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Professing Feminism
Author: Daphne Patai, Noretta Koertge
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739104551
Pages: 426
Year: 2003-01-01
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In this new and expanded edition of their controversial 1994 book, the authors update their analysis of what's gone wrong with women's studies programs. Their three new chapters provide a devastating and detailed examination of the routine practices found in feminist teaching and research. movement. With close to 700 women's studies programs and departments currently in existence throughout the United States, academic feminism is now a strong presence on college campuses and beyond. But, as Daphne Patai and Noretta Koertge charge, the attempt to make women's studies serve a political agenda has led to deeply problematic results: dubious scholarship, pedagogical practices that resemble indoctrination more than education, and the alienation of countless potential supporters. -professors, students and staffers - who, like themselves, had invested time and effort in women's studies. These individuals speak eloquently of their frustration and even despair over the problems and conflicts they experienced in programs where education was made subservient to politics. Faced with intolerance and ideological policing on the part of both activist colleagues and true-believer students, some of these women withdrew altogether; others, while maintaining their formal association with women's studies, took inner flight. All are troubled and alarmed about the future of feminsm in the academy. To reveal the root causes of these tensions and animosities, Patai and Koertge present an incisive analysis of the self-defeating ideological games feminists play in colleges and universities. programs, attempting to gauge what changes, if any, had occurred since their critique nearly a decade ago. This time they use primarily documents generated from within women's studies itself - program mission statements, course depictions, newsletters, and e-mail lists devoted to feminist pedagogy and women's studies, and, not least, the writings of well-known feminist scholars.
Professing Feminism
Author: Daphne Patai, Noretta Koertge
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739159631
Pages: 456
Year: 2003-02-04
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In this new and expanded edition of their controversial 1994 book, the authors update their analysis of what's gone wrong with Women's Studies programs. Their three new chapters provide a devastating and detailed examination of the routine practices found in feminst teaching and research.
Professing feminism
Author: Daphne Patai, Noretta Koertge
Pages: 426
Year: 2003
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In this new and expanded edition of their controversial 1994 book, the authors update their analysis of what's gone wrong with Women's Studies programs. Their three new chapters provide a devastating and detailed examination of the routine practices found in feminst teaching and research.
Professing feminism
Author: Daphne Patai, Noretta Koertge
Publisher: Basic Books
Pages: 235
Year: 1994
View: 427
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Explores the flaws of contemporary feminism as it exists in the women's studies programs at colleges and universities
What Price Utopia?
Author: Daphne Patai
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 074252227X
Pages: 309
Year: 2008
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This volume brings together for the first time more than two dozen of Daphne PataiOs incisive and at times satirical essays dealing with the academic and intellectual orthodoxies of our time. Patai draws on her years of experience in an increasingly bizarre academic world, where a stifling politicization threatens genuine teaching and learning. Addressing the rise of feminist dogma, the domination of politics over knowledge, the shoddy thinking and moralizing that hide behind identity politics, and the degradation of scholarship, her essays offer a resounding defense of liberal values. Patai takes aim at the unctuous and also dangerous posturing that has brought us restrictive speech codes, harassment policies, and a vigilante atmosphere, while suppressing plain speaking about crucial issues. But these trenchant essays are not limited to academic life, for the ideas and practices popularized there have spread far beyond campus borders. Included are two new pieces written especially for this volume, one on the bullying tactics of a famous feminist and the other on Islamic fundamentalism.
Author: Daphne Patai
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0847689875
Pages: 276
Year: 1998-01-01
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What does it mean to be a feminist today? Should women require special legislation to protect them from sexual harassment? Daphne Patai's controversial look at the nation's current epidemic of sexual harassment charges answers these questions and illuminates complex ideological struggles within contemporary feminism. By investigating the ongoing attempts to regulate sexual conduct, Heterophobia argues that women's pursuit of a comfortable environment has created a feminist-induced hostility toward men and heterosexuality. Patai identifies the origins and evolution of the sexual harassment industry and presents cases of those men and women whose lives were ruined by false or frivolous charges of harassment. A scathing criticism of political and sexual correctness, this thought-provoking and powerfully argued book is sure to incite debate among all Americans concerned with the legacy and future of women's rights.
Feminist Consequences
Author: Elisabeth Bronfen, Misha Kavka
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231530145
Pages: 472
Year: 2001-02-14
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Exploring the status of feminism in this "postfeminist" age, this sophisticated meditation on feminist thinking over the past three decades moves away from the all too common dependence on French theorists and male thinkers and instead builds on a wide-ranging body of feminist theory written by women. These writings address the question "Where are we going?" as well as "Where have we come from?" As evidenced in the essays compiled here, the multiplicity of directions available to this new feminism ranges from poststructuralist academic theory through cultural activism to re-readings of law, literature, and representation. Contributors include Mieke Bal, Lauren Berlant, Rosi Braidotti, Elisabeth Bronfen, Judith Butler, Rey Chow, Drucilla Cornell, Ann Cvetkovich, Jane Gallop, Beatrice Hanssen, Claire Kahane, Ranjana Khanna, Biddy Martin, Juliet Mitchell, Anita Haya Patterson, and Valerie Smith. Feminist Consequences, representing the forefront of international feminist thought, marks a new and long-desired stage of feminist criticism where women are themselves making theory rather than reacting to male production.
Is There Anything Good About Men?
Author: Roy F. Baumeister
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199705917
Pages: 320
Year: 2010-08-12
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Have men really been engaged in a centuries-old conspiracy to exploit and oppress women? Have the essential differences between men and women really been erased? Have men now become unnecessary? Are they good for anything at all? In Is There Anything Good About Men?, Roy Baumeister offers provocative answers to these and many other questions about the current state of manhood in America. Baumeister argues that relations between men and women are now and have always been more cooperative than antagonistic, that men and women are different in basic ways, and that successful cultures capitalize on these differences to outperform rival cultures. Amongst our ancestors---as with many other species--only the alpha males were able to reproduce, leading them to take more risks and to exhibit more aggressive and protective behaviors than women, whose evolutionary strategies required a different set of behaviors. Whereas women favor and excel at one-to-one intimate relationships, men compete with one another and build larger organizations and social networks from which culture grows. But cultures in turn exploit men by insisting that their role is to achieve and produce, to provide for others, and if necessary to sacrifice themselves. Baumeister shows that while men have greatly benefited from the culture they have created, they have also suffered because of it. Men may dominate the upper echelons of business and politics, but far more men than women die in work-related accidents, are incarcerated, or are killed in battle--facts nearly always left out of current gender debates. Engagingly written, brilliantly argued, and based on evidence from a wide range of disciplines, Is There Anything Good About Men? offers a new and far more balanced view of gender relations.
Representing Culture
Author: Claudia Alvares
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443806412
Pages: 195
Year: 2009-03-26
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The essays collected in this volume are interdisciplinary in nature, defying the traditional boundaries that compartmentalise and contain knowledge within particular camps. Heir to the ‘undisciplining’ legacy of cultural studies, they attempt to transcend the restrictive frameworks of pre-established discourse, engaging in new and fruitful combinations of theories and methodologies. The general aim of the book is to indicate new perspectives for the exercise of cultural criticism on the basis of the major issues that confront us today, rather than articulate any canonical viewpoint on traditional cultural studies. These essays thus share a common denominator in that they seek to explore the field of current ‘experience’ through the exercise of critique. The recontextualisation of cultural studies that this book attempts occurs along the vectors of identity politics, visual culture and technology. The collection draws attention to the fact that these vectors do not consist in delimited ‘camps’, but rather in axes that intersect with each other at each instance.
Witches, Sluts, Feminists
Author: Kristen J. Sollée
Publisher: Threel Media
ISBN: 0996485279
Pages: 176
Year: 2017
View: 722
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Exposing how "witch" and "slut" are used to police female sexuality, the author rehabilitates these sex positive archetypes.
The Way Home
Author: Mary Pride
Publisher: Good News Pub
Pages: 234
Year: 1985
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Criticizes the feminist view of the proper place of women in society and urges a return to the Biblical conception of a woman's proper role
Theory's Empire
Author: Daphne Patai, Wilfrido Corral
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231508697
Pages: 736
Year: 2005-04-20
View: 371
Read: 761
Not too long ago, literary theorists were writing about the death of the novel and the death of the author; today many are talking about the death of Theory. Theory, as the many theoretical ism's (among them postcolonialism, postmodernism, and New Historicism) are now known, once seemed so exciting but has become ossified and insular. This iconoclastic collection is an excellent companion to current anthologies of literary theory, which have embraced an uncritical stance toward Theory and its practitioners. Written by nearly fifty prominent scholars, the essays in Theory's Empire question the ideas, catchphrases, and excesses that have let Theory congeal into a predictable orthodoxy. More than just a critique, however, this collection provides readers with effective tools to redeem the study of literature, restore reason to our intellectual life, and redefine the role and place of Theory in the academy.
Composition Studies Through a Feminist Lens
Author: Shari J. Stenberg
ISBN: 1602354146
Pages: 109
Year: 2013
View: 678
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LENSES ON COMPOSITION STUDIES Edited by Sheryl I. Fontaine and Steve Westbrook COMPOSITION STUDIES THROUGH A FEMINIST LENS offers students a lucid and engaging introduction to the discipline's history, struggles, and accomplishments through the lens of feminism. By illuminating a vast array of feminist contributions to the rhetorical tradition, writing theory, and classroom pedagogy, Shari J. Stenberg shows how feminist scholars have made Composition Studies a more inclusive and innovative field. Stenberg introduces Composition Studies through three of its origin stories-the Harvard exam, the rhetorical tradition, and the process paradigm-with an eye on how efforts to legitimize the field often resulted in the marginalization of women's voices and feminist knowledge. COMPOSITION STUDIES THROUGH A FEMINIST LENS then moves feminist knowledge to the center, showing how feminist scholars have revised these stories to offer a more expansive approach to the purposes and processes of writing and rhetoric. Part one features feminist expansions of rhetoric, showcasing how feminist scholars have revised the traditional values and practices of classical rhetoric that shape contemporary ideas about argument and writing. Part two shifts to the composition classroom, showing how feminists have revised the role of student, teacher, and researcher. Students will gain a sense of how feminist contributions have expanded possibilities for learning and writing in the composition classroom. In addition to providing a compelling overview of feminist contributions to Composition Studies, Stenberg supplies engaging discussion questions designed to facilitate readers' connections among the material presented, their writing lives, and contemporary culture-thereby adding their own voices to the stories of our field. COMPOSITION STUDIES THROUGH A FEMINIST LENS is the third volume in Parlor Press's LENSES ON COMPOSITION STUDIES series, which features texts written specifically for upper-level undergraduate and entry-level graduate courses in Composition Studies. SHARI J. STENBERG is Associate Professor of English and the Composition Program Director at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she teaches courses in writing, feminist rhetorics, and pedagogy. She is the author of PROFESSING AND PEDAGOGY: LEARNING THE TEACHING OF ENGLISH and her writing on pedagogy, teacher development, and feminist theory appears in journals including College English, College Composition and Communication, Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition and Culture, and Composition Studies.
Feminism and Popular Culture
Author: Rebecca Munford, Melanie Waters
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 0813567424
Pages: 240
Year: 2014-05-01
View: 822
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When the term “postfeminism” entered the media lexicon in the 1990s, it was often accompanied by breathless headlines about the “death of feminism.” Those reports of feminism’s death may have been greatly exaggerated, and yet contemporary popular culture often conjures up a world in which feminism had never even been born, a fictional universe filled with suburban Stepford wives, maniacal career women, alluring amnesiacs, and other specimens of retro femininity. In Feminism and Popular Culture, Rebecca Munford and Melanie Waters consider why the twenty-first century media landscape is so haunted by the ghosts of these traditional figures that feminism otherwise laid to rest. Why, over fifty years since Betty Friedan’s critique, does the feminine mystique exert such a strong spectral presence, and how has it been reimagined to speak to the concerns of a postfeminist audience? To answer these questions, Munford and Waters draw from a rich array of examples from contemporary film, fiction, music, and television, from the shadowy cityscapes of Homeland to the haunted houses of American Horror Story. Alongside this comprehensive analysis of today’s popular culture, they offer a vivid portrait of feminism’s social and intellectual history, as well as an innovative application of Jacques Derrida’s theories of “hauntology.” Feminism and Popular Culture thus not only considers how contemporary media is being visited by the ghosts of feminism’s past, it raises vital questions about what this means for feminism’s future.
The Little Book of Feminist Saints
Author: Julia Pierpont
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 039959275X
Pages: 224
Year: 2018-03-06
View: 498
Read: 353
This inspiring, beautifully illustrated collection honors one hundred exceptional women throughout history and around the world. A Stylist Must-read Book of 2018 In this luminous volume, New York Times bestselling writer Julia Pierpont and artist Manjit Thapp match short, vibrant, and surprising biographies with stunning full-color portraits of secular female “saints”: champions of strength and progress. These women broke ground, broke ceilings, and broke molds—including Maya Angelou • Jane Austen • Ruby Bridges • Rachel Carson • Shirley Chisholm • Marie Curie & Irène Joliot Curie • Isadora Duncan • Amelia Earhart • Artemisia Gentileschi • Grace Hopper • Dolores Huerta • Frida Kahlo • Billie Jean King • Audre Lorde • Wilma Mankiller • Toni Morrison • Michelle Obama • Sandra Day O’Connor • Sally Ride • Eleanor Roosevelt • Margaret Sanger • Sappho • Nina Simone • Gloria Steinem • Kanno Sugako • Harriet Tubman • Mae West • Virginia Woolf • Malala Yousafzai Open to any page and find daily inspiration and lasting delight. Praise for The Little Book of Feminist Saints “An enticing collection of biographical portraits of extraordinary women . . . Pierpont’s pithy write-ups are accompanied by Thapp’s funky, wonderfully expressive color illustrations, making for an engaging picture-book experience for adults. . . . Bold and sassy, [this] ‘little’ collection of secular ‘saints’ stands tall: required reading for any seeking to broaden their historical knowledge.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “A gloriously diverse, edifying, and curiosity-inspiring collection.”—Booklist