBN: 0980699894
Year: 2016-04-18
View: 447
Read: 651
A compendium of Fantastical Animals
Geography and Plays
Author: Gertrude Stein
Pages: 419
Year: 1922
View: 1283
Read: 1257

Wild Nights!
Author: Joyce Carol Oates
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061757535
Pages: 272
Year: 2009-10-13
View: 286
Read: 873
New York Times bestselling author Joyce Carol Oates’ imaginative look at the last days of five giants of American literature, now available in a deluxe paperback edition in Ecco’s The Art of the Story Series. Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, Samuel Clemens (“Mark Twain”), Henry James, Ernest Hemingway—Joyce Carol Oates evokes each of these American literary icons in this work of prose fiction, poignantly and audaciously reinventing the climactic events of their lives. In subtly nuanced language suggestive of each of these writers, Oates explores the mysterious regions of the unknowable self that is “genius.” Darkly hilarious, brilliant, and brazen, Wild Nights! is an original and haunting work of the imagination.
Thirty Years in Australia
Author: Ada Cambridge
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
Pages: 304
Year: 1903
View: 308
Read: 163
I knew nothing whatever of Australia when I rashly consented to marry a young man who had irrevocably bound himself to go and live there, and, moreover, to go within three months of the day on which the wild idea occurred to me. During the seven weeks or thereabouts of a bewildering engagement, the while I got together my modest trousseau, we hunted for information in local libraries, and from more or less instructed friends. The books were mostly old ones, the tales the same. Geoffrey Hamlyn was my sheet anchor, but did not seem to be supported by the scraps of prosaic history obtainable; we could not verify those charming homes and social customs. On the other hand, cannibal blacks and convict bushrangers appeared to be grim facts. As for the physical characteristics of the country, there were but the scentless flowers, the songless birds, the cherries with their stones outside (none of which, actually, is the rule, and I have found nothing to resemble the description of the latter), and the kangaroo that carries its family in a breast-pocket, which we felt able to take for granted. These things we did believe in, because all our authorities mentioned them. G. had a letter from a college friend who had preceded him to Australia, reporting the place not wild at all, but quite like home. He instanced an episcopal dinner-party that he had attended, and a church dignitary's "three sweetly pretty daughters," who had come in the evening, and with whom he had sung duets. But at time of writing he had got no further than Melbourne—knew no more than we of the mysterious Bush, which I thought of as a vast shrubbery, with occasional spears hurtling through it. When we had assimilated all the information available, our theory of the life before us was still shapeless. However, we were young and trusting, and prepared to take things as they came. G. was an English curate for a few weeks, and an English rector for a few more. It was just enough to give us an everlasting regret that the conditions could not have remained permanent. Doubtless, if we had settled in an English parish, we should have bewailed our narrow lot, should have had everlasting regrets for missing the chance of breaking away into the wide world; but since we did exile ourselves, and could not help it, we have been homesick practically all the time—good as Australia has been to us. At any moment of these thirty odd years we would have made for our native land like homing pigeons, could we have found the means; it was only the lack of the necessary "sinews" that prevented us. Such a severe form of nostalgia is, however, uncommon here, and would be cured, I am told, by a twelve months' trip. Certainly, in nine cases out of ten, where I have known the remedy tried, it has seemed infallible. The home-goers come back perfectly satisfied to come back. It is when they stay at home for more than twelve months that they want to stay altogether.
Mickelsson's Ghosts
Author: John Gardner
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
ISBN: 0811216799
Pages: 590
Year: 2008
View: 669
Read: 1142
The critically acclaimed final masterwork of John Gardner: an American novel haunted with macabre and cerebral elements.
Imperium Lupi
Author: Adam Browne
Publisher: Dayfly Publications
Pages: 724
Year: 2017-07-17
View: 979
Read: 759
IMPERIUM LUPI A decade has passed since the last Howler War and the City of Lupa stands peaceful again under the choking clouds of the Ashfall. The wild hyenas have been conquered, the little beasts remain subdued, and the wolf packs preserve their uneasy oligarchy thanks to the noxious power of imperium. However, new threats fester within the Lupan Wall. There are those who would overturn the rule of the Den Fathers, if not the dominion of wolfkind altogether, by persuasion, murder, even genocide, if that’s what it takes. Imperium Lupi is a gritty, steampunk, fantasy adventure packed with intrigue and flexible morals. The true monsters are not the giant insects that stalk the wild world of Erde, but the beasts who don the mask of civility to cover their crooked convictions. "For the Republic Lupi!"
Summer Morning, Summer Night
Author: Ray Bradbury
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007539843
Pages: 176
Year: 2014-08-21
View: 980
Read: 324
One of Ray Bradbury’s classic short story collections, available in ebook for the first time.
Night wraps the sky
Author: Michael Almereyda, Vladimir Mayakovsky
Publisher: Farrar Straus & Giroux
ISBN: 0374281351
Pages: 272
Year: 2008-04-01
View: 983
Read: 930
From the time his first, futurist poems were published in 1912 until his suicide at the age of thirty-six, Vladimir Mayakovsky made theatrical appearances in his written work and perfected an iconoclastic voice James Schuyler called "the intimate yell." As the poet laureate of the Russian Revolution, Mayakovsky led a generation that staked everything on the notion that an artist could fuse a public and a private self. But by the time of Stalin's terror, the contradictions of the revolution caught up with him, and he ended in despair. A major influence on American poets of the twentieth century, Mayakovsky's work remains fascinating and urgent. Very few English translations have come close to capturing his lyric intensity, and a comprehensive volume of his writings has not been published in the past thirty years. In Night Wraps the Sky, the acclaimed filmmaker Michael Almereyda (Hamlet, William Eggleston in the Real World) presents Mayakovsky's key poems--translated by a new generation of Russian-American poets--alongside memoirs, artistic appreciations, and eyewitness accounts, written and pictorial, to create a full-length portrait of the man and the mythic era he came to embody.
First Light
Author: Peter Ackroyd
Publisher: Grove Press
ISBN: 0802134815
Pages: 328
Year: 1996
View: 211
Read: 488
The excavation of an astronomically aligned neolithic grave in Dorset unexpectedly affects the lives of an archaeologist, astronomer, and an entertainer
Letters from the Inside
Author: John Marsden
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0395689856
Pages: 146
Year: 1991
View: 1123
Read: 955
When Tracey and Mandy first became pen pals, they never guessed that they would soon discover the darkest secrets of each other's troubled lives.
The White Dominican
Author: Gustav Meyrink
Publisher: Ariadne Pr
Pages: 165
Year: 1994-08
View: 959
Read: 418
The White Dominican is Meyrink's most esoteric novel, and draws on the wisdom of a number of mystical traditions, the most important of which is Tao. It is set in a mystical version of the Bavarian town of Wasserburg, which sits on a promontory surrounded on three sides by the River Inn. The novel describes the spiritual journey of the simple hero, who, guided by a number of figures, escapes the "Medusa's head" of the world to a transfiguration, through which he joins the "living chain" that stretches to infinity. This is the novel which has been eagerly awaited by those who see Meyrink as not just a novelist, but as a mystic visionary who can tell them what lies on the Other Side.
The Devil Tree
Author: Jerzy Kosinski
Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
ISBN: 0802199518
Pages: 224
Year: 2007-12-01
View: 260
Read: 1299
A searing novel from a writer of international stature, The Devil Tree is a tale that combines the existential emptiness of Camus's The Stranger with the universe of international playboys, violence, and murder of Patricia Highsmith's The Talented Mr. Ripley. Jonathan Whalen's life has been determined from the start by the immense fortune of his father, a steel tycoon. Whalen's childlike delight in power and status mask a greater need, a desire to feel life intensely, through drugs, violence, sex, and attempts at meaningful connection with other people — whether lovers or the memory of his dead parents. But the physical is all that feels real to him, and as he embarks on a journey to Africa with his godparents, Whalen's embrace of amoral thrill accelerates toward ultimate fulfillment. Now in a Grove Press paperback, Kosinski's classic, acclaimed as "an impressive novel ... it should confirm Jerzy Kosinki's position as one of our most significant writers" — Newsweek "Savage ... [Whalen is] a foolproof, timeless American character." — Mary Ellin Barrett, Cosmopolitan
'Other Stories', and Other Stories
Author: Adam Browne
Publisher: Satalyte Publishing
ISBN: 0992338646
Pages: 210
Year: 2014
View: 945
Read: 776
From the STINKING GENIUS responsible for Pryotechnicon: Being a True Account of Cyrano De Bergerac's Further Adventures Among The States and Empires of the Stars, by Himself (dec'd), comes a still-warm midden of fantastical short stories. The Author takes this opportunity to apologise for the feelings of inadequacy that will arise in those who encounter the exquisitudinal stories herein contained, or barely contained -- glittering, lacy, plangent with ideas and pungent with wordplay, all touching on -- sometimes delicately, sometimes with fists, sometimes with greasy intimacy -- diverse curious and amusing notions, such as an endeavour by British colonials to terraform Hell (contrast with the story dealing with the late Carl Linnaeus's attempts to classify the species of Paradise); a planet wrapped in fabric where pirates boom and roar in galleoned steam irons; a look at what it will mean to be disabled in the future ... etc., etc. -- a book to be handled with care, so close is its resemblance to a clutch of Faberge eggs, their Faberge chicks waiting to be hatched by the warmth of the Reader's startled regard. About the Author Adam Browne was born in 1963 and lives in Melbourne, Australia. His stories have been published widely. He received the Aurealis Award for best Australian short story in 2002, and the Chronos Award for best Victorian short story in 2009. His story 'Space Operetta' was adapted as an animated film, Adjustable Cosmos, in 2010.Pyrotechnicon: Being a True Account of Cyrano De Bergerac's Further Adventures Among The States and Empires of the Stars, by Himself (dec'd) is his first novel. 'The title does not mislead. PYROTECHNICON is a literary cabinet of curiosities filled with lush imagery and exotic notions. A delicious concoction of swashbucklery and delight. Highly recommended.'Jeff Vandermeer -- World Fantasy award-winning author of Finch.

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