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Jesus Christ, Disciplemaker
Author: Bill Hull
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1585581631
Pages: 256
Year: 2004-02-01
View: 920
Read: 1294
Thomas doubted. Peter denied. Matthew had a shady past. And most of Jesus' disciples had trouble understanding his true message and mission at times. How did Jesus take lowly fishermen and tax collectors and turn them into some of the most influential men that ever lived? And how can modern church leaders empower regular church members to meet their potential as servants of God? In Jesus Christ, Disciplemaker, Hull outlines Christ's methods in training his twelve disciples and presents a biblical pattern that emulates Christ's model for reaching the lost. By taking readers through four growth phases-evangelizing, establishing, equipping, and leading-Hull shows how these principles can be adapted for any discipler. Jesus Christ, Disciplemaker is the perfect resource for pastors and church leaders who want to learn how to help others grow in God's service.
The Disciple-Making Pastor
Author: Bill Hull
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441201033
Pages: 320
Year: 2007-10-01
View: 1297
Read: 560
Christ commanded the church to make disciples, to produce people who love and obey God, bear fruit, and live with joy. The crisis at the heart of the church is that we often pay lip service to making disciples, but we seldom put much effort behind doing it. For the pastor who is ready to put words into action, The Disciple-Making Pastor offers the inspiration and practical know-how to do so. Bill Hull shows pastors the obstacles they will face, what disciples really look like, the pastor's role in producing them, and the practices that lead to positive change. He also offers a six-step coaching process to help new disciples grow in commitment and obedience and practical ideas to integrate disciple making into the fabric of the church.
The Disciple-Making Church
Author: Bill Hull
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441212272
Pages: 256
Year: 2010-06-15
View: 1052
Read: 540
Scripture places high priority on the disciplemaking capacity of the church, This book shows how to accomplish it. Foreword by Howard Ball.
Please Become Our Disciple!
Author: Jon Dean Smith; Donna Louise Smith
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1490861564
Pages: 236
Year: 2014-12-15
View: 1001
Read: 248
If you are desperate to know God better, this book is for you. If you want to be taught by gentle yet firm veterans, just like Jesus taught his twelve disciples, this book is for you. If you want to produce disciples who can overcome persecution, this book is for you. Observing our mature, Christlike friends change their home lives and workplaces into peaceful, excellent production centers, brings us joy. Watching them continue to “maximize others around them” brings us great joy.
Discipling as Jesus Discipled
Author: Dann L Spader
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 0802495044
Pages: 192
Year: 2016-07-15
View: 840
Read: 704
Want to make disciples, but not quite sure how? Learn from the Master. Making disciples is tough. To walk someone from no knowledge of Christ to a deep, transforming relationship… that’s a challenge. But it’s our job. In Discipling as Jesus Discipled, you will be equipped to follow Jesus’ masterful strategy of making fishers of men. Through an interactive study of Jesus’ prayer in John 17 and various “mission trips” in the Gospels, you’ll learn: Three words that capture how Jesus made disciples Seven disciplines of a successful disciple-maker How to make the Great Commission a way of life Strategies for making disciples who make disciples You have one life, but when you impart it to others for the sake of Christ—and in the way of Christ—your life will multiply for the glory of God. Ready to learn from the Master?
The Disciplemaker
Author: Gary Wayne Derickson, Earl D. Radmacher
ISBN: 097138701X
Pages: 480
Year: 2001-10-01
View: 592
Read: 210
What are the keys to being a fruitful Christian? What does it take to be blessed and experience answered prayer? What is the key to successful evangelism? Our Lord answered these questions the night before His betrayal when He met with His most intimate friends for their final instruction. All of us want to be blessed by God and to have our prayer answered. These words of Jesus tell us a sure way to be blessed. And it has to do with how we treat each other. The Upper Room Discourse is a faithful recounting of Jesus last evening with His disciples in which He addressed those issues foremost on His heart. The Disciplemaker approaches the study of Jesus teachings that evening in light of the men He addressed. As a result its conclusions are unique to the present literature on the Upper Room. Where other scholars see Johns account of the conversation that evening as a reflection on the cross and interpret Jesus teachings as justification truths (how to become saved), these authors recognize what Jesus says first and foremost as embodying rich sanctification truths (how to enjoy salvation) for the eleven believing apostles. And, what He said to His men that night is as important and life changing for us today as it was for them. The Disciplemaker is a resource for the lay reader as well as the pastor/biblical scholar. It is also suitable as a textbook for use in courses on the life of Christ or Johannine theology. The main body of this 480-page work has been freed of typical theological jargon and Greek terms are transliterated and explained. Extensive notes are provided for those interested in the technical issues behind interpretive decisions, discussions by the authors, or in identifying the works of those scholars and views discussed.
The Heart of a Disciplemaker
Author: Tim Lafleur
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1545293155
Pages: 132
Year: 2017-07-17
View: 1087
Read: 386
The church has done a good job teaching people how to share their faith but it hasn't done well at teaching them to share their lives. There is no question Jesus commanded those who follow Him to make disciples. But what does that look like in everyday life? While most believers are clear that the Great Commission found in Matthew 28 calls us to make disciples, many simply don't know how. Investing in the lives of others who will in turn invest themselves in others is not difficult, but it does require intentionality. Building authentic relationships that leave a legacy of Christ long past our lives should be the goal of every believer. To accomplish this we must answer the following questions: -What do gospel-centered relationships look like? -What character qualities must we develop to deepen our walk with Christ and with others? -How can we develop a heart for making disciples? In, The Heart of a Disciplemaker, Tim LaFleur provides practical answers to these questions and more. Drawing from the Scripture, and his own life as a disciplemaker, Tim clarifies what a life lived for the glory of God looks like. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, every disciple of Jesus can develop character qualities that will encourage others to follow Christ through meaningful, dynamic, gospel-centered relationships. Relationships that leave a legacy, not for our name, but for the One whose name is above all names: Jesus Christ.
The Disciple Maker's Handbook
Author: Bobby William Harrington, Josh Robert Patrick
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310525284
Pages: 160
Year: 2017-02-07
View: 389
Read: 1077
Many people believe that discipleship is important, but they need help. In fact, the vast majority of Christians report that they have never been personally discipled by a more mature follower of Jesus. Is it any wonder that they have a difficult time knowing how to disciple others? If making disciples of Jesus is the greatest cause on earth, how should we equip people to do it? This handbook is a practical guide for how to embrace the discipleship lifestyle – being a disciple of Jesus and how to make other disciples of Jesus. With contributions from pastors and teachers like Francis Chan, Jeff Vanderstelt, Bill Hull, Jim Putman, KP Yohannan, and Robert Coleman, the authors present seven elements that are necessary for disciple making to occur: Jesus—the original disciple maker and centerpiece of discipleship. Holy Spirit—fuels the disciple-making process. Intentionality—making disciples utilizing a strategy and a roadmap. Relationships—creating a loving, genuine connection with others who trust and follow Jesus. Bible—using the Word of God as the manual for making disciples. Journey—forging a traceable growth story from a new birth to spiritual parenthood. Multiply—reproducing the discipleship process so that the disciple becomes a disciple maker. Whether you are a parent who wants to disciple your children, a small group leader who wants to disciple those in your group, or a church leader who wants to disciple future leaders, the seven key elements in this handbook form a framework for understanding discipleship that can be applied in countless situations. In addition, there are questions provided in each section to help you think through how to apply the material to your disciple making efforts.
Author: Francis Chan, Mark Beuving
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 1434705862
Pages: 336
Year: 2012-11-01
View: 801
Read: 266
Jesus gave his followers a command: “Follow me.” And a promise: “And I will equip you to find others to follow me.” We were made to make disciples. Designed for use in discipleship relationships and other focused settings, Multiply will equip you to carry out Jesus’s ministry. Each of the twenty-four sessions in the book corresponds with an online video at, where New York Times bestselling author David Platt joins Francis in guiding you through each part of Multiply. One plus one plus one. Every copy of Multiply is designed to do what Jesus did: make disciples who make disciples who make disciples…. Until the world knows the truth of Jesus Christ.
With Christ in the School of Disciple Building
Author: Carl W. Wilson
ISBN: 0966818172
Pages: 242
Year: 2012-06-01
View: 353
Read: 562
Take a closer look at the methods and principles of the master disciple builder Himself, Jesus Christ.
Conversion and Discipleship
Author: Bill Hull
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310520088
Pages: 256
Year: 2016-01-12
View: 1325
Read: 211
Discipleship occurs when someone answers the call to learn from Jesus how to live his or her life as though Jesus were living it. The end result is that the disciple becomes the kind of person who naturally does what Jesus did. How the church understands salvation and the gospel is the key to recovering a biblical theology of discipleship. Our doctrines of grace and salvation, in some cases, actually prevent us from creating an expectation that we are to be disciples of Jesus. A person can profess to be a Christian and yet still live under the impression that they don’t need to actually follow Jesus. Being a follower is seen as an optional add-on, not a requirement. It is a choice, not a demand. Being a Christian today has no connection with the biblical idea that we are formed into the image of Christ. In this ground-breaking new book, pastor and author Bill Hull shows why our existing models of evangelism and discipleship fail to actually produce followers of Jesus. He looks at the importance of recovering a robust view of the gospel and taking seriously the connection between conversion—answering the call to follow Jesus—and discipleship—living like the one we claim to follow.
Author: Edley Rufus
ISBN: 1612863094
Pages: 66
Year: 2016-09-16
View: 533
Read: 470
"Jesus worked hard at evangelism but He understood the concept that it is better to train ten men to do the work than it is to do the work of ten men. Jesus knew that His time on earth was limited. Therefore, He spent a lot of time equipping His disciples to build His kingdom. Jesus' concern was not with programs to reach the multitude, but with men whom the multitudes would follow; men were to be His method of winning the world to God." Deacon Edley Rufus has a passion for evangelism. He has worked tirelessly over the years reach lost souls for Jesus Christ. This book, outlines Jesus' method of evangelism and discipleship for those who want to follow the Great Commission.
4 Chair Discipling
Author: Dann L Spader
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 0802491227
Pages: 160
Year: 2014-08-01
View: 963
Read: 167
Dann Spader is a disciple-maker who has spent his adult life exploring what it means to take someone from being a seeker to making disciples themselves. Over 750,000 people in 80 countries have been trained to make disciples through organizations he has led. Through studying the life of Christ and His disciple-making methods, Dann developed 4 Chair Discipling, a simple picture for others to follow. Jesus’ last words on earth had a few very specific instructions: Go, make disciples, baptize, and teach. But what does that mean for us today? Well, it’s not easy. But it is simple. Teacher and leader Dann Spader explains disciple-making as a process of moving people through four chairs, from someone seeking to know more about Christ to someone who makes disciples themselves. Chair 1: Come and See (John 1:39) Chair 2: Follow Me (John 1:43) Chair 3: Become a Fisher of Men (Matthew 4:19) Chair 4: Go and Bear Fruit (John 15:16) In the process of His four year ministry, Jesus realized that different people are at different stages of growth and development, and He works to challenge each of them to the next level. In 4 Chair Discipling, you’ll get a clear and simple picture of how to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and do the same thing.
Discipled by Jesus
Author: Robert Gelinas
Publisher: NavPress
ISBN: 1631468308
Pages: 208
Year: 2018-06-05
View: 254
Read: 210
Have you ever wished you were a disciple—one of Jesus’ first followers, who walked in his footsteps and heard Him teach and watched Him heal people? Have you ever closed your Bible and sighed, thinking that your faith would be easier if you had been discipled by Jesus Himself? Unfortunately, our modern way of looking at the great commission has sidelined Jesus when it comes to our spiritual growth. However, Jesus is still personally discipling people today and is ready, willing, and able to do for you what he did for the twelve. Discipled by Jesus is about keeping Jesus at the center of your discipleship. Jesus not only was but is the master disciple-maker. The good news is that Jesus Himself is discipling you. And He stands ready to disciple whoever you bring to Him. Jesus is alive! And for our walk with God, that makes all the difference. Walk with Robert Gelinas as he demonstrates through the Scriptures that Jesus Himself is our pastor, our teacher, and our leader in the great commission. Jesus’ living leadership of our lives allows us to grow in grace and share our faith with joy.
Follow to Lead
Author: Stan O. Gleason
ISBN: 0757752209
Pages: 184
Year: 2016
View: 901
Read: 351
Jesus' command to "go make disciples" is the foundational precept of the Great Commission. Pastor Stan Gleason explores the church's critical mandate to make disciples from biblical, theoretical, and practical viewpoints. An accomplished disciple maker himself, the author encourages every believer to make disciples.

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