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Porteur de mémoires
Author: Patrick Desbois
Publisher: Michel Lafon
Pages: 329
Year: 2007
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1941. Les Einsatzgruppen, unités mobiles nazies, s'enfoncent dans le territoire soviétique. Partout où elles encerclent les villages, tous les hommes, femmes et enfants juifs sont rassemblés, dénudés puis abattus avant d'être enterrés dans des fosses communes. Juin 2002. Le père Patrick Desbois part sur les traces de cette Shoah jusqu'alors ignorée. Village après village, il va recueillir les témoignages de ceux qui ont vu.Fosse après fosse, il va récolter les preuves et reconstituer les conditions de ces milliers d'assassinats d'une rare sauvagerie. Pour que ces Juifs aient une sépulture digne de l'espèce humaine. Et pour que l'espèce humaine se rappelle qu'elle est aussi capable du pire. Et prenne garde
Holocaust Intersections
Author: Axel Bangert
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351563564
Pages: 241
Year: 2017-07-05
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Recent representations of the Holocaust have increasingly required us to think beyond rigid demarcations of nation and history, medium and genre. Holocaust Intersections sets out to investigate the many points of conjunction between these categories in recent images of genocide. The book examines transnational constellations in Holocaust cinema and television in Europe, disclosing instances of border-crossing and boundary-troubling at levels of production, distribution and reception. It highlights intersections between film genres, through intertextuality and pastiche, and the deployment of audiovisual Holocaust memory and testimony. Finally, the volume addresses connections between the Holocaust and other histories of genocide in the visual culture of the new millennium, engaging with the questions of transhistoricity and intercultural perspective. Drawing on a wide variety of different media - from cinema and television to installation art and the internet - and on the most recent scholarship on responses to the Holocaust, the volume aims to update our understanding of how visual culture looks at the Holocaust and genocide today. With the contributions: Robert S. C. Gordon, Axel Bangert, Libby Saxton- Introduction Emiliano Perra- Between National and Cosmopolitan: 21st Century Holocaust Television in Britain, France and Italy Judith Keilbach- Title to be announced Laura Rascaroli- Transits: Thinking at the Junctures of Images in Harun Farocki's Respite and Arnaud des Pallieres's Drancy Avenir Maxim Silverman- Haneke and the Camps Barry Langford- Globalising the Holocaust: Fantasies of Annihilation in Contemporary Media Culture Ferzina Banaji- The Nazi Killin' Business: A Post-Modern Pastiche of the Holocaust Matilda Mroz- Neighbours: Polish-Jewish Relations in Contemporary Polish Visual Culture Berber Hagedoorn- Holocaust Representation in the Multi-Platform TV Documentaries De Oorlog (The War) and 13 in de Oorlog (13 in the War) Annette Hamilton- Cambodian Genocide: Ethics and Aesthetics in the Cinema of Rithy Panh Piotr Cieplak, Emma Wilson- The Afterlife of Images
Rachel Salmona, une histoire juive
Author: Bernard Charon
Publisher: TheBookEdition
Pages: 140
Year: 2018
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Droit humanitaire pénal
Author: Jacques Fierens
Publisher: Primento
ISBN: 2804457117
Pages: 374
Year: 2014-01-21
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Est-il possible de dire dans le langage du droit ce qui s’est passé à Auschwitz ou au Rwanda ? La guerre peut-elle être légale ? Les victimes ont-elles une place dans la procédure et dans le processus de mise au jour de la vérité judiciaire ? Les accusés de génocide ou de crimes contre l’humanité sont-ils des monstres ou des barbares ? Juge-t-on les vrais responsables des crimes commis ? Existe-t-il des infractions universelles ? Infliger la peine de mort ou une peine de prison à un génocidaire a-t-il du sens ? Les juridictions internationales sont-elles autre chose que des tribunaux de vainqueurs ? Sont-elles inféodées aux intérêts politiques ? Pour répondre à ces questions, cet ouvrage retrace de manière synthétique l’histoire du droit humanitaire, en détermine les principaux enjeux et s’interroge sur le sens des réponses qu’il prétend apporter aux grands questionnements qui le traversent. Il intéressera les avocats pénalistes, les magistrats, les organisations internationales, mais également les professeurs, les chercheurs et les étudiants.
In Broad Daylight
Author: Father Patrick Desbois
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1628728590
Pages: 312
Year: 2018-01-23
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How the Murder of More Than Two Million Jews Was Carried Out—In Broad Daylight Based on a decade of work by Father Patrick Desbois and his team at Yahad–In Unum that has culminated to date in interviews with more than 5,700 neighbors to the murdered Jews and visits to more than 2,700 extermination sites, many of them unmarked. One key finding: Genocide does not happen without the neighbors. The neighbors are instrumental to the crime. In his National Jewish Book Award–winning book The Holocaust by Bullets, Father Patrick Desbois documented for the first time the murder of 1.5 million Jews in Ukraine during World War II. Nearly a decade of further work by his team, drawing on interviews with neighbors of the Jews, wartime records, and the application of modern forensic practices to long-hidden grave sites. has resulted in stunning new findings about the extent and nature of the genocide. In Broad Daylight documents mass killings in seven countries formerly part of the Soviet Union that were invaded by Nazi Germany. It shows how these murders followed a template, or script, which included a timetable that was duplicated from place to place. Far from being kept secret, the killings were done in broad daylight, before witnesses. Often, they were treated as public spectacle. The Nazis deliberately involved the local inhabitants in the mechanics of death—whether it was to cook for the killers, to dig or cover the graves, to witness their Jewish neighbors being marched off, or to take part in the slaughter. They availed themselves of local people and the structures of Soviet life in order to make the Eastern Holocaust happen. Narrating in lucid, powerful prose that has the immediacy of a crime report, Father Desbois assembles a chilling account of how, concretely, these events took place in village after village, from the selection of the date to the twenty-four-hour period in which the mass murders unfolded. Today, such groups as ISIS put into practice the Nazis’ lessons on making genocide efficient. The book includes an historical introduction by Andrej Umansky, research fellow at the Institute for Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, University of Cologne, Germany, and historical and legal advisor to Yahad-In Unum.
The SS Dirlewanger Brigade
Author: Christian Ingrao
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1626364877
Pages: 272
Year: 2013-07-01
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The Dirlewanger Brigade was an anti-partisan unit of the Nazi army, reporting directly to Heinrich Himmler. The first members of the brigade were mostly poachers who were released from prisons and concentration camps and who were believed to have the skills necessary for hunting down and capturing partisan fighters in their camps in the forests of the Eastern Front. Their numbers were soon increased by others who were eager for a way out of imprisonment—including men who had been convicted of burglary, assault, murder, and rape. Under the leadership of Oskar Dirlewanger, a convicted rapist and alcoholic, they could do as they pleased: there were no repercussions for even their worst behavior. This was the group used for its special “talents” to help put down the Jewish uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto, killing an estimated 35,000 men, women, and children in a single day. Even by Nazi standards, the brigade was considered unduly violent and an investigation of its activities was opened. The Nazi hierarchy was eager to distance itself from the behavior of the brigade and eventually exiled many of the members to Belarus. Based on the archives from Germany, Poland, and Russia, The SS Dirlewanger Brigade offers an unprecedented look at one of the darkest chapters of World War II.
Hannah Goslar Remembers
Author: Alison Leslie Gold
Publisher: Bloomsbury Childrens
ISBN: 0747592241
Pages: 135
Year: 2007
View: 380
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A true story documenting the life of one of Anne Frank's friends in Amsterdam during World War II, this incredible book is a moving testimony to a girl who survived a terrible ordeal and another who did not.
A History of the Grandparents I Never Had
Author: Ivan Jablonka
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804799385
Pages: 352
Year: 2016-05-11
View: 230
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Ivan Jablonka's grandparents' lives ended long before his began: although Matès and Idesa Jablonka were his family, they were perfect strangers. When he set out to uncover their story, Jablonka had little to work with. Neither of them was the least bit famous, and they left little behind except their two orphaned children, a handful of letters, and a passport. Persecuted as communists in Poland, as refugees in France, and then as Jews under the Vichy regime, Matès and Idesa lived their short lives underground. They were overcome by the tragedies of the twentieth century: Stalinism, the mounting dangers in Europe during the 1930s, the Second World War, and the destruction of European Jews. Jablonka's challenge was, as a historian, to rigorously distance himself and yet, as family, to invest himself completely in their story. Imagined oppositions collapsed—between scholarly research and personal commitment, between established facts and the passion of the one recording them, between history and the art of storytelling. To write this book, Jablonka traveled to three continents; met the handful of survivors of his grandparents' era, their descendants, and some of his far-flung cousins; and investigated twenty different archives. And in the process, he reflected on his own family and his responsibilities to his father, the orphaned son, and to his own children and the family wounds they all inherited. A History of the Grandparents I Never Had cannot bring Matès and Idesa to life, but Jablonka succeeds in bringing them, as he soberly puts it, to light. The result is a gripping story, a profound reflection, and an absolutely extraordinary history.
Jews in France During World War II
Author: Renée Poznanski
Publisher: UPNE
ISBN: 158465144X
Pages: 601
Year: 2001
View: 460
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Now in English, the authoritative work on ordinary Jews in France during World War II.
La fabrique des terroristes
Author: Patrick Desbois, Nastasie Costel
Publisher: Fayard
ISBN: 2213703795
Pages: 288
Year: 2016-09-28
View: 294
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Le massacre des Yazidis par l’État islamique n’a pas d’autre nom : c’est un génocide. Dans les camps de réfugiés du Kurdistan irakien, Le Père Desbois et Nastasie Costel ont interviewé plus de cent survivants. Ces esclaves de Daech ont observé leurs tortionnaires et vu les lieux tenus secrets de l’organisation. Sexe, meurtres et argent, leurs révélations fracassent les apparences. Ceux qui se présentent comme des « soldats de Dieu » n’ont pour ambition que le pouvoir. L’EI ne promet pas le Paradis après la mort, elle l’offre sur terre. Pour cela, il leur faut des outils : les Yazidis. Les hommes, inutiles lorsqu’ils refusent de prêter allégeance, sont éliminés. Les femmes deviennent esclaves sexuelles ou reproductrices, dont la progéniture viendra grossir les rangs de l’organisation. Les enfants, des soldats. Avec retenue, émotion et intelligence, le Père Desbois se penche une fois de plus sur la mémoire des oubliés des guerres, nous plongeant au cœur de ce qu’il convient bien d’appeler par son nom : un génocide « utilitaire ». La voix, humaine, qu’il manquait. Le Père Desbois, président de Yahad in Unum, a consacré sa vie aux recherches sur la Shoah, au combat contre l’antisémitisme et à l’enracinement des relations entre catholiques et Juifs. Il est l’auteur de Porteurs de mémoire : Sur les traces de la Shoah par balles (Michel Lafon, 2007). Nastasie Costel est originaire de Roumanie. Descendant de déportés, il dirige aujourd’hui les recherches de l’association sur le génocide des Roms. Il préside Roma Dignity. Tous deux ont initié ce qu’ils appellent : Action Yazidis.
20e siècle
Year: 2009
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A Century of Horrors
Author: Alain Besançon
Publisher: Isi Books
ISBN: 1933859172
Pages: 119
Year: 2007
View: 1329
Read: 637
The twentieth century bears the indelible imprint of both communism and Nazism. Today, it sometimes seems as if the former is all but forgotten, at least among Western elites, while our cultural memory of the latter is an inextinguishable fire. This inequality is surprising and calls out for explanation, a task the French political thinker Alain Besanc on attempts here in a wise and elegant meditation. In examining the horror and destruction caused by both of these terrible ideologies, Besanc on finds that recourse to theology is necessary if we are to achieve even feeble illumination. He also explains why, even with the full knowledge of the extent of communism s crimes, the uniqueness of the Shoah ought to be accepted without reservation."
Author: Omer Bartov
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400866898
Pages: 256
Year: 2015-02-22
View: 429
Read: 176
In Erased, Omer Bartov uncovers the rapidly disappearing vestiges of the Jews of western Ukraine, who were rounded up and murdered by the Nazis during World War II with help from the local populace. What begins as a deeply personal chronicle of the Holocaust in his mother's hometown of Buchach--in former Eastern Galicia--carries him on a journey across the region and back through history. This poignant travelogue reveals the complete erasure of the Jews and their removal from public memory, a blatant act of forgetting done in the service of a fiercely aggressive Ukrainian nationalism. Bartov, a leading Holocaust scholar, discovers that to make sense of the heartbreaking events of the war, he must first grapple with the complex interethnic relationships and conflicts that have existed there for centuries. Visiting twenty Ukrainian towns, he recreates the histories of the vibrant Jewish and Polish communities who once lived there-and describes what is left today following their brutal and complete destruction. Bartov encounters Jewish cemeteries turned into marketplaces, synagogues made into garbage dumps, and unmarked burial pits from the mass killings. He bears witness to the hastily erected monuments following Ukraine's independence in 1991, memorials that glorify leaders who collaborated with the Nazis in the murder of Jews. He finds that the newly independent Ukraine-with its ethnically cleansed and deeply anti-Semitic population--has recreated its past by suppressing all memory of its victims. Illustrated with dozens of hauntingly beautiful photographs from Bartov's travels, Erased forces us to recognize the shocking intimacy of genocide.
I Did Not Interview the Dead
Author: David Pablo Boder
Pages: 220
Year: 1949
View: 1295
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Selling the Holocaust
Author: Tim Cole
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351549154
Pages: 234
Year: 2017-09-29
View: 508
Read: 1268
Cole shows us an "Auschwitz-land" where tourists have become the "ultimate ruberneckers" passing by and gazing at someone else's tragedy. He shows us a US Holocaust Museum that provides visitors with a "virtual Holocaust" experience.

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