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Tractate on a School Mount
Author: Alexander Nevzorov
ISBN: 5904788169
Pages: 104
Year: 2012-08
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Nevzorov discusses the proper way to naturally OseatO a horse. The founder of the Horse Revolution and Nevzorov Haute Ecole has managed to keep the tradition of Classical School horsemanship without a bit or bridle for riding in collection.
Rumore Di Acque: Noise in the Waters
Author: Marco Martinelli
Publisher: Bordighera Incorporated
ISBN: 1599540665
Pages: 160
Year: 2014-01-10
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Drama. Italian Studies. Translated from the Italian by Thomas Simpson. In its first founding manifestoes of the 1980s, Teatro delle Albe defined itself as "Politttttttical Theatre," with seven t's, to declare with irreverent irony its distance from the era's reigning, ideologically muscle-bound political theatre, turgid and smug in its certainties and judgements. Because in Italian the word 'politico' means 'political' but the word 'polittico,' with two t's, means 'polyptych' – that is, a painting consisting of multiple images – the invention of the ironic term 'politttttttico' also intended to trumpet the urgency of observing Italy's community (the polis) from multiple viewpoints, fixing a fiercely ingenuous gaze on a plural reality. Unafraid of finding surprise in the ordinary, the company declared that it would create theatrical actions composed of multifaceted representations, aimed at an audience in search of questions rather than confirmation of received thought. "The heretical approach to politically committed theatre carries on in RUMORE DI ACQUE, the monologue composed in 2010 by Teatro delle Albe's playwright and director, Marco Martinelli."—Franco Nasi