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Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse
Author: Floyd Gottfredson
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
ISBN: 1606997823
Pages: 272
Year: 2014-11-19
View: 299
Read: 836
Decades before Jurassic Park, Doc Dustibones brings Mickey to Cave-Man Island―a lost world where fossil monsters survive alive! From stampeding brontosaurs to saber-tooth tigers, all of Goofy’s least favorite Stone Age scares are here... and Dustibones is building a blimp to carry them to America! What could possibly go wrong? Floyd Gottfredson produced a canon of legendary, rip-roaring tales starring Mickey as a daring, two-fisted hero―in a world-famous series of legendary adventures! Lost in Lands of Long Ago also includes several other stories and more than 30 pages of prehistoric extras!
Walt Disney
Author: Neal Gabler
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0679757473
Pages: 851
Year: 2007
View: 377
Read: 522
A portrait of the private life and public career of Walt Disney ranges from his deprived youth, to his contributions to the art of animation, to his visionary creation of the first synergistic entertainment empire, to his reclusive and lonely private world.
Walt Disney's Donald Duck
Author: Carl Barks
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
ISBN: 1606994743
Pages: 240
Year: 2011-12-14
View: 764
Read: 402
This volume begins when Barks had reached his peak ― 1948-1950. Highlights include the title story, “Lost in the Andes” (Barks’s own favorite). Donald and the nephews embark on an expedition to Peru to find where square eggs come from only to meet danger in a mysterious valley whose inhabitants all speak with a southern drawl, and where Huey, Dewey, and Louie save Unca’ Donald’s life by learning how to blow square bubbles!
Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse
Author: Floyd Gottfredson
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
ISBN: 160699736X
Pages: 288
Year: 2014-06-25
View: 1311
Read: 562
Disney’s greatest villain steals the spotlight! The vile Phantom Blot―dressed head-to-foot in his ghostly black cloak―is turning Mouseton upside down and leaving a trail of danger and destruction behind! Can Mickey thwart his plans? Our latest book also finds Mickey battling “Mighty Whalehunter” Pegleg Pete on the high seas and meeting a powerful genie! Lovingly restored from Disney’s original proof sheets, this volume also includes more than 30 pages of inky extras!
Walt Disney Treasures - Mickey Mouse
Author: Walt Disney, Floyd Gottfredson, Romano Scarpa, Win Smith, Hardie Gramatky
Publisher: Gemstone Publishing
ISBN: 1603600469
Pages: 168
Year: 2008-11
View: 292
Read: 553
This print companion series to Disney's famous DVDs celebrates milestones in Disney comics history. This volume: join the Main Mouse for epic-length Floyd Gottfredson and Romano Scarpa adventures -- both co-starring Mickey's first arch-enemy, Pegleg Pete! In 1930's groundbreaking "Mickey Mouse in Death Valley," a desert treasure trek turns grim when Pete forces Mickey to become a vigilante. Then in 1960's new-to-North America "Chirikawa Necklace," the hunt for priceless jewelry ensnares Pete, Mickey... and snarky gun moll Trudy Van Tubb!
Walt Disney's Donald Duck
Author: Carl Barks
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
ISBN: 160699834X
Pages: 216
Year: 2015-05-13
View: 319
Read: 649
Carl Barks delivers another superb collection of clever plot twists, laugh-out-loud comedy, and all-around cartooning brilliance. Donald gives Uncle Scrooge a parrot for his birthday but the feathered troublemaker escapes with the combination to Scrooge’s safe holding “ninety tons of money.” Hijinks ensue as Donald and his nephews set off on an unexpected adventure to recover the lovesick bird. Then, Donald and the boys are shanghaied by a mysterious stranger, who whisks them off to face perils in the desert in “Ancient Persia,” where they uncover a lost city.
Tinker Bell
Publisher: Disney Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0736425292
Pages: 64
Year: 2008
View: 166
Read: 476
Tinker Bell is not happy with her tinker talent, so she sets out to discover what skills the other fairies have in hopes of helping to bring spring to the mainland, but instead she ruins all of the preparations for spring.
Batman: Harley Quinn
Author: Paul Dini
Publisher: DC
ISBN: 1401260306
Pages: 196
Year: 2015-07-21
View: 246
Read: 1221
Head over heels in her devotion to the Joker, Arkham psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel gave up her career (and her sanity) to transform herself into the ultimate companion for crime's clown prince - the mad moll Harley Quinn. Of course, Harley's romance with the Joker hasn't been easy. The two are at each other throats as often as in each other's arms, and that buzzkill Batman is always sticking his nose in just when things are starting to get fun. But what great love story is without the occasional incarceration and life-threatening peril? The Joker's main squeeze takes center stage in these stories from top creators Paul Dini, Yvel Guichet, Don Dramer, Joe Quinones, Neil Googe and more! Collects stories from: BATMAN: HARLEY QUINN #1, BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #14, #30, DETECTIVE COMICS #831, #837, JOKER'S ASYLUM II: HARLEY QUINN #1, BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE #1, #3, LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT 100-PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR #1 and DETECTIVE COMICS #23.2.
Mickey Mouse: Darkenblot
Author: Andrea "Casty". Castellan, Lars Jensen
ISBN: 1631409328
Pages: 124
Year: 2017-07-25
View: 475
Read: 234
The future is now! The high-tech city of Avantgarde has a cutting-edge robot police force--but it's just become the Phantom Blot's deadly private army! Can Mickey brave high-tech horrors to stop his old foe? Or will Avantgarde decide Mickey is part of the problem? Omigosh! Collects IDW's Mickey Mouse #16-18.
Disney Pixar the Good Dinosaur Magical Story with Lenticular
Author: Parragon Books
ISBN: 1474800831
Pages: 32
Year: 2015-10-26
View: 1280
Read: 418

Tatterhood and Other Tales
Author: Ethel Johnston Phelps
Publisher: Feminist Press at CUNY
ISBN: 0912670509
Pages: 165
Year: 1978
View: 975
Read: 1142
A collection of traditional tales from Norway, England, China, and many other countries.
Author: Oliver Sacks
Publisher: Vintage Canada
ISBN: 0307373495
Pages: 448
Year: 2010-02-05
View: 421
Read: 1254
What goes on in human beings when they make or listen to music? What is it about music, what gives it such peculiar power over us, power delectable and beneficent for the most part, but also capable of uncontrollable and sometimes destructive force? Music has no concepts, it lacks images; it has no power of representation, it has no relation to the world. And yet it is evident in all of us–we tap our feet, we keep time, hum, sing, conduct music, mirror the melodic contours and feelings of what we hear in our movements and expressions. In this book, Oliver Sacks explores the power music wields over us–a power that sometimes we control and at other times don’t. He explores, in his inimitable fashion, how it can provide access to otherwise unreachable emotional states, how it can revivify neurological avenues that have been frozen, evoke memories of earlier, lost events or states or bring those with neurological disorders back to a time when the world was much richer. This is a book that explores, like no other, the myriad dimensions of our experience of and with music. From the Hardcover edition.
Walt Disney's Donald Duck
Author: Carl Barks
ISBN: 1683961234
Pages: 200
Year: 2018-09-11
View: 979
Read: 219
In these Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comics, beloved worldwide, there's an exploding volcano, a dinosaur stampede, and a rocket race around the world!
Unlimited Power
Author: Anthony Robbins
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (Trade Division)
ISBN: 0743409396
Pages: 425
Year: 2001-01-01
View: 1207
Read: 638
If you have ever dreamed of a better life, UNLIMITED POWER will show you how to achieve the extraordinary quality of life you desire and deserve. Anthony Robbins has proven to millions through his books, tapes and seminars that by harnessing the power of your mind you can do, have, achieve and create anything you want for your life. UNLIMITED POWER is a revolutionary fitness book for the mind. It will show you, step by step, how to perform at your peak while gaining emotional and financial freedom, attaining leadership and self-confidence and winning the co-operation of others. UNLIMITED POWER is a guidebook to superior performance in an age of success.
The Magic Lantern
Author: Ingmar Bergman
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
ISBN: 0140104690
Pages: 312
Year: 1989
View: 538
Read: 966
Ingmar Bergman, creator of such films as Wild Strawberries, Scenes from a Marriage and Fanny and Alexander turns his perceptive filmmaker's eye on himself for a revealing portrait of his life and obsessions. 16 pages of photos.