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Merely Immortal
Author: T. A. Grey
Publisher: Grey Ink Press, LLC
Year: 2015-10-20
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SHE WOULD DIE FOR HIS TOUCH. Rockstar and playboy, Lucas Blackmoore is still reeling with grief after the death of the one woman he loved—a human he desired with all of his being. But when Lucas is suddenly drawn to a young and mysterious were-creature who has no recollection of her past and only fears for her future, Lucas is hellbent on helping her. His instincts scream that she is his mate, but how could that be, when his mate was dead? Buy Merely Immortal and see why nearly one million readers have chosen T. A. Grey's romances to get lost in.
Being Mortal
Author: Atul Gawande
Publisher: Metropolitan Books
ISBN: 1627790551
Pages: 304
Year: 2014-10-07
View: 1299
Read: 605
In Being Mortal, bestselling author Atul Gawande tackles the hardest challenge of his profession: how medicine can not only improve life but also the process of its ending Medicine has triumphed in modern times, transforming birth, injury, and infectious disease from harrowing to manageable. But in the inevitable condition of aging and death, the goals of medicine seem too frequently to run counter to the interest of the human spirit. Nursing homes, preoccupied with safety, pin patients into railed beds and wheelchairs. Hospitals isolate the dying, checking for vital signs long after the goals of cure have become moot. Doctors, committed to extending life, continue to carry out devastating procedures that in the end extend suffering. Gawande, a practicing surgeon, addresses his profession's ultimate limitation, arguing that quality of life is the desired goal for patients and families. Gawande offers examples of freer, more socially fulfilling models for assisting the infirm and dependent elderly, and he explores the varieties of hospice care to demonstrate that a person's last weeks or months may be rich and dignified. Full of eye-opening research and riveting storytelling, Being Mortal asserts that medicine can comfort and enhance our experience even to the end, providing not only a good life but also a good end.
Last Days of An Immortal
Author: Fabien Vehlmann
Publisher: Boom! Studios
ISBN: 164144858X
Year: 2012-09-05
View: 861
Read: 1294
In the distant future, Elijah is a member of the "Philosophical Police," who must solve conflicts that arise out of ignorance of the Other. Two species are fighting a war with roots in a crime committed centuries ago, and Elijah must solve the crime and bring peace between their species, while also confronting his own immortality in a world where science provides access to eternal life. In a world where death no longer exists, why do so many want to give up on life? Serious, heavy duty science fiction, with shades of author J.G. Ballard and the films Gattaca, Solaris, and George Lucas' THX 1138.
The Book of Immortality
Author: Adam Leith Gollner
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439127883
Pages: 416
Year: 2013-08-20
View: 767
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A “wonderful” (Harper’s), “engrossing” (Parade) exploration of the most universal of human obsessions: immortality—from an author who is “part Mary Roach, part Joe Strummer of The Clash” (The Wall Street Journal). What have we not done to live forever? Adam Leith Gollner, the critically acclaimed author of The Fruit Hunters, weaves together religion, science, and mythology in a gripping exploration of the most universal of human obsessions: immortality. Raised without religion, Adam Leith Gollner was struck by mankind’s tireless efforts to cheat aging and death. In a narrative that pivots between profundity and hilarity, he brings us into the world of those whose lives are shaped by a belief in immortality. From a Jesuit priest on his deathbed to antiaging researchers at Harvard, Gollner— sorting truth from absurdity—canvasses religion and science for insight, along with an array of cults, myths, and fringe figures. He journeys to David Copperfield’s archipelago in the Bahamas, where the magician claims to have found “a liquid that reverses genes.” He explores a cryonics facility, attends a costume party set in the year 2068 with a group of radical life-extensionists, and soaks in the transformative mineral waters at the Esalen Institute. Looking to history, Gollner visits St. Augustine, Florida, where Ponce de León is thought to have sought the Fountain of Youth. Combining immersive reporting, rigorous research, and lyrical prose, Gollner charts the rise of longevity science from its alchemical beginnings to modern-day genetic interventions. He delves into the symbolic representation of eternal life and its connection to water. Interlaced throughout is a compelling meditation on the nature of belief, showing how every story we tell about immortality is a story about the meaning of death. “Part journalist, part detective, part scientist.” (New York Post). Adam Leith Gollner has written a rollicking and revelatory examination of our age-old notion of living forever.
Good Words
Year: 1882
View: 344
Read: 860

A Reply to the Rev. J. Kork's Pamphlet, entitled "The Warning, or the Future Punishment of the Impenitent considered." By W. G. M.
Author: William Glen MONCRIEFF, John KIRK (Congregational Minister.)
Year: 1849
View: 871
Read: 1048

The Immortal Prince
Author: Jennifer Fallon
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN: 1429936282
Pages: 512
Year: 2009-06-02
View: 227
Read: 1237
When a routine hanging goes wrong and a murderer somehow survives the noose, the man announces he is an immortal. And not just any immortal, but Cayal, the Immortal Prince, hero of legend, thought to be only a fictional character. To most he is a figure out of the Tide Lord Tarot, the only record left on Amyrantha of the mythical beings whom fable tells created the race of half-human, half-animal Crasii, a race of slaves. Arkady Desean is an expert on the legends of the Tide Lords so at the request of the King's Spymaster, she is sent to interrogate this would-be immortal, hoping to prove he is a spy, or at the very least, a madman. Though she is set the task of proving Cayal a liar, Arkady finds herself believing him, against her own good sense. And as she begins to truly believe in the Tide Lords, her own web of lies begins to unravel... At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Good words, ed. by N. Macleod
Author: Norman Macleod
Year: 1882
View: 604
Read: 1310

Good Words and Sunday Magazine
Author: Donald Macleod, Hartley Aspden
Year: 1882
View: 563
Read: 882

Patristic Studies
Year: 1955
View: 1192
Read: 1219

Sermons, Practical and Descriptive
Author: Eleazar Thompson Fitch
Pages: 365
Year: 1871
View: 1174
Read: 771

Philosophical Essays
Author: James Ogilvie
Pages: 279
Year: 1816
View: 1274
Read: 1160

The Book of Wisdom
Author: A. T. S. Goodrick
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108053777
Pages: 454
Year: 2012-07-08
View: 885
Read: 1081
Including an extensive introduction and notes, this translation of the biblical Book of Wisdom was first published in 1913.
Pre-scholastic and scholastic philosophy
Author: Albert Stöckl
Year: 1911
View: 623
Read: 383

Handbook of the History of Philosophy
Author: Albert Stöckl
Pages: 285
Year: 1887
View: 411
Read: 439

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