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The Stone House Secret
Author: Debra Burroughs
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1505349982
Pages: 344
Year: 2014-12-02
View: 160
Read: 624
Since feisty newspaper reporter Jenessa Jones' return to her hometown of Hidden Valley, California, her budding romance with the handsome Detective Michael Baxter has begun to heat up--but there are certain people in town that are not pleased and will do all they can to keep that from happening. When a scandalous murder is uncovered on the nearby college campus, Jenessa is assigned the front-page story at the local newspaper, the Hidden Valley Herald. Surprisingly, her aunt is named as a prime suspect, compelling Jenessa to find the real killer in order to keep her favorite relative from going to prison. As she doggedly follows the growing trail of clues, Jenessa's investigation takes a dangerous turn and puts her life in peril. With time running out, can Detective Baxter capture the murderer and save the woman he loves?
The Boat House Secret
Author: Debra Burroughs
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1539464172
Pages: 364
Year: 2016-10-10
View: 508
Read: 197
From New York Times bestselling author Debra Burroughs comes another captivating mystery in the Jenessa Jones Mystery series. Torn between her old boyfriend and her new love, tenacious young reporter Jenessa Jones becomes embroiled in another juicy story when she is pulled into an old case involving sex, lies, and murder. Her editor is hungry for a salacious story that will help save the newspaper, but someone doesn't want her poking around and he's willing to kill her to kill the story. Can Jenessa uncover the truth without losing her life?
The Heart of Lies
Author: Debra Burroughs
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1480107506
Pages: 342
Year: 2012-10-01
View: 1120
Read: 633
Don't be fooled, online dating can be murder. When one of Emily's BFFs meets a handsome and wealthy man online, this sassy Private Investigator can't help but be suspicious. With the help of the hot new police detective and her close circle of friends, can Emily stop the cyber-hunk from breaking her friend's heart - or worse? This is Book Two in the Paradise Valley Mystery series. ***Think "Sex in the City" meets "Nancy Drew"***
Bootleg! The Rise And Fall Of The Secret Recording Industry
Author: Clinton Heylin
Publisher: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 0857122177
Pages: 400
Year: 2010-03-04
View: 822
Read: 435
An absorbing account of the record industry's worst nightmare. In the summer of 1969, Great White Wonder, a collection of unreleased Bob Dylan recordings appeared in Los Angeles. It was the first rock bootleg and it spawned an entire industry dedicated to making unofficial recordings available to true fans. Bootleg! tells the whole fascinating saga, from its underground infancy through the CD 'protection gap' era, when its legal status threatened the major labels' monopoly, to the explosion of trading via Napster and Gnutella on MP-3 files. Clinton Heylin provides a highly readable account of the busts, the defeats and victories in court; the personalities – many interviewed for the first time for this book. This classic history has now been updated and revised to include today's digital era and the emergence of a whole new bootleg culture.
The Merchant
Author: V. R. Mccoy
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1518773486
Pages: 368
Year: 2015-10-28
View: 1251
Read: 657
A mysterious stranger moves to New Orleans during Prohibition and opens a mystical speakeasy called 'The Gates'. A place where all your dreams and desires may come true; where the supernatural mingle with the living. Saints and sinners, gangsters and G-men alike come to party like there's no tomorrow. But when the morning comes, all bets are off. You may have the time of your life, or experience your worst nightmares. It's the dawn of jazz in Crescent City, where laws are left to the interpretation of criminals, crooked politicians and the supernatural. All are welcome here, but there's one rule to follow: "Operor Non Sentio Vel Exsistio Sentio" Do not judge, or be judged. The Gates is a neutral establishment, just like the owner; he doesn't care about the affairs of men, angels or demons. He's waiting patiently for the apocalypse to end his eternity, but is once again faced with an apocalyptic decision. It could be a chance at redemption, but at what price?
Thin Lies
Author: Bethany-Kris
ISBN: 1988197104
Pages: 276
Year: 2016-05-09
View: 332
Read: 741
Calisto Donati She was just a woman. That's what Calisto wanted to tell himself; that's what he wanted to believe. Emma was nothing more than a woman. There were other women for him to want. To obsess over. It couldn't be Emma Sorrento. Not for Calisto. She was taken. She was claimed. She was not his. In a few days, Calisto would hand her off, and that would be that. He wondered why it wouldn't be that easy to let her go. What good had saving her done? He had simply taken her from one monster to give her to another. Emma Sorrento Emma slid on her mask. All someone would need to do was look close enough to see what was really beneath the sheer falseness of her smile. At the other end of the table, Emma found her lies staring her right in the face. He smirked. And winked. Calisto Donati was her worst mistake, her greatest shame, and the one thing she still wanted more than anything. Emma could still feel him all over her, long after his touch and kiss was gone. In thirty days, her entire world had changed-he had changed her. Emma had a feeling that if she played another game with Calisto, she would surely lose. She had already lost once. Wasn't it enough? WARNING: The first two books in the Donati Bloodlines Trilogy end on a cliffhanger, and are not considered safe romance.
A Home in the West (Free Short Story)
Author: Lori Copeland, Virginia Smith
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 0736959173
Pages: 16
Year: 2013-07-01
View: 1182
Read: 626
Journey back to 1858 Berlin, Ohio, in this free short story e-romance prequel from The Amish of Apple Grove series by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith. For 19-year-old Jonas Switzer, the promise of a productive life as an Amish farmer is only as real as a dream on the western horizon. Living on the charity of the Bylers, and with no claim to a family farm, Jonas's future depends on a bold plan and an ambitious move. He also longs to catch the eye of Caroline Hersberger, the most beautiful young woman in the village, and share his dream with her. Will Matthew Kennel woo her first? Will she reject Jonas outright? Only God knows, and only He can provide Jonas with a godly wife and a home in the West.
Monsters of Men
Author: Patrick Ness
Publisher: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 0763652113
Pages: 608
Year: 2010-10-18
View: 1136
Read: 272
As a world-ending war surges to life around them, Todd and Viola face monstrous decisions, questioning all they have ever known as they try to step back from the darkness and find the best way to achieve peace.
Costa Rica Chica
Author: Jen Beck Seymour
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1502771012
Pages: 222
Year: 2014-10-05
View: 840
Read: 268
Fed up with the “more, more, more” mentality of North America, Jen and her husband Greg make the unusual choice of quitting their jobs in their early 40's, selling everything, and moving to Costa Rica with just 9 suitcases.Find out what made them consider this in the first place, how they did it, and why they have no regrets!Bonus chapters include Jen's special recipe for making bite-sized éclairs and a packing list for YOUR move to Costa Rica!
She Had No Choice
Author: Debra Burroughs
ISBN: 0983859019
Pages: 248
Year: 2011-10
View: 905
Read: 407
A gripping and poignant multi-generational story that follows the Ramirez family through a roller coaster of difficult, yet inspiring events, setting off a wide range of emotions.
The House of Lies
Author: Debra Burroughs
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1976331188
Pages: 350
Year: 2017-09-20
View: 860
Read: 1058
"Sassy private-eye Emily Parker and sexy police detective Colin Andrews, along with their close circle of interesting friends, are back for another exciting and dangerous murder mystery with a thrilling dose of romance. Colin and Emily have finally tied the knot and have just returned from their honeymoon only to be thrown into a firestorm of controversy and murder. Emily is fighting to clear the prime murder suspect while Colin is working to put him in jail. Can they do their jobs, find the truth, keep from tearing their friendship apart, all while protecting their newlywed bliss ... not to mention not getting themselves killed?"--Page 4 of cover.
The Chain of Lies
Author: Debra Burroughs
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1482345765
Pages: 368
Year: 2013-03-15
View: 973
Read: 770
The Chain of Lies is Book 3 in the Paradise Valley Mystery series. Emily Parker's world was flipped upside down when her private eye husband was killed, and through Books 1 and 2 she began to unravel clues that maybe he wasn't who he claimed to be. With the help of her close circle of friends and the sexy new police detective in town, Emily has taken over her late husband's business and searches for answers to his murder. In the meantime, when disturbing coincidences keep popping up, she suspects there may be a sex slave ring operating in her town. Emily is determined to find out the truth and rescue the girls, even if it means putting her own life in danger. Sensual and gripping with murder, romance, mystery, and intrigue--think "Sex and the City" meets "Women's Murder Club".
Lure of the Dragon
Author: Anna Lowe
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1544783159
Pages: 204
Year: 2017-03-18
View: 1324
Read: 518
Nothing is forbidden to this elite corps of shifter bodyguards and private investigators...except falling in love. Good dragons? Bad dragons? Twenty-four hours ago, private chef Tessa Byrne didn't know about the terrifying world of shifters. Now she knows too much, like the fact that a ruthless dragon lord is determined to claim her - forever. Tessa flees to Maui, where sunny skies, swaying palms, and a handsome stranger conspire to play tricks with her heart. Can she truly trust Kai Llewellyn and his band of battle-hardened shapeshifters to save her from a gruesome fate? Don't trust a human, and never, ever fall in love with one. Those are lessons Kai learned the hard way. But Tessa is different. Her emerald eyes mirror the mysterious pendant she wears, and her flaming red hair makes his heart race. Is his inner dragon just greedy for a new kind of treasure, or is Tessa his destined mate? ALOHA SHIFTERS: JEWELS of the HEART is a thrilling new series set on the tropical shores of Maui. Each story is a page-turner packed with action, emotion, and romance! If you like Magnum, PI and smoldering hot, alpha shapeshifters, you'll love these books! * No cliff hangers. Each story is a standalone paranormal romance with adult content. The perfect read for fans of strong heroines, alpha heroes, werewolves and shapeshifters, billionaires, military romance, paranormal suspense, action-adventure romance, fantasy romance, and exotic, tropical locales! *
The Lake House Secret
Author: Debra Burroughs
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1502526336
Pages: 362
Year: 2014-09-26
View: 1035
Read: 818
With her life going from bad to worse, sassy young reporter Jenessa Jones is drawn back to her small hometown by a sudden death in her family. When human remains are discovered near Jonas Lake, not far from town, Jenessa is assigned the story, throwing her into the thick of town drama. Caught between her old boyfriend, with whom she shares a sordid past, and her new love interest, who offers her something she has desperately been wanting, Jenessa becomes embroiled in a complicated homicide investigation that ends up pointing the finger at someone she cares very much about. Will she be able to uncover the truth of this old murder before it rips her family apart and destroys any chance she has at love and happiness? The Lake House Secret is a captivating story full of romance and mystery, set in a small town with plenty of family drama.
The Flag Keeper
Author: Stacy Juba, Larry Drumtra
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1453753052
Pages: 24
Year: 2010-08-24
View: 583
Read: 674
Elizabeth may be a little bear, but she treats the American flag with big respect. Elizabeth wakes up the American flag in the morning and puts it to bed at night. She acts as her father's "flag keeper," helping him with his daily tasks of raising the flag and retiring it for the evening. She soaks up the etiquette facts that Dad teaches her, including don't leave the flag out in the dark without a spotlight. When Dad leaves for a business trip, it frustrates Elizabeth that their flag will be stuck in a boring garage. Every flag she sees reminds her of her job as flag keeper, and Elizabeth grows determined to make her father proud. This patriotic book is designed to teach children about U.S. flag etiquette through an educational fiction story. It includes discussion questions, flag facts, and an activity. The Flag Keeper is ideal for military families, Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops, classroom and library use, and for anyone who wishes to teach a special child about American flag etiquette. It is a perfect complement to patriotic holidays such as Flag Day and the Fourth of July.

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