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The Lyrics
Author: Bob Dylan
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476797706
Pages: 960
Year: 2014-10-28
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A major publishing event—a beautiful, comprehensive collection of the lyrics of Bob Dylan with artwork from thirty-three albums, edited and with an introduction by Christopher Ricks. As it was well put by Al Kooper (the man behind the organ on “Like a Rolling Stone”), “Bob is the equivalent of William Shakespeare. What Shakespeare did in his time, Bob does in his time.” Christopher Ricks, editor of T.S. Eliot, Samuel Beckett, Tennyson, and The Oxford Book of English Verse, has no argument with Mr. Kooper’s assessment, and Dylan is attended to accordingly in this authoritative edition of his lyrics. In the words of Ricks: “For fifty years, all the world has delighted in Bob Dylan’s books of words and more than words: provocative, mysterious, touching, baffling, not-to-be-pinned-down, intriguing, and a reminder that genius is free to do as it chooses. And, again and again, these are not the words that he sings on the initially released albums.” This edition changes things, giving us the words from officially released studio and live recordings, as well as selected variant lyrics and revisions to these, recent revisions and retrospective ones; and, from the archives, words that, till now, have not been published. The Lyrics, edited with diligence by Christopher Ricks, Lisa Nemrow, and Julie Nemrow. As set down, as sung, and as sung again.
Lyrics 1962-2001. Testo inglese a fronte
Author: Bob Dylan
Publisher: Feltrinelli Editore
ISBN: 8807421178
Pages: 1225
Year: 2006
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The Gospel according to Bob Dylan
Author: Michael J. Gilmour
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN: 1611640865
Pages: 192
Year: 2011-02-01
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Since the early 1960s, music fans have found Bob Dylan's spirituality fascinating, and many of them have identified Dylan as a kind of spiritual guru. This book, written by a scholar who is a longtime fan, examines Dylan's mystique, asking why audiences respond to him as a spiritual guide. This book reveals Bob Dylan as a major twentieth- and twenty-first-century religious thinker with a body of relevant work that goes far beyond a handful of gospel albums.
The Bob Dylan Copyright Files 1962-2007
Author: Tim Dunn
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1438915896
Pages: 585
Year: 2008
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Paradine Island is a story about James Morgan, a Kansas-bred entrepreneur, and the people who follow in his footsteps. The death of his mother brings him close to his daughter, Lammy. She spends her summer holiday sailing in the Caribbean with him on his ketch, the C. M. Paradine. They meet Ricardo, an Argentine graduate of Iowa State. Ricardo and James put Lammy on a plane to resume her pre-medical courses at the University of Kansas, and together they sail to the Canary Islands. James takes pity on a teenage dance hall orphan and spirits her away from her intended sponsors. Martina learns English and many of James American ideals as they cross the Atlantic back to his home on Paradine Island. He finds her to be intelligent and falls in love with her. His business prospers. They have two boys. On a sailing holiday they are attacked by pirates. James is killed. Tina escapes with her boys and carries on the business. With the assistance of Lammy, two clever biochemists, a British attorney, and Andrew, a quarter-breed Arapaho cowboy, the company becomes an international giant with headquarters in St.Louis. Andrew, Tina's second husband, and two of their little girls are killed in the bombing of the company's properties by Mid-eastern terrorists who are encouraged by liberal political organizations. After reestablishing the company headquarters in England, Tina takes her two boys on a fishing trip into the Scottish highlands. They meet a recluse Scottish earl. The boys initiate a romance between the earl and their mother. Marrying the earl, Tina takes him for a honeymoon sail on the C.M.Paradine. They and others have a myriad of experiences in the Caribbean chasing a thief who intended to sell to terrorists the company's irreplaceable supply of a lethal material he had stolen.
Lyrics 1962 - 2001
Author: Bob Dylan
ISBN: 3455015913
Pages: 1151
Year: 2004
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Rock and Romanticism
Author: James Rovira
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 1498553842
Pages: 198
Year: 2018-01-30
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Rock and Romanticism: Blake, Wordsworth, and Rock from Dylan to U2 explores how rock and roll is a Romantic phenomenon that sheds light, retrospectively, on what literary Romanticism was at its different points of origin and on what it has become in the present.
How to Analyze the Music of Bob Dylan
Author: Teresa Ryan Manzella
Publisher: ABDO Publishing Company
ISBN: 1617878359
Pages: 112
Year: 2011-09-01
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This title explores the creative works of famous musician Bob Dylan. Music analyzed includes Bob DylanÍs protest songs (ñThe Times They Are A-ChanginÍ,î ñA Hard RainÍs A-Gonna Fall,î and ñBlowinÍ In The Windî), Bob DylanÍs personal songs (ñIt AinÍt Me, Babeî and ñPositively 4th Streetî), Blood on the Tracks, and ñHurricaneî and ñJoeyî from Desire. Clear, comprehensive text gives background biographical information of Dylan. ñYou Critique Itî feature invites readers to analyze other creative works on their own. A table of contents, timeline, list of works, resources, source notes, glossary, and an index are also included. Essential Critiques is a series in Essential Library, an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.
Made in Italy
Author: Franco Fabbri, Goffredo Plastino
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136585540
Pages: 256
Year: 2013-10-30
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Made in Italy serves as a comprehensive and rigorous introduction to the history, sociology, and musicology of contemporary Italian popular music. Each essay, written by a leading scholar of Italian music, covers the major figures, styles, and social contexts of pop music in Italy and provides adequate context so readers understand why the figure or genre under discussion is of lasting significance to Italian popular music. The book first presents a general description of the history and background of popular music, followed by essays organized into thematic sections: Themes; Singer-Songwriters; and Stories.
Zen Questions
Author: Taigen Dan Leighton
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0861717082
Pages: 276
Year: 2011-11-07
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Whether speaking of student or master, Zen hinges on the question. Zen practice does not necessarily focus on the answers, but on finding a space in which we may sustain uncertainty and remain present and upright in the middle of investigations. Zen Questions begins by exploring "The World of Zazen,"--the foundational practice of the Zen school--presenting it as an attitude of sustained inquiry that offers us an entryway into true repose and joy. From there, Leighton draws deeply on his own experience as a Zen scholar and teacher to invite us into the creativity of Zen awareness and practice. He explores the poetic mind of Dogen with the poetry of Rumi, Mary Oliver, Gary Snyder, and even "the American Dharma Bard" Bob Dylan. What's more, Leighton uncovers surprising resonances between the writings of America's Founding Fathers--including Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin--and the liberating ideals at the heart of Zen.
The Age of You
Author: Stein Arne Nistad
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1481787632
Pages: 172
Year: 2013-04
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"The age of You" is about our new society and how we all breaks away from established rules about communication, relationships and the way we do business. It`s also the history about a major shift: Increasingly, we take control over our personal and commercial relationships, we decide who we want to listen to, and how we want to engage ourselves. The book is explaining the historical development, concepts and the foundation of networks, relations, social media and the new connected society, as well as practical strategic guidelines to benefit from it. By using historical events, storytelling, models and case studies, the book is a thrilling story about YOU and how to succeed in the connected society. • Storytelling in a connected society unlocks the need for new models and approaches. Here, the author gives us a deeper understanding of the challenges ahead and what we need to do to effectively connect with and earn relevance within society. Brian Solis, author of What's the Future of Business • Really interesting. There is a major need for this type of literature. Anne Grethe Solberg, Sociologist and Doctor PH. D. • The last year I have read almost everything about the subject. This is by far the best book on social media. Inger Line Skjerve, Master student (BI):
Bob Dylan All the Songs
Author: Philippe Margotin, Jean-Michel Guesdon
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal
ISBN: 0316353531
Pages: 704
Year: 2015-10-27
View: 831
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Get the story behind every recording session, album, and single released during Bob Dylan's illustrious-and now Nobel Prize-winning-career. Bob Dylan: All the Songs is the New York Times bestselling, definitive book that captures Dylan's creative process and his organic, unencumbered style of recording. It is the only book to tell the stories, many unfamiliar even to his most fervent fans, behind all the 492 songs he released. Organized chronologically by album, Margotin and Guesdon recount the details that led to the composition of Dylan's recorded songs, what went on in the recording studio, what instruments he used, and behind-the-scenes account of the great artists who worked with Dylan. Lyrics and accounts of the recording sessions are accompanied by classic photos, both in and out of the studio, to create a true Dylan treasury. Bob Dylan: All the Songs is the comprehensive record of the music career which defined an era, delighted fans for more than 50 years and has now won the world's most prestigious prize. Please note that the ebook does not contain images.
The Bob Dylan scrapbook
Author: Bob Dylan, Robert Santelli
Pages: 64
Year: 2005-09-13
View: 650
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A slipcased scrapbook of rare photographs, removable documents, and memorabilia offers insight into one of the musician's most eventful and formative periods, tracing his arrival in New York and emergence as one of the most distinctive voices of his time, providing on the accompanying CD excerpts from early interviews and his 1965 performance at the Newport Folk Festival. 100,000 first printing.
Author: Bob Dylan
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439107661
Pages: 160
Year: 2008-06-23
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WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE IN LITERATURE Music legend Bob Dylan's only work of fiction—a combination of stream of consciousness prose, lyrics, and poetry that gives fans insight into one of the most influential singer-songwriters of our time. Written in 1966, Tarantula is a collection of poems and prose that evokes the turbulence of the times in which it was written, and gives a unique insight into Dylan's creative evolution. It captures Bob Dylan's preoccupations at a crucial juncture in his artistic development, showcasing the imagination of a folk poet laureate who was able to combine the humanity and compassion of his country roots with the playful surrealism of modern art. Angry, funny, and strange, the poems and prose in this collection reflect the concerns found in Dylan's most seminal music: a sense of protest, a verbal playfulness and spontaneity, and a belief in the artistic legitimacy of chronicling everyday life and eccentricity on the street.
Writing Dylan
Author: Larry David Smith
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
ISBN: 0275982459
Pages: 488
Year: 2005-01-01
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Writing Dylan tackles each period of in subject's five-decade career, offering an inventive and unprecedented investigation of Dylan's artistic imperative, cultural significance, and song craft."--BOOK JACKET.
The Dylanologists
Author: David Kinney
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451626940
Pages: 256
Year: 2014-05-13
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A joyous and poignant exploration of the meaning of fandom, the healing power of art, and the importance of embracing what moves you, “The Dylanologists is juicy…artfully told…and an often moving chronicle of the ecstasies and depravities of obsession” (New York Daily News). Bob Dylan is the most influential songwriter of our time, and, after a half century, he continues to be a touchstone, a fascination, and an enigma. From the very beginning, he attracted an intensely fanatical cult following, and in The Dylanologists, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist David Kinney ventures deep into this eccentric subculture to answer a question: What can Dylan’s grip on his most enthusiastic listeners tell us about his towering place in American culture? Kinney introduces us to a vibrant underground: diggers searching for unheard tapes and lost manuscripts, researchers obsessing over the facts of Dylan’s life and career, writers working to decode the unyieldingly mysterious songs, fans who meticulously record and dissect every concert. It’s an affectionate mania, but as far as Dylan is concerned, a mania nonetheless. Over the years, the intensely private and fiercely combative musician has been frightened, annoyed, and perplexed by fans who try to peel back his layers. He has made one thing—perhaps the only thing—crystal clear: He does not wish to be known. Told with tremendous insight, intelligence, and warmth, “entertaining and well-written…The Dylanologists is as much a book about obsession—about the ways our fascinations manifest themselves, about how we cope with what we love but don’t quite understand—as it is a book about a musician and his nutty fans” (The Wall Street Journal).