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James Camerons Avatar
Author: Dirk Mathison, Dirk; Wilhelm Mathison
Publisher: Riva Verlag
ISBN: 3864133580
Pages: 224
Year: 2010-06-14
View: 580
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Avatar" hat nicht nur sämtliche Besucherrekorde gebrochen, sondern auch eine neue Generation geschaffen. Was seinerzeit der "Kamino" oder der "R2-D2" für die "Star-Wars-Gemeinde war, ist jetzt "Pandora" – der Planet, den es zu erobern gilt. Dieses Handbuch versammelt alle Informationen, die der Leser benötigt, um über Pandora Bescheid zu wissen und im besten Fall an der Besiedelung teilnehmen zu können. In aufwendigem, durchgehend vierfarbigem Design präsentiert es alles, was man über Astronomie und Geologie, Kultur, Fauna und Flora von Pandora wissen muss. Zusätzlich enthält es ein Kurz-Wörterbuch "Navi – Deutsch", sodass sich die Besucher zumindest rudimentär mit den Bewohnern von Pandora verständigen können. Ein unverzichtbares Buch für alle Fans von AVATAR, dem Film mit den meisten Besuchern aller Zeiten.
James Cameron's Avatar: The Movie Scrapbook
Author: Maria Wilhelm, Dirk Mathison
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061801240
Pages: 48
Year: 2009-11-24
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In the futuristic world of Avatar, Jake, a wounded ex-marine is thrust into an elaborate scheme to mine an exotic planet for its rare and valuable natural resources. Scientists have created Avatars -- bodies designed to look like the planet′s alien inhabitants that have to be operated by a human consciousness. Walking in his Avatar body, Jake finds himself drawn to the planet′s way of life. But as the threat of war grows ever closer, Jake finds himself torn between his human roots and the new friends he wants to protect. Ages:3 - 7
Author: Maria Wilhelm, Dirk Mathison
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061896756
Pages: 224
Year: 2009-11-24
View: 1311
Read: 230
A field guide to Pandora—the mesmerizing world of James Cameron's Avatar. Four years in the making—and 15 years since its conception—Avatar is a live action film with a new generation of special effects, delivering a fully immersive cinematic experience of a new kind, where the revolutionary technology invented to make the film disappears into the emotion of the characters and the sweep of the story. In Avatar: A Confidential Report on the Biological and Social History of Pandora we are introduced to Pandora—a pristine and beautiful moon in a distant solar system—its exotic ecosystems, and the indigenous race called the Na'vi. By piecing together photographs, scientific field notes, and research data, citizens on Earth have collected the information in this field guide as a way to highlight the lessons Pandora can teach the people of Earth, who have struggled to survive as their planet's critical resources are depleted. Though Pandora has proven to be an exceedingly profitable source of natural resources, the environment—from its gravity-defying floating mountains to the small but venomous hellfire wasps and the gigantic carnivorous thanator—poses continual dangers to RDA. Catalogued with unparalleled precision and access, this field guide provides highly detailed descriptions of the unique creatures and plants found on Pandora, the culture, language, and physiology of the native population, as well as RDA technology and weapons. Eager to save the Earth, the activists have culled this information in hopes to expose the corporate greed and disregard for the native inhabitants and their environment that governs RDA's presence on the foreign moon. This is the evidence in their case to save Pandora—and themselves.
The Science of Avatar
Author: Stephen Baxter
Publisher: Orbit
ISBN: 0316224014
Pages: 288
Year: 2012-05-29
View: 817
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Audiences around the world have been enchanted by James Cameron's visionary Avatar, with its glimpse of the Na'vi on the marvelous world of Pandora. But the movie is not entirely a fantasy; there is a scientific rationale for much of what we saw on the screen, from the possibility of travel to other worlds, to the life forms seen on screen and the ecological and cybernetic concepts that underpin the 'neural networks' in which the Na'vi and their sacred trees are joined, as well as to the mind-linking to the avatars themselves. From popular science journalist and acclaimed science fiction author Stephen Baxter, THE SCIENCE OF AVATAR is a guide to the rigorous fact behind the fiction. It will enhance the readers' enjoyment of the movie experience by drawing them further into its imagined world.
The Art of Avatar
Author: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation S
ISBN: 081099688X
Year: 2010-01-01
View: 1039
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Na'vi Quest
Author: Nicole Pitesa
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061801267
Pages: 64
Year: 2009-11-24
View: 1289
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In the futuristic world of Avatar, Jake, a wounded ex-marine is thrust into an elaborate scheme to mine an exotic planet for its rare and valuable natural resources. Scientists have created Avatars -- bodies designed to look like the planet′s alien inhabitants that have to be operated by a human consciousness. Walking in his Avatar body, Jake finds himself drawn to the planet′s way of life. But as the threat of war grows ever closer, Jake finds himself torn between his human roots and the new friends he wants to protect.. Ages: 7-10
Improbable Destinies
Author: Jonathan B. Losos
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399184937
Pages: 384
Year: 2017-08-08
View: 1180
Read: 1031
A major new book overturning our assumptions about how evolution works Earth’s natural history is full of fascinating instances of convergence: phenomena like eyes and wings and tree-climbing lizards that have evolved independently, multiple times. But evolutionary biologists also point out many examples of contingency, cases where the tiniest change—a random mutation or an ancient butterfly sneeze—caused evolution to take a completely different course. What role does each force really play in the constantly changing natural world? Are the plants and animals that exist today, and we humans ourselves, inevitabilities or evolutionary flukes? And what does that say about life on other planets? Jonathan Losos reveals what the latest breakthroughs in evolutionary biology can tell us about one of the greatest ongoing debates in science. He takes us around the globe to meet the researchers who are solving the deepest mysteries of life on Earth through their work in experimental evolutionary science. Losos himself is one of the leaders in this exciting new field, and he illustrates how experiments with guppies, fruit flies, bacteria, foxes, and field mice, along with his own work with anole lizards on Caribbean islands, are rewinding the tape of life to reveal just how rapid and predictable evolution can be. Improbable Destinies will change the way we think and talk about evolution. Losos's insights into natural selection and evolutionary change have far-reaching applications for protecting ecosystems, securing our food supply, and fighting off harmful viruses and bacteria. This compelling narrative offers a new understanding of ourselves and our role in the natural world and the cosmos.
The Art of Avatar
Author: Lisa Fitzpatrick
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
ISBN: 0810982862
Pages: 108
Year: 2009-11-01
View: 251
Read: 1064
The Art of Avatar, the companion book to the epic 3-D action adventure, explores the developmental and conceptual art used by the creative team to create the original world of Avatar. Features over 100 exclusive full-color images including sketches, matte paintings, drawings, and film stills.
The Making of Avatar
Author: Jody Duncan, Lisa Fitzpatrick
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
ISBN: 0810997061
Pages: 272
Year: 2010-10-01
View: 837
Read: 913
Presents the making of the top grossing movie of all time, from director James Cameron's first brainstorming sessions to a vast production effort spanning continents to the technology used to bring the film's imaginative world to life.
The book of good habits
Author: Dirk Mathison
ISBN: 076076980X
Pages: 214
Year: 1997
View: 500
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The Word for World is Forest
Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN: 142998354X
Pages: 192
Year: 2010-07-06
View: 965
Read: 417
The award-winning masterpiece by one of today's most honored writers, Ursula K. Le Guin! The Word for World is Forest When the inhabitants of a peaceful world are conquered by the bloodthirsty yumens, their existence is irrevocably altered. Forced into servitude, the Athsheans find themselves at the mercy of their brutal masters. Desperation causes the Athsheans, led by Selver, to retaliate against their captors, abandoning their strictures against violence. But in defending their lives, they have endangered the very foundations of their society. For every blow against the invaders is a blow to the humanity of the Athsheans. And once the killing starts, there is no turning back. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Ready Player One
Author: Ernest Cline
Publisher: Broadway Books
ISBN: 0307887456
Pages: 384
Year: 2011-08-16
View: 1120
Read: 542
Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read The worldwide bestseller—now a major motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg. In the year 2045, reality is an ugly place. The only time teenage Wade Watts really feels alive is when he's jacked into the virtual utopia known as the OASIS. Wade's devoted his life to studying the puzzles hidden within this world's digital confines—puzzles that are based on their creator's obsession with the pop culture of decades past and that promise massive power and fortune to whoever can unlock them. But when Wade stumbles upon the first clue, he finds himself beset by players willing to kill to take this ultimate prize. The race is on, and if Wade's going to survive, he'll have to win—and confront the real world he's always been so desperate to escape.
The Persistence of Hollywood
Author: Thomas Elsaesser
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136519475
Pages: 408
Year: 2012-05-22
View: 987
Read: 237
While Hollywood’s success – its persistence – has remained constant for almost one hundred years, the study of its success has undergone significant expansion and transformation. Since the 1960s, Thomas Elsaesser’s research has spearheaded the study of Hollywood, beginning with his classic essays on auteurism and cinephilia, focused around a director’s themes and style, up to his analysis of the "corporate authorship" of contemporary director James Cameron. In between, he has helped to transform film studies by incorporating questions of narrative, genre, desire, ideology and, more recently, Hollywood’s economic-technological infrastructure and its place within global capitalism. The Persistence of Hollywood brings together Elsaesser’s key writings about Hollywood filmmaking. It includes his detailed studies of individual directors (including Minnelli, Fuller, Ray, Hitchcock, Lang, Altman, Kubrick, Coppola, and Cameron), as well as essays charting the shifts from classic to corporate Hollywood by way of the New Hollywood and the resurgence of the blockbuster. The book also presents a history of the different critical-theoretical paradigms central to film studies in its analysis of Hollywood, from auteurism and cinephilia to textual analysis, Marxism, psychoanalysis, and post-industrial analysis.
Long Walk to Freedom
Author: Nelson Mandela
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0759521042
Pages: 576
Year: 2008-03-11
View: 172
Read: 1131
The book that inspired the major new motion picture Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Nelson Mandela is one of the great moral and political leaders of our time: an international hero whose lifelong dedication to the fight against racial oppression in South Africa won him the Nobel Peace Prize and the presidency of his country. Since his triumphant release in 1990 from more than a quarter-century of imprisonment, Mandela has been at the center of the most compelling and inspiring political drama in the world. As president of the African National Congress and head of South Africa's antiapartheid movement, he was instrumental in moving the nation toward multiracial government and majority rule. He is revered everywhere as a vital force in the fight for human rights and racial equality. LONG WALK TO FREEDOM is his moving and exhilarating autobiography, destined to take its place among the finest memoirs of history's greatest figures. Here for the first time, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela tells the extraordinary story of his life--an epic of struggle, setback, renewed hope, and ultimate triumph.
Pandora's Digital Box
Author: David Bordwell
Pages: 237
Year: 2013
View: 280
Read: 1071

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