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Patrística - Contra os Acadêmicos | A Ordem | A grandeza da Alma | O Mestre -
Author: Santo Agostinho
Publisher: Pia Sociedade de São Paulo - Editora Paulus
ISBN: 8534938989
Pages: 416
Year: 2014-04-16
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Apresentamos, neste volume, alguns dos conhecidos diálogos filosóficos de Santo Agostinho (354-430): Contra os Acadêmicos, dividido em três livros, discute ora a relação entre felicidade e conhecimento da verdade, ora a doutrina dos Acadêmicos. A Ordem, dividido em dois livros, examina o ordo rerum (= ordem das coisas), a ordem racional com a qual a divina Providência rege e governa todas as coisas; o problema é colocado pela aparente contradição entre o cuidado que Deus teria para com as vicissitudes humanas e a maldade da qual o homem é capaz em suas ações. A Grandeza da Alma examina múltiplas questões relativas à alma, especialmente a sua espiritualidade e o processo ascensional da alma para Deus. O Mestre é um diálogo entre Agostinho e seu filho Adeodato, sobre a questão da linguagem. No final do diálogo, o autor introduz a tese do Mestre interior, dizendo que Deus é o nosso único Mestre. Agostinho reduz a linguagem à sua materialidade, à sua exterioridade, para revelar a interioridade.
Os livros em sua ordem: para a história da Biblioteca Geral da Universidade (antes de 1513-2013)
Author: A. E. Maia do Amaral
Publisher: Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra / Coimbra University Press
ISBN: 9892608933
Pages: 220
Year: 2014-12-01
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Este estudo torna-se, deste modo, um tributo, um testemunho de reconhecimento, fixando uma outra memória na qual acontecimentos e afetos se entretecem. Sente-se, nesta história, discreta mas nítida, a presença dos narradores: o que chega até nós é um olhar a partir de dentro, das problemáticas que dia a dia os interpelam, da paixão que os liga ao trabalho que desenvolvem, projetada na leitura que fazem do passado e das personagens do seu enredo. Ao contarem a biblioteca, contam-se a si próprios: e esta perspetiva quase confidencial torna aliciante a leitura deste texto.
Revista do Instituto da Ordem dos Advogados Brazileiros
Author: Instituto da Ordem dos Advogados Brasileiros
Year: 1906
View: 295
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Revista do Instituto da Ordem dos advogados brazileiros
Author: Instituto dos Advogados Brasileiros
Year: 1906
View: 1242
Read: 453

Death Is a Festival
Author: João José Reis
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 080786272X
Pages: 400
Year: 2003-11-20
View: 981
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This award-winning social history of death and funeral rites during the early decades of Brazil's independence from Portugal focuses on the Cemiterada movement in Salvador, capital of the province of Bahia. The book opens with a lively account of the popular riot that ensued when, in 1836, the government condemned the traditional burial of bodies inside Catholic church buildings and granted a private company a monopoly over burials. This episode is used by Reis to examine the customs of death and burial in Bahian society, explore the economic and religious conflicts behind the move for funerary reforms and the maintenance of traditional rituals of dying, and understand how people dealt with new concerns sparked by modernization and science. Viewing culture within its social context, he illuminates the commonalities and differences that shaped death and its rituals for rich and poor, men and women, slaves and masters, adults and children, foreigners and Brazilians. This translation makes the book, originally published in Brazil in 1993, available in English for the first time.

The Popes, the Catholic Church and the Transatlantic Enslavement of Black Africans 1418-1839
Author: Pius Onyemechi Adiele
Publisher: Georg Olms Verlag
ISBN: 3487155974
Pages: 606
Year: 2017-09-01
View: 1010
Read: 924
Mehr als 400 Jahre lang erlitten schwarzafrikanische Männer, Frauen und Kinder während des transatlantischen Sklavenhandels schlimmste Formen der Versklavung und Erniedrigung durch Katholiken und das westliche Christentum. Damals wie heute glaubte niemand an die tiefe Verwicklung der Kirche und des Papsttums in den schwarzafrikanischen Holocaust. Trotz jüngster Behauptungen des päpstlichen Officiums in Rom, wonach die Päpste jegliche Form von Sklaverei verurteilten, so auch im Falle der Versklavung von Schwarzafrikanern, verweisen neuere Studien innerhalb dieses Forschungsfeldes auf das Gegenteil. Die Kirche und die Päpste nahmen vielmehr zentrale Rollen in diesem schlimmsten Verbrechen gegen die Schwarzafrikaner seit Beginn der schriftlichen Dokumentation ein. Mithilfe zahlreicher päpstlicher Bullen aus den Geheimarchiven des Vatikans und einer Vielzahl an königlichen Dokumenten aus dem portugiesischen Nationalarchiv in Lissabon, strebt der vorliegende Band eine kritische und analytische Untersuchung dieses Aspekts des transatlantischen Sklavenhandels an, der über so viele Jahre von den westlichen Historikern und Gelehrten verschleiert wurde. For over 400 years, Black African men, women and children suffered the worst type of enslavement and humiliation from the hands of Catholics and other Western Christians during the transatlantic slave trade. Before now, no one could ever believe that the Popes of the Church were deeply involved in this Holocaust against Black African people. Despite the claims made by the hallowed papal office in Rome in recent years that the Popes condemned the enslavement of peoples wherever it existed including that of Black Africans, recent researches in these fields of study have proved the contrary to be true. The Church and her Popes were rather among the major “role players” in this worst crime against Black Africans in recorded history. With the help of a considerable number of papal Bulls from the Vatican Secret Archives and a great amount of Royal documents from the Portuguese National Archives in Lisbon, the present book is aiming to undertake a critical and analytical inquiry of this aspect of the transatlantic slavery that has been kept in the dark for so many years by the Western historians and scholars. The results of this studious but fruitful academic inquiry are laid bare in this notable work of the 21st century. Pius Onyemechi Adiele is a Catholic priest of Ahiara Diocese Mbaise and an alumnus of Seat of Wisdom Seminary Owerri and Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu in Nigeria. He obtained his licentiate in Theology from the famous University of Münster and his doctoral degree in Church History from the renowned University of Tübingen in Germany. At present, he is a research fellow in the areas of African Church History and Enslavement of peoples as well as the pastor in charge of the merged parishes of Lauchheim, Westhausen, Lippach, Röttingen and Hülen in Germany.
Direito Civil De Portugal Contendo Tres Livros 1. Das Pessoas. 2. Das Cousas. 3. Das Obrigacoes E Accoes
Author: Manuel Borges Carneiro
Year: 1826
View: 338
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The Military Orders Volume V
Author: Peter #N/A
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351542508
Pages: 256
Year: 2017-07-05
View: 1035
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Scholarly interest and popular interest in the military orders show no sign of abating. Their history stretches from the early twelfth century to the present. They were among the richest and most powerful religious corporations in pre-Reformation Europe, and they founded their own states on Rhodes and Malta and also on the Baltic coast. Historians of the Church, of art and architecture, of agriculture and banking, of medicine and warfare and of European expansion can all benefit from investigating the orders and their archives. The conferences on their history that have been organized in London every four years have attracted scholars from all over the world. The present volume records the proceedings of the Fifth Conference in 2009 (held in Cardiff as the London venue was in the process of refurbishment), and, like the earlier volumes in the series, will prove essential for anyone interested in the current state of research into these powerful institutions. The thirty-eight papers published here represent a selection of those delivered at the conference. Three papers deal with the recent archaeological investigations at the Hospitaller castle at al-Marqab (Syria); others examine aspects of the history of the military orders in the Latin East and the Mediterranean lands, in Spain and Portugal, in the British Isles and in northern and eastern Europe. The final two papers address the question of present-day perceptions of the Templars as moulded by the sort of popular literature that most of the other contributors would normally keep at arm's length.
Memorias da Ordem Militar de S. Joao de Malta ...
Author: Lucas de Santa Catarina
Pages: 408
Year: 1734
View: 988
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The Burning Bridge
Author: John Anthony Flanagan
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399244557
Pages: 262
Year: 2006
View: 1087
Read: 849
Will is forced to overcome his fear of Wargals, the foot soldiers of rebel warlord Morgarath, as Araluen's army prepares to battle Morgarath's forces.
História da Família no Brasil Colonial
Author: Maria Beatriz Nizza da Silva
Publisher: Editora Nova Fronteira
ISBN: 8520909329
Pages: 291
Year: 1998-01-01
View: 1063
Read: 1130
Trata a história da família do Brasil sob a perspectiva da transmissão dos patrimonios de uma geração para outra. examinam-se as variantes locais no que se refere a heranças e dotes. Estuda a dispersão geográfica dos herdeiros pelo territorio brasileiro, portugal e ilhas atlanticas ; analisam-se os conflitos entre pais e filhos motivados pela escolha do conjuge ou pela doação de bens, assim como os conflitos entre marido e mulher resultantes dos processos de separação e da divisão da propriedade conjugal.

Colecçam dos documentos estatutos e memorias da Academia Real da Historia Portugueza ...
Author: Academia Real da História Portuguesa, Manoel Telles da Silva Alegrete (Marqués de), Nuno da Silva Teles
Year: 1729
View: 779
Read: 838

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