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Linux Befehlsreferenz kompakt
Author: Klaus Utech
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 3842343116
Pages: 56
Year: 2010
View: 620
Read: 301

Just for Fun
Author: Linus Torvalds, David Diamond
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0066620732
Pages: 288
Year: 2002-06-04
View: 492
Read: 879
Once upon a time Linus Torvalds was a skinny unknown, just another nerdy Helsinki techie who had been fooling around with computers since childhood. Then he wrote a groundbreaking operating system and distributed it via the Internet -- for free. Today Torvalds is an international folk hero. And his creation LINUX is used by over 12 million people as well as by companies such as IBM. Now, in a narrative that zips along with the speed of e-mail, Torvalds gives a history of his renegade software while candidly revealing the quirky mind of a genius. The result is an engrossing portrayal of a man with a revolutionary vision, who challenges our values and may change our world.
Linux All-in-One For Dummies
Author: Emmett Dulaney
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470917091
Pages: 648
Year: 2010-08-20
View: 238
Read: 523

Essential System Administration
Author: Æleen Frisch
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 0596550499
Pages: 1178
Year: 2002-08-23
View: 655
Read: 928
Essential System Administration,3rd Edition is the definitive guide for Unix system administration, covering all the fundamental and essential tasks required to run such divergent Unix systems as AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Tru64 and more. Essential System Administration provides a clear, concise, practical guide to the real-world issues that anyone responsible for a Unix system faces daily.The new edition of this indispensable reference has been fully updated for all the latest operating systems. Even more importantly, it has been extensively revised and expanded to consider the current system administrative topics that administrators need most. Essential System Administration,3rd Edition covers: DHCP, USB devices, the latest automation tools, SNMP and network management, LDAP, PAM, and recent security tools and techniques.Essential System Administration is comprehensive. But what has made this book the guide system administrators turn to over and over again is not just the sheer volume of valuable information it provides, but the clear, useful way the information is presented. It discusses the underlying higher-level concepts, but it also provides the details of the procedures needed to carry them out. It is not organized around the features of the Unix operating system, but around the various facets of a system administrator's job. It describes all the usual administrative tools that Unix provides, but it also shows how to use them intelligently and efficiently.Whether you use a standalone Unix system, routinely provide administrative support for a larger shared system, or just want an understanding of basic administrative functions, Essential System Administration is for you. This comprehensive and invaluable book combines the author's years of practical experience with technical expertise to help you manage Unix systems as productively and painlessly as possible.
Pianos Inside Out
Author: Mario Igrec
ISBN: 0982756305
Pages: 539
Year: 2013-01-01
View: 1053
Read: 626
Pianos Inside Out takes an in-depth look at the history, design, and maintenance of the piano, and provides practical guidance to anyone who wants to learn how to improve action performance, or tune, repair, regulate, voice, or rebuild pianos. Covering a wide range of topics, from introductory to advanced, the book puts between two covers all the advancements and understanding gained by the piano industry over the last 30 years, to provide a unified and coherent view of that much-needed information, from coincident partial tuning and interval inharmonicity, to touchweight analysis, string leveling, and the different types of modern lubricants. Although written for hobbyists, students, and piano technicians, Pianos Inside Out will also help pianists and owners of pianos to better understand their instruments and to communicate more effectively with their technicians. The book is full of clear, concise, step-by-step instructions, and more than 700 illustrations and diagrams.
Ubuntu Linux For Dummies
Author: Paul G. Sery
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470125055
Pages: 360
Year: 2007-04-30
View: 331
Read: 1217
What has made Ubuntu the most popular Linux distribution in recent years? It's the emphasis on ease of installation and use. It gets even easier when paired with Ubuntu Linux For Dummies. This friendly reference shows you how to run Ubuntu directly from CD-ROM and install it on a PC as a personal workstation and network server. You’ll find out how to download Ubuntu and start using it right away. You'll also discover how to: Connect to a LAN via a wireless and Ethernet Use and Mozilla Firefox drawing and editing Tap into multimedia, graphics and other applications using Ubuntu Create services for a home or small business network Generate and manage web pages, print services, and more Find helpful information about Ubuntu and Linux Troubleshoot and fix problems "Ubuntu" means "humanity toward others." Operating system guidebooks don’t get any more humane than Ubuntu Linux For Dummies.
Kali Linux Revealed
Author: Raphaël Hertzog, Jim O'Gorman, Mati Aharoni
ISBN: 0997615605
Pages: 342
Year: 2017-06-05
View: 357
Read: 1274
Whether you're a veteran or an absolute n00b, this is the best place to start with Kali Linux, the security professional's platform of choice, and a truly industrial-grade, and world-class operating system distribution-mature, secure, and enterprise-ready.
Linux for Makers
Author: Aaron Newcomb
Publisher: Maker Media, Inc.
ISBN: 1680451790
Pages: 264
Year: 2017-04-11
View: 1265
Read: 1116
Linux is a powerful open-source operating system that has been around for many years and is widely used for running servers and websites. But most students and Makers encounter it for the first time when they are working on projects with their Raspberry Pi or similar single-board computers (SBCs) such as BeagleBone Black or Intel Galileo. Linux for Makers is the first book that explains the Linux operating system specifically for Makers, as opposed to programmers and administrators. By gaining a deeper understanding of Linux, Makers can add another useful tool to their kit that will help them build their projects more easily. Written with the Maker in mind, this book will focus mostly on Rasbian running on the Raspberry Pi as it is the most prolific in the ecosystem today. However most of the topics covered will apply broadly to other Linux distributions and will be called out when they may differ. Many times users cut and paste from a website tutorial into the Linux command line without understanding what they are actually doing only to be frustrated when they want to modify or tweak something to suit their needs. Also, many Makers shy away from using the Raspberry Pi or similar board because they feel Linux is too foreign and they think using a command line will be more difficult than using a GUI. This book aims to overcome those fears and provide a foundation for further learning and exploration. To that end, this book will focus on the basic principles that a Maker would need to know as opposed to other resources that go into detail that is not particularly relevant to building projects.
Windows NT Workstation 4.0
Author: Paul Cassel, Mike Sheehy, Sean Mathias
Publisher: Sams
ISBN: 0672310813
Pages: 926
Year: 1997
View: 421
Read: 1217
The capabilities of Windows NT Workstation as a desktop operating system are focused on in this new edition. It deals with such issues as: Windows NT architecture; file systems and security; sharing an OLE in NUT; exploring the command line interface; using NT on laptops; and multitasking.
Digital Survival Guide
Author: Roy Camp
ISBN: 0997213795
Pages: 308
Year: 2016-02-15
View: 943
Read: 357
The Digital Survival Guide is an invaluable resource for novices and experts alike. It will raise your consciousness of the risks we take online with our identities, reputations, and finances, and it will give you tools to manage your online presence and security to whatever degree of sophistication you choose. This is an essential book for our digital age. This compelling narrative covers every facet of how we live our lives online, including email, banking, and social media. It draws on illuminating case studies and supplies constantly updated links to online resources and tutorials. With insight and ingenuity, it demystifies the nefarious hacking and identity fraud we must now learn to anticipate.
Linux-Server einrichten und administrieren mit Debian 6 GNU/Linux
Author: Arnold Willemer
ISBN: 3836216531
Pages: 925
Year: 2011
View: 565
Read: 223

Learn Linux in a Month of Lunches
Author: Steven Ovadia
Publisher: Manning Publications
ISBN: 1617293288
Pages: 304
Year: 2016-09-28
View: 880
Read: 483
Summary Learn Linux in a Month of Lunches shows you how to install and use Linux for all the things you do with your OS, like connecting to a network, installing software, and securing your system. Whether you're just curious about Linux or have to get up and running for your job, you'll appreciate how this book concentrates on the tasks you need to know how to do in 23 easy lessons. About the Technology If you've only used Windows or Mac OS X, you may be daunted by the Linux operating system. And yet learning Linux doesn't have to be hard, and the payoff is great. Linux is secure, flexible, and free. It's less susceptible to malicious attacks, and when it is attacked, patches are available quickly. If you don't like the way it looks or behaves, you can change it. And best of all, Linux allows users access to different desktop interfaces and loads of software, almost all of it completely free. About the Book Learn Linux in a Month of Lunches shows you how to install and use Linux for all the things you do with your OS, like connecting to a network, installing software, and securing your system. Whether you're just curious about Linux or need it for your job, you'll appreciate how this book focuses on just the tasks you need to learn. In easy-to-follow lessons designed to take an hour or less, you'll learn how to use the command line, along with practical topics like installing software, customizing your desktop, printing, and even basic networking. You'll find a road map to the commands and processes you need to be instantly productive. What's Inside Master the command line Learn about file systems Understand desktop environments Go from Linux novice to expert in just one month About the Reader This book is for anyone looking to learn how to use Linux. No previous Linux experience required. About the Author Steven Ovadia is a professor and librarian at LaGuardia Community College, CUNY. He curates The Linux Setup, a large collection of interviews with desktop Linux users, and writes for assorted library science journals. Table of Contents PART 1 - GETTING LINUX UP AND RUNNING Before you begin Getting to know Linux Installing Linux Getting to know your system Desktop environments Navigating your desktop PART 2 - A HOME OFFICE IN LINUX Installing software An introduction to Linux home/office software Text files and editors Working with files and folders on the command line Working with common command-line applications, part 1 Working with common command-line applications, part 2 Using the command line productively Explaining the Linux filesystem hierarchy Windows programs in Linux Establishing a workflow PART 3 - HOME SYSTEM ADMIN ON LINUX An in-depth look at package management and maintenance Updating the operating system Linux security Connecting to other computers Printing Version control for non-programmers Never the end
Liverpool Lou
Author: Lyn Andrews
Publisher: Headline
ISBN: 0755376358
Pages: 318
Year: 2010-03-04
View: 271
Read: 507
LIVERPOOL LOU by Lyn Andrews is a warm-hearted, dramatic and nostalgic saga not to be missed by readers of Kate Thompson and Donna Douglas. Babsey has always worked hard to provide for her family; she runs a greengrocers publicly and a money-lending business in private. Babsey makes sure that her family doesn't mix with the rougher people in the neighbourhood - she considers herself a cut above the local community. When her niece Louisa needs a home - her mother is dead, and her father at sea - Babsey does her duty and brings the girl into the household. But Louisa doesn't quite fit in with Babsey's plans. Although life under Aunt Babsey's roof is comfortable, Louisa is acutely aware of the desperate poverty around her. And, as she grows up into a thoughtful young woman, the harsh realities of love and betrayal, war and death, make her determined to find her own way. Louisa will eventually be made famous throughout her city - known for ever as Liverpool Lou. And she might just find love along the way...
Operating Systems Programming
Author: Stephen J. Hartley
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Pages: 236
Year: 1995
View: 892
Read: 563
Operating Systems Programming is designed to give students experience writing programs in a concurrent programming language. Specifically, it shows how to use the SR concurrent programming language to write programs that use semaphores, monitors, message passing, remote procedure calls, and the rendezvous for an operating systems course. The language can also be used for parallel computing in a shared-memory multiprocessor or a distributed memory cluster environment. The pedagogical orientation of the text helps students understand concepts more clearly; it describes the SR language, presents some examples of SR programs, and provides numerous programming assignments in the form of open student laboratories. Operating Systems Programming is ideal for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in concurrent programming and operating systems courses.

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