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La petite casserole d'Anatole
Author: Isabelle Carrier
ISBN: 2841812960
Pages: 30
Year: 2009
View: 487
Read: 1076
Anatole traîne toujours derrière lui sa petite casserole. Elle lui est tombée dessus un jour... On ne sait pas très bien pourquoi. Depuis, elle se coince partout et l'empêche d'avancer. Un jour, il en a assez. II décide de se cacher. Mais heureusement, les choses ne sont pas si simples...
The World is Full of Colours
Author: Isabelle Carrier
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0747527113
Pages: 28
Year: 1996
View: 387
Read: 831
This fold-out book features all the colours of the rainbow. Young readers can look through each page and spot numerous animals and other creations of nature that are waiting to be discovered. Every page is dedicated to a special colour.
Author: Eve Titus
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0307792641
Pages: 32
Year: 2012-11-28
View: 1068
Read: 1213
Anatole is a most honorable mouse. When he realizes that humans are upset by mice sampling their leftovers, he is shocked! He must provide for his beloved family--but he is determined to find a way to earn his supper. And so he heads for the tasting room at the Duvall Cheese Factory. On each cheese, he leaves a small note--"good," "not so good," "needs orange peel"--and signs his name. When workers at the Duvall factory find his notes in the morning, they are perplexed--but they realize that this mysterious Anatole has an exceptional palate and take his advice. Soon Duvall is making the best cheese in all of Paris! They would like to give Anatole a reward--if only they could find him...
La pleine conscience chez l'enfant et l'adolescent
Author: Sandrine Deplus, Magali Lahaye
Publisher: Mardaga
ISBN: 2804703347
Pages: 256
Year: 2015-12-04
View: 481
Read: 163
Un guide pour les professionnels de l’enfance ou pour les parents qui souhaitent intégrer la pleine conscience dans le quotidien de leur enfant Les approches psychologiques basées sur la pleine conscience connaissent actuellement un succès important. Il n’a donc pas fallu attendre longtemps pour que des programmes d’entraînement à la pleine conscience, initialement développés pour l’adulte, soient proposés à des plus jeunes. Ces nouvelles approches fondées sur l’expérience sont séduisantes. Cependant, éveiller les jeunes à la pleine conscience confronte les praticiens à des défis spécifiques – défis relevés par les auteures dans cet ouvrage. La pleine conscience chez l’enfant et l’adolescent donne des pistes concrètes pour soutenir les jeunes dans leur découverte de la pleine conscience, en tenant compte de leur niveau de développement. Plus précisément, la première partie du livre présente une revue approfondie de la littérature scientifique afin d’appréhender la pleine conscience et ses liens avec la régulation émotionnelle chez les jeunes. Quant à la deuxième partie, elle fournit deux programmes de gestion des émotions par la pleine conscience, l’un pour l’enfant et l’autre pour l’adolescent. Cet ouvrage de référence propose deux programmes d’entraînement à la pleine conscience : l’un pour l’adolescent, l’autre pour l’enfant et un site Internet compagnon du livre, fournissant des exercices audio à télécharger gratuitement ! CE QU'EN PENSE LA CRITIQUE Le livre propose un programme d’entraînement à la pleine conscience qui demande aux enfants de porter leur attention sur l’instant présent un état quasi naturel chez la plupart d’entre eux tout en donnant des pistes concrètes aux professionnels de l’enfance. - Le Métro Destiné aux professionnels de la santé, le guide fourmille d’idées, d’exercices pour les parents et les enseignants qui souhaitent recommander la pleine conscience. - Daily Science Intégrée à une intervention préventive, la "pleine conscience" présente un effet bénéfique sur la gestion des émotions et de la dépression chez les adolescents. Telle est la conclusion majeure d’une étude menée par le Pr Pierre Philippot, spécialiste des troubles dépressifs à l’UCL. Pierre Philippot a également dirigé l’ouvrage La pleine conscience chez l’enfant et l’adolescent. - Luc Ruidant, Le Journal du Médecin À PROPOS DES AUTEURES Sandrine Deplus est docteure en psychologie et psychothérapeute auprès d’enfants présentant des difficultés de régulation émotionnelle. Elle anime régulièrement des ateliers basés sur la pleine conscience auprès d’enfants et d’adolescents, mais aussi d’adultes. Magali Lahaye est docteure en psychologie. Elle exerce en tant que psychologue avec des enfants, des adolescents et leurs familles aux cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc (Bruxelles). Elle travaille également à la Faculté de psychologie et des sciences de l’éducation de l’Université de Louvain (UCL). Depuis plusieurs années, Sandrine Deplus et Magali Lahaye développent des approches basées sur la pleine conscience auprès de l’enfant et de l’adolescent ; elles sont responsables d’un certificat universitaire portant sur les interventions psychologiques dans ce domaine.
Letters From My Windmill
Author: Alphonse Daudet
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1625584415
Pages: 150
Year: 2013-01-24
View: 752
Read: 234
The stories are all told by the author in the first person, typically addressing a Parisian reader. The author, having relocated his home from Paris, recounts short bucolic tales about his new life in Provence as well as his trips to Corsica and French Algeria. Considered to be light-hearted, and often a bit tongue-in-cheek, the stories vary from day-to-day events in southern France to Provençal folk-tales, and often feature professions and faunal references characteristic of Provence.
Author: Melvin Burgess
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448187451
Pages: 336
Year: 2014-04-03
View: 1235
Read: 522
The love story of two runaway teenagers, Gemma and Tar, and their struggles with heroin addiction. Melvin Burgess’ most ambitious and complex novel is a multi-faceted and vivid depiction of a group of young people in the grip of addiction. It is told in many different voices, from the addicts themselves to the friends watching from the outside who try to prevent tragedy. Winner of the Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize.
Author: Taro Gomi
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
ISBN: 0811852504
Pages: 368
Year: 2006-05-04
View: 1056
Read: 419
Renowned children's book illustrator Taro Gomi invites kids of all ages to not only color, but also draw, imagine, and create. Unfinished pictures and intriguing prompts foster children's powers of visualization, and at nearly 400 pages, this book provides plenty of room to stretch the imagination.
Hand Shadows - The Complete Art Of Shadowgraphy
Author: Louis Nikola
Publisher: Read Books Ltd
ISBN: 1446549224
Pages: 112
Year: 2013-04-16
View: 198
Read: 605
Originally published in 1921. Shadow entertainments are as old as the hills, but their popularity is undiminished and the hand shadow expert is a recognised and popular artist and entertainer. A practical guide for both adults and children. Contents include: The Light - The Projection Screen - General Arrangements - Advanced Pracrise - Animal Shadows - Bird Shadows - Character Studies - Figures With Accessories - A Shadow Pantomime.112 pages. Illustrated by 85 diagrams. Many of the earliest entertainment books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Home Farm Books are republishing many of these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.
Toby Alone
Author: Timothee de Fombelle
Publisher: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 076365180X
Pages: 400
Year: 2010-08-10
View: 589
Read: 287
Toby Lolness may be just one and a half millimeters tall, but he’s the most wanted person in his world—the world of the great oak Tree. Toby’s father has made a ground-breaking discovery: the Tree itself is alive, flowing with vital energy, and there may even be a world beyond it. Greedy developers itch to exploit this forbidden knowledge, risking permanent damage to their natural world. But Toby’s father has refused to reveal his findings, causing the family to be exiled to the lower branches and finally sentenced to death. Only Toby has managed to escape—but for how long? And how can he bear to leave his parents to their terrible fate?
Doodle Cook
Author: Hervé Tullet
Publisher: Phaidon Press
ISBN: 0714862274
Pages: 48
Year: 2011-08-20
View: 1211
Read: 479
Welcome, young art-chefs - your moment has come! The tle is set and your ingredients await: an empty plate, color pens and - most important of all - your imagination! Now, add a dash of squiggles there, a handful of zig zags for flavor - and voila! Here are 17 art-recipes, created by masterchef Herve Tullet. Follow the recipes and learn how to create a scribble sandwich, a thousand layer cake and chef's surprise - and then add your own decoration to taste.
I Love You Always...
Author: Astrid Desbordes
Publisher: Little Gestalten
ISBN: 3899557654
Pages: 40
Year: 2016-04
View: 1021
Read: 650
I Love You When is an ode to motherly love that approaches a timeless topic with elegant simplicity and refreshing honesty. With a simple question, "Mom, will you love me my whole life?" Archibald sparks the most honest and relatable of answers from his mother, who goes on to tell her son about all the moments in life through which she loves him. "I love you when you behave and when your good behavior doesn't last" and "I love you when you look your best and when you're feeling your worst" are some of the scenes author Astrid Desbordes and illustrator Pauline Martin succeed in depicting with heartwarming candidness. A refreshing take on a timeless subject, I Love You When beautifully recounts a mother's unconditional love for her child."
The Castle of Whispers
Author: Carole Martinez
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1609451929
Pages: 192
Year: 2014-02-04
View: 261
Read: 1201
In 1187, on the day of her wedding, the beautiful 15-year-old Esclarmonde scandalizes the court when she refuses to accept the knight chosen by her father, the lord of the domain of Whispers. She defies her father’s wishes and vows to give herself to God, for which he imprisons her in a cell adjoining the castle’s chapel. Instead of the peaceful solitude she sought, Esclarmonde finds in her cell the crossroads between the living and the dead. Walled in, with nothing but a single barred window to connect her to the outside world, Esclarmonde nevertheless exerts a mysterious and pervasive power over the kingdom. The virgin sorceress reaches a saint-like status, and men and women journey from far and wide to hear her speak. Esclarmonde even persuades her father to wage war in the Holy Land, resulting in a massacre of staggering proportions.
Author: Odile Weulersse, Kathleen Merz
Publisher: Eerdmans Young Readers
ISBN: 0802854168
Pages: 34
Year: 2013-03-01
View: 575
Read: 1039
As Nasreddine and his father take dates, wool, chickens, or watermelon to market, people tease them no matter who is riding their donkey, and this causes Nasreddine embarrassment until his father helps him to understand.
Zeraffa Giraffa
Author: Dianne Hofmeyr
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
ISBN: 1847806619
Pages: 40
Year: 2015-09-01
View: 595
Read: 982
This is the astonishing true story of Zeraffa, a giraffe who was sent as a gift from Egypt to France in 1826. A young boy, Atir, takes care of Zeraffa on her epic journey and the sailors sing songs as she gazes down at them. In France, Atir leads her through the countryside, and thousands of people marvel at Zeraffa. Paris falls in love with Zeraffa. The King builds her a special house in the Jardin des Plantes. On warm nights, the young princess visits, while Atir whispers stories to Zeraffa of a hot land far away. The amazing story by an award-winning author of a giraffe’s extraordinary voyage from Africa to Paris.
On a Magical Do-Nothing Day
Author: Beatrice Alemanga
ISBN: 0500651795
Pages: 48
Year: 2018-08-16
View: 1090
Read: 555
WINNER of the 2018 4-11 Picture Book Awards (Fiction 4-7 category)One of the New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Books of 2017All I want to do on a rainy day like today is play my game, but my mum says it's a waste of time. The game drives my mum mad. She takes it away. I take it back. I wish Dad had come with us on this rainy, grey weekend. Without my game, nothing is fun. On the other hand, maybe I'm wrong about that...

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