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Year: 2009-10
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The Diamond Throne
Author: David Eddings
Publisher: Random House LLC
ISBN: 0345367693
Pages: 435
Year: 1990
View: 1276
Read: 731
Sparhawk--Pandion Knight and Queen's Champion--finds his land under evil rule and the queen deathly ill upon his return, and sets off with his magic-empowered friends to find a cure
Tara Duncan and the Spellbinders
Author: Princess Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1620873893
Pages: 480
Year: 2012-05-01
View: 541
Read: 850
Though only twelve years old, orphaned Tara has developed strange telekinetic powers that allow her to bend space and levitate others high above the ground, as if they are lighter than air. Her two best friends, Betty and Fabrice—often the victims of Tara’s uncontrollable abilities—are the only ones who know about Tara’s secret. Even her grandmother and caretaker, Isabella, doesn’t have a clue. That is until Tara learns that she is a spellweaver, descended from a long line of powerful magic-wielders born on the planet OtherWorld. Forced to flee her Earth home when Magister, the Master of the Bloodgraves, attacks, Tara escapes to planet Other- World, where she finds loyal friends and learns about her mysterious powers. But when Tara discovers that her mother is alive and being held captive by Magister, will she be able to save her? Tara Duncan is an inspiring heroine, whose adventures and personal struggles will captivate readers already hooked by fantasy adventures and characters like Harry Potter. This is the first installment of the Tara Duncan series—an epic adventure full of magic and bravery that is sure to cast a spell on young readers!
Swords and Deviltry
Author: Fritz Leiber
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497616859
Pages: 160
Year: 2014-04-01
View: 1031
Read: 727
The award-winning sword and sorcery classic that introduced Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, from a Grand Master of Science Fiction and Fantasy. First in the influential fan-favorite series, Swords and Deviltry collects four fantastical adventure stories from Fritz Leiber, the author who coined the phrase “sword and sorcery” and helped birth an entire genre. In “Induction,” in the realm of Nehwon, fate brings young prince Fafhrd and apprentice magician the Gray Mouser together to mark the beginning of a loyal and lifelong friendship. Consumed by his wicked mother’s enchantments, Fafhrd finds freedom by pursuing the love of a beautiful actress in the Nebula and Hugo Award–nominated “The Snow Women.” Studying sorcery under a great wizard in a land where it is forbidden, Mouse crosses the thin line between white and black magic to avenge a great wrong in “The Unholy Grail.” And in the Nebula and Hugo Award–winning novella “Ill Met in Lankhmar,” Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser disguise themselves as beggars to infiltrate the Thieves’ Guild—only to pay a horrible price for their greed when they come face-to-face with a monstrous evil.
Royal Assassin
Author: Robin Hobb
Publisher: Spectra
ISBN: 0553897497
Pages: 688
Year: 2002-11-05
View: 1160
Read: 938
Fitz has survived his first hazardous mission as king’s assassin, but is left little more than a cripple. Battered and bitter, he vows to abandon his oath to King Shrewd, remaining in the distant mountains. But love and events of terrible urgency draw him back to the court at Buckkeep, and into the deadly intrigues of the royal family. Renewing their vicious attacks on the coast, the Red-Ship Raiders leave burned-out villages and demented victims in their wake. The kingdom is also under assault from within, as treachery threatens the throne of the ailing king. In this time of great danger, the fate of the kingdom may rest in Fitz’s hands—and his role in its salvation may require the ultimate sacrifice. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from Robin Hobb's Assassin's Quest. Praise for Robin Hobb and Royal Assassin “Fantasy as it ought to be written . . . Robin Hobb’s books are diamonds in a sea of zircons.”—George R. R. Martin “[Robin] Hobb continues to revitalize a genre that often seems all too generic, making it new in ways that range from the subtle to the shocking.”—Locus “[Royal Assassin] reaches astonishing new heights. . . . The Farseer saga is destined for greatness—a must-read for every devotee of epic fantasy.”—Sense of Wonder
Author: David Klass
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
ISBN: 1429946482
Pages: 256
Year: 2009-08-04
View: 821
Read: 297
In Timelock, the thrilling finale to the Caretaker Trilogy, the end of life as we know it has arrived, and history will be made -- or lost -- at the hands of one young hero. Jack Danielson has spent the last year saving the oceans and the Amazon, attempting to fulfill a prophecy that was written before his birth. Now he's more than ready to get back to life as a typical teenager and spend some quality time with his girlfriend, P.J. Too bad the world has other plans. Wrenched away once more from those he knows and loves, Jack is thrust through time to the fiery deserts of the future and the frozen tundra of the Arctic, battling cyborgs, zombie warlocks, and scorpions the size of tanks. At least he has Gisco -- everyone's favorite surly telepathic canine -- to keep him company, not to mention the Ninja Babe, Eko. And he will finally be reunited with the parents who abandoned him so long ago, in order that he might save their dying planet. But it isn't only a race to save Earth. As the clock ticks down before the final confrontation with the dreaded Dark Lord, Jack must decide once and for all who he really is -- prince of the future or humble human of the present -- and choose between the two women who love him.
Rubinstein's Chess Masterpieces
Author: Akiba Rubinstein
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486206173
Pages: 192
Year: 1960
View: 1056
Read: 1097
Here are 100 of Rubenstein's best games against such opponents as Euwe, Janowski, Kashdan, Marshall, Tarrasch, and many others. His highly original contributions to chess theory cannot be overlooked by any serious player.
Magician's Gambit
Author: David Eddings
Publisher: Del Rey Books
ISBN: 0345335457
Pages: 305
Year: 1983
View: 1128
Read: 795
Princess Ce'Nedra joins the young farm boy, Garion, in the struggle to find the magical Orb and defeat the power of an evil sorcerer
Search for Senna
Author: Katherine Applegate
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN: 0590877437
Pages: 208
Year: 1999
View: 701
Read: 324
When David's girlfriend Senna is swallowed up by the Earth, he and his friends follow to save her, only to stumble upon a nightmarish land they could have never imagined. Original.
Night School Genesis
Author: C. J. Daugherty
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1505556244
Pages: 458
Year: 2014-12-15
View: 491
Read: 1037
Allie Sheridan' world has fallen apart : her brother disappeared, she's getting kicked out of school and she's just been arrested again. Her parents send her away to Cimmeria Academy, a boarding school in the English countryside. There she finds herself among the wealthy and elite. It's a beautiful place. The lifestyle of elegant dances and midnight meetings on the roof dazzle her. But everything is not what it seems. A mysterious group is doing something in the woods. Something dangerous. And Sylvain, the beautiful French student who seems drawn to her hides secrets of his own. Allie is about to learn that beauty can be deadly. And everyone lies.