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Learn the Art of Bird Photography
Author: Tim Boyer
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1985582236
Pages: 154
Year: 2018-03-14
View: 964
Read: 1083
Learn the Art of Bird Photography is a comprehensive field guide to bird photography - so you can create beautiful bird images. Bird photography can be difficult, but with this book, you will learn how to make it easier, and you'll learn how to be more successful and create beautiful images. This book contains more information about bird photography techniques than any other book on the market today. There are comprehensive chapters on: how to set up your camera for bird photography, how to master your camera and settings, the best settings for photographing birds in flight for beginners and intermediate photographers, practice sessions at the end of each chapter so you'll master the concepts and techniques quickly, the basics of light, composition, exposure, depth of field, how to get the best point of view, and how to get sharp photos. There's a complete list of the bird photography hot spots in North America by week, so you'll know where and when to go! This book is designed to make you successful in your quest to photograph birds and create stunning bird images Tim Boyer is a graduate of the Seattle Audubon Master Birder Program, an award-winning photographer, an experienced instructor and bird photography workshop leader.
The Art of Bird Photography
Author: Arthur Morris
Publisher: Amphoto Books
ISBN: 0817435425
Pages: 160
Year: 2003
View: 1182
Read: 1125
Whether one photographs songbirds in the backyard, or travels to wildlife refuges to observe them in their natural habitat, this hands-on guide to capturing gorgeous images of avian subjects covers all the bases, from buying the right camera equipment to composing the perfect picture.
The Handbook of Bird Photography
Author: Markus Varesvuo, Jari Peltomaki, Bence Mate
Publisher: Rocky Nook, Inc.
ISBN: 1457179601
Pages: 368
Year: 2013-04-16
View: 1306
Read: 266
The Handbook of Bird Photography distills the knowledge, talent, and experience of three well-known professional wildlife photographers into one beautifully illustrated volume. Written in a manner that is easy to understand, this book offers fresh insight and practical tips that will broaden horizons for nature and bird photographers. The authors share their stories showcasing photographs for which they have received awards in major international wildlife photo competitions. In this book, you'll learn about all of the elements that lead to a great bird photograph, including: The bird photographer's equipment Shooting techniques: exposure, focus, how to show movement and freeze action, etc. In the field: bird behavior, hides, and how to attract birds How to use light and compose and crop images The best sites for finding and photographing birds You'll also learn how to show, share, promote, and sell your photographs. Bird photography is a brilliant way to spend your free time, and for some it's a career. This book helps beginners get the hang of things quickly and accurately, and offers field-specific expertise for more experienced photographers.
The Complete Guide to Bird Photography
Publisher: Amherst Media, Inc
ISBN: 1682030547
Pages: 128
Year: 2016-05-01
View: 1323
Read: 1178
Birding is a popular pastime, and more enthusiasts than ever are taking up the task of photographing the winged wonders they encounter in the field. In this book, author Jeffrey Rich discusses the tools you will need to increase the odds that you’ll be prepared to capture technically correct, sharply focused, artful, evocative images. He also shares tips for reading bird behavior, attracting birds, and using hides to improve the odds of capturing sought-after images of even the most elusive subjects. Next, you will investigate some Lightroom and Photoshop edits you can use to make the most of your photographs. Finally, you’ll find discussions on the ethics of bird photography and will read tips for making the most of your bird photography while traveling in the US and abroad, sharing your images, and using your images to educate the public and raise awareness for bird/nature conservation.
Secrets of Backyard Bird Photography
Author: J. Chris Hansen
Publisher: Rocky Nook, Inc.
ISBN: 1492014788
Pages: 128
Year: 2014-09-01
View: 684
Read: 578
Photographing birds in your backyard is a convenient, rewarding, and addictive adventure. Secrets of Backyard Bird Photography is a guide to that pursuit. In this book, author and wildlife photographer J. Chris Hansen teaches techniques for creating professional-quality images of the subjects right in your yard. This book covers all aspects of backyard bird photography, including the best camera equipment to use and the basics of attracting birds using bird feeders, perches, backgrounds, and photo blinds. You'll learn about the common camera settings and composition styles used to create outstanding backyard bird images. This book also offers ideas and examples of ways to exhibit your photography, including step-by-step instructions for a variety of fun, easy projects for the do-it-yourselfer. Secrets of Backyard Bird Photography contains a collection of beautiful, detailed images that illustrate the important aspects of creating stunning photographs of the birds right in your backyard.
Photographing Birds
Author: Mark Sisson
Publisher: Crowood
ISBN: 1847977146
Pages: 160
Year: 2014-03-31
View: 225
Read: 173
Bird photography is one of the most challenging genres of photography, and can test even modern high-specification cameras to their limits. This practical book guides you through both how to understand your camera and how to develop your own style and approach. With technical, practical and creative insights throughout, it also emphasizes the importance of fieldcraft and understanding your subject. The book advises on cameras and equipment, explains the importance of light and composition, encourages experimentation and a creative approach, suggests project ideas and locations and demonstrates post-capture processing. This practical book helps you master the challenges of photographing birds and to capture their beauty, flight and behaviour and will be of great interest to bird photographers, bird enthusiasts, artists and ornithologists. Beautifully illustrated with 160 stunning colour images.
National Geographic Photographing Birds
Author: Rulon E. Simmons, Bates Littlehales
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 0792254848
Pages: 176
Year: 2006
View: 1162
Read: 1215
An award-winning nature and wildlife photographer shares his secrets for creating stunning close-up photographs of dozens of bird species, covering everything from how to select the right equipment, to how to stalk or lure different birds until one has the perfect shot, to taking a great picture despite different lighting or weather effects. Original.
The Bird Photography Field Guide
Author: David Tipling
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1908150017
Pages: 192
Year: 2011-03-28
View: 751
Read: 1005
A specialist title aimed at bird watchers, this handy book contains all the expertise you need to make your bird-watching trip into a rewarding photo session: there is copious advice on equipment, technique and field craft, and a wealth of wonderful photos to inspire you. Finally, a section on the digital darkroom will help you turn your shots into perfect prints.
Bird Photography
Author: Mark B Smith
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1976483352
Pages: 66
Year: 2017-09-22
View: 501
Read: 766
"Mark's enthusiasm for the natural world and photography is contagious! A must read." - Matt in Florida "An easy read filled with valuable bird photography tips and techniques I wish I knew years ago." - Betty in Alabama "The color illustrations and beautiful bird photographs made everything so much easier to understand." - Phil in the UK "I just wanted to say thank you for making photography fun, inspiring and exciting. Your book has helped me capture some great images." Marv down under in Australia Bird photography is a fun, exciting and highly addictive hobby overflowing with magical opportunities just waiting to be captured by anyone holding a camera! It doesn't matter if that camera is an entry level point and shoot, a cell phone or an advanced high megapixel DSLR with a monster zoom lens. With camera in hand, you now have the ability to pause time, take a step back and really see what our incredible world has to offer. Avid birder and wildlife photographer Mark Smith takes you under his wing and shows you how to start capturing your own breathtaking images of birds by explaining everything you need to know about bird photography in an easy to understand conversational tone that makes sense out of the often confusing jargon of the photography world. Filled with personal stories that demonstrate crucial bird photography facts and overflowing with beautiful bird images that not only inspire but also include all relevant camera settings used to capture them. You will soon be wondering why you aren't spending all of your free time putting birds in the viewfinder of your camera. Learn valuable birding information like: locating and approaching birds, why birds provide endless opportunities, birding etiquette, what time of the day is best for bird photography, flyways and migration and how weather can influence your odds of locating more birds. Discover field techniques that take your bird photography to the next level. Learn how to choose the best camera, lenses and tripods for bird photography. Fully understand artistic composition techniques like: Framing the shot, Leading Lines, Depth of Field, Texture, Patterns, The Rule of Thirds, Negative Space, The Golden Ratio and more. Learn how to master your camera by fully understanding priority shooting modes and when to use them. Take control of your photography by knowing exactly how aperture, shutter speed and ISO affect light and your incredible bird photographs. Full color illustrations make these often confusing concepts simple to understand. This bird photography book teaches you all of this information and so much more while at the same time encouraging you to get outside and explore our incredible planet all while having fun. "I created this book for a very simple reason: to share my passion for finding and photographing amazing birds with people from all over the world. It doesn't matter if you want to capture incredible images with a cell phone, an entry level point and shoot camera or a high dollar camera with a massive zoom lens. Bird photography is something anyone can do." - Mark Smith
Peterson Guide to Bird Identification—in 12 Steps
Author: Steve N. G. Howell, Brian L. Sullivan
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 1328558134
Pages: 160
Year: 2018-04-03
View: 571
Read: 196
Identifying birds can be overwhelming. Where and how do you start? The good news is that most people already know more than they realize about birds, which can greatly simplify the identification process. Written in a helpful, conversational style and illustrated with numerous photos, this “12-step program” starts with the basics and builds logically into a manageable framework that enables anyone to get into, or get more out of, the world of watching, identifying, and enjoying birds. “Identifying birds is a science and an art. These leading masters of the craft share a wealth of inside knowledge in this gem of a book. If you’re a birder at any level of experience, I guarantee this book will improve your skills in the field.” —Kenn Kaufman, author of the Kaufman Field Guide to Advanced Birding “The birding equivalent of having Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking teach you how to count, add, subtract, multiply, and comprehend quantum mechanics. Bird watchers at every skill level will garner insights from this book.” — Pete Dunne, author of Birds of Prey STEVE N. G. HOWELL is an international bird tour leader with WINGS, a popular speaker and trip leader at birding festivals, and author of numerous books and articles. He lives in California. BRIAN SULLIVAN works on eBird and digital publications at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. He lives in California.
Birds of Eastern North America
Author: Paul Sterry, Brian E. Small
Pages: 336
Year: 2009
View: 719
Read: 219
Combining informative and accessible text, up-to-date maps, and--above all--stunning color photographs, this is the best and most lavishly illustrated photographic guide to the birds of eastern North America. All of the images have been carefully selected to convey both the sheer beauty and the key identification features of each bird, and many of the photos are larger than those found in other guides. Wherever possible, a variety of plumages are pictured, providing visual coverage and usefulness matching any artwork-illustrated field guide. And many of the images are state-of-the-art digital photographs by Brian Small, one of North America's finest bird photographers. These pictures, many seen here for the first time, reproduce a previously unimaginable level of detail. Finally, the ranges of nearly all species are shown on maps from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, the authority on North American birding. New and experienced birders alike will find this guide indispensable: the clear layout will help novices easily identify the birds they see, while the superb photographs will help seasoned birders confirm identifications. The best, most lavishly illustrated photographic guide to the region's birds Larger color photos than most other field guides Fresh contemporary design--clear, easy-to-use, and attractive Informative, accessible, and authoritative text Range maps from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology Covers entire eastern half of mainland North America and the arctic and subarctic territorial islands of the U.S. and Canada
Puerto Rico's Birds in Photographs
Author: Mark W. Oberle
Publisher: Edit Humanitas
ISBN: 0965010414
Pages: 129
Year: 2000
View: 750
Read: 616
Puerto Rico's first book with color photos of all breeding birds and common migrants---310 color photos of 181 species of Puerto Rican birds. The English text is designed for students, teachers, tourists, and anyone who wants to understand Puerto Rico's natural heritage and its fascinating birds. The species' life histories are written in a non-technical style for the general reader, and include important lessons for conservation of our natural resources. Most common birds of the Virgin Islands and Lesser Antilles are also illustrated. The book contains a CD-ROM with detailed Spanish and English accounts of 350 species, an extensive bibliography, plus audio clips and 1,250 photos. The CD-ROM is written in HTML, for most PC and Macintosh computers, and allows easy access to files for student projects in biology, geography, music and art."
The Warbler Guide
Author: Tom Stephenson, Scott Whittle
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400846862
Pages: 560
Year: 2013-07-08
View: 445
Read: 990
Warblers are among the most challenging birds to identify. They exhibit an array of seasonal plumages and have distinctive yet oft-confused calls and songs. The Warbler Guide enables you to quickly identify any of the 56 species of warblers in the United States and Canada. This groundbreaking guide features more than 1,000 stunning color photos, extensive species accounts with multiple viewing angles, and an entirely new system of vocalization analysis that helps you distinguish songs and calls. The Warbler Guide revolutionizes birdwatching, making warbler identification easier than ever before. For more information, please see the author videos on the Princeton University Press website. Covers all 56 species of warblers in the United States and Canada Visual quick finders help you identify warblers from any angle Song and call finders make identification easy using a few simple questions Uses sonograms to teach a new system of song identification that makes it easier to understand and hear differences between similar species Detailed species accounts show multiple views with diagnostic points, direct comparisons of plumage and vocalizations with similar species, and complete aging and sexing descriptions New aids to identification include song mnemonics and icons for undertail pattern, color impression, habitat, and behavior Includes field exercises, flight shots, general identification strategies, and quizzes A complete, page-by-page audio companion to all of the 1,000-plus songs and calls covered by the book is available for purchase and download from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Macaulay Library by using the link at www.TheWarblerGuide.com
National Geographic Photography Field Guide
Author: Peter K. Burian, Robert Caputo, National Geographic Society (U.S.)
Publisher: National Geographic Society
ISBN: 079225676X
Pages: 368
Year: 2003
View: 671
Read: 970
Offers advice to both beginners and professionals on how to create striking and original photographs of people, landscapes, and wildlife.
Rare Birds of North America
Author: Steve N. G. Howell, Ian Lewington, Will Russell
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400848075
Pages: 448
Year: 2014-02-16
View: 1201
Read: 548
Rare Birds of North America is the first comprehensive illustrated guide to the vagrant birds that occur throughout the United States and Canada. Featuring 275 stunning color plates, this book covers 262 species originating from three very different regions--the Old World, the New World tropics, and the world's oceans. It explains the causes of avian vagrancy and breaks down patterns of occurrence by region and season, enabling readers to see where, when, and why each species occurs in North America. Detailed species accounts describe key identification features, taxonomy, age, sex, distribution, and status. Rare Birds of North America provides unparalleled insights into vagrancy and avian migration, and will enrich the birding experience of anyone interested in finding and observing rare birds. Covers 262 species of vagrant birds found in the United States and Canada Features 275 stunning color plates that depict every species Explains patterns of occurrence by region and season Provides an invaluable overview of vagrancy patterns and migration Includes detailed species accounts and cutting-edge identification tips

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