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Bikes of Burden
Author: Hans Kemp
Publisher: Visionary World Limited
ISBN: 9881655714
Pages: 200
Year: 2014-06-15
View: 950
Read: 1066
It is the motorbike that makes Vietnam tick. In Saigon alone, two million ply the streets. People commute by bike, father take their kids to school by bike, and products find their way to the consumers by motorbike. This title offers a selection of author's finest shots - often taken from the back of one of the self-same bikes. It is the motorbike that makes Vietnam tick. In Saigon alone, two million ply the streets. People commute by bike, father take their kids to school by bike (you'd be surprised how many at a time!), and products find their way to the consumers by
How to Avoid Mistakes
Author: Hans Brinkmann
ISBN: 3425041010
Pages: 152
Year: 1988
View: 1150
Read: 811

Royal Horticultural Society Pocket 2018 Diary
ISBN: 0711238774
Year: 2017
View: 855
Read: 1153

Growing Into Light
Author: Max Freedom Long
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 1787207986
Pages: 136
Year: 2017-07-31
View: 938
Read: 178
First published in 1955, this book follows on from author Max Freedom Long’s previous publications on Huna magic, here providing the reader with a workbook to strengthen their skills through daily practice. Long offers powerful teachings that are reinforced with exercises and affirmations at the end of each chapter—teachings that were passed down verbally through the ages by Polynesian kahunas, or “Keepers of the Secret,” and preserved by those Long had met. By practicing the lessons in this book, the reader can truly grow in positive spiritual ways. Max Freedom Long is a masterful storyteller and employs many inspiring lessons and true stories that demonstrate the power of Huna at work. Anyone with a general interest in Huna magic will benefit from this powerful book. It represents the next step for those who want to benefit from practical instructions, now at their disposal, and move beyond having a general reading interest in the subject.
Author: Charles Dickens
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1981731660
Pages: 108
Year: 2017-12-17
View: 993
Read: 582
Charles John Huffam Dickens (als Pseudonym auch Boz; * 7. Februar 1812 in Landport bei Portsmouth, England; + 9. Juni 1870 auf Gad's Hill Place in Rochester, England) war ein englischer Schriftsteller.Dickens mal deutsch und illustriert und mal wieder mit deutlicher sozialer Botschaft. Dickens zeichnet sich durch seinen ureignen Schreib- und Erz�hlstil aus. Diese Novelle (The Chimes im Original) ist nicht nur ausgezeichnet �bersetzt, sondern auch noch vorbildlich illustriert. Nebenbei auch noch ein vergn�gliches Leseabenteuer. Unbedingt empfehlenswert!
Scribes, Script, and Books
Author: Leila Avrin
Publisher: American Library Association
ISBN: 0838910386
Pages: 356
Year: 2010
View: 874
Read: 1239
In this detailed overview of the history of the handmade book, Avrin looks at the development of scripts and styles of illumination, the making of manuscripts, and the technological processes involved in paper-making and book-binding.
Latin Palaeography
Author: Bernhard Bischoff
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521367263
Pages: 291
Year: 1990-04-12
View: 211
Read: 731
First published in 1979, this work, by the greatest living authority on medieval palaeography, offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date account in any language of the history of Latin script. It contains a detailed account of the role of the book in cultural history from antiquity to the Renaissance and outlines the history of book illumination. By setting the development of Latin script in its cultural context, it provides an unrivalled introduction to the nature of medieval Latin culture.
Transform Your Life
Author: Diana Cooper
Publisher: Piatkus
ISBN: 0349409625
Pages: 176
Year: 2015-04-02
View: 538
Read: 1321
Diana Cooper believes we can all transform our lives if we really want to. This inspiring book will help you to be who you want to be and do what you want to do. It will help you to bring hidden blockages to the surface, establish new positive belief patterns, and make your dreams come true.
A Way of Self-Knowledge
Author: Rudolf Steiner
Publisher: SteinerBooks
ISBN: 0880108509
Pages: 92
Year: 2006-11-01
View: 678
Read: 189
Part one, ?A Way of Self-Knowledge, ? contains eight meditations that take the reader on a journey through human experience. Beginning with ordinary experience, Steiner offers ways to imagine and understand the physical body, the elemental (or etheric) body, the elemental world, the Guardian of the Threshold, the astral body, the I-body (or thought body), the nature of experience in suprasensory worlds, and ways of perceiving previous earthly lives. Part two, ?The Threshold of the Spiritual World, ? contains sixteen short chapters in which Steiner provides aphoristic thoughts on trusting one's thinking? cognition of the spiritual world? karma and reincarnation? the astral body and luciferic beings? how to recognize suprasensory consciousness; the true nature of love; and more.
Your Many Faces
Author: Virginia Satir
Publisher: Celestial Arts
ISBN: 0307791343
Pages: 96
Year: 2011-04-20
View: 391
Read: 861
Each one of us has a medley of "faces" that composes our individual personality: intelligence, anger, love, jealousy, helplessness, courage, and many more. We're often quick to judge these characteristics as either positive or negative, without recognizing that we need each of them in order to become fuller, more balanced human beings. Originally written in 1978 by renowned psychotherapist Virginia Satir, the timeless classic Your Many Faces has been updated and reissued—and is as relevant today as ever. In a refreshingly candid style, Satir takes us on a lively and insightful journey of self-discovery and transformation. We learn how to acknowledge, understand, and manage our many faces—and in doing so, open up a world of possibilities for ourselves. This new edition also features a compelling foreword by Mary Ann Norfleet, PhD, which explores Satir's pioneering approaches to psychology and her enduring legacy in the field of family therapy. From the Trade Paperback edition.
The Cambridge History of Early Christian Literature
Author: Frances Young, Lewis Ayres, Andrew Louth
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521460832
Pages: 538
Year: 2004-04-01
View: 988
Read: 1096
The writings of the Church Fathers form a distinct body of literature that shaped the early church and built upon the doctrinal foundations of Christianity established within the New Testament. Christian literature in the period c.100–c.400 constitutes one of the most influential textual oeuvres of any religion. Written mainly in Greek, Latin and Syriac, Patristic literature emanated from all parts of the early Christian world and helped to extend its boundaries. The History offers a systematic account of that literature and its setting. The works of individual writers in shaping the various genres of Christian literature is considered, alongside three general essays, covering distinct periods in the development of Christian literature, which survey the social, cultural and doctrinal context within which Christian literature arose and was used by Christians. This is a landmark reference book for scholars and students alike.
Space Between Words
Author: Paul Saenger
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 080474016X
Pages: 480
Year: 1997
View: 627
Read: 1137
Silent reading is now universally accepted as normal; indeed reading aloud to oneself may be interpreted as showing a lack of ability or understanding. Yet reading aloud was usual, indeed unavoidable, throughout antiquity and most of the middle ages. Saenger investigates the origins of the gradual separation of words within a continuous written text and the consequent development of silent reading. He then explores the spread of these practices throughout western Europe, and the eventual domination of silent reading in the late medieval period. A detailed work with substantial notes and appendices for reference.
The Printing Press as an Agent of Change
Author: Elizabeth L. Eisenstein
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521299551
Pages: 794
Year: 1980-09-30
View: 166
Read: 868
Originally published in two volumes in 1980, The Printing Press as an Agent of Change is now issued in a paperback edition containing both volumes. The work is a full-scale historical treatment of the advent of printing and its importance as an agent of change. Professor Eisenstein begins by examining the general implications of the shift from script to print, and goes on to examine its part in three of the major movements of early modern times - the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the rise of modern science.
The Inevitable
Author: Kevin Kelly
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0143110373
Pages: 328
Year: 2017-06-06
View: 1321
Read: 403
It's 2046. You don't own a car, or much of anything else, instead subscribing to items as you need them. Virtual reality is as commonplace as cell phones. You talk to your devices with hand gestures. Practically all surfaces have become a screen, and each screen watches you back. Robots and AI took over your old job but also created a new one for you, work you could not have imagined back in 2016. In The Inevitable, Kevin Kelly, the visionary thinker who foresaw the scope of the internet revolution, provides a plausible, optimistic road map for the next 30 years. He shows how the coming changes can be understood as the result of a few long-term forces that are already in motion. Kelly both describes these 12 deep trends-including cognifying our surroundings, valuing access over ownership, tracking everything-and demonstrates how they are codependent on one another. These larger forces will completely revolutionize the way we work, play, learn, buy, and communicate with each other. Ultimately, predicts Kelly, all humans and machines will be linked up into a global matrix, a convergence that will be seen as the largest, most complex, and most surprising event ever up to this time. The Inevitablewill be indispensable to anyone who seeks guidance on where to position themselves as this new world emerge.
The Etymologies of Isidore of Seville
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139456164
Year: 2006-06-08
View: 1205
Read: 265
This work is a complete English translation of the Latin Etymologies of Isidore, Bishop of Seville (c.560–636). Isidore compiled the work between c.615 and the early 630s and it takes the form of an encyclopedia, arranged by subject matter. It contains much lore of the late classical world beginning with the Seven Liberal Arts, including Rhetoric, and touches on thousands of topics ranging from the names of God, the terminology of the Law, the technologies of fabrics, ships and agriculture to the names of cities and rivers, the theatrical arts, and cooking utensils. Isidore provides etymologies for most of the terms he explains, finding in the causes of words the underlying key to their meaning. This book offers a highly readable translation of the twenty books of the Etymologies, one of the most widely known texts for a thousand years from Isidore's time.

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