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Le Chœur des femmes
Author: Martin Winckler
Publisher: POL Editeur
ISBN: 2846823731
Pages: 606
Year: 2011-07-05T00:00:00+02:00
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«Je m'appelle Jean Atwood. Je suis interne des hôpitaux et major de ma promo. Je me destine à la chirurgie gynécologique. Je vise un poste de chef de clinique dans le meilleur service de France. Mais on m'oblige, au préalable, à passer six mois dans une minuscule unité de «Médecine de La Femme», dirigée par un barbu mal dégrossi qui n'est même pas gynécologue, mais généraliste! S'il s'imagine que je vais passer six mois à son service, il se trompe lourdement. Qu'est-ce qu'il croit? Qu'il va m'enseigner mon métier? J'ai reçu une formation hors pair, je sais tout ce que doit savoir un gynécologue chirurgien pour opérer, réparer et reconstruire le corps féminin. Alors, je ne peux pas – et je ne veux pas – perdre mon temps à écouter des bonnes femmes épancher leur cœur et raconter leur vie. Je ne vois vraiment pas ce qu'elles pourraient m'apprendre.»
The Case of Dr. Sachs
Author: Martin Winckler
Publisher: Seven Stories Press
ISBN: 1609800990
Pages: 323
Year: 2011-01-04
View: 526
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Bruno Sachs is a country doctor who makes house calls and feels deeply for his patients. There are broken bones, unwanted pregnancies, people without the will to live, a friend dying of cancer. His pity for his fellow creatures is both his motivating force and his own untreatable condition. Among the deaths, love affairs, and small town gossip, a love story emerges at the heart of the novel-between Dr. Sachs and a young woman upon whom he once performed an abortion. The Case of Dr. Sachs is a novel filled with voices of silent suffering and arias of quiet joy, and one dedicated to the notion that literature, like medicine, can save lives.
The Blue Notebook
Author: James A. Levine
Publisher: Spiegel & Grau
ISBN: 0385530498
Pages: 224
Year: 2009-07-07
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BONUS: This edition contains a The Blue Notebook discussion guide and an excerpt from James A. Levine's Bingo's Run. An unforgettable, deeply affecting debut novel, The Blue Notebook tells the story of Batuk, a precocious fifteen-year-old girl from rural India who is sold into sexual slavery by her father. As she navigates the grim realities of Mumbai’s Common Street, Batuk manages to put pen to paper, recording her private thoughts and writing fantastic tales that help her transcend her daily existence. Beautifully crafted, surprisingly hopeful, and filled with both tragedy and humor, The Blue Notebook shows how even in the most difficult situations, people use storytelling to make sense of and give meaning to their lives.
The Mothers
Author: Brit Bennett
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399184511
Pages: 278
Year: 2016
View: 214
Read: 1030
It is the last season of high school life for Nadia Turner, a rebellious, grief-stricken, 17-year-old beauty. Mourning her own mother's recent suicide, she takes up with the local pastor's son. They are young; it's not serious. But the pregnancy that results from this teen romance - and the subsequent cover-up - will have an impact that goes far beyond their youth
Author: Aristophanes
Publisher: The Floating Press
ISBN: 1775458105
Pages: 109
Year: 2012-07-01
View: 276
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One of the few plays that survived intact from the heyday of ancient Grecian drama, Lysistrata is an enormously influential work of satirical comedy. In order to bring an end to a destructive and never-ending war, the women of Greece take a temporary vow of chastity, pledging to remain abstinent until the conflict ends. As can be expected, mayhem -- and hilarity -- ensues.
Women's Words
Author: Mona Ozouf
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226643336
Pages: 300
Year: 1997-01
View: 1269
Read: 972
French historian Mona Ozouf argues that French feminism lacks the rancor and resentment of its counterpart in America and explains why this placid brand of feminism is uniquely French. Ozouf portrays ten French women of letters whose lives span the period from the eve of the French Revolution to the resurgence of the feminist movement in the late 20th century.

Author: Aristophanes
Pages: 523
Year: 1878
View: 672
Read: 481

Oeuvres complètes
Author: Aristophanes
Year: 1898
View: 618
Read: 857

Pages: 523
Year: 1860
View: 911
Read: 262

Franz Kafka's The Castle
Author: David Fishelson, Aaron Leichter
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
ISBN: 082221900X
Pages: 59
Year: 2001
View: 715
Read: 1306
THE STORY: Cited as one of the 100 greatest works of fiction of all time by a panel of international writers in 2002, THE CASTLE remains Kafka's most magical novel (New York Times). By turns sexy, comic and horrifying, this new stage version of T
The Secret of Pembrooke Park
Author: Julie Klassen
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441264825
Pages: 464
Year: 2014-11-25
View: 729
Read: 387
Praise for Julie Klassen "A remarkable tale with many unpredictable twists and turns."--CBA Retailers+Resources "A treat for [readers] who want their historical romances served up with a generous dash of mystery."--Booklist "[Klassen's] work appeals to all who seek a riveting Regency romance."--RT Book Reviews Abigail Foster is the practical daughter. She fears she will end up a spinster, especially as she has little dowry, and the one man she thought might marry her seems to have fallen for her younger, prettier sister. Facing financial ruin, Abigail and her father search for more affordable lodgings, until a strange solicitor arrives with an astounding offer: the use of a distant manor house abandoned for eighteen years. The Fosters journey to imposing Pembrooke Park and are startled to find it entombed as it was abruptly left: tea cups encrusted with dry tea, moth-eaten clothes in wardrobes, a doll's house left mid-play... The handsome local curate welcomes them, but though he and his family seem acquainted with the manor's past, the only information they offer is a stern warning: Beware trespassers drawn by rumors that Pembrooke Park contains a secret room filled with treasure. This catches Abigail's attention. Hoping to restore her family's finances--and her dowry--Abigail looks for this supposed treasure. But eerie sounds at night and footprints in the dust reveal she isn't the only one secretly searching the house. Then Abigail begins receiving anonymous letters, containing clues about the hidden room and startling discoveries about the past. As old friends and new foes come calling at Pembrooke Park, secrets come to light. Will Abigail find the treasure and love she seeks...or very real danger?
Qui a Obstrué la Cascade?
Author: Wauthier De Mahieu
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
ISBN: 0521109353
Pages: 456
Year: 2009-06-18
View: 983
Read: 910
This book, which is in French, derives from a detailed empirical study of the Komo, a population of some 60,000 hunter-gatherers in Zaire. Dr de Mahieu builds a new theory of ritual practice on to his description and analysis of circumcision rituals among the Komo, and draws important comparisons between the significance of these rituals to the actual participants and to wider Komo society and beliefs.
Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father
Author: Alysia Abbott
Publisher: W. W. Norton
ISBN: 0393082520
Pages: 352
Year: 2013-06-03
View: 544
Read: 239
A beautiful, vibrant memoir about growing up motherless in 1970s and ’80s San Francisco with an openly gay father. After his wife dies in a car accident, bisexual writer and activist Steve Abbott moves with his two-year-old daughter to San Francisco. There they discover a city in the midst of revolution, bustling with gay men in search of liberation—few of whom are raising a child. Steve throws himself into San Francisco’s vibrant cultural scene. He takes Alysia to raucous parties, pushes her in front of the microphone at poetry readings, and introduces her to a world of artists, thinkers, and writers. But the pair live like nomads, moving from apartment to apartment, with a revolving cast of roommates and little structure. As a child Alysia views her father as a loving playmate who can transform the ordinary into magic, but as she gets older Alysia wants more than anything to fit in. The world, she learns, is hostile to difference. In Alysia’s teens, Steve’s friends—several of whom she has befriended—fall ill as AIDS starts its rampage through their community. While Alysia is studying in New York and then in France, her father tells her it’s time to come home; he’s sick with AIDS. Alysia must choose whether to take on the responsibility of caring for her father or continue the independent life she has worked so hard to create. Reconstructing their life together from a remarkable cache of her father’s journals, letters, and writings, Alysia Abbott gives us an unforgettable portrait of a tumultuous, historic time in San Francisco as well as an exquisitely moving account of a father’s legacy and a daughter’s love.
Le Guide Musical
Year: 1874
View: 1149
Read: 667

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