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Covet Thy Neighbor
Author: L. A. Witt
ISBN: 1626490015
Pages: 154
Year: 2013
View: 341
Read: 255
"Opposites attract, but heaven help these two." Tattoo artist Seth Wheeler thinks he's struck gold when Darren Romero rents the apartment across the hall. The new guy is gorgeous, witty, and single, plus he's just the right blend of bold and flirtatious. Perfect. Except then Darren reveals that he moved to Tucker Springs to take a job as the youth pastor at the New Light Church. Seth is not only an atheist, but was thrown out by his ultra-religious family when he came out. He tends to avoid believers, not out of judgment but out of self-preservation. But Darren doesn't give up easily, and he steadily chips away at Seth's defenses. Darren is everything Seth wants in a man . . . except for that one massive detail he just can't overlook. Is Darren's religion the real problem, or is it just a convenient smoke screen to keep him from facing deeper fears? It's either see the light, or risk pushing Darren away forever.
The English Bible
Author: Mrs. Hannah O'Brien Chaplin Conant
Pages: 466
Year: 1856
View: 1237
Read: 221

Lust for Power
Author: Joseph Haroutunian
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1608990052
Pages: 186
Year: 2011-06-27
View: 712
Read: 1272
This book is a study of the misuse of power, which has become the chief social problem of our time. The usual attitude towards will to power is that it is a source of evil and should be held in check as much as possible. There is also the contrary attitude that will to power is a natural impulse that is indispensable for a good life. Our judgment in this matter depends upon whether it is we who seek power, or someone else.There is a natural love of power for a good end. There is also an unnatural lust for power that makes the exercise of power an end in itself. This lust is the corruption of love by a radical distemper in the human soul. It cannot be explained in terms of the quest for security, freedom, prosperity, or any other rational good. It is not caused, either by biological traits or by any particular environment. It is generated by man's despair with his destiny, by the "power of death" and the anxious guilt that prevail in human existence.Lust for Power is primarily a description of the process by which love of power is changed into lust for power, with special emphasis on the new power available in our technological society and upon the despair evoked by "the modern world." In the last chapter, faith and culture are presented as the double antidote to lust and as the conditions of a life at once natural and good.
Spy Thy Neighbor
Author: Shandi Boyes
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1548057045
Pages: 246
Year: 2017-08-31
View: 336
Read: 632
I flew across the country with one goal in my mind.... finish my book.... and maybe lick the wounds of my shredded heart. My editor was screaming for the first draft, my agent was nagging for teasers, and my publisher was reminding me that my strict deadline was only months away. However, there was a dilemma. I had writer's block. Not just a little spanner thrown into the works writer's block. Writers. Block. As in staring at the blinking light on my Mac monitor for days begging for a stream of words to magically appear on the screen. This was not my first rodeo, though. I am a well known and respected author with a New York Times best-selling status to my pen name. I just can't write about romance, flowers, and butterfly kisses when all I want to pen is my own rendition of Basic Instinct. Ice picks to the heart, forks in eyes, and knees being slammed into assholes crotches are not solid key pointers for a sweet romance novel. Just as I was about to throw down the gauntlet and call in my defeat, I spotted him. The bearded, tattooed man who lives in the glasshouse next door. He was in a venereal, lust filled twist with a pretty blonde who had buxom bosoms and legs that went for miles. I should have looked away. I should have respected his privacy. I should not have opened up my notepad and took detailed dot points on his technique. However, every precise thrust of his hips, snippets of his well-carved physique, and droplets of sweat running down his glistening torso had words flowing quicker than I was able to write them. He was my inspiration, my muse, my next book alpha male. My plan was working. The words were flowing, and they were magnificent, by far my best work to date. My editor was in love with the first half of my draft, my agent was using snippets of the first two chapters to secure big endorsement deals, and my publicist was talking about a new three book deal. Everything was perfect.... until the bearded stranger spotted me spying on him.
Thy Neighbor's Wife
Author: Gay Talese
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061872288
Pages: 608
Year: 2009-06-16
View: 1227
Read: 664
The provocative classic work newly updated An intimate personal odyssey across America's changing sexual landscape When first published, Gay Talese's 1981 groundbreaking work, Thy Neighbor's Wife, shocked a nation with its powerful, eye-opening revelations about the sexual activities and proclivities of the American public in the era before AIDS. A marvel of journalistic courage and craft, the book opened a window into a new world built on a new moral foundation, carrying the reader on a remarkable journey from the Playboy Mansion to the Supreme Court, to the backyards and bedrooms of suburbia—through the development of the porn industry, the rise of the "swinger" culture, the legal fight to define obscenity, and the daily sex lives of "ordinary" people. It is the book that forever changed the way Americans look at themselves and one another.
Second Verse
Author: Emily Snow
Publisher: Emily Snow Books
Pages: 350
Year: 2018-06-19
View: 942
Read: 1142
Kinsey Brock knew Emmett Hudson would be a star the moment he swaggered into her life. Hell, by the time she was released for the crime his scheming sister accused her of he already had a number one single. Now, eight years and a helluva lot of heartache later, Kinsey's long since given up on the boy who stole her breath away and took all the love she had. She has someone in her life, and he's all she needs. She'll challenge anyone who tells her otherwise. But after a chance encounter sends Emmett hurtling back into her life, every emotion she's forced herself to forget since he gave up on her is pushed to the surface. Because this time, the country megastar's not giving up on her. No matter how furious he is about the discovery of the other man who's become Kinsey's world.
Love Thy Neighbor
Author: Sophie Wintner
Publisher: Entangled: Lovestruck
ISBN: 1633751139
Pages: 199
Year: 2014-10-27
View: 685
Read: 1183
A satisfying category romance from Entangled's Lovestruck imprint... He's designed for delicious trouble... Interior designer Nikki Norris is at the end of her rope. She's lost her business, and her fiancé who called off their engagement. Now she's broke and on her own, living in a loft apartment she can barely afford. But something in her feng shui must be working, because her new neighbor across the hall is a sexy Brit fashion photographer...and he has just the thing to turn Nikki's bad luck around. Dallas is tired of stick-thin fashion models with no personality. So when his curvaceous new neighbor, Nikki, seeks his help in making her ex jealous, Dallas is only too happy to oblige the woman who sets his libido on fire every time she walks into a room. Dallas, not being one to make commitments, thinks all he wants is a little taste of Nikki. But will it be enough? Just as Nikki and Dallas hatch their plan, the wicked chemistry between them—growing more irresistible by the second—complicates things. Now the lines between make-believe and making love blur. Have Nikki and Dallas found a perfect arrangement... or have they designed the perfect plan for disaster?
Thy Neighbor's Wife
Author: Georgia Beers
Publisher: Yellow Rose Books
ISBN: 1932300155
Pages: 184
Year: 2003
View: 438
Read: 533
Love stories. Lesbian Fiction. Alex Foster's life is exactly as she wants it. She's quit her job as an English teacher and has decided to hole up in her newly acquired lake house for the summer to try her hand at writing a novel. She has close friends; she has her dog;she plays volleyball. She is content. Jennifer Wainwright is a young, wealthy suburbanite who's life is exactly as she expected it would be. She's married to her high school sweetheart who is about to inherit his father's law firm. She has friends. And she has the whole summer to work on decorating the new house on the lake she and her husband have just purchased as their summer home. She is content. A chance meeting over a runaway pooch is the start of a journey for each woman. Over the course of one unbelievable summer set on the beautiful shores of Canandaigua Lake in upstate New York, these two women will teach one another, learn from one another, question their own beliefs and expectations, and unwittingly fall in love.
To Kill a Lion
Author: Bruce Lengeman
Publisher: Certa Books
ISBN: 0996783318
Pages: 202
Year: 2015-10-22
View: 346
Read: 487
Men cry out, "I know it's wrong, but why can't I stop?" This is a common cry throughout our culture from Christian men who are seeking to find freedom from the nagging grip of sexual lust. In To Kill a Lion, Bruce Lengeman takes men beyond behavior modification and answers the question, "but what's driving the drive?" Some approaches to sexual purity adequately tell men, "It's bad! Don't do it!" but don't give men real solutions. To Kill a Lion is about destroying sexual roots. It is about who a man is, not just what he does. In To Kill a Lion you'll discover: * How to be pure without being less sexual * How to close sexual doors to Satan that at some point you opened * How a man's sexuality is connected to almost everything in his life * How to trace your sexual issues back to emotional issues * How sexual freedom in your heart will bring new sexual vitality to your marriage * How you can get to the place where you want sexual purity more than you want immorality
Pages: 448
Year: 1915
View: 982
Read: 727

Thy Neighbor's Wife
Author: Gay Talese
Publisher: Laurel
Pages: 650
Year: 1986-12-01
View: 1293
Read: 712
The provocative report on American sexuality that shocked the world when it was first published in 1981, Gay Talese's chronicle of American permissiveness, before the age of AIDS, is also a uniquely personal odyssey into the author's private self. Includes a new foreword by the author. Previous publisher: Dell.
Wide as the waters
Author: Benson Bobrick
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
ISBN: 0142000590
Pages: 386
Year: 2001
View: 401
Read: 931
Tells the story of the English Bible, with details of how King James assembled a team of experts, including John Wycliffe and William Tyndale, to translate the text into English, and examines the political, social, cultural, and spiritual ramifications of the King James Bible. Reprint.

The Heavenly Arcana Disclosed which are in the Sacred Scripture Or Word of the Lord
Author: Emanuel Swedenborg
Year: 1903
View: 1100
Read: 1218

Evangelical Catechism
Author: Evangelical Synod of North America
Pages: 72
Year: 1892
View: 1092
Read: 466

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