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Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories
Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Publisher: Bantam Classics
ISBN: 0307834409
Pages: 1088
Year: 2013-06-26
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Read: 1114
Sherlock Holmes The Complete Novels and Stories Volume I Since his first appearance in Beeton’s Christmas Annual in 1887, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes has been one of the most beloved fictional characters ever created. Now, in two paperback volumes, Bantam presents all fifty-six short stories and four novels featuring Conan Doyle’s classic hero--a truly complete collection of Sherlock Holmes’s adventures in crime! Volume I includes the early novel A Study in Scarlet, which introduced the eccentric genius of Sherlock Holmes to the world. This baffling murder mystery, with the cryptic word Rache written in blood, first brought Holmes together with Dr. John Watson. Next, The Sign of Four presents Holmes’s famous “seven percent solution” and the strange puzzle of Mary Morstan in the quintessential locked-room mystery. Also included are Holmes’s feats of extraordinary detection in such famous cases as the chilling “ The Adventure of the Speckled Band,” the baffling riddle of “The Musgrave Ritual,” and the ingeniously plotted “The Five Orange Pips,” tales that bring to life a Victorian England of horse-drawn cabs, fogs, and the famous lodgings at 221B Baker Street, where Sherlock Holmes earned his undisputed reputation as the greatest fictional detective of all time.
The Sign of Four
Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Publisher: BookRix
ISBN: 3736802358
Pages: 173
Year: 2018-10-16
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The Sign of Four, is the second novel featuring Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The Sign of the Four has a complex plot involving service in East India Company, India, the Indian Rebellion of 1857, a stolen treasure, and a secret pact among four convicts ("the Four" of the title) and two corrupt prison guards. It presents the detective's drug habit and humanizes him in a way that had not been done in the preceding novel A Study in Scarlet. It also introduces Doctor Watson's future wife, Mary Morstan. In 1888 a client, Mary Morstan, comes with two puzzles for Holmes. The first is the disappearance of her father, British Indian Army Captain Arthur Morstan in December 1878. According to Mary, her father had telegraphed her upon his safe return from India and requested her to meet him at the Langham Hotel in London. When Mary arrived at the hotel, she was told her father had gone out the previous night and not returned. Despite all efforts, no trace has ever been found of him. Mary contacted her father's only friend who was in the same regiment and had since retired to England, one Major Sholto, but he denied knowing her father had returned. The second puzzle is that she has received 6 pearls in the mail from an anonymous benefactor once a year since 1882 after answering an anonymous newspaper query inquiring for her. With the last pearl she has received a letter remarking that she has been a wronged woman and asking for a meeting. Holmes takes the case and soon discovers that Major Sholto had died in 1882 and that within a short span of time Mary began to receive the pearls, implying a connection. The only clue Mary can give Holmes is a map of a fortress found in her father's desk with the names of Jonathan Small and three Sikhs named Dost Akbar, Abdullah Khan, and Mahomet Singh.
Author: René Maran
Pages: 201
Year: 1922
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Teaching Strategies for Literacy
Author: Joelie Hancock, Christine Leaver
ISBN: 064645689X
Pages: 78
Year: 2006
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"All teachers use a range of strategies to structure their teaching of English and Literacy. This book describes and lists the steps for forty different teaching strategies that can help consolidate and extend every teacher's repertoire. The strategies can be adapted for all year levels and to suit different students' interests, knowledge and skills."--Cover.
A Frequency Dictionary of French
Author: Deryle Lonsdale, Yvon Le Bras
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135973504
Pages: 320
Year: 2009-03-25
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A Frequency Dictionary of French is an invaluable tool for all learners of French, providing a list of the 5000 most frequently used words in the language. Based on a 23-million-word corpus of French which includes written and spoken material both from France and overseas, this dictionary provides the user with detailed information for each of the 5000 entries, including English equivalents, a sample sentence, its English translation, usage statistics, and an indication of register variation. Users can access the top 5000 words either through the main frequency listing or through an alphabetical index. Throughout the frequency listing there are thematically-organized lists of the top words from a variety of key topics such as sports, weather, clothing, and family terms. An engaging and highly useful resource, the Frequency Dictionary of French will enable students of all levels to get the most out of their study of French vocabulary. Deryle Lonsdale is Associate Professor in the Linguistics and English Language Department at Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah). Yvon Le Bras is Associate Professor of French and Department Chair of the French and Italian Department at Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah).
Author: Émile Zola
Year: 1897
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Advanced Modelling in Finance using Excel and VBA
Author: Mary Jackson, Mike Staunton
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470061669
Pages: 276
Year: 2006-08-30
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This new and unique book demonstrates that Excel and VBA can play an important role in the explanation and implementation of numerical methods across finance. Advanced Modelling in Finance provides a comprehensive look at equities, options on equities and options on bonds from the early 1950s to the late 1990s. The book adopts a step-by-step approach to understanding the more sophisticated aspects of Excel macros and VBA programming, showing how these programming techniques can be used to model and manipulate financial data, as applied to equities, bonds and options. The book is essential for financial practitioners who need to develop their financial modelling skill sets as there is an increase in the need to analyse and develop ever more complex 'what if' scenarios. Specifically applies Excel and VBA to the financial markets Packaged with a CD containing the software from the examples throughout the book Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.
Billy Straight
Author: Jonathan Kellerman
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0345540131
Pages: 528
Year: 2013-01-29
View: 828
Read: 170
When twelve-year-old Billy Straight, a runaway struggling to survive L.A.'s most dangerous streets, becomes the sole eyewitness to a brutal murder, he becomes the target of the media, bounty hunters, and a killer, as L.A.P.D. homicide detective Petra Connor races against time to save his life.
Pobby and Dingan
Author: Ben Rice
Publisher: Vintage Books
ISBN: 1400031885
Pages: 114
Year: 2003-04
View: 1249
Read: 981
When Kellyanne Williamson's imaginary friends Pobby and Dingan disappear, Kellyanne's brother, Ashmol, enlists the aid of the entire town of Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, to find them.
The Village Cure
Author: Honore De Balzac
ISBN: 1434422461
Pages: 386
Year: 2011-10-01
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"Curfew Must Not Ring To-night"
Author: Rose Hartwick Thorpe
Pages: 18
Year: 1882
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Multilingualism, Education and Change
Author: Jean Jacques Weber
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 3631572859
Pages: 186
Year: 2009
View: 347
Read: 1251
This is a book about language and education in one of the smallest European Union member-states, Luxembourg. It presents the results of an ethnographic study of code-switching and language ideologies among transnational, luso-descendant youngsters attending a number of youth centres in Luxembourg city. It offers a comprehensive description of the processes of construction and negotiation of new, emergent identities and ethnicities. The author considers the implications of these results for language-in-education policy, including the EU policy of multilingualism. He criticizes mother-tongue education and advocates instead the use of -literacy bridges-. Clearly argued and widely applicable, this book is essential reading for students and researchers interested in multilingualism, migration and education."
Hochelagans and Mohawks
Author: W. D. Lighthall
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1507675410
Pages: 46
Year: 2016-02-12
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"[...]appears from the fewness of sites discovered, from the smallness of the population, considering the richness of the country, and especially from the fact that the Huron, and the Seneca, and their own tongues were still mutually comprehensible, notwithstanding the rapid changes of Indian dialects. Everything considered, their coming might perhaps be placed about 1450, which could give time for the settlements on Lake Champlain, unearthed by Dr. D.S. Kellogg and others and rendered probable by their pottery and other evidence as being Huron-Iroquois.[8] Cartier, as we have seen, described the Hochelagan towns along the river. SHALLOW GRAVE IN PREHISTORIC BURYING GROUND AT WESTMOUNT ON MOUNT ROYAL SHOWING ATTITUDE OF SEPULTURE. SHALLOW GRAVE IN PREHISTORIC BURYING GROUND AT[...]".
Cellulite Solutions Uk
Author: Octopus Publishing Group
Publisher: Hamlyn
ISBN: 0600611264
Year: 2004-04-01
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Author: Emile Zola
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1494256614
Pages: 248
Year: 2013-11
View: 1017
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L'Assomoir, written by French writer Emile Zola (1840-1902) in 1877. Zola, one of the most influential writers of the literary school of naturalism and a contributor to the development of theatrical naturalism.