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Death by Honeymoon (Book #1 in the Caribbean Murder series)
Author: Jaden Skye
Publisher: Independent Books
ISBN: 0976585502
Pages: 216
Year: 2011-05
View: 511
Read: 469
Cindy and Clint are enjoying their honeymoon when paradise quickly turns into hell. Clint drowns in a freak accident in the ocean. The local police are quick to insist that he was caught in a sudden riptide. But Cindy, left all alone, is not convinced. She realizes that the only way to get answers, and to save her own life, is to return to where it all began: Barbados.
Celebraciones/ Celebrations
Author: Rosen Publishing Group, Various
Publisher: PowerKids Press
ISBN: 1499428219
Pages: 24
Year: 2016-12-15
View: 1196
Read: 403
Who doesn't love a celebration? This series explores several holidays, including Father's Day and New Year's, that children can celebrate with their family and friends. Beginner readers and younger listeners will enjoy learning different ways to share these special days with the people they care about. Relatable characters and colorful illustrations bring the celebration to life on each page. Accessible language makes these stories fun for everyone!
Disney Kilala Princess
Author: Rika Tanaka
Publisher: TokyoPop
ISBN: 1427856699
Pages: 208
Year: 2017-03-07
View: 368
Read: 1194
Kilala and Rei take a magic carpet ride into the world of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine to locate the sixth gem of the tiara. They re soon captured by guards and must plot their escape. Then the Genie s lamp falls into the wrong hands, and another woman tries to put Rei under her spell. Meanwhile, the search for the gem intensifies. Will Kilala be able to rescue Paradiso and live happily ever after?"
Honor Reclaimed
Author: Tonya Burrows
Publisher: Entangled: Amara
ISBN: 1622662555
Pages: 350
Year: 2014-05-27
View: 1101
Read: 359
Former Marine sniper Seth Harlan is new to HORNET and anxious to prove he can still do his job despite an ongoing battle with PTSD. He remembers all too well what it's like to sit inside an enemy camp, praying for rescue and waiting for death, so when a wounded veteran contacts HORNET to rescue a buddy that got left behind, all sorts of nasty memories strain his newfound stability. An interview with a runaway Afghani child bride leads photojournalist Phoebe Leighton to an arms deal involving a suitcase bomb powerful enough to wipe out a mid-sized town, and she realizes this is one battle she can't win on her own. Forming an unlikely alliance with a ragtag team of military and government delinquents, she meets Seth, a sniper carrying as many emotional scars as physical, who impresses her with his steely will and ignites passions within her she thought long dead. Suddenly this mission is about a lot more than an abandoned soldier. Racing against the clock, Seth, Phoebe, and the rest of HORNET struggle to stop that bomb before it reaches its final destination: The United States. Each book in the HORNET series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order. Series Order: Book #1 SEAL of Honor Book #2 Honor Reclaimed Book #3 Broken Honor Book #4 Code of Honor
Author: Victor Kelleher
Publisher: Random House Australia
ISBN: 1740517172
Pages: 193
Year: 2000
View: 189
Read: 934
Shrugging off his jacket, he grabbed the headstone and began tugging at it. 'Open,' he wailed. 'Open!'Possession is a chilling phenomenon and Beth's family are rocked into this nightmare world when her younger brother becomes inhabited by a spirit called Del-Del. Cold, murderous and evil, Del-Del only wants to destroy - and most of all he wants to destroy Sam.This psychological thriller grips like a vice anbd holds the reader taut, on a nerve's edge, until the final page.THE AUTHORVictor Kelleher was born in England and came to Australia via Africa and New Zealand. After an academic career he now writes both children's and adults' novels full-time from his home in Sydney. He has won and been shortlisted for many awards.SALES POINTS* Del-Del has been a strong seller for years and continues to be one that is greatly sought after by children, teachers, parents and academics alike.* Fabulous new format and jacket for this firm favourite. Enlarged to be strandard novel size, 198mm x 128mm. * Victor's new fiction for Random House, Beyond the Dusk, is due for publication in September as well.* Victor Kelleher is one of the most distinguished and respected authors writing for children today.
Operation Ares
Author: Gene Wolfe
Publisher: Fontana Press
ISBN: 0006151434
Pages: 218
Year: 1978
View: 947
Read: 871

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