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Bogens verden
Year: 1961
View: 530
Read: 1131

Historisk tidsskrift
Year: 1932
View: 316
Read: 778

Bulletin of the New York Public Library
Author: New York Public Library
Year: 1923
View: 769
Read: 588
Includes its Report, 1896-19 .
Dansk naturvidenskabs historie: Viden uden grænser : 1920-1970
Author: Helge Kragh
Pages: 527
Year: 2006
View: 1233
Read: 881
Naturvidenskabens historie i Danmark beskrives samlet, fyldigt og gennemillustreret og de naturvidenskabelige områders udvikling kortlægges og knyttes sammen med den almindelige danmarkshistorie.
Author: Universitetet i Oslo. Historisk-filosofiske fakultet
Pages: 373
Year: 1963
View: 501
Read: 916

Year: 1947
View: 1025
Read: 656

A concise dictionary of Middle Egyptian
Author: Raymond Oliver Faulkner
Publisher: Griffith Inst
Pages: 334
Year: 1962-12
View: 1211
Read: 930
This concise dictionary of 'Middle Egyptian' - that phase of the Ancient Egyptian language which had the widest general application - contains 5400 carefully selected words most likely to be encountered by students and scholars in the course of their regular work on Egyptian texts. Each entry gives the most common hieroglyphic form of the word, accompanied by its transliteration, translation, references to texts where it occurs, its less usual hieroglyphic variants, and phrases in which it is used. First published in 1962 and incorporating addenda from 1966, this Concise Dictionary has become the standard work of reference and is now in its tenth printing.
Legends of Old Testament characters, from the Talmud and other sources
Author: Sabine Baring Gould
Year: 1871
View: 293
Read: 1091

In northern mists
Author: Fridtjof Nansen
Year: 1911
View: 900
Read: 927

Chief of Seers
Author: Elizabeth Goring, Cyril Aldred, Carl Nicholas Reeves, John Ruffle
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0710304498
Pages: 313
Year: 1997
View: 1097
Read: 576
Published in association with the National Museums of Scotland, this important volume of papers by leading Egyptological specialists examines various aspects of Egyptian art, including architecture, sculpture, the minor arts, and the history of collecting. Drawing on the work of the late Cyril Aldred, the acknowledged authority in the field, it is a significant contribution to the subject. The papers deal with a wide range of topics in the art-historical sphere, including "The 'Feminization' of the Male Figure in Two-Dimensional Art; " "Jewelry Fragments from the Tomb of Nefertari; " "The Malqata/El-Armana Blues -- Favourite Colours of Kings and Gods; " "Egyptian Bronze Sculpture Before the Late Period; " and "The Pyramid of Seila and its Place in the Succession of Snofru's Pyramids".
Der Streit Der FakultÜten
Author: Immanuel Kant
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 080327775X
Pages: 221
Year: 1979
View: 1211
Read: 563
It is in the interest of the totalitarian state that subjects not think for themselves, much less confer about their thinking. Writing under the hostile watch of the Prussian censorship, Immanuel Kant dared to argue the need for open argument, in the university if nowhere else. In this heroic criticism of repression, first published in 1798, he anticipated the crises that endanger the free expression of ideas in the name of national policy. Composed of three sections written at different times, The Conflict of the Faculties dwells on the eternal combat between the "lower" faculty of philosophy, which is answerable only to individual reason, and the faculties of theology, law, and medicine, which get "higher" precedence in the world of affairs and whose teachings and practices are of interest to the government. Kant makes clear, for example, the close alliance between the theological faculty and the government that sanctions its teachings and can resort to force and censorship. All the more vital and precious, then, the faculty of philosophy, which encourages independent thought before action. The first section, "The Conflict of the Philosophy Faculty with the Theology Faculty," is essentially a vindication of the right of the philosophical faculty to freedom of expression. In the other sections the philosopher takes a long and penetrating look at medicine and law, the one preserving the physical "temple" and the other regulating its actions.
Author: Siegfried Lenz
Publisher: Other Press, LLC
ISBN: 1590513878
Pages: 130
Year: 2010-08-03
View: 348
Read: 1101
In a small town on the Baltic coast, in a community steeped in maritime industries and local mores, a teenager falls in love with his English professor. Christian looks older than his years, Stella younger than hers. The summer they spend together is filled with boat rides to Bird Island, secret walks on the beach, and furtive glances. The emotions that blossom between Christian and Stella are aflame with passion and innocence, and with an idealistic hope of a future. The two lovers manage to keep their mutual attraction concealed, but as the hot months comes to an end, their meetings become more difficult to conceal. Stella begins at the end, at Stella Petersen’s memorial service, where Christian relives the memories he shared with his first love. There is nothing salacious about their relationship, nor is it just a case of a teenager’s crush on his teacher. Their affair changes both Christian and Stella, allows them to expand their views, and pushes them out of social and familial constraints. Theirs is a tender love story of a time, and yet speaks to any time; it is actually through death that their love is transformed. The sparseness of Siegfried Lenz’s narrative is reminiscent of the existential stringency of Ernest Hemingway. Only a master stylist of his standing could compose such a story that is equally modest and powerful, a work that leaves a lasting authentic impression, and that strives to comply with W.H. Auden’s famous request, “Tell me the truth about love.”
The Lost Beliefs of Northern Europe
Author: Dr Hil Davidson
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0415049369
Pages: 181
Year: 1993
View: 929
Read: 1001
Fragments of ancient belief mingle with folklore and Christian dogma until the original tenets are lost in the myths and psychologies of the intervening years. Hilda Ellis Davidson illustrates how pagan beliefs have been represented and misinterpreted by the Christian tradition, and throws light on the nature of pre-Christian beliefs and how they have been preserved. The Lost Beliefs of Northern Europe stresses both the possibilities and the difficulties of investigating the lost religious beliefs of Northern Europe.
Designing Worlds
Author: Kjetil Fallan, Grace Lees-Maffei
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 1785331566
Pages: 296
Year: 2016-06-30
View: 885
Read: 842
From consumer products to architecture to advertising to digital technology, design is an undeniably global phenomenon. Yet despite their professed transnational perspective, historical studies of design have all too often succumbed to a bias toward Western, industrialized nations. This diverse but rigorously curated collection recalibrates our understanding of design history, reassessing regional and national cultures while situating them within an international context. Here, contributors from five continents offer nuanced studies that range from South Africa to the Czech Republic, all the while sensitive to the complexities of local variation and the role of nation-states in identity construction.
The Psychology of Humiliation
Author: Evelin Gerda Lindner
ISBN: 8256918179
Pages: 507
Year: 2000
View: 663
Read: 943

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