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Sitting Still Like a Frog
Author: Eline Snel
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 0834829193
Pages: 112
Year: 2013-12-03
View: 562
Read: 211
This introduction to mindfulness meditation for children and their parents includes practices that can help children calm down, become more focused, fall asleep more easily, alleviate worry, manage anger, and generally become more patient and aware.
Mouse's First Christmas
Author: Lauren Thompson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1442457627
Pages: 32
Year: 2012-10-02
View: 623
Read: 1083
Late one winter night, Mouse discovers new sights, smells, and tastes: sweet and sparkly cookies, jingly and glinty bells, and lots of boxy and ribbony presents. Mouse doesn't know what any of it means, until a whiskery and jolly guest arrives with a very special holiday message.
Detective John Chatterton
Author: Yvan Pommaux
Publisher: Rajkamal Prakashan
ISBN: 8126716886
Pages: 40
Year: 2000-01-01
View: 1262
Read: 937

Address Unknown
Author: Kathrine Kressmann Taylor
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
ISBN: 0822235137
Pages: 35
Year: 2018-02-07
View: 1045
Read: 368
In an era of austerity, recession, and rising nationalism, two friends are torn apart when the Nazi regime infiltrates their friendship and families to devastating effect. Based on the bestselling book, which was written as an anti-fascist call to arms and banned in 1930s Germany for dramatically exposing the threat of Nazism, ADDRESS UNKNOWN is a timely warning of how humanity can fail in the face of extreme ideology.
The Teenage Liberation Handbook
Author: Grace Llewellyn
Publisher: Lowry House Pub
ISBN: 0962959170
Pages: 435
Year: 1998
View: 558
Read: 886
Explores how teenagers can leave school and design a personalized education program for themselves
I Like Books
Author: Anthony Browne
ISBN: 1406321788
Pages: 24
Year: 2009
View: 1330
Read: 1265
Do you like books? Funny books or fairy tales? Scary books or song books? Books about dinosaurs or pirates or ABCs? This title stars an obliging chimp sampling books of various sizes and shapes.
German Essentials For Dummies
Author: Wendy Foster, Paulina Christensen, Anne Fox
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111818422X
Pages: 192
Year: 2012-05-29
View: 231
Read: 1129
If you have some knowledge of German and want to polish your skills, this guide focuses on just the core concepts you need to communicate effectively.
Zeralda's Ogre
Author: Tomi Ungerer
Publisher: Roberts Rinehart Pub
ISBN: 1570982686
Pages: 32
Year: 1999-03-31
View: 963
Read: 1285
The giant appetite of the ogre could only be satisfied by the flesh of children until young Zeralda tamed his taste buds with her culinary art.
Inspector Mouse
Author: Bernard Stone, Ralph Steadman
Publisher: Henry Holt Books For Young Readers
ISBN: 0030591139
Pages: 32
Year: 1981-01-01
View: 285
Read: 602
The distinguished detective apprehends a gang of robbers who have stolen a shipment of valuable Limburger cheese.
Emma in Paris
Author: Claire Frossard
Publisher: Enchanted Lion Books
ISBN: 1592701396
Pages: 44
Year: 2013
View: 609
Read: 940
The playful Central Park sparrow from Emma's Journey returns in a tale of acrobatics and friendship in Paris, where she enjoys her first months in the City of Light with her circus-performer cousin and a gentle cat.
The Wolf Who Wanted to Change His Color
Author: Orianne Lallemand
Publisher: Auzou Publishing
ISBN: 2733832360
Pages: 32
Year: 2015-06-02
View: 1310
Read: 1045
The funny story of Wolf who wants to change the colors in his life!
Mon premier précis de vocabulaire
Author: Natacha Espinosa, Michaël Espinosa
ISBN: 2820804799
Pages: 112
Year: 2016-09-16
View: 534
Read: 1166
Cet ouvrage a été réalisé à partir d’études sur l’apprentissage du langage. A 18 mois, l’enfant comprend 20 à 40 mots, à 24 mois : 100, à 36 mois 400 à 900 et à 6 ans : 2 500. Durant cette période, l’enfant «apprend» donc une quarantaine de mots par mois. A titre indicatif, un adulte cultive un vocabulaire de 20 000 à 40 000 mots. Un titre innovant, dont l’objectif est d’accompagner les enfants dans l’apprentissage du vocabulaire et des catégorisations. Les mots sont placés dans l’univers de l’enfant, dans les contextes qu’il connait et dans lesquels il développe son langage. Par exemple, le mot «table» n’est pas réduit à sa définition (plateau avec un ou plusieurs pieds) mais associé aux mots suivants : «chaise», «assiette», «couvert», «cuisine», «repas», etc. Cette catégorisation est une étape essentielle dans le développement du langage. 500 mots de base et 5 000 mots associés.
Count to 100
Author: Felicity Brooks
ISBN: 1409597830
Pages: 26
Year: 2016-09-01
View: 1174
Read: 502
Charmingly illustrated by Sophia Touliatou, this picture book takes readers on a colourful tour through the world of numbers, from one full moon to a hundred twinkling stars. There are number patterns, picture puzzles and lots of extra things to spot along the way. Things to count are grouped together so that children can begin counting, adding and multiplying in concrete terms before moving onto abstract calculations.
I Want to Be Tall!
Author: Tony Ross
Publisher: Andersen Press
ISBN: 184270768X
Pages: 32
Year: 2008
View: 1054
Read: 366
The Little Princess needs to rescue her space-hopper from the apple tree, but she is just not tall enough! The only solution is to grow, so she sets about doing all the things that should make her bigger. Unfortunately nothing seems to help. But when her baby cousin comes to visit she realizes that maybe she’s not that small after all . . .
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Author: Tony Ross
ISBN: 1842708333
Pages: 28
Year: 2008
View: 559
Read: 1220
On one side of the mountain a wolf lives in the lap of luxury - on the other side lives a boy called Harry. Whenever Harry is made to do anything he doesn't like (such as washing or playing the violin), he distracts people by crying, 'Wolf!' even though the wolf is nowhere to be seen. Then one day the wolf really does jump out at Harry, except this time when Harry cries 'Wolf!' nobody takes any notice. . . A hilarious and quirky retelling of a famous fable, with an unexpected ending!

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