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Rumble Vol. 1: What Color Of Darkness
Author: John Arcudi
Publisher: Image Comics
ISBN: 1632155141
Pages: 144
Year: 2015-06-24
View: 596
Read: 711
A Scarecrow Warrior God walks into a bar...and proceeds to drag a modern American city into a ten-thousand-year-old grudge-match! A bizarre new adventureÑcomplete with boozehound shamans, monster queens, and a football-fetching hydra! Featuring an extended sketchbook section and a few surprises! Collects RUMBLE #1-5.
The Shaolin Cowboy
Author: Geof Darrow
Publisher: Dark Horse Books
ISBN: 1616557265
Pages: 133
Year: 2015
View: 524
Read: 338
The action never lets up as a chainsaw of events pits the comic world's favourite Shaolin Cowboy against a legion of gourmets from the fourth level of hell, intent on turning America's finest youth into an endless buffet. Strap on your six-guns, gas up your chainsaw and hang on, 'cuz you aren't in Downton Abbey anymore! The return of the hugely popular Shaolin Cowboy marks Geof Darrow's return to comics, and this collection brings together his comeback issues into one volume.
Author: Peter Milligan, Brett Ewins, Steve Dillon
ISBN: 1840234857
Pages: 173
Year: 2002
View: 1251
Read: 351
From acclaimed writer Peter Milligan (Enigma, X-Force), 2000 AD artist Brett Ewins (Judge Anderson) and fan-favourite Steven Dillon (Preacher) comes the uncompromising story of a future ravaged by plague and ruled by gang warfare - and the man who is prepared to destroy it all... Veto Skreemer is the most feared killer in all gangland; a man who has killed his way to the top, and hasn't worried about the friends he's lost along the way. Now, with the other gangs poised to destroy his empire, he reflects on the life he's led - while literally standing on the edge of death. But Veto has a plan to change the world; and a terrible, terrible secret. The Godfather meets Finnegan's Wake as the two intertwine in a way that will chill you to the bone. Warning: Adults Only.
Michael Moorcock Elric
Author: Julien Blondel, Didier Poli, Robin Recht
Publisher: Titan Comics
ISBN: 1782761241
Pages: 64
Year: 2014-09-16
View: 728
Read: 559
Albino emperor Elric believes he can protect his empire from his cousin Yyrkoon, who is plotting to claim the throne, by thwarting a pirate attack, but by engaging in a battle at sea, Elric would be forced to reveal a dark allegiance.
Midnight Nation
Author: J. Michael Straczynski
Publisher: Image Comics
ISBN: 1582402728
Pages: 288
Year: 2003-01-01
View: 1286
Read: 770
Author: Kim W. Andersson
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1506702155
Year: 2016
View: 1042
Read: 1132
"Alena's life is a living hell. Since starting at boarding school Alena's been harassed every day by Philippa and the lacrosse team. But Alena's friend Josephine is not going to accept that anymore. If Alena does not fight back then Josephine will take matters into her own hands. There's just one problem--Josephine has been dead for a year"--Provided by publisher.
The Way of Light
Author: Storm Constantine
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN: 1429972386
Pages: 496
Year: 2003-01-04
View: 889
Read: 1077
The Third Book of The Magravandias Chronicles The sudden death of the Emperor Leonid has plunged the empire of Magravandias into chaos. To preserve order, Valraven Palindrake, Dragon Lord of Caradore, reluctantly pledges his support to the young Crown Prince, Gastern. Concerned for the fate of her adopted country, Varencienne Palindrake, Valraven's wife and Leonid's daughter, embarks on a perilous journey to Magrast to confer with her mother, the Empress Tatrini. But en route, she is captured by the dark magus Taropat and his student Shan, who hope to use her as a pawn in their own intricate game to revive three lost implements of power: the Dragon's Eye, the Dragon's Breath, and the Dragon's Claw. As Magravandias descends toward a holocaust of bloodshed and warfare, a dark cabal of Firemages schemes in secret to engineer the coronation of their own chosen successor. And in Caradore, the twin children of Valraven Palindrake summon ancient magics to open the Way of Light and place a True King on the throne. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Bolland Strips!
Author: Brian Bolland
ISBN: 0861661508
Pages: 112
Year: 2005
View: 1102
Read: 1309
In the late 70's Brian Bolland left an indelible mark on many a comic fan with his work on 2000AD's Judge Dredd. He attracted a US audience with Camelot 3000 and Batman:The Killing Joke and remains a popular cover artist. This book contains The Actress and the Bishop with their odd relationship in the suburbs and Mr. Mamoulian.
The Shadow 1941
Author: Dennis O'Neil
Publisher: Dynamite
ISBN: 1606904299
Pages: 64
Year: 2013
View: 603
Read: 362
On Easter Sunday of April 1941, a young woman pushes through the holiday crowds, racing for her life through the streets of Manhattan. It's a chase that leads from the bustling American metropolis all the way to Berlin, the dark heart of the Nazi regime... a chase of screeching taxis and motorcycle escapes, of a fantastic battle between a German U-boat and an autogyro over Coney Island! Like marionettes dangling from invisible hands, neither Allies nor Axis agents can tell if they are the puppeteers... or the dolls whose strings get cut! Behind it all, The Shadow looms, a master of men with cold, hollow laughter and blazing .45 pistols! The acclaimed, complete Shadow 1941: Hitler's Astrologer collaboration of Batman scribe Denny O'Neil and artist Mike Kaluta, available for the first time in over two decades, completely remastered!


Author: Grant Morrison
Publisher: DC
ISBN: 1401236278
Year: 2005-07-01
View: 1232
Read: 1196
A powerful tale from the ALL-STAR SUPERMAN team of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. Morrison and Quitely deliver the emotional journey of WE3„three house pets weaponized for lethal combat by the government„as they search for -homeî and attempt to ward off the shadowy agency that created them. With nervous systems amplified to match their terrifying mechanical exoskeletons, the members of Animal Weapon 3 (WE3) have the firepower of a battalion between them. But they are just the programÍs prototypes, and now that their testing is complete, theyÍre slated to be permanently decommissioned, causing them to seize their one chance to make a desperate run for freedom. Relentlessly pursued by their makers, the WE3 team must navigate a frightening and confusing world where their instincts and heightened abilities make them as much a threat as those hunting them.
Divided States of Hysteria
Author: Howard Chaykin
ISBN: 1534303839
Pages: 160
Year: 2018
View: 811
Read: 634
An America sundered. An Americaenraged. AnAmerica terrified. An America shattered by greed and racism,violence and fear, nihilism and tragedy... ...and that's when everything really goesto hell. Collects the entire six-issue series bylegendary creator HOWARD CHAYKIN.
ISBN: 1506701167
Year: 2016
View: 1218
Read: 379

Cinder and Ashe
Author: Gerry Conway, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
Publisher: Dc Comics
ISBN: 1401246389
Pages: 128
Year: 2014-07
View: 181
Read: 190
Originally published in single magazine form in Cinder and Ashe 1-4.
Coffin Hill Vol. 3: Haunted Houses
Author: Caitlin Kittredge
Publisher: Vertigo
ISBN: 1401254365
Pages: 144
Year: 2015-10-06
View: 1251
Read: 258
Eve Coffin is released from jail to go home again...and there's something in Coffin Hill awaiting her with open arms. Ghosts are abroad in the town, and one in particular has her sights set on EveÑand on a bloody chain of events the Coffin family set in motion almost 300 years ago. When the bones of a young girl are found after decades buried in the Coffin Hill woods, Eve and Officer Wilcox attempt to solve the cold case, discovering that the ghosts, the bones and the darkest secrets of Coffin Hill are all connected...and all pose a grave danger to Eve and her loved ones. COFFIN HILL VOL. 3 collects issues #14-20.
Area 10
Author: Christos Gage, Chris Samnee
Publisher: Titan Books
ISBN: 1848566263
Pages: 184
Year: 2011-05-01
View: 168
Read: 705
While leading the investigation of a decapitating serial killer known as 'Henry the Eighth', NYPD detective Adam Kamen suffers a brain injury that leaves him with an altered perception of time. He becomes convinced that his condition could be tied to the 'Henry' case, and that the key may lie in the ancient practice of trepanation.