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Manual of I.V. Therapeutics
Author: Lynn Dianne Phillips, Lisa A. Gorski
Publisher: F A Davis Company
ISBN: 0803638469
Pages: 854
Year: 2014
View: 1078
Read: 960
The perfect resource for any setting where infusion therapy skills are required! Its popular, self-paced approach makes it ideal for classroom and clinical settings as it progresses from the basics to advanced techniques while incorporating theory into clinical application. An expanded focus on evidence-based practice, a more streamlined format, and new Plus Code student resources online at DavisPlus continue to make this the manual of choice in a rapidly advancing field.
Phillips's Manual of I.V. Therapeutics
Author: Lisa A Gorski
Publisher: F.A. Davis
ISBN: 0803689489
Pages: 706
Year: 201-04-10
View: 563
Read: 871
The perfect resource for any setting where infusion therapy skills are required! Its popular, self-paced approach makes it ideal for classroom and clinical settings as it progresses from the basics to advanced techniques while incorporating theory into clinical application.
Plumer's Principles and Practice of Intravenous Therapy
Author: Ada Lawrence Plumer
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 0781759447
Pages: 753
Year: 2007
View: 218
Read: 688
Disc contains drug monographs on more than 100 intravenous agents in a printable format for patient teaching and 11 appendices with information on continuing education, governmental regulations, and other subjects relevant to infusion therapy.
Phillips's Manual of I. V. Therapeutics
Author: Lisa Gorski, Lynn Dianne Phillips
ISBN: 0803667043
Pages: 698
Year: 2018
View: 384
Read: 232
Preceded by Manual of I.V. therapeutics / Lynn Dianne Phillips, Lisa Gorski. Sixth edition. [2014].
Intravenous Therapy in Nursing Practice
Author: Lisa Dougherty, Julie Lamb
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1444309617
Pages: 528
Year: 2009-03-17
View: 934
Read: 977
Intravenous Therapy in Nursing Practice provides a comprehensive guide to the management of intravenous therapy in nursing, and explores all aspects of intravenous therapy in both hospital and community settings. It addresses core clinical skills, including the preparation and administration of intravenous drugs, peripheral venous access, acute and long term central venous access, and paediatric intravenous therapy. The book also explores relevant anatomy and physiology, fluid and electrolyte balance, pharmacological aspects and legal and ethical issues, in order to equip nurses with the skills and knowledge needed in order to provide safe and effective care. • Addresses key specialist skills, including blood transfusion, parenteral nutrition and safe administration of cytotoxic drugs • A definitive text for nurses working in the hospital and the community • Contains contributions from leading nurse practitioners Intravenous Therapy in Nursing Practice is an essential resource for nurses and health professionals working in intravenous therapy.
2016 Intravenous Medications
Author: Betty L. Gahart, Adrienne R. Nazareno
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323296602
Pages: 1376
Year: 2015-07-06
View: 586
Read: 291
The #1 IV drug handbook for more than 40 years; Intravenous Medications: A handbook for nurses and health professionals is trusted for its accuracy and comprehensive coverage. Whether you prefer the portable print version or one of the convenient electronic formats, each drug monograph - including those for new IV drugs recently approved by the FDA - includes the drug's generic name, common trade name(s), drug category, pH, dosages and dose adjustments, dilution, incompatibilities, rate of administration, actions, indications and uses, contraindications, precautions, drug/lab interactions, side effects, and antidote - all alphabetically organized to help you find drug information quickly and easily.
Infusion Nursing - E-Book
Author: Infusion Nurses Society, Ann Corrigan, Lisa Gorski, Judy Hankins, Roxanne Perucca, Mary Alexander
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1455710067
Pages: 625
Year: 2011-05-13
View: 207
Read: 886
With a new focus on evidence-based practice, the 3rd edition of this authoritative reference covers every aspect of infusion therapy and can be applied to any clinical setting. Completely updated content brings you the latest advances in equipment, technology, best practices, guidelines, and patient safety. Other key topics include quality management, ethical and legal issues, patient education, and financial considerations. Ideal as a practical clinical reference, this essential guide is also a perfect review tool for the CRNI examination. Authored by the Infusion Nurses Society, this highly respected reference sets the standard for infusion nursing practice. Coverage of all 9 core areas of INS certification makes this a valuable review resource for the examination. Material progresses from basic to advanced to help new practitioners build a solid foundation of knowledge before moving on to more advanced topics. Each chapter focuses on a single topic and can serve as a stand-alone reference for busy nursing professionals. Expanded coverage of infusion therapy equipment, product selection, and evaluation help you provide safe, effective care. A separate chapter on infusion therapy across the continuum offers valuable guidance for treating patients with infusion therapy needs in outpatient, long-term, and home-care, as well as hospice and ambulatory care centers. Extensive information on specialties addresses key areas such as oncology, pain management, blood components, and parenteral nutrition. An evidence-based approach and new Focus on Evidence boxes throughout the book emphasize the importance of research in achieving the best possible patient outcomes. The user-friendly design highlights essential information in handy boxes, tables, and lists for quick access. Completely updated coverage ensures you are using the most current infusion therapy guidelines available.
Manual Of I.V. Therapeutics
Author: Lynn D Phillips
Publisher: F.A. Davis
ISBN: 0803625294
Pages: 864
Year: 2010-04-29
View: 330
Read: 845
The perfect resource for any setting where infusion therapy skills are required! Its popular, self-paced approach makes it ideal for classroom and clinical settings as it progresses from the basics to advanced techniques while incorporating theory into clinical application.
Infusion Therapy in Clinical Practice
Author: Judy Hankins
Publisher: W B Saunders Company
Pages: 696
Year: 2001
View: 335
Read: 1288
This reference text comprehensively addresses every aspect of infusion therapy. The new second edition now includes discussion of intrathecal, intraosseous, and epidural procedures, as well as coverage of subcutaneous pain management, conscious sedation, and the use of catheters not being inserted intravenously. Addressing every aspect of infusion therapy, this text can be applied to any healthcare setting. INFUSION THERAPY IN CLINICAL PRACTICE also covers management, quality assurance, entrepreneurial roles, and future considerations for infusion therapy. Each chapter can stand alone, making it a great reference tool for practitioners.
Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills
Author: Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia Ann Potter, Martha Keene Elkin
Publisher: Mosby Incorporated
ISBN: 0323069681
Pages: 755
Year: 2012
View: 542
Read: 256
Master nursing skills with this guide from the respected Perry, Potter & Ostendorf author team! The concise coverage in Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills, 6th Edition makes it easy to master the clinical skills required in everyday nursing practice. Clear guidelines address 159 basic, intermediate, and advanced skills - from measuring body temperature to insertion of a peripheral intravenous device - and step-by-step instructions emphasize the use of evidence-based concepts to improve patient safety and outcomes. Its friendly, easy-to-read writing style includes a streamlined format and an Evolve companion website with review questions and handy checklists for each skill. Coverage of 159 skills and interventions addresses basic, intermediate, and advanced skills you'll use every day in practice. UNIQUE! Using Evidence in Nursing Practice chapter provides the information needed to use evidence-based practice to solve clinical problems. Safe Patient Care Alerts highlight unusual risks in performing skills, so you can plan ahead at each step of nursing care. Delegation & Collaboration guidelines help you make decisions in whether to delegate a skill to unlicensed assistive personnel, and indicates what key information must be shared. Special Considerations indicate additional risks or accommodations you may face when caring for pediatric or geriatric patients, and patients in home care settings. Documentation guidelines include samples of nurses' notes showing what should be reported and recorded after performing skills. A consistent format for nursing skills makes it easier to perform skills, always including Assessment, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation. A Glove icon identifies procedures in which clean gloves should be worn or gloves should be changed in order to minimize the risk of infection. Media resources include skills performance checklists on the Evolve companion website and related lessons, videos, and interactive exercises on Nursing Skills Online. NEW coverage of evidence-based techniques to improve patient safety and outcomes includes the concept of care bundles, structured practices that have been proven to improve the quality of care, and teach-back, a new step that shows how you can evaluate your success in patient teaching. NEW! Coverage of HCAHPS (Hospital Care Quality Information from the Consumer Perspective) introduces a concept now widely used to evaluate hospitals across the country. NEW! Teach-Back step shows how to evaluate the success of patient teaching, so you can be sure that the patient has mastered a task or consider trying additional teaching methods. NEW! Updated 2012 Infusion Nurses Society standards are incorporated for administering IVs, as well as other changes in evidence-based practice. NEW topics include communication with cognitively impaired patients, discharge planning and transitional care, and compassion fatigue for professional and family caregivers.
Fast Facts for Nurses about Home Infusion Therapy
Author: Lisa A. Gorski, MS, RN, HHCNS-BC, CRNI, FAAN
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 0826160069
Pages: 254
Year: 2017-05-26
View: 836
Read: 777
Features concise information "at a glance" along with more in-depth considerations Providing key information at a glance, this timely resource for the home care nurse, offers clear, current practice guidelines for safely delivering IV therapy within the home. Written by one of the foremost experts in the field, the guide delivers not only evidence-based information in an easy-to-access, bulleted format, but also includes more extensive descriptions, discussions, and rationale for in-depth consultation. It maintains a cogent focus on infection and complication prevention throughout, and presents directives for achieving positive patient outcomes. It also focuses on patient education—an essential component of safe home infusion therapy--and includes case studies and Q & A sections to reinforce content. The guide addresses the foundations of home infusion therapy, including infusion access devices and infusion delivery methods. Effective and safe management of dehydration, antimicrobial infusions, and parenteral nutrition are addressed along with chemotherapy, pain management, cardiac-related infusion therapy, immunoglobulin infusion, and other home infusion therapies. Home care nurses who provide direct care, home care managers and educators, and nurses who provide home care discharge planning will find this Fast Facts guide to be an invaluable learning tool. Key Features: Focuses on patient selection, education, and monitoring Delivers evidence-based recommendations Presents quick access bullet points along with more in-depth information Discusses pediatric and geriatric implications Includes case studies and critical thinking questions
Modern IV Wellness
Author: Uhuru Smith
ISBN: 0692520562
Pages: 102
Year: 2015-09-22
View: 252
Read: 191
IV hydration is cutting edge and the most effective & affordable way to reach your optimum lifestyle! Within this book you will discover how IV wellness can help you with: - Chronic Fatigue - Sun Burns - Nausea after Alcohol Indulgence - Body Aches - Weight Loss - Skeletal Muscle Recovery - Tissue Repair - Cell Detoxification - Migraines - Minor Depression - And More!
Gahart's 2019 Intravenous Medications - E-Book
Author: Betty L. Gahart, Adrienne R. Nazareno
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323612733
Pages: 1376
Year: 2018-05-09
View: 741
Read: 408
Equip yourself to safely administer more than 400 intravenous drugs with the #1 IV drug handbook on the market! Now in its 35th edition, Gahart’s 2019 Intravenous Medications: A Handbook for Nurses and Health Professionals continues to be the most proven resource for comprehensive drug coverage, unparalleled accuracy, and an intuitive quick-access format. In addition to updating drug interactions, precautions, alerts, and patient teaching instructions for all existing IV drugs, this new 35th edition includes over a dozen new monographs of the most recent IV drugs to be approved by the FDA. When being inaccurate or out-of-date is not an option, Gahart’s annual publication and 40-year history of impeccable accuracy offers the confidence and proven guidance you need to safely and effectively administer any IV drug available today. Annual publication prevents users from referencing outdated information. 40-year history of impeccable accuracy reinforces the importance of safe IV drug administration. Monographs on more than 400 IV drugs offers an impressive breadth of coverage that goes well beyond any comparable drug reference. The perfect depth of information contains everything that is needed by today’s clinicians for safe administration of IV drugs — nothing less, nothing more. Proven, clinically-optimized page layout keeps all dosage information for each drug on either a single page or a two-page spread to prevent hand contamination by having to turn a page. Highlighted Black Box Warnings and relevant content make locating critical information fast and easy. Special circumstances in blue-screened text call attention to important circumstances that may not warrant black box warnings. Convenient, alphabetical format organizes all drug monographs by generic name, allowing users to find any drug in seconds. Dilution and dosage charts within monographs provide quick access to essential clinical information. Life stage dosage variances are highlighted for geriatric, pediatric, infant, and neonatal patients. Additional drug monographs not included in the printed guide are housed on the companion Evolve website. (Drugs found in ebook formats.) NEW! Over a dozen new drug monographs provide current, clinically relevant drug information for the most recent IV drugs to be approved by the FDA. NEW! Updates on drug interactions, precautions, alerts, and more have been made throughout the guide to reflect all changes to existing medications.
Pediatric Nursing - E-Book
Author: Debra L. Price, Julie F. Gwin
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323294006
Pages: 1072
Year: 2014-04-11
View: 807
Read: 724
Covering evidence-based pediatric nursing care from infancy through adolescence, Pediatric Nursing: An Introductory Text, 11th Edition provides a clear, easy-to-read guide to pediatric nursing for LPN/LVN students. Content in this edition is reorganized for a "best of both worlds" approach to pediatric nursing, with early chapters devoted to normal growth and development by age group followed by chapters covering the most common childhood disorders grouped by body system. Updated coverage reflects the latest issues in pediatric nursing care, including childhood obesity and teenage pregnancy. Clinical Snapshots and Nursing Care Plans with critical thinking questions show how to apply the nursing process in real patient care scenarios. Written by noted pediatric nursing educators Debra L. Price and Julie F. Gwin, this market-leading textbook provides the essential knowledge you need to succeed in LPN/LVN practice. Reading Level: 9.6 Nursing Care Plans with critical thinking questions reinforce problem-solving skills as the nursing process is applied to pediatric nursing, with NEW critical thinking answer guidelines provided on the companion Evolve website Evolve to help you understand how a care plan is developed and how to evaluate care of a patient. UNIQUE! Free, built-in Study Guide includes scenario-based clinical activities and practice questions for each chapter. Complete, concise coverage of evidence-based pediatric nursing care includes cultural and spiritual influences, complementary and alternative therapies for pain management, and pediatric psychophysiologic responses to bioterrorism and threats of bioterrorism. UNIQUE! Clinical Snapshots describe patient scenarios and include photographs of pediatric assessment and specific disorders, helping you apply critical thinking skills to clinical situations. Did You Know boxes list assessment data to help you recognize possible pediatric disorders. Nursing Brief boxes stress key points and help in prioritizing information. Communication boxes offer tips and techniques for successful nurse-patient-family communication. Health Promotion boxes and content highlight family-centered care, wellness, and illness prevention. Home Care Considerations boxes address home care issues for children with chronic illnesses and congenital disorders as well as community-based care issues including immunization, nutrition, and overall health promotion. UNIQUE! LPN Threads make learning easier, featuring an student-friendly reading level, key terms with phonetic pronunciations and text page references, chapter objectives, special features boxes, and full-color art, photographs, and design.
Conquer Medical Coding 2018
Author: Jean Juek, Stacey Mosay, DaphneNeris
Publisher: F.A. Davis
ISBN: 0803679785
Pages: 1115
Year: 2017-12-25
View: 261
Read: 865
Take a real-world approach to coding that prepares you for the AAPC or AHIMA certification exams and for professional practice in any health care setting. The book is also a handy resource you can turn to throughout your career. Unique decision trees show you how to logically assign a code. It's the only text that breaks down the decision-making process into a visual and repeatable process! You’ll learn exactly how to select the correct ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS codes. Each section parallels the Official Coding Guidelines, with a special emphasis on commonly used codes. A wealth of learning tools and tips, along with critical-thinking exercises and real-life case studies, provide the practice you need to master coding. Brief reviews of A&P and pathophysiology put the codes into perfect context.

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